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Advanced Commuter Monorail Train Design


This new proposed hybrid monorail system is linked to the superfast levitated, 500 mph Bullet train that could connect any downtown business center with any other skyscraper metropolis. It could be built on untaxed real estate like the center median strip between traffic lanes or along side existing highways. It could be configured as a unified, elevated add-on traffic monorail system.  

Picture a large street with four intersecting corners. The boulevard could double as transfer stations for the monorail grid. Envision a two-story transfer station that includes a couple of quick service retail food market vendors, or possibly with ethnic restaurant choices on top. The inclined four-leg structure could provide useful elevator space to park and quick store rental mini-cars.

These potential incentives to build a transfer station at lower costs as the developer would pay for many miles of monorail track installation which is achieved by unusual financing. An aboveground city project rail construction could be raised through government to grant leases of public right-of-way permits to private partnerships or subsidized by public stock offerings. It could help to keep the public costs to a minimal and eventually generate a revenue stream for both the investor and the city.  

This kind of urban transit might greatly help to solve the problems of an outdated obsoleted public transportation system. People could choose between either being stuck in traffic going home from their office, or using a mini-rental car (Lesson #3). Perhaps they could continue on the monorail and connect with a bullet train (Lesson #2) sharing the same station and shop for food on the way.

But this German inventor has anticipated the many curses coming from the public being delayed by a construction project as explained in (Lesson #17). So as not interfere with existing traffic, this project can be constructed unconventionally from the top down using a special assembly method.

Having learned from proven German monorail technology, a redesigned system could be pre-assembled offsite using different methods. The monorail is built in sections and also serves as the means to bring the needed materials up to the last rail hanging over the right-of-way corridor center.

There a specialized machine drills the holes or hammers inserts for the steel tower in order to connect it to the next column: all could be managed on top from the monorail. The column post is linked to a steel cable like a hanging bridge mounted on single I-beam bolted together to end in a monorail. Both sides of the lower I-beam are used for small extended wheels to run dual for an even balance if wind is encountered similar to how a ski lift works in the Alps. It incorporates modern lightweight, see-through construction, not like the over-the-river monorails heavy monster seen in Germany.  

There is a separate motor assembly on each side of the detached cabin running between the I-beams like a tee with four smaller stretched out rubber lined wheels on either side like a ski lift. A single dowel pin connector is fastened to the outside of the vertical motor housing to attach an individual cabin which allows the train to be lengthened just with another motor assembly on the end.

Depending on traffic condition additional cabins can be added between the vertical gears driven motor chassis. The light weight design of steel cable allows infinite length between poles anchored in the center of a median strip, depending on the size of the steel rope and the height of the transfer poles.

Other designs are available. Many are featured on YouTube videos, like the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster printed in Popular Science April 2011 issue. Look closer at the picture in the magazine. It shows how to propel people at 149 mph on a skinny track. That will give you an idea of what a future high-tech monorail would be. 

An unknown person discovered in an obscure Paris book store, reading about Jules Verne predicted before the Eifel tower was build which crowded the Boulevard with horseless wagons might still come true mentioned in my Annex statement in Babushka Egg #9.

He described transporting 1,000 passengers every 10 minutes on an elevated mass transit system powered by compressed air along tracks. Finally explained better in Dummies’ Lessons #1 & #2 would fulfill his prophecy of propelling a bullet train running on compressed air.  

To summarize, new and old ideas of a unified concept for a better traffic system are no longer an option. When watching the TV, I saw thousands of cars stuck on the road in China for seven days. Why wait for the next repeat? We should prepare for the next disaster just around the corner.

Why not learn about what is presented for the Dummies Club, as bureaucrats need more time to understand physics suppressed by atheistic universities worldwide.

Once more, Genesis 1:3 is proven, if we think logically.
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