Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - UREE #25

Locating the Black Box of an Airliner Crashed in the Ocean

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Problem Description:

A recent airplane crash tragedy had a big problem to locate the black/red box, which cost millions to be located. A simple solution is available as proposed:

Watching the evening news quite frequently, noticed that many times an event is mentioned that gets my mind flashing with ideas being a previous inventor. My website offers anyone several possibilities to become a millionaire, if you are interested.

I retired many years ago from managing my own multimillion-dollar hi-tech corporation for 20 years. As an inventor-scientist, many times my inventions created billions of dollars for many CEOs. It motivated me to send a letter to (KGO Channel 7 to Michael Finney - On Your Side - 900 Front Street, San Francisco, CA 94111) to pass on a good idea, but as usual, I never received an acknowledgment.  Perhaps they were owned by the psychopath NYC bankers suppressing true science for hundred years. It is still a good idea now offered to anyone. Read a portion of my letter to them:

A recent broadcast on TV, cover stories about airliners lost in the ocean like Malaysia Flight #370 and, more recently, Egypt flight #804. Many speculated about why it crashed. It often costs millions to find the black (red) box to learn why.

My proposal is very simple, and you could contact the appropriate aeronautic officials in your government about funding for a new invention idea anybody can use.

When an airplane falls into the ocean, it usually disintegrates on impact, and the debris with the most important black/red box will sink to the bottom.

To mark the spot in a vast ocean, a small container at a certain depth would be released from the red (black) airplane box, which then will rise and float up being lighter than water like an air bubble to the surface with a trailing a nylon cord like a fish line spool.  

A little floating platform has embedded micro-electronics fuelled by a solar battery and sends a radio Sputnik "Blip" to satellites that can be traced back to locate quickly the source. Think, how many airplanes are there in this world? Each would have to buy one not very expensive unit.  

I do not need the money, but help me to get the public educated about "free energy" invented 100 years ago. Why is it not allowed as the population increased to seven billion? YouTube will prove hundreds of new inventions, like how to build a generator producing absolutely free electricity. Why is it still suppressed, leaving us dependent on using dirty oil and coal that poison the environment and cause the extinction of many life forms?

Just read a couple of Pearls to convince you. A published copy of the Babushka egg concept book #9 was sent to President Obama on 11-11-11 to pass on to NASA for evaluation. It described free “energy” invented 100 years ago and explained how 16 electric generator inventions would work creating the Ultimate Renewable Energy. It would greatly benefit 7 billion people and not cause pollution and climate change. The reply I got for my efforts was to be a suspect visited in the boonies living in a converted barn. Why was I investigated at 83 by IRS agents and State Department to check my Social Security, my only income of for ten years?

Think in logic.
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Once more proven Genesis 1:3 announcing            
 infinite energy for mankind

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