Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies #30

Invention for Rehabilitation

Experienced in Palo Alto Rehabilitation Center - August 2017

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I did not think the gates of hell where so close to my neighborhood living in the Silicon Valley Peninsula. The Palo Alto City government converted a public Rehabilitation facility many years ago, but they run it without management as a collection of neglected housing complexes. But it seems a cozy arrangement for some, like the leading neighborhood Hospital CEOs helping them to huge profits. When someone is brought to The Emergency (thank God) and is fixed up, but too poor, he is sent immediately to the Rehabilitation Center, (a nice name) that caused untold human rights violations for years, now exposed, crying for a solution. The meals served from huge food cartels are rejects they could not sell, typically outdated. No wonder I got diarrhea and lost 25 lb. in one week.

Perhaps only an 85-year-old retired German inventor-scientist could expose such a story of human suffering. I am trapped in a bureaucratic quagmire. It is like being sent to a hidden Palo Alto Auschwitz. I did not know it existed. For some reason my aged wife had planned a visit to see friends and flown back east, as I can care for myself, so I thought.  But things do happen and being alone I got a painful cramp at 2 pm, so I stood up and then fell to break both ankles.

Thanks to 911 they heard my call, and now I share the same room with two abomination TVs from hell. One was blasting 24 hrs around the clock controlled by a motorcyclist with every bone broken. He never fit in any society, cursing God and his mouth an open sewer. He is not given a prescribed heroin painkiller medicine, but said probably sold under the table. He cried all night being in extreme pain with his TV blasting as his only diversion but testing my endurance under fire.

Every bed has an emergency button, which was ignored, especially when lying on your excrement for a half hour hoping for a Hispanic helper to be around. Why does President Trump hate Mexicans? It not only hurts the farmers but every city service in the USA. The Lord in heaven did answer Pres. Trump as a warning with a typhoon storm now millions Americans homeless in Florida (9-10-2017).

Lying there unattended in pain, I thought of an invention that could benefit thousands of hospitals and make them profitable again. The bedpan has not been changed for hundreds of years. It should be outmoded for humane right reasons. A simple device would avoid the mess and is waiting for the next millionaire. Think, if you are in extreme pain and paralyzed with no one around to help, what is the solution? One example: flushing airplane toilets use suction to make a stinking mess gone in seconds. It only needs a hose with an adapter similarly designed to trumpet flower made from pliable plastic. It will change a hospital culture to make profit like washing hands, so simple.

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