Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - Pearl #240

LESSON #6 - Hydrogen
Driving your Motor Vehicle with Water


My friend, if you want to legally save 50% of the cost of gasoline, buy an add-on hydrogen converter sold on an Internet store for $350-550. I am working in my garage similar to Intel on a cheaper version $35 following the advice of a number of scientists, published in Pearl #240 with some detail.

But if you are a practical handyman and want free energy, why not build your own kit to light and heat your house? Many ideas are available free on YouTube. Some were collected for the Dummies club.  

Hydrogen fuel-generator for sale!

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Solar Energy Breakthroughs

Years ago in 2003 the US Department of Energy had a proposal to extract Hydrogen from water to convert the energy gained by electricity generated from windmills. At that time electrical transmission from a far-out ocean linked to the grid became too expensive and considered alternate option. They planned to convert electricity into hydrogen gas a German Hoffman invented 100 years ago and store the gas in the main-shaft for distribution as an alternate energy source.

However favoring oil wars scuttled that idea? It is still a good idea using hydrogen gas to drive your car. It would eliminate coal-power severely polluting and poisoning the environment causing "global warming" melting the icecaps faster a double benefit and cheaper.

I recently saw a picture in Popular Science, March 2013, in which Siemens in England and Germany built billion dollar dinosaur windmills with a wingspan of 246 ft., the size of the biggest A-380 airplane jet. But they only produce six megawatts with old-fashioned generators designed 50 years ago and were never improved. Why not add modern, high-powered Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets? Why is the global energy cartel so powerful, controlling the mighty US government? Why else does it still ignore the free electricity demonstrated in Germany and China?

Seeing China on TV, the coal energy cartel must also control the Chinese government. Why else do they allow the air to get so dirty, thickly laced with acid smoke, even seen across the ocean in California. Environmental pollution worldwide is getting worse, which presents the question, “Why do governments totally ignore what German scientist Hofmann was invented 80 years ago - splitting hydrogen gas from water. Worse, why not use low technology in power stations to convert the free gas hydrogen energy into electricity, as introduced by Nicola Tesla in 1920? Why are his confiscated 700 patents still kept from the public eyes for 100 years?

Fracking technology is more corrupt and evil. It is used to extract gas from oil-saturated sand. In the process, it is destroying vast areas of productive farmland and poisoning the ground water aquifer, forever unusable for the next generation of children.

The farmer cannot even sue for damages because the underground mineral rights are controlled by the energy cartel that paid off the government bureaucrats. Kept in ignorance, the people re-elect the same senators, representatives and governors. Thus, it becomes a game of musical chairs for double dipping retirement; mostly making sure that the many special deals are kept under the table to continue. Why do we allow the cycles of perpetual death poisoning the environment for our future grandchildren not caring for the next generation?

A proverb was coined:

Being ignorant is a curse,
but suppressing TRUTH is evil

I hope that our civilization is not self-destructing as the oil-coal-nuclear energy is so deadly to our environment on the path to exterminate all life on this planet which is the only place where LIFE can exist in the universe comparing many photographs of galaxies by NASA.

The Web-Internet at this time is still free and not yet controlled by governments that do not want you to know history or be better educated. They use your ignorance to rule over you like slaves, peons without any rights. Their greatest enemy is the divinely inspired Bible, which can remove the shackles of ignorance, but it has been expelled from every classroom and forbidden in the public square.

Lucky for us peons (Dummies Lesson #17), we can now be entertained with YouTube videos, but nobody explains where the free energy is coming from or how it is created. (See the lights on in galaxies.) Lucky again, the answers are detailed in my free Babushka book #9, once sent to President Obama for NASA.

Genesis 1:3 is once more proven, if we think in logic.

Free Energy for Dummies

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