Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies - Pearl #203

One Solar Panel connected to a DC motor – generator
"Will get a thousand times more ENERGY"



On the free web we can see many huge installations of solar panels subsidized by governments, especially in desert country with mostly blue sky. But for the simple homeowner, if you do not belong to the class of privilege and have a government job, it is still way too expensive to become independent of the energy octopus cartel. It is a losing battle every year raising their fees going up, even if you made an attempt to reduce your energy bill aiming through the roof.

But why not watch the many YouTube videos to discover “free energy” no kidding. Look up in the sky if the sunshine's just a little could crank a motor via a small solar panel, but the fun comes from not turning the motor-generator off during the night. Just let it run for years with free energy - again, no kidding.

For those who are fed up and do not have the money, there is a chance to get free ENERGY suppressed globally by every university who do not want you to know that free energy was invented a hundred years ago by Tesla and Hoffman. They are afraid and obey the octopus-energy-cartels paying off every university administrators and government officials worldwide.

Everybody being paid-off with bribes by corrupt Oil-Coal-Nuclear cartels doesn’t care about destroying the global environment with obsoleted nuclear power that is emitting deadly radiation. They suppressed that it would last 100,000 years contaminating worldwide the air and water and became more evil greedy poisoning every productive farm globally through fracking enforced by the industrial military complex making obscene profit.

Violating existing laws do not care as long they get lucrative criminal benefits are passed on to government official and bureaucrats. Worse, it will keep free energy illegal for commercial applications to benefit a globally ignorant society uneducated peons. 

To get around these obstructing circumstances, watch the many YouTube videos. The coming God’s Kingdom on earth will change our civilization by demonstrating hundreds of different free energy possibilities.

 But in the meantime if ELOHIM decided God’s Wrath will come a little later, will repeat a gold rush, making many billionaires being brave enough to create a simple gismos boxes sold globally outside the USA to produce free ELECTRICITY.

Thus, it can no longer be controlled by a corrupted US-government being outside its jurisdiction, unless the establishment shuts down the free web to stifle the free enterprise spirit. Why not copy first this information?

Somebody is now selling free energy DVDs for $35 among the hundreds of free web videos. Amazingly, it works to demonstrate the possibility of free electricity.

Product ID 5: Power Innovator Program
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Another witness demonstrated how a single portable solar panel produced power as modified by a young man without a PhD. His experiment looked interesting to me to widen our knowledge horizons. It could convince many that energy can be extracted from nature, not taught in universities.

SOLN1 - Amazing all in one free energy portable solar unit.

To widen knowledge horizons, it gets better using super-magnets (NEODYMIUM-IRON-BORON) now available. They are incredibly strong. If used on any generator-motor, it will get a thousand times more energy. This can be demonstrated with a simple DC motor designed to run 3000 rpm. If some super-magnets are piggybacked on the outside, it will increase the inside magnetism a thousand times and accelerate to 30.000 rpm in seconds or explode.

 Stargate kits at

Experiment with Super Magnets 

That electric motor will run on permanent magnets to make it cheaper. But the video shows when we add on the outside more magnets will run ten times higher rpm and if connected to a generator will get more electricity guaranteed. This became big NEWS demon­strated in an airport a new motor made running perpetually only used magnets. It’s not a miracle if you are educated as a dummy checking out free electricity.

Muammar Yildiz preparing for magnet motor sales launch 2015

NO scam (it's a REAL DEAL) Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor demo at Delft Un

No wire just magnet motor.  (Aug 2012)

Check Pearl #203 to get more understanding.

A Single Solar Panel Gives 1000 KW?

Let’s expand and use another idea one out of hundred possibilities just click the adjacent videos on YouTube - all demonstrating free energy suppressed by the establishment. Pick a few demonstrations and check it out, why pay university extortion fees to become brainwashed ignorant rather get better-educated start your own business making money by watching YouTube videos.

There a number of ways we can tame the energy from the sun if you want to use solar panels. In my Babushka egg concept book #9 print out version page 174, or the picture on page 17 miniaturized.

Investigating solar panels could perhaps improve with a simple application overlaid by a filter, like we do with a camera to get a better a picture with modified light. Explained for my grandkid when a horse is hitched next to a cow the wagon is slowed down to the lowest animal still pulling the same load. If you are farmer would know that, but being educated in an atheistic university is another story.

Fraunhofer a German scientist discovered spectral lines with faster or slower frequencies in the visible light. Later found out on the end of the frequency band they become invisible to our eyes. The slow infra-red frequency is like a cow, the other end is a faster ultra violet frequency which could be compared to a horse both are strong animals but one is much slower. That is not very good if hitched together and want to use free energy to move something bigger as humans.

Applied to the a solar panel should eliminate the slower cow which could be achieved like a camera filter overlay which only lets the faster ultra violet rays go through like a horse will get the wagon faster I am sure grew up on the farm. It can be notice when there is more energy available for the same work. It gets better put on top a plastic sheet Fresnel lenses on each Si-disc gets much more energy. The sunrays moving across the horizon will direct more focused light.  

But my grandkid when he became a teenager found out one notch higher he could exchange one horse for his car now has more horsepower. He just read Pearl #204 meant for teenagers perhaps tempted to show the middle finger to the oil-cartel not paying a penny driving his souped-up car. If parked in front of your house could be connected like a simple portable generator for your home to become independent of your energy provider. Check the other Dummies lessons producing free electricity.  

To prove once more free “electricity theories” just use (3) DC motors that can be cranked with a car battery or use the sun of only one solar panel for example. If the middle motor was designed for 150 watts could amplify the output of a solar panel - 1000%.

Mount three standard DC motors together on a board and connect with a shaft flex coupling, or use pulleys with a belt as illustrated in this picture to simulate what a handyman did not having a PhD degree. (

The middle motor is the driver, as the other side motors will become generators when their rotors are turned. The solar panel like battery current is only applied to crank to get the free electricity started. A pair of output wires for each motor generator side is connected back to the other end motor terminal. The center motor once cranked will run perpetually faster and only needs an off-switch linked to a voltage regulator depending on load.

The first experiment is tested with a single motor-generator should get the same result just like the handyman did in this picture to prove him right. Repeat with the other motor-generator to make sure. Now crisscross link both generator-motors together and start the center motor.

Noticed it should gain velocities very fast, thus could disconnect the battery or solar panel used as a crank. If the voltage and current are running too fast without a load be prepared to turn it off with a switch. To run at constant output speed, it needs a voltage-current regulator that is preset to an energy load of your house.

Just for fun, if you want more output from the motor-generator for a bigger house, add some magnets on the outside. Start first with one magnet and add as needed. Check the voltage-current. Maybe you do not need any super magnets as it is producing already plenty of cheap “free” electricity still a new technology for Dummies.

This experiment will tell you very fast how to make a black box placed in your garage to provide electricity for your house to run indefinitely free and no longer need to pay another energy bill to the Oil cartel! Warning, do not tell your corrupted governments obeying the Illuminati NYC bankers printing fiat money to worldwide rule absolute.  

Make the same box contraption and give it to your neighbor, but add a little solar panel to start the motor. He will believe your deception that solar power can be magnified, which is legal in any country. If your friend likes it, make another one and repeat to create into a business. Guaranteed you will become a millionaire and surprise your relatives by planning a trip to the Bahamas to stay at a pricey beach resort. You may even go fishing and not come back.   

Check the Theory of free Electricity – Dummies Lesson #1 a streetcar motor principal to get the basis theory how it works.

Once more proven, Genesis 1:3, announcing
infinite energy for mankind.


Witts Motor


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