Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

Lesson #23 -
How to Grow Salad-Vegetables in a Warehouse


How to Grow Food not on a Farm perhaps with free lights?

You can grow food and make it into a business in an abandoned warehouse or garage just on shelves. Use the composted soil (Dummies Lesson #15) in handy plastic 4-inch high 3 x 4 ft. tray boxes, or any material like wood. Use only virgin soil mixed with composted soil not contaminated with chemicals. The trays are lined up on shelves side by side and grow salad vegetables bagged in plastic containers for restaurants, hotels or the local market. 

But veggies need light to grow. On top make an array of micro-bulb electric diode lights burning day and night, set 12 inches above the trays on a grid of 4 inches. 

What else can you grow faster? Farms depending on weather cannot grow salad out of the season. Now you have an easy sale selling vegetables during the off-season to raise a living standard with very little investment and no farmland.

This tray application can be applied soilless by using hydroponic technology. Just check the web and learn.  If irrigated water is magnetized, it gets 30% more harvest because the fruit or plants grow bigger somehow if the water is magnetized.

However creating a business and using electricity needs to be prepared for an electrical outage. Like Murphy’s Law will soon happened on a regular basis. Why not prepare for such events if a business is depending on electricity? You can either connect to your electrical grid or build your own generator as a member of the Dummies Club. Have some fun experimenting! Start with the energy lesson # 1 or look how to increase the electricity of solar power.

Solar-power unites are getting more affordable and investigating free energy for Dummies could come up with a solution combining some ideas. Learning about free electricity can become an adjunct business, which could be sold on the Internet. When the lights are off, we either search for a candle or flashlight. A simple solution is now available just buy a single solar disk which can be made into product for extra benefit. Glue on the backside of a single silicon waver and mount an array of Diode lights connected in the middle to a small Li-battery. That simple device will hang on the wall forgotten during the daytime to be charged. At night has light for 12 hours only to be recharged the next day. Make it cheap and affordable, could sell it like donuts business.

Please check on the fast track soon the King of kings is coming projected by Jonah-II on his Website will not be around much longer as prophesied in the Bible to give warning for the Dummies club how to survive God’s Wrath. God’s Kingdom on Earth is even dated by science if calculated right using ancient museum clocks linked to a corrected Hebrew calendar to arrive - watch the sky:

1 Tishri 5777 (Sept. 2016)


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