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The time has come to expose suppressed science on a free web for some determined people searching for truth who have taken the time to read Babushka concept eggs. It soon will be over one way another, as our civilization will once more be renewed by the Creator ELOHIM repeating what happened 4300 years ago. Only the Bible recorded mankind’s history and the events of Noah’s family, the only surviving witnesses of an asteroid caused Flood on 5 February 2287 BC, now explained with true science. It was documented by an educated prince of Egypt known globally as Moses.

God revealed to Moses the Hebrew four-dimensional writing (Hebrew Alphabet Number System). Before that time only cuneiform or picture hieroglyph languages existed to collect the historic cycles of a developing human race to pass on knowledge to the next generation of mortals. We are lucky that some ancient proud King produced the Rosetta Stone engraved with three languages that became the key to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs found in ancient tombs. The transformed Hebrew alphabet, the oldest letter structure, was copied on a Mainzer printing press system invented by Gutenberg in Germany.

Nations and different ethnic cultures formed soon after the Flood when languages were confused at the Tower of Babel. Moses received the simple instruction of (10) “Ten Commandments” written first in stone and later on papyrus. Recently, computers have analyzed Hebrew language structure. It has outlasted other languages by 3000 years. The Bible describes how to live with EVIL and not become evil. It warns and foretells the consequences should wickedness reach the level to cause God’s Wrath as demonstrated by what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. This lesson is replicated many more times in the history of Israel under a special covenant.

Anything interfering with God’s Plan for Mankind will be stopped and corrected either by manmade consequences or natural disasters, to wake up a society or to end a civilization as prophesied by Daniel in the Bible. The Creator ELOHIM has always watched mortals bent to committing evil must be redirected to match God’s Plan for Mankind. When evil becomes too predominant in a society, the consequences cannot be avoided when nature is violated, a lesson we should have learned from science.

God made mortals the caretakers to manage this planet, so tiny in the universe among billions, odds to apply wisdom embedded in a higher MIND. Being designed earthly, it became our home - the only place where LIFE can flourish, if you are educated in science. Why do we destroy the bed we sleep in and do not care for the next generation children? Here are some bad and good examples of choices expressed in science, as the Bible wisdom is worldwide now forbidden in the town square.

Some Forbidden Science Consequences

Global warming was invented by a number of privileged people not educated in science. They now tax international corporations using CO gas as an excuse. It has nothing to do with science but creates high salaries and future benefits for the bureaucrats. Some are really greedy as they come from the political arena, usually double dippers. They also spread their unscientific evolution religion lies enforced globally in universities.

Being in rebellion to God’s Word, they are determined to educate the next generation to become more evil. Their hatred has no boundaries, even when the Bible is translated in 1000 languages, being the best seller. It will make no difference. They have totally banned the oldest history book of mankind from the Public Square. Most NEWS stations were bought by NYC FED bankers printing money to spread unscientific lies to make and keep you compliant, ignorant. They take over nations deep in debt to rule the USA absolutely as a new World Order like Hitler-Stalin.

Their greatest evil is to modify the weather as demonstrated by many YouTube videos. The weather is manipulated by a number of government NASA scientists similar to HAARP. It can deflect global jet streams carrying evaporated water from the ocean to places where it is needed to guarantee a harvest for mortals. The earth was initially kick started like a motor by the Creator who put it into the right orbit turning perpetually with free energy now explained in Lessons for Dummies, which started on the fourth day of creation. Many scientific facts embedded in the Bible have been collected described in Babushka concept Eggs where science is linked to the metaphysics denied in universities believing typically in unscientific and impossible evolution lies.

Now we see the consequences. The environment is being messed up, and confused NEWS media report unexplainable natural occurrences like the four-year draught in California, which is the food export basket for a hungry world. California is totally dried out and under government emergency laws. In other areas, like from the mid to eastern USA, have extreme thunderstorms destroying whole towns, like the forgotten Katrina catastrophe that caused immense damage. Is it all man-made? Iced rivers floating in tropical areas never recorded in history? Check it out on YouTube.

Evidence of HAARP


Ocean HAARP Installation


There is a ton of information on the free Web that can no longer be denied by global governments as Dummies become educated, which could be the biggest threat feared by every government bureaucrat not educated in science.

The Gulf of Mexico has many OIL well installations mostly are leaking oil, killing all life. To make it invisible to the public eyes, they use airplanes spraying detergent to dissolve the oil spills. That also kills everything as seen far out on the beaches in Australia recorded on TV: twenty-foot high, dirty foam bubbles some miles long.

Many YouTube videos demonstrate massive numbers of dead fish in many places, which puzzles the experts. Ignorant people never asked the questions, as they are no longer educated in science and prevented by universities getting huge grants to be silent. The problem of oil spills could easily be fixed with existing technology that I was taught 60 years ago in grammar school.

When I was a kid, I had a goat in a tiny garage, which gave milk during the Russian occupation that starved the population in Germany after the end of World War II in 1945. That goat milk was put in a hand cranked centrifuge to separate the butterfat from the milk water. This could be a useful illustration of how to separate the oil floating on seawater - always on top like butter cream. The oil spill could first be collected with a simple centrifuge method only bigger but still cheap. An olive oil press works the same. Why not adapt it in the oil business industry to prevent the mess before it is created and kills all life in the ocean forever?

Being practical as an inventor should be, on the bottom ocean install a cheap stainless steel hood over every oil well shaped like a pyramid linked to a rubber hose connection on top to work like a chimney. The hose will end in a boat or floating platform pumping the sludge water with a centrifuge separating the oil from the ocean water like I used to do as a boy with milk. It even works with cheap low technology!

It gets better with a gravity motor running on free energy as explained in the first Dummies lesson, which is constructed like a conventional gasoline automobile motor. When the piston has bottomed out, it will return to the upper position to repeat the cycle. The upward inherent motion can be used as a pump sucking water at the same time the motor is running perpetually with free energy. Understanding science, we do not need a separate motor connected to the pump and linked to a centrifuge.

This old fashioned science is no longer taught in universities. No wonder this generation of kids are brain-dead, only playing with a new expensive toy phone gismos prevented from learning about science. Is has consequences, too. They are left to flipping hamburgers after they have dutifully paid up to $200,000 dollars for a sheepskin, only worthless paper. All the jobs are gone overseas. Only the privileged government employees get the remaining jobs administering a billion laws nobody can read any more.

It gets worse. Pushing the HAARP resonance microwave button to sell more petroleum fuel products for the President Bush dynasty oil cartel, which according to Nicola Tesla’s 1920 demonstrated in pictures surrounded in electric flash display. It can be transmitted, as nature is not forgiving, to mess around and deflect the jet stream without understanding linked to physics. They still deny and suppress free electricity even recorded in Tesla’s 700 patents. Why are we so impressed seeing lightning in the sky but not understanding nature creating electricity still forbidden in global universities?

Now demonstrated again, but manmade, this same phenomena can be seen several times in the Gulf of Mexico on top of iron towers of an oil well which exploded in a lightening discharge as seen in pictures of Tesla’s demonstrations. His wireless energy was demonstrated in open public, and we can still see it in our time, exploding on top of an oil well platform shown on every TV all owned by the NYC bankers printing money. It really does not matter as obscene money now flows from one pocket in the other. The Oil cartel is polluting globally with huge oils spills from tankers, oil wells and many other possibilities totally poison and destroy the environment rough shod, stealing the country paying off dictators and the like evil bureaucrats.

They do not care, as the damage is paid by insurance. The government bailed out huge global insurance companies, too big to fail, rewarding the CEOs with billion dollar bonuses. The government bails out h The government makes a double profit: first on oil leases the government stole from the people and passed the bailout liability to the FED increasing the trillion dollar deficit expected to be paid off by the taxpayers. You got to be kidding if you are educated to think in logic. The laws of God are embedded in nature will once more prevail. It is like proving gravity by jumping off a cliff to demonstrate the laws of nature, which help the undertaker making profit.  

But as a scientist who has learned that a holy Creator God exists from the beginning, trusting his word recorded in a 6000-year old Bible now being much better educated like a dual-rail track is a better balanced train system, one side the Bible the other true science, which will educate you on a higher level to think in forgotten logic.  

There is an advantage in acquiring knowledge linked to the metaphysics forbidden in universities. You could even be invited to the Dummies club to widen information horizons.

Why ignore the consequences of physics, never understood? Why did they suppress 50% of Newton’s Laws? I collected hundreds of unusual phenomena’s in Pearls for the next generation to be better educated under God’s Kingdom, already waiting on the door. It is even dated with science to start after 2017. Why is it so frustrating to theologians, being biased in denominational false dogmas from the Middle Ages?

Check it out on my website, linking science embedded in the Bible, and watch the date 17 September 2015.

Oil Slick

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