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Cheap Restaurant Update

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Recently I visited a newly renovated Chinese restaurant but didn’t like a few things. After spending all that money I asked myself, “What would make the big difference for a better business?” I remember a fun TV program where a specialist is converting a dump into a goldmine. Sometimes I feel why not do the same to any of the thousands of restaurants visited during my life, a journey where only a few made an impression.

Here is my two cents worth of wisdom given free from my perspective living among people of different cultures and being surrounded by a dozen languages in San Carlos California, still a pretty quiet town with many Chinese restaurants to choose from.

We have many cultures not yet assimilated into an American monoculture, which has changed drastically in the last generation. A variety of ethnic dishes became extinct in my neighborhood, like German, Polish, Russian and French restaurants. I am sorry to see them go, as property business taxes and fees have gone through the roof pushing bankruptcy to the limit. I see many empty stores lined up to support the high salaries of bureaucrats. So I put together some good ideas, you will be the judge.

1) In my retirement I go out frequently to eat and look for a place not being surrounded with blasting TVs with football or other sports commercials on the walls that scramble your brain with stupid graphics to make you brain-dead in a hurry.

Beautiful landscape pictures on the wall would enhance my dining experience, and if you want to use the TV, you should show a nature travelogue. In the background, play beautiful ethnic music to set the mood, and then I could settle down on an imagined island far away to be served like royalty. Instead of pleasant music, there is usually a nightclub noise of screaming entertainers repulsing old dining folks being reminded of the past raising teenagers. 

2) Another discomfort is that many retired people have no more padding on their bones, thus a cheap little pillow on a hard chair would help to ease the pain.

3) The worst thing is that once the food arrives, it is getting cold in three minutes. I would put a cheap flat dish candle in the center, which looks good but also is practical as the main dish could be put on top of it in a raised wire frame platform to keep it warm, thus satisfying even the worst critic.

4) Another big time problem is that the food gets cold in minutes while you eat. Usually, I feel like I need to hurry and eat too fast. Even so the food is still getting cold before I finish, which leaves a bad impression – something to prevent when you run a restaurant.

I would serve food on a pre-heated white dinner plate joined on top of a cheap wooden plate for insulation against a cold tile or metal tabletop to keep the food palatably warm.

5) Checking the menu in a Chinese restaurant requires an advanced PhD degree of the biggest country with hundred cultures to give a little taste of their specialty. Sorry, usually I am comatose and never look at the menu either in English or Chinese since I am not familiar with ancient hieroglyphs and do not care to learn about them. I just ask my wife to choose, and I pay the check. Do not wonder why the empty tables. 

Why not be smart and have a picture dinner book. Pick a teenager with a camera and make some pictures of the dish the kitchen is presenting. I would show next the main vegetable in color, which makes the food stand out to register in your birdbrain that the food used in the meals comes from somewhere and is put together with love we take for granted.

6) If you made a nice picture booklet with a gold letters in front advertising the best place in town, you could charge a few dollars more for you to take home and show to your friends. You could even end up in China and think you are a millionaire.

Really crazy, collect some images of beautiful Chinese nature landscapes overlaid the food plate you invented with a number on top. Remember, I am not good at strange hieroglyphs letters to decipher what the cat brought in.

7) Seven is a good number which is the first sentence in the Torah-Bible thus something should be free to make you come back, which is good for a growing business while others are dying in your neighborhood.

Reading the simple Dummies lessons on the web could widen your knowledge horizons. Why not check it out like starting with a free appetizer. Broth-soup cost pennies, or choose some colorful pickled vegetables on a green salad leaf or celery - a hot pepper, a little slice of imagination, just to give the baby a name to speed up the appetizer taste buds.

If expanded to a little higher level, you will make some money, but watch, as greed is never rewarded. Your client might not be stupid. Please check my Energy for Dummies lessons for more ideas. They are still on the web giving free advice on how to make a million fast no kidding, forbidden by the government.

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