Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

Lesson #22 -
A Vitamin Concentrated New Bloody Mary Drink


Good advice given by the experts we do not drink enough liquid in a day. At the same time we want to avoid the biggest problem in America a great population is obese from chemicals and sugars embedded in drinks.

When you belong to the Dummies club could become a millionaire or live longer I guarantee it. Here is another drink cheaper what is charged in a vitamin pill because it is natural your body will respond…you fill in the blanks.

  1. Start with a 5 oz. V-8 tomatoes vegetable juice and add some water
  2. Use a full spoon of fresh raw seven vegetable-salt mix described in Dummies Lesson #20.
  3. A teaspoon of refrigerated Old Fashioned Horse-radish. Please read the fine print no fructose sugar or flavoring agents, just plain ground paste.
  4. A teen spoon of sweet chili sauce
  5. A spoon full of a special Apple-cider-Vinegar dressing described in Dummies Lesson #21
  6. One spoon full original Worcestershire sauce 

Enjoy winter or summer and serve a drink enriched with vitamins and lazed with twenty potent organic vegetables guaranteed will live longer. Tell your neighbor about this new discovery and become a member of Daniel’s Wise-club mentioned in the Bible.

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