Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

Lesson #21 -
A New Gorgeous Salad Dressing


A connoisseur of good food sometimes in a hurry when guests arriving need a little help avoiding processed food usually has bad chemical ingredients printed in small letters nobody can read to hide their poison. Another receipt from my grandma saved a dinner party with a salad dressing, which cannot be screwed up. In a hurry usually is too sour or too sweet and worse the dressing bottle is empty and the market is closed. Get ready for a mystery revealed again for the Energy Dummies club.

  1. A. Use any container or bottle and start half with water.

  2. Fill the container half again with organic apple cider vinegar.

  3. Now fill again half with Japanese sweet Rice vinegar.

  4. Top off with red wine vinegar.

  5. Add a little kitchen salt, pepper, garlic powder, and liberal dose of Kirkland Organic Seasoning a blend of 21 spices to make it robust. Any other spice would do just experiment to suit your taste.

  6. Age it about one day or longer when the spices settled to the bottom, which is now clear to serve.

  7. The green salad was soaked in ice water and removed tried in a handheld plastic centrifuge spinner and put in a pretty salad bowl.

  8. Now mix liberal the dressing with your green salad, do not worry how much and just add the virgin Olive oil after, ready to serve fresh and crisp, everybody will praise you for your talent.

  9. Tell a friend of this new discovery.

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