Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - Pearl #205

A Cheap, Indestructible Commuter Car


Just watching TV NEWS recently, a horrible traffic problem was demonstrated in China where thousands of cars were stranded on a freeway for solid seven days, totally stuck. It does not take a rocket scientist to forecast a traffic mess to be repeated for the next five years in other countries. Communally it is an omen for future disasters as they still keep building skyscrapers denser on top of each other in every city forgetting that living beings will be warehoused and totally shut in a small area like overcrowded prisons.

The surrounding air I noticed was so unusually thick with acid smog that it could be cut with a knife. Nobody seems to be concerned and allow it, ignorant that the next generation of children will die along with the fast disappearing poisoned environment in danger of total Life extinction. Why do so many government bureaucrats think that they will enjoy life in the future by spending the illegal bribes stashed away in offshore bank accounts? If you want to live a little longer, read on. We are all mortal in the same boat.  

YouTube videos of a free Web was a fantastic invention seeing now many young people to educate in reverse a corrupt university system which only cause students to be deep in debt aiming to become brain-dead from teaching an unscientific evolution religion instead of true science. That stupid theory became the mantra for powerful central bankers to achieve the power to control most sovereign nations with the money they print. It is an evil mental sickness to keep the population ignorantly pliable while it works to destroy every culture, submitting them to a global One World Order.

Enough said. The Free Energy for Dummies Club has a simple solution to the dilemma every nation is facing. Here is a low-tech application to solve a problem linked to what happened when you left the Bullet Train station in Lesson #4. Many commuters might desire to stay independent and not use the public transportation to save time. Usually a bus is driven by a comatose, unmotivated person going too slow, for example. After a long, long wait they usually arrive altogether stretched out and piled on top like bananas.

That is why cars will never be replaced. There is a better solution linked to a different traffic system that will be enforced by a population increase one way or another. Page 164 of my #9 Babushka book free on the web describes a Low Cost Electrical Mini-Vehicle, which could be an option better adapted for an increased traffic patterns.

Only a totally rethink of a different traffic system will save our civilization running out of time to urge the authority to apply existing knowledge for mankind to survive. To own a car may only apply to government and some privileged people, but the rest of us peons need another cheap solution now proposed by this German inventor still thinking in his retirement.

Low Cost Electric Mini-Vehicle

I have designed a mini-car used similar to shopping carts or bicycles parked on location to drive you to next destination and leave it there for another to use it at random. It is publicly owned and much cheaper to manufacture. Perhaps it could become the only proposed option if connected to a modified public transportation system, like a missing link inserted into existing traffic patterns. While explained in a series of practical science application lessons for dummies, it must be considered as a whole to become successful.

In a nutshell, that mini-vehicle cannot be privately owned. Just look on our freeways and notice 80% are single drivers. But when the public is using somebody’s property and is leased for an hour, it must be designed for low maintenance. It must be rigid strong and safe. Also should not cost more as a 1000 Dollars mass produced with a lifetime of ten years. Like Nicola Tesla 100 years ago drove around with free electricity generated by different methods. Just follow the energy trail most governments controlled by the Oil-Coal-Nuclear cartel will hate rationalized Lessons for Dummies.

As a practical inventor, I am always balancing cost against usefulness. I would use a cheaper material like plastic for something the size of a golf cart. For example, an inflated river tube raft is rigid for the worst environment and will last a long time. Why not make the car body structure with the same stiff skin and pressurized with air like a tire designed for practicable two-four people in tandem seated or used the last seat space for shopping bags. It is safe like a blown up inner tube or kids having fun bumping each other in an electric car watched by parents in an entertainment fun park. 

Parking in a downtown area is the biggest problem. A small and light weight car designed like a scissor collapsing the wheel suspension would make it possible to store more cars closely spaced on top of each other. They could be parked in an outdoor elevator attached higher up a building wall along a street. Think of cigarettes packaged in an automat. If placed close to the neighborhood transportation station on street corners will provide easy access being in a hurry. In most applications everyone needs a quick and cheap transportation without wasting time.

This mini-car is designed like a four-wheel drive. Each has a printed electric motor embedded in the wheelbase similar to a computer tape drive but outfitted with super magnets made of NEODYMIUM-IRON-BORON. It still uses the simplest electric motor design and could be started with a credit card to lease that contraption. It will get you to your destination in a double diamond designated street or to the next public system, if you live outside the town. Think it over and read the story again. What happened in China will happen in your neighborhood guaranteed. The missing electric energy is described in the “first” lesson meant for the Dummy Club.

In Germany – Wuppertal did not have enough space in a narrow valley and thus built a transit monorail over a river. That idea can be duplicated by applying hi-tech to solve the problem of being totally integrated as a transportation system designed for the imminent future.

Managing huge population increases can no longer be done with outdated concepts like the old-fashioned, oil-coal-nuclear energy resources poisoning the environment and causing global warming. That will both crimp our lifestyle and kill millions of those less fortunate. We have a choice to continue in a destructive lifestyle, or to get rid of the evil establishment destroying all Life on this earth. There is enough energy embedded in gravity or ocean water to last billion years linked to free Babushka egg concept book #9.


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