Theory of Free ENERGY for Dummies -

The Mystery of Water


This lesson (also listed as Pearl #131) was updated / reformatted 5 yr. later for a better printout on 5-23-2017.)


1. Introduction - - the universe, physics-metaphysics

Water defined by science is still a Mystery. Every child knows that Water can be solid ice in winter. Liquid is meant for life, or it can be gas-vapor watching clouds tilled with lightening energy. More amazing, water is only found on earth and does not exist in free form elsewhere in the universe. Why?

On a higher level, examine the simple chemical formula: H2O has a lot more embedded information as analyzed by Fraunhofer spectral lines, which reveals intelligence embedded on a higher entropy metaphysical level. That there is more was proven when watching Fukushima TV NEWS in Japan. That country still has not controlled the deadly water radiation bubbling like a spring from a previous meltdown of three nuclear power stations.

Unfortunately true knowledge is no longer taught anymore in the world’s schools, but the free Internet can replace worldwide institutions of higher learning. Being atheistically biased, they have corrupted and suppressed knowledge exchanged for evolution religion fairy tales.

It is really fun to investigate the hidden water properties from the metaphysical perspective found in the Bible, ignored by science institutions that reject the oldest history book of mankind. That unique collection of stories from antiquity written by forty educated scribes across 1400 of years has much knowledge far more advanced than what is commonly taught today. Why it is not allowed in atheistic universities?

I am not writing a theological thesis, but I like to examine some aspects of water mentioned in the Bible to fill the void missing in science. The tunnel vision favored in universities is very restrictive. Writing Babushka egg books could be the bridge to explain the metaphysical, the other side of nature from a 360⁰ perspective, which will let you see a little more on a higher level.

My water topics were randomly chosen. They are a collection from other snubbed scientists, but we will follow their trails to present a higher vision in defining the Mystery of Water, then I put it together for others to continue discovering even more about the divine, unending mysteries linked to water.

Water was the third event mentioned in the Bible’s Genesis 1:1 creation report, which is the oldest information direct from the Creator. The ELOHIM first presented Infinite-Light on the first creation day cycle which is the energy source fuelling atoms and connecting molecules to form thousands of DNA proteins of LIFE found only on earth. Why?

When infinite energy moves through the Time Dimension, it will crystallize into like an "Ausdehnung" poorly translated in English as a firmament, which, according to entropy and two thermodynamic laws, will split into "Beth" duality described in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

A new communication structure evolved from the early cuneiform tablet writings after the Babel confusion following Noah’s Flood in 2288 BC. Transmitting knowledge was further improved by symbols seen globally in ancient stonewalls. Someone decoded the Egyptian hieroglyph through the Rosetta stone. The Aztecs hieroglyph was deciphered from a book found in 1945 by a Russian soldier; it had been tossed from a destroyed museum in Berlin. This was the only copy not burned of a book written by a Middle Ages Catholic monk. But only the divinely inspired Bible written in Hebrew by Moses who gave us an unbroken history of mankind linked to a divinely structured computer math seven base code (HANS) Hebrew Alphabet Number System from Adam 4068 BC via Noah to Yeshua 35 AD.

Back to the Ausdehnung divided by the Time Dimension. One “firmament” above was the original Heh-dimension revealing that Angels exist. The other below became our visible universe translated as Daleth-dimension (this world in our time). Only a Mind trained in the Hebrew philosophy could define those two dimensions. But one more dimension was started by Yeshua-Jesus in 35 AD after his resurrection: a new, Jod-dimension where time is obsoleted to merge into the infinite, linked to a new earth. 

To understand the concept of dimension in science, we could rationalize it with a mirror illustration. Standing in front of a mirror, it will always reflect a three dimensional reality revealing the invisible metaphysical. It is expressed by the undefined life of a soul-mind controlled by intelligence to make up a complex being that cannot be reflected in a mirror. The embedded metaphysical invisible SOMETHING in our body cannot be defined on lower reflected entropy we call physics. Only if combined in Gestalt, will it become a higher entity replicated from the ELOHIM Mind, as intelligence existed prior to creation.

Again, standing in front of a mirror will reflect a mirror image at the two dimensional level we call physics, defining what is visible in nature. Even my grandkids understand that model central our mortality being surrounded in a world divided by heaven and earth, which could not exist without embedded intelligence.    

Only God who lives outside the system could reveal what is invisible, “beyond” space of a material universe as governed by the laws of physics with declining entropy. Both dimensions are needed if you want to understand the purpose of our world bathed in life and death, good and evil. It is summed up in Gestalt defining humanity on top of God’s creation.

Consequently, only the Bible can give us the answer to our entire question because it is a divinely revealed perspective from the outside. It is the only trustworthy story in existence. The Bible summed up an invisible KOSMOS (angel domain) beyond the clustered galaxies reaching the dark space, which became visible only to mankind having a MIND able to read God’s Word. Why not investigate what is forbidden by our atheistic civilization?

Once more, the universe seen in telescopes is only temporary. According to the Bible it had a beginning (4488 BC) when Satan rebelled. From that beginning, it was projected to last 7000 Hebrew calendar years ending the time dimension curtain. Only in a time dimension can a mortal creation exist. Exposing what the time dimension is, I had some fun formulating a different theory of a universe in opposition of atheistic university teachings mostly believe in fairy tales not matching physics and denying what is invisible, being biased still by a stupid, unscientific and illogical evolution religion.

This YouTube video adds many more facts that are now proven in ancient bronze-gold clocks (Babushka Egg #3) exhibited in various global museums. They are linked to a new atom theory to make logical sense. When light was recently measured, the researchers at Princeton University found it to be 300 times faster, proving that the speed of light is not constant, which matched other science discoveries.

For example, the Platinum Kilogram Standard in Paris and its six gold sisters have become obese and gained weight. How do you explain that? Those postulated breakthroughs were summed up in my Babushka egg concept books. Many other facts can be linked to Bible reports, as Yeshua-Jesus the Creator said there will be a new heaven and earth, and I discovered the reason why.

Explaining a different universe system to my grandkid, I gave him a dish with soap-water and straw blowing bubbles big as a football. NOVA is a popular TV series photographing galaxies looking through a fake Hubble telescope in the night sky. The NASA video illustrated in computer graphic images a maze of pulsating blazing light documented intersecting energy. Another video shows the same event what goes on inside the brain now with flashing light connecting neurons junctures.     

Analyzing space with the latest thinking, I noticed there is an empty void beyond the galaxy bubbles, meaning that the universe is finite but mostly postulated to be an expanding Big Bang. However, atheistic science ignored that it also could implode in an accelerating possibility directed by embedded intelligence ending in an evolution religion describing a NOTHING. The Bible tells just that.

It is similar to blowing air bubbles causing so much fun for my grandkid. They eventually collapsed when the energy fizzed out similar to the gas (air) transformed into liquid forming solid soap. This physics lesson for my grandkid described what happened in the first Bible verse. I wonder what the science media postulated 50 years ago that there must be some kind of “Ether” interconnecting space to be able to transfer a frequency picture from a fake camera sent a million miles from space?

I recently discovered that gravity is magnetic and proved it in the Babushka books. Transmitting electronic pictures from space would require a magnetic carrier in vacuum similar to an electrical transformer that transfers a primary magnetic energy unconnected to a secondary copper coil.

Now ask what would match the existing laws of physics? Is it an invisible Light, Ether, Magnetism or Neutrinos? Pick one, is it perhaps reflected in a mirror of physics or use an expanded Mind having insight of the metaphysics.   

Years ago I saw a movie in the Washington science museum which explained, if you take out all the empty space between atoms-protons-electrons linked to galaxies the whole universe could fit in a one-pound coffee can, or similar to an inflated soap bubble dish. That is amazing. The Bible teaches some will be resurrected into the new heaven-earth Jod dimension promised by Yeshua-Jesus. Imaging on the other side of eternity displays a beautiful "Urn" identified with golden letters dated 4488 BC - 3018 AD. It will exhibit the remains of the previous earth containing some historic holy leftover dirt from YHWH’s footstool property in Jerusalem linked Yeshua-Jesus’ death on the cross to redeem mankind caused by a Satan rebellion. It is dated on the last Pope Gregory’s calendar reminiscent of worldwide tombstones dated with two birthdays only mortals can understand.   

To better understand the creation Bible story, the beginning verses in Genesis mention first a preexisting ∞-infinite light being slowed down to become visible when bathed in the time dimension. The nature of visible light, on a lower entropy level, could be compared to a dual railroad track: one rail is light, the other magnetism as a perfectly balanced energy transmission system. That extraordinary invisible quality was disclosed from a metaphysical perspective following Bible information principles. It is similar to the dual light from a candle that penetrates total darkness in parallel to a goodness that always prevails, being more powerful than evil hiding in the deepest subconsciousness of our beings.

2. What is Water?

Physics teaches the universe had a beginning. It either is expanding or contracting: choose wisely. Between those two polarities Genesis 1:2 reported that the Mind of God in Spirit-Wind moved over the face of waters. Note, waters is not singular like the water we drink, but in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System defined it as MEM=40 JOD=10 MEM=40, which is a plural - waters. The MEM number “40” reveals "purpose" reminiscent of you swimming in an unending ocean looking for a boat to live a little longer searching a vast horizon. Here two purposes were divided by the higher dimension JOD.

Note, waters is not singular like the water we drink, but in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System defined it as MEM=40, which is a plural - waters. The MEM number “40” reveals "purpose" that is reminiscent like swimming in an unending ocean and looking desperately for a boat to live a little longer searching a vast horizon. A purpose only makes sense if linked to a higher JOD dimension.

In reading Genesis 1:1 as an inventor, I apply an inborn MIND, which is creating SOMETHING with a purpose described as God’s Plan for Mankind now defined as "waters, Mem plural”. Our mortality has a mind embedded that replicates the divine ELOHIM breath from Adam to control thousands of proteins in the body. The mortal human body will not form without intelligence. Likewise galaxies form in the same way according to the laws of physics. "Energy" must be told where to go, how fast and how long it will flow to become SOMETHING directed by inbuilt intelligence. By investigating DNA, especially if you are an inventor, you would understand this principle. 

Following the creation story linked to an Ausdehnung-earth, now crystallized into drinking water (HOH) formed in abundance creating in time an ocean becoming a foundation domain to maintain LIFE. Read the opening Bible creation report again with new understanding. It took 14 Babushka Eggs to describe why God created mankind with a detour, two-stage caterpillar-butterfly system, to use an illustration from an unforgiving nature. 

A caterpillar’s life ends in a cocoon, where it dies to emerge totally different - resurrected as a butterfly. I explained this process for free on the Internet and needed to be continually amended with science Pearls diving in the Bible Ocean to get more, as knowledge revealed comes in small limited portions still too big for my Mind. When we investigate the universe with a space telescope, why is there no water anywhere in the universe photographing 407,702 galaxies with NASA computers?

Only our blue planet has embedded Life consequently must be logical very special only Mem could explain it now on lower entropy level presently covered by two third with water separated by oceans.

Why has water not been investigated as it forms clouds, redistributing billion tons of water only is moved with free energy? The function of water should be a priority better analyze the many aspects to maintain LIFE.

Now hundred water energy applications can be linked to a free Web, as some could be used to become a millionaire, but one must apply logic. Why is it suppressed in the public domain by the NYC Banking establishment? Why reject the many free energy ideas benefitting mankind. Investigating water further, let's look beyond a chemical formula H²O linked to Internet information being solid-liquid-gas not considered in this report, as each is just a portion of the whole:

The time has come to allow a forbidden clean ENERGY a German schoolteacher Hoffman invented 100 years ago by splitting water into hydrogen with a little electricity.

It is now well proven on the Internet Web and has become reality for many rebellious young people driving their car without gasoline imitating many truck drivers. Many possible applications will be repeated like the historic Californian gold rush that changed our civilization.

3. Splitting Water into Hydrogen & Oxygen

Our governments and energy cartels should stop lying to the ignorant public. The next generation of kids may not be around as most LIFE on earth is linked to the food supply, which is in great danger of disappearing as GMO patents are now failing to germinate consequently will create gigantic food shortages already in many countries.

It's unquestionably proven on the Internet that free energy exists and should no longer be forbidden. We should be allowed to discuss the many science facts freely. Why not open the door to what was suppressed for hundreds of years as our population has increased to 7 billion people. While deadly polluted energy from the oil-coal-nuclear cartels destructive to all Life on earth and causing horrendous extinction, is now commercially fast declining. Why not listen to the last Jonah-II warning.

Many silenced scientists (Pearl #240) measured the spectrum of water with ten (10) critical resonance frequencies. If the water resonance frequency is oscillated like a switch, it will produce more hydrogen bubbles, increasing the hydrogen gas output. Aided with some complex electronic boards, it could possibly give a hundred times more bubbles. It is now confirmed in true science technology not allowed in universities? 

Being a retired successful inventor, I needed to be convinced, too. I built my own hydrogen generator for $40 and being cheaper could be applied to the many refugee camps to give free heating gas for millions living in tents without light and energy to cook meals for their families. But I cannot test beyond my little garage or measure the resonance frequency of 100 possibilities for a higher output of hydrogen gas. That requires some experts to follow many YouTube videos demonstrating free energy. But to tackle nuclear water radiation, one needs a special, safe laboratory as proposed next. 

4. How to Fix Japan’s Nuclear Water Radiation

(Some excerpts from Pearl #244)

Splitting water could solve Japan's Radioactive Water Disasters. What is geo-politically denied could crack a huge unsolvable problem. As reported on TV, Japan still suffers from massive leaching of radioactive wastewater, which has penetrated many underground drinking water aquifers. No solution is in sight. It has already cost billions of dollars. This problem is accelerating as other nuclear power plants are leaking and ignored too.

The Fukushima 2011 Japanese nuclear disasters will be repeated in many other countries impossible to fix due to the fact that the iron used to reinforce the concrete will disintegrate being weakened by radiation and oxidation. Even without an earthquake, we will see future accidents ending in confusion and finger pointing at those experts too old to remember, as the new generation of nuclear engineers is ignorant of what was done 60 years ago.

For example, a huge underground gas line exploded in San Bruno in California in 2010, destroying a vast city block costing many lives and a billion dollars in damages. Thereafter, it was revealed that PGE, the energy provider, no longer knew where all the pipes are buried since many records no longer exist with a fast-changing computer technology as disc-tape-floppy-drives totally disappeared.  Apply that to 50-year-old nuclear power stations, like those in Japan, which we should have learned from. Time is running out to have faith in obsolete and worn-out machinery as nothing is done by corrupted governments. Advised from common sense they should be shut down, all of them, if we want to live on this earth a little longer.

We do have a number alternative solution available to produce electricity, so there is absolutely no excuse, as you will see when I expand my ideas meant for Dummies and present them online. There is enough fiat printed money floating around, uselessly spent on gigantic installations to smash atoms, like CERN, which could be redirected towards something that works. Only morons spend billions and billions to smash atoms, for after 40 years they have not discovered anything that makes sense. You could compare it to smashing an egg on an anvil with a big sledgehammer. From that they theorized how a chicken might develop searching for smashed vapor residues stuck on the Nebelkammer wall? 

Most nuclear power stations begin leaking deadly toxic water underground encroaching upon nearby population centers and farms growing our food in danger of being permanently contaminated for 100,000 years. Last year’s radiation is already spreading worldwide across the ocean. Fish and shrimp found in San Francisco market have been declared poisoned from Japan’s radiation. All of this will cause substantial extinction in the food supply within just a few years following Newton’s laws.

Most global nuclear power stations are in the same boat being built 50 years ago. They all leak due to cracking cement, permanently ruining expensive real estate; It is now converted to a nuclear waste territory forbidden to mankind for many future centuries. Check this out to be educated. Why is it silenced by every government?

Windscale: Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Disaster

The solutions to most technical problems are suppressed worldwide by corrupted governments because they are funded under the table by a powerful OIL cartel, which also silenced most MEDIA outlets being owned by NYC bankers’ evil to the core. Ask why Germany has shut down their nuclear power stations. The public does not know. Massive death could be prevented if we are allowed to expose the corruption in high places so embedded in our society allowing bureaucrats to destroy this earth and causing huge Life extinction not caring. 

I hope that this German-Californian retired scientist-inventor is not silenced because he believes in the Bible. He might have the answer by using the process of gaining hydrogen, which has a second benefit of concentrating radiation so it can be handled and safely buried inside a mountain. It could have unlimited global benefit, even self-financing should hopefully no longer be suppressed but rather investigated as new science discoveries, though linked a forbidden Bible removed from every classroom.

How to Disconnect Deadly Poison Radiation

Scientists believing in unscientific evolution religion will have a tough time understanding my new atom theory postulated free on my website, but it makes sense in our application. For example on a higher level, when Fraunhofer spectral lines crystallize into the critical resonance frequency, similar to Genesis water formation, releasing high energy and giving birth to the binding atoms we recognize as molecules stuck together with magnetism created in atoms. Universities measured electromagnetic spectral frequency lines in galaxy light from space that is like coin, one side. The other coin side became solid matter and believed it could be broken in smaller pieces with a SLAG atom smasher expanded to CERN that exploded ending a counterfeit atom theory.

But the mystery energy glue that holds matter together will never be discovered by this method. If atoms of matter were not smashed, they could learn more about the embedded original creation intelligence using DNA investigation techniques to give us direction: how big or small to form, valence, or affinity. For example, Gold (Au) will repel and not marry one of the (O) Oxygen sisters but Magnesium (Mn) or Lithium (Li) is totally on the opposite side ending in a fiery display oxidizing everything behaving like super Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets.

I postulate that atoms stick together with magnetism, which can be shaken to separate them with a certain resonance frequency like a boy shaking the apple tree to loosen the apples still bonded and out of reach. Understanding that principle could help Japan to separate deadly radiation atoms from water molecules solution can be changed and measured by isotopic shift as tested with magnetized water. (

Not mentioned by a controlled Fukushima TV media that billion gallons can no longer be stored spilling out from three sub terrain geysers every day created from the nuclear meltdown. Running out of leaking screwed together containers now free flowing in the ocean. Isotopic shifts are best known and most widely used in vibration spectroscopy where the shifts are large, being proportional to the ratio of the square root of the isotopic masses. In the case of hydrogen, the "H-D shift" is (1/2) or 1/1. This shift reflects the differing Zero-point energy for the affected bonds. (Quote: Wikipedia Vibrational spectra)

Again, to find out what could work to separate the radiation component from water, it must be shaken to a certain resonance frequency to loosen the magnetic atom bond, like an isotopic shift, from what wants to stick together. Ten (10) water critical resonance frequencies have (10x10) = 100 times the possibilities for each percent solution change, which gets thicker when hydrogen bubbles are extracted.

In a changing solution concentration we should find out its specific shifting frequency crossover points and continually adjust for the maximized generation of hydrogen bubbles which will make the radiated water solution to a thicker (like honey) consistency for safe disposal.   

To make water conductive for hydrogen generation, we must have a water solution of salt (NaCl) like the ocean’s 4% or Potassium Hydroxide (KOH).  If other impurities or elements are present, they will affect the resonance frequency of water. Nuclear-Radiation in ocean-water-coolant is just another element in solution; therefore, we must determine to find the best water resonance frequency for different combinations to shake for more hydrogen bubbles. Laboratory workers must be aware of this dangerous radiation. However, we could gain more if the nuclear water was magnetized. This easy process for farmers could help to eliminate radiation because I postulate that deadly radiation is magnetically bonded to atoms and only a critical resonance frequency can loosen the union.

That frequency can be learned from Fraunhofer spectral lines. But my gut feeling as an inventor tells me that to find a solution extracting radiation from water is only possible by following some simple illustration previously made. It could have a huge, built-in side benefit of eliminating radioactivity cheaply. The co-generation of hydrogen could also economically separate the deadly radiation atoms for easier disposal.

Once more, if we use the bubble hydrogen process applied to the concentrated radiated water solution, the current must be constantly adjusted and modified to the two critical resonance frequency combinations that will change progressively with each amount of hydrogen and oxygen gases expelled.

The concentrated volume of radiated water solution becomes smaller and thicker in viscosity, so it must be monitored for the best critical resonance combination for every percentage solution change. When enough hydrogen gas has been extracted from the solution, it becomes syrupy, and it could eventually be disposed in environmentally safe container drums to be stored deep in a mountain or salt mine. Based on my previous experiences as a successful inventor, I am sure this idea will work and make obscene profit.

Ten years ago I designed a special container to last 500 years in order to hold a rusting drum filled with nuclear waste material that was falling apart, but that concept was rejected by the atheistic establishment because I believe in the Bible. Endless acres of decomposing drums filled with nuclear material are rusting in secret open-air chemical dumps; it is the next global environmental disaster you will hear about on TV.

The outlined principle using the generated hydrogen could help Japan to manage the Fukushima Yellowstone Geyser radiation water problem, and it could even become self-financing as explained in Pearl #240, which will help the experts to get better educated. 

By using the deadly radiated poison water either bubbling continuously from the three Japan meltdown holes, or globally from the many nuclear storage ponds, we could extract the hydrogen energy reusing the collected gas to heat clean water into steam to operate electric generators without modification in every nuclear power station.

Consequently, they could continually generate power in the same facility for the first time without a tax liability but with obscene profits from the gained hydrogen. At the same time it will produce the biggest side benefit for mankind by saving huge investment in getting rid of radiation, which is not financially reasonable or possible with today's technology.

Maybe they could use some of the leftover hydrogen to boil the last remaining concentrated radiated water and collect the hot residue like a solar salt pond mixed with some binding cement chemicals for easy safe and cheap disposal.  Hopefully, there is still time to save the fish and shrimp industry as radiated tuna was found in San Francisco fish stores. It will get worse as the Japanese meltdown geyser is still active, creating global panic and contaminating other food supplies, worldwide too.

Most scientists are blinded by an unscientific evolution theory prevented to think in logic proven by a big Japanese joke but serious theorized and want to freeze the aquifers deep below the nuclear power station. I am not making fun of stupid ideas. Perhaps Russian Babushka egg books contain some useful Bible science dealing with Japan’s nuclear after effect, like Pearl #176.

Some believe that Thorium is the key to developing a new generation of cleaner, safer nuclear power using cooling water as much more efficient. I question why was it not used as a cheaper and safer energy source?

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Thorium

How does Hydrogen Work Driving a Car? (Dummies Lesson #6)

The Internet has gone ballistic investigating this newfound energy, and being an inventor, I naturally dabbled in my garage, too. Then I found that flipping the car battery current plus-minus in a continued process by an added switch, can achieved more hydrogen bubbles. If the voltage is not allowed to go down to zero, it gets even more. 

The present hydrogen generation devices sold on the Internet get the current from the car battery, but once started, it will fizz out down to producing 50% less hydrogen bubbles just driving a few hours. That phenomenon is inherent in water, still a mystery. Consequently, it would need a much bigger unit to try to get 100%.

The freed up hydrogen and oxygen gases require no modification on your car. A simple ½ inch diameter Tygon tube inserted in the carburetor air-inlet will suck in the gas and replace gasoline. However, I recently discovered if the process is stopped and restarted, it gains back 100%. More information is available if you are mechanically inclined read Pearl #240 or Google:

Hydrogen water conversion kit

Many YouTube free energy videos are now censored and in time will disappear like driving a car without gasoline. It started me on a journey to investigate how to increase the generation of hydrogen bubbles being interested to support refugee camps million families and kids need desperately free energy at no cost to cook their meals as firewood is no longer available. Consequently, I learned from physics that much of water is still a mystery for many universities but checking the divine Bible revealed a lot more.

Back to our subject now serious separating water learned from the present hydrogen converter sold in the web store. While driving with hydrogen in time will find out that the water solution becomes more concentrated and needs to be readjusted eventually adding more pure water to keep the hydrogen bubble maximized. Conversely, if you let it go, it gets a thicker salt solution and needs a cheap gas-flow ball meter to indicate the proper hydrogen gas production by adding water.

Second Witness: an Auto Fueled by Water

I needed a second witness to prove a new theory on why plain water could fuel a car. It was also based on the same principle of shaking the water molecules to release big energy. A persecuted scientist used water as a fuel and utilized a 4-stroke auto engine. It was suppressed years ago. He treated the water like a humidifier and vaporized it ultrasonically by shaking the water molecules at a certain frequency to make an energized fog, that is not a mist, nor water or gas.

The power gained comes from tiny shaken water droplets turning inside the pressurized cylinder that explode into flash-steam discharge arc. In addition the fog droplets must be spun around with an air mass. A static airflow has no stored energy. The spinning acts like a flywheel to store energy used on the next intake stroke, but when accelerated by the intake stroke, which also requires extra air.

This flywheel property is what makes the vortex work. Unless the water is pulsed or modulated by shaking, no extra energy can be developed. This technology to drive with water was suppressed by the oil cartel many years ago to preserve their obscene profits.

For example, last year Shell Oil made $3 million per hour profit for every hour of every day during the entire year selling gasoline. The Oil Cartel backed up by the US government military will not allow water as a fuel, even thought the process is proven by many scientists.

Over 200 patents improving carburetors have been granted for higher mpg, all giving over 250 US mpg savings. Not a single design has made it to the marketplace due to the opposition of the Oil Cartel. In England several portable electric generators using water as a fuel were designed but never put on the market. Why? Is the inventor still alive?   

My dream is to educate the next generation of kids. I hope the can find a better job by starting a clean energy business. They are mostly deep in debt if they went to college. It can cost $200,000 dollars to get a university degree that is not needed, as proven by many young entrepreneurs. To the shame of many professors in universities, some demonstrate how free energy can be put to work to solve practical needs.

Applying my advice to 100 global nuclear power stations could yield many start-up businesses creating well-paid employment while solving some of mankind's biggest problems at the same time. I am sure it will work. I will soon have some more proof to fulfill my dream of giving free energy to the poorest refugee and those not able to find wood to cook their meals.

The rediscovery of free electrical energy generated from gravity, sunlight and hydrogen has many more applications, or beat me to the punch - I don’t mind! Following the energy trail is outlined in the 9th Babushka book on the Internet and was sent to President Obama, but let's focus on the Bad NEWS to widen perspectives to live a little longer as we track the Good NEWS to make obscene profits. Check Pearl #240 - Automotive devices, chapter 10.

5. The Benefit of Magnetized Water in Growing Food and Livestock Production

The front picture in Babushka Egg concept book #9 showed magnetized GRAVITY, but that concept is just as crazy as magnetized water. The book was difficult to organize, as so much in nature is unknown. University science is mixed up by tunnel vision. Nobody is capable of putting it together into a unified theory relating each aspect to the other.

The prevailing, unscientific evolution religion screws up logical thinking. Being in the same boat, my books will be perceived as NOT POSSIBLE. It is difficult for the average reader to relate how the universe functions connected down to the atomic level. More and more I become convinced that MAGNETISM runs parallel to light on a dual rail like two interwoven DNA strands, capable of a transfer of energy. Please check the Internet to widen your science perspectives. I just found out that even water could be made magnetic affecting the DNA embedded in bio-life systems.

Recently, I discovered that magnetized water has many side benefits, such as giving farmers a 30% increased crop harvest while using less water, which is a paradox. It also has many health applications. Check it out on the Internet. What is beneficial to life can also delay death, if applied to deadly radiated water like my proposal will eliminate. Much of researched magnetized water is now used commercially, which surprised me:

The inventor tells me that magnetized water treated with super magnets Neodymium-Iron-Boron (like in UREE 11 - Pearl #201- Electric Generator) will increase food yields 30% with increased plant vigor, better water-penetration, seed germination, pump efficiency, nutrient uptake and shelf life. The magnetization of water uses the same laws of physics. It improves soil pH and even reduces water use to 30%. It has many more applications like cutting down fertilizer and pesticide and removes scale build-up (salt in soil) and lowers electric bills: all to grow more food. Another benefit was discovered by chicken rancher who noticed that the mortally rate of chickens improved with magnetized water, thus creating higher profit.

6. The Health Effects of Magnetized Water

“Soviet researchers are also convinced that magnets act as living things through water or water solutions involved in the functioning of cells and tissues. As we've mentioned, magnetic fields can change the ionic of molecules (and thus their pH content) but an additional fact should be brought to your attention.

“Heating water also changes its ionic balance and induces excess of positive ions - which can produce health hazards of its own. Once thought to be ridiculous, today magnetized water is becoming universally accepted, even if it can't be fully explained.

“Water passed thru strong magnetic fields is now being used in industry and medicine in Russia, France, and the U.S.A. and other countries. The Volga Research Institute now irrigates huge areas with magnetized water. The water has been found to give a 28% increase in winter wheat, 17% in corn, 37% in cucumbers and 32% in tomatoes!

“So impressive have been the result that a special crop sprinkler is now being mass produced, which magnetizes the water. (A similar device is also being tried, here in Washington State, to increase the fertility of rainbow trout!)

“In addition, factory engineers in the Soviet Union are using methods of steam boiler water magnetizing for reduction of boiler scale and the textile industry is experimenting intensively with dye magnetizing.” 

How Bio-Magnetism Works

“Every particle, atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ and whole organisms resonate at its own particular frequency. EEG measurements show that the field generated by the human brain has frequencies in the extremely low (ELF) region centering around 7-8 Hertz. This field is the 'wave envelope' of all the electromagnetic activity of the cells in the brain. It naturally resonates to, and is entrained by the earth's resonant field (the Schumann Resonance), but can also be entrained by artificially generated fields of the appropriate frequencies. (This is the basic theory behind the Pacer.)

“This entrainment effect can occur in every cell, organ and system of the body. Certain bodily effects can be caused by applying magnetic fields, which resonate to those certain biological frequencies. Thus, events could be triggered which effect conformation of the body's molecules, alter rates of cellular, enzymatic or organic processes, alter chemical processes or just effect overall changes within the body. (This is the same operational theory employed by Royal Rife except that he used acoustic and electrical resonances rather than magnetic). 

“In addition, we know now that molecular alignment will occur within intense magnetic fields. Experimental results have shown that muscle fiber, membranes, chloroplast, retinal elements of the eyes, and other fibers and macro molecules including nucleic acids have been aligned in an intense magnetic field. Highly oriented structures can result from this, which may interact with other biomaterials in your body. Cell membranes, for example, are liquid crystals that are very close to change depending only upon bodily temperatures.

“Thus, magnetic fields could affect the membrane's fluidity or other properties. It only takes a very low intensity magnetic field to effect chemical reactions and these reactions have a definite biological effect on your body.

“Consider any one of your blood cells for a moment. It is composed of a membrane that separates two bioelectrical charges caused by the action between the potassium ion (positive charge) and the sodium ion (negative charge). This bioelectric action exists in all of your body's cells, in nerve transmissions, in the red blood cells and even in whole blood.“

Another Stanford upstart, PICAROD Corp., is involved with isotropic measurements to measure CO2, methane, and changes in liquids and gases buried in pipes. It does this by cathode protection linked to magnetism, similar to what is built into the bottom of submarines. They attach metal plates made from zinc, I believe, to prevent electromagnetic charges from building up and corroding the boat body.

This technology connects with my energy path story that light flows on a dual rail track with magnetism in parallel, thus influencing light-synthesis conversion, being dual balanced. Ultimately, even compressed air could be magnetized through a UREE invention to create a higher level of electricity. When magnetism reaches the critical resonance frequency, it produces unlimited electricity as explained in the UREE motor section found in Babushka book #9.  

To sum up, once more an unusual energy path story ultimately ends in conflict between interpreting science with one’s religion. It creates many obstructions raging since the Middle Ages between two basic belief systems. A 6000-year-old Bible recorded the history of mankind that gives details in Genesis from the very first verse where energy comes from. It refers to how energy crystallized into matter with magnetism inside every atom. As they bunched up into elements categorized by Fraunhofer spectral lines eventually created mankind. To explain the purpose for human existence it came with plan that copied a Mind controlled by intelligence linked to mystery of the ELOHIM MIND, who is the Creator.

When we expand our MIND and apply these examples to the sun conducting energy like a transfer station energized by a higher chain {Alpha-(+ONE)-force} cascading down to every atom to fuel the living bio-world in parallel with magnetism will give mankind free energy.

Ultimately the system must be controlled by the embedded intelligence of a higher ELOHIM-MIND who originally designed the Kosmos clock so that energy can run the system with ∞ infinite energy penetrating every atom of our body to invisible maintaining LIFE.

Without a designer like Professor Marin Soljacic, no new company could be formed to exist charging your automobile wireless. These concepts are illustrated and mirror imaged on the lower level of physics how the Internet computer works connecting everybody with an energy path to a global intelligence control center that is much fun to analyze. Wireless transmission is only possible because of air-atoms surrounding our earth, and it works only when atoms are magnetized like an electric generator.

Have another look at my time-energy graph (Babushka egg #9 - Page 52) and focus on the DOT crossover linked the center of the universe. You can now see it in a new computer graphic picture (Page 55) that the earth is positioned in a fixed static center and surrounded with 407,702 cataloged planets-galaxies. It shows a paradox of the sun circling around the earth, no kidding, to expand graphically our science vision. They only exist because invisible energy is "moving" as explained in a chain-carousel analogy feeling gravity. Or look in the sky and see the lights on in many galaxies and wonder why they resemble a much smaller sun still burning?” To widen science horizons beyond Einstein's theory - now obsoleted because it was recently discovered that light speed is not constant as verified in many museums exhibiting ancient bronze-gold clocks deciphered in Babushka concept book #3, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. Just follow the energy trail further will get the right answers. Pearl #276    

In case you wondered: vice-versa is like a chain carousel. Is the earth a globe, or is it flat? And what is moving? The sun or universe sky turning around earth, or is there another perspective creating a different calendar?

TRUTH! The Earth does not revolve around the Sun       

Published on April 11, 2012 (Babushka Egg #11)

How Earth Moves (6-13-16)

7. Snowflake Mystery: How they Form

I watched a recent Discovery TV program by NOVA (April 2014) investigating water and how snowflakes are formed. There are thousands of possibilities, and not one is the same with different shaped snowflakes crystallizing from water - each one more pretty than the other with different patterns.

Forming clouds, scientist investigated about how the snow mechanism is triggered in the upper regions. Growing snowflakes become heavier, sinking into lower, warmer air melting becoming raindrops. What surprised me was a jar of water cooled down to minus 26 degrees below freezing but still liquid? Then, they explained and demonstrated that by adding some impurities like a little grain of sand, the water was immediately crystallizing. In seconds all was solid frozen ice.

That pointed to a cause for forming crystallized ice. Impurities became the seeds to form snowflakes following the law of physics, so something must be coming from space to form snowflakes. It is not necessary matter but sub-atomic particles that are trillions and billions of times smaller than a virus or bacteria. NOVA showed it graphically like a candle with a tail. The snowflake patterns grow from the center outward with multiple Christmas tree arms, becoming heavier as subatomic particles are added to form crystal branches.

Eventually the snowflake will sink to the lower region activated by magnetized gravity attracted toward a concentrated atoms earth center. Then it gets warmer melting into raindrops, getting bigger converted to water again. How subatomic particles are formed is linked to another NOVA space observation (12-16-13) expanded in a Babushka Pearl #228 and proven a little later.  

Ultimately, water ends in the ocean reservoir where it perhaps collects invisible subatomic energy particles from space, then flowing down into rivers. On the way to the reservoir, some energy can be harvested like how windmills or waterwheels convert gravity. One example is the Hoover Dam, and if you get smarter, you can make it portable with UREE turning magnetism and creating electricity to fuel our 21st Century Civilization with clean energy. The whole process is started over again with water returning back high up in the sky as long as the sun shines. But even the sun needs energy to burn. That is linked to the Milky-Way galaxy black hole, which might be the energy center for our earth as postulated in a new theory using Neutrinos as the highest energy carrier. (Dummies Lesson #10)

I was reminded of the beginning of Silicon Valley, which started with one-inch thick wafer slices to make the first semiconductor chips. The Silicon Crystal was grown with a "seed" held in the liquid silicon glass mixture. Physics will always demonstrate the laws of nature controlled by embedded intelligence, whether investigating galaxies or atoms; it is always identical, which makes postulating the invisible possible.

Another practicable seed application was postulated how free energy could be harvested from space wrote a number of Pearls eventually became a Babushka book egg #9 sent to President Obama. Especially the last one, Pearl #248 which explains infinite light revealed on the first day of the Bible creation report describing how unbounded energy will crystallize in a time dimension which is the "seed" to form the subatomic particles NOVA could not explain or never mentioned. Eventually they became visible in spectral lines as Fraunhofer discovered. Becoming heavier in space, they formed matter condensing like vapor becomes solid water, also demonstrated in the snowflake mystery by NOVA.

We have photographed much in space with telescopes seeing many shapeless forms of fiery dust coalescing into galaxies. Some are brightly lit. Others pulsate with radiation energy or light, but all conform to physics, now better explained by the snowflake graphics. Water is still a mystery. It is made from hydrogen gas, which is lighter than air, and combined with Oxygen to create the molecule H2O with extra energy released, not needed in the equation. That could be useful in automobiles, which is a superior un-polluting fuel or generation of forbidden "free" electricity not yet utilized. Why not exploit the ocean? It is the biggest Hydrogen energy source on earth that can be extracted when a little seed of electricity is applied. That will separate water molecules, which starts the process from an invisible energy force infused invisible in the universe just like forming snowflakes.

When we utilize the laws physics of applying seeds, we can extract practically free infinite energy on lower entropy where mortals live. Nicola Tesla was the first to find out how it worked. He discovered free electricity, but corrupt evil bankers suppressed it for 100 years financing every world war and every industrial military complex, linked to a growing population in need for cheap energy.

The world bankers wanted to control a ONE WORLD ODER forbidding free energy freely given by YHWH. They collectively enforced only used a dirty energy source of thousands of oil wells around the world to gain absolute political power. By making every nation reliant on a fiat money grant system, thus enslaving ignorant consumers who get poorer, taxed paying the fake interest.    

Understanding an energy principle is better explained in a farming illustration, as seeds are multiplied to give us a harvest which is linked to energy coming from the sun. But even the sun is only a transformer linked to our galaxy black hole, invisibly connected by magnetic gravity. Magnetism is creating light in a universe. It is a force not static as photographed and can be proven. An old streetcar motor, once cranked like a seed, will accelerate until it blows up. A truth denied in atheistic universities as not possible. But watch the conductor when the streetcar is speeding up and fully cranked, he must control the critical resonance frequency and reduce the produced input current below the designed speed meant to drive in a safe speed now proven in the Dummies Lesson #1. Thus intelligence of a Mind is the final control, which is the same process for DNA to function like forming proteins in your body.

Everywhere I look in physics, the same laws apply that a seed opens the door for more not taught in universities because being dissected in specialized tunnel vision ignoring there exist 360⁰ nature movie theater not understanding what we see in telescopes wondering why are the light "ON" in galaxies? They believe concentrated tunnel vision is superior making money therefore rejected Christian religion exposing evil which according to the Laws of Physics will end in a prophesied Apocalypse even dated with science:

1 Tishri 5778 (Sept. 2017)

8. Invisible SOMETHING Discharged into Clouds? (Pearl #247)

Watching our earth from space out the window of balloon-hung satellites looking between the ionosphere and stratosphere, we see simultaneously above the clouds hundreds of discharges of light, and below the clouds, we watch the familiar lightning bolts. 

Nova TV (12-16-13) showed a scientist team with very hig oairplanes trying to capture a three dimensional discharge. They looked for bright lightning bolts focused on a concentration center above the clouds. Using high-speed cameras invisible to the naked eye, they discovered numerous multiple light discharges like Christmas trees going up in the opposite directions into the ionosphere. It caused great excitement to see an energy discharge connection to space previously only captured on computers, so a new discovery. I believe that the energy path through space is linked to invisible Magnetic Gravity as postulated in Pearl #250. 

To get more proof, I visited Mexico to bring back a science paper written on Intrinsic Gyro-radius in the Kaluza-Klein theory by Adrian G. Cornejo (5/2/2013). The abstract of Adrian G. Cornejo introduced that particles discharged in space could result from a magnetic field trying to be defined by hypothetical Klein's point like particles in three-dimension space-time can be circumgyrating in a magnetic field. But instead of being linear, they move in a helical path through time in a magnetic field, covering a volume of charged particles. The volume is equivalent to the density of matter. In other words, energy from space caused by a chain-carousel universe is turning but could feel the invisible gravity connected to a chain being lifted while turning around being seated. Although in a chain-carousel when we look toward the center all is stationary like looking in the sky with the galaxies frozen. However looking outside everything is turning could change our perception of a static universe. Only metaphysical eyes can see what is invisible having a MIND could prove in physics that the universe must be turning for the lights to be on in galaxies. An electric generator could explain the theory.

The expert in math in his report wanted to prove what I postulate and described some wave outline by the trajectory charged point-like particles that occupies a volume during its motion through time to form particles. Its direction is affected by the presence of an electromagnetic field. Induced magnetic orientation to the particle influences its trajectory according to the vector of the magneto-motive force induced to te particle by the magnetic field. Those quantities depend on the q/m rate and magnetic field independent of velocity. I hope you understood this short description, but maybe we could add a little more. Babushka eggs describe a new atom theory a few years ago. It is not allowed in a science forum because it was discovered in the Bible. Later I found out that gravity is magnetic as proven in Pearl #250, gown to a Babushka concept energy fish that made a Jonah known.

To sum up these discoveries: infinite energy coming from space is carried by a zillion mailman neutrinos creating snowflakes. Each is different like 7 billion people not one is genetically the same but each a unique being. When energy is added, it grows heavier in size, sinking lower as magnetized atoms of Hydrogen combine with the Oxygen plants manufacturer making the molecule H²O. Thus, the ocean water level will rise and flood islands displacing millions of people in the Pacific. Diving in various places will discover ancient ruins and stone monument artifacts. Watching YouTube, but serious, makes more sense.

Babushka eggs describe a new atom theory a few years ago. It is not allowed in a science forum because it was discovered in the Bible. Later I found out that gravity is magnetic as proven in a Babushka concept energy fish that made a Jonah-II known. It helped me to better understand the nature of electricity as rediscovered by Nicola Tesla. He showed that there is an invisible free energy in the air coming from space, as proven by watching fascinating lightning bolts. Now reading science papers and watching NOVA, it really makes sense as the universe is linked and connected to our planet, which is bathed with invisible energy as evidenced by high speed Nova pictures of the invisible Christmas tree outbursts, transferred by neutrinos from the black hole of our Milky Way galaxy described in math by Dr. Adrian G. Cornejo.

That energy can now be converted and extracted for our benefit. Being an inventor and following the energy trail, I have tried to explain the principle to my grandkid. It resulted in designing 16 electric UREE generators to give us free electricity. One could fly a Concord-jet with free electricity. Check the last design described in Babushka concept book #9, which was sent to President Obama to stop and replace deadly nuclear energy and help Japan's radiation problems. (Pearl #244)  

The free energy Babushka egg described the new discovery that Gravity is also magnetic. Consequently, it can be cheaply converted into electricity according to a new theory tracing an energy path recorded in the Bible, no kidding. The most ancient manuscript is teaching many embedded science concepts forbidden by our atheistic universities that are not even allowed to quote being affraid of Bible knowledge facts in open forum.  Looking up and seeing the many galaxies forming and expanding with the lights "on" as photographed by many telescopes, is now better explained and related to a new atom theory postulated in the #6 Babushka egg concept energy book making a lot more sense. It is still forbidden to be taught in the atheistic universities. Instead, their researchers wanted to smash atoms with gigantic useless billion dollar CERN machines but were not successful as PhD morons are brain-dead and cannot understand plain physics.  

When you scrape off residues in a Nebelkammer, like manure in a dairy barn wall, you will never find out where the butter energy comes from, being brainwashed in unscientific stupid atheistic evolution religion. Many new discoveries are now ignored on the Internet because they do not match their favored atom fairy tales, so they try to expose an energy mystery by smashing intelligence to prove an evolution religion in new phantom theory.

They are only motivated for higher salaries and double retirement benefits and to be promoted in the class of privileged bureaucrats getting elated with a Nobel grant.

But watching Nova TV programs will make more sense when compared to the Torah-Bible, which will widen our science horizons. It is like being rewarded with a lot forbidden "knowledge wisdom bonbons" found on the bottom of another Russian Babushka egg, always surprising me to have more fun. Read the Pearls or Babushka Egg #11 to widen knowledge horizons to 360⁰.

Taw-Neutrinos are Not Neutral?  

Dummies Lesson #10

A few years ago I postulated a new atom theory. It gets better if we do not mix it with present science opinions many became fairytales not matching the mirror reflection of physics. Conventional science teaches that neutrinos must be neutral, not being influenced by a magnetism test. But they are so fast and infinitely smaller, coming from space, and travel at the highest velocity all the way through the earth never losing speed, so they cannot be measured. How would we test or evaluate that in physics?

There are many nice opinions all making money printed in millions of schoolbooks. But logic could throw a rock on the pavement while driving over it at high-speed. One would discover some laws of physics or hear some unprintable words stuck minimum with a flat tire. Think in logic SOMETHING going a billion times faster than light? I am sure that magnetism, gravity or any mass would not have an effect on any PhD neighborhood, but still could be polarized like other sub-atomic particles positrons, electrons, or morons each a little different.

To assume that a neutrino is neutral is just a nice opinion. Newton's law, not yet obsolete, postulates that a force coming and going somewhere can be mathematically defined. That means there exists something first, and if it moves, it will demonstrate a reaction force that can be identified or classified in physics. Usually it is higher always going lower, but the nature of that force is still forbidden thus left open.

In electricity they taught me as a kid a three-finger rule about how the three forces operate to give us electricity. Your long finger pointing the direction of the current flow is 90 degrees to your thumb indicating a magnetic field being generated? Applied to fast moving neutrinos like your finger pointing, I am sure that would demonstrate the same laws of physics.  Magnetism is created at a 90-degree angle to the direction of energy flow is still a mystery for universities fearing that Tesla Electricity would be exposed ending their lucrative grants being paid by the Oil-Cartel to keep students comatose forced to be silent. Thus will not know that free energy is possible only to make obscene profits for the energy cartel linked to corrupt fossil-senators. I believe that Neutrinos coming from space at high speed thus are polarized. According to Newton, when energy starts from somewhere, it has a bigger force than where it passes later, following thermodynamic entropy laws. My grandkid understands it. Your car motor piston starts with energy moving to lower entropy makes the whole world go round. Even Life ending in Death is the same principle.

The first Genesis report in the Bible reveals infinite light energy moving from the metaphysical higher order, now polarized, toward the mirror reflection physics explaining our existence. So why should not massless neutrinos have a magnetic polarity, a North and South Pole, as I postulate like a magnet. It makes sense if we have magnetism available on a little slower energy level. It will convert to electricity as proven by Tesla who discovered it 100 years ago and applied to his 700 patents is really converting magnetism. When magnetism is turned like a motor-generator, it will convert to a lower energy level; therefore, neutrinos with embedded magnetism will get stuck in the dense earth center making it magnetic by spinning, thus heating up a zillion-zillion unending atoms on the inside, pushing protons to fuel electrons by a Genesis energy linked to the first page of the Torah-Bible.

Again, when protons move inside the atom, they create magnetism as explained in my new atom theory, which for the first time explained why the earth is magnetic. That process repels and levitates electrons to produce electricity not understood by atheistic universities suppressing science. Only the outer fully charged free floating levitating electrons circling around atoms are harvested like a fishnet catches more fish, thus they became a magnetic bridge for electron-electricity to cross over fuelling a civilization now skyscrapers getting bigger. 

When negative charged electrons lose speed, they will orbit lower and closer around to the donut atom nucleus. Eventually, they will get sucked into the chimney North-pole black hole. With the speed of light, they will be spit out on the South-pole fully charged like pulsar galaxy to orbit once more on a higher altitude, energized again from the inside by running protons fuelled by polarized neutrinos from space. Anything that turns like a motor, moves or lives, needs energy, or it will collapse like a fizzed out flywheel as proven by our mortality.

My new Babushka egg atom theory keeps expanding, and it neatly fits together, matching perfectly what the Bible has embedded. Check it out as more Pearls will be added in time for a full rounded vision like standing on top of a pyramid or watching the earth from space. But do not   link it with NOVA atheistic science movies making no sense confusing the higher, Bible science understanding.

9. Other Unusual Phenomena

I used to have a hot tub and avoided deadly chlorine exchanged for ozone O2 produced with electricity. It has the same property of killing bacteria. Ozone also protects us from deadly radiation of the sun created by a magnetic shield of the earth, which is produced by concentrated atoms fueled by neutrinos explained in my new Babushka book about an atom theory not understood by biased atheistic ignorant experts.

Nature provide various protection why is it denied exchanged for pesticide so deadly to the environment which will trigger disease in children many are mentally impaired eating fruit-vegetable poisoned by GMO. Many pesticides are now systemically embedded in food cells, allowed by corrupted FDA officials favoring an evil Monsanto octopus cartel whose employees usually rotate executive jobs between the company and government to reward favored legislation with million dollar bonuses deposited in secret off-shore bank accounts.

Another form of water is H2O2, known as heavy water or deuterium oxide. It contains a larger than normal amount of hydrogen isotope deuterium in connection with plutonium, the most poisoned substance ever produced by a totally evil mankind. Made in Norway on the race to make the first atomic bomb, Hitler originally used it. Today, even a tiny North Korea dictator has the power to destroy our world.

Watch in the near future. Iran, controlled by the Quran enforcing Sharia Law, will become the spark of the prophesied Armageddon pointed out by Jonah’s Warnings free on the Internet to become better educated. (Pearls #248, #249) 

But the biggest water information can be traced to what is recorded in the Bible. It remains an undiscovered treasure. Someone will research it further and write a book based on a new Donut Atom theory not yet allowed in schools. It gets back to Genesis reporting a foundation energy source fueling the Heh-dimension. The Apostle John saw in heaven (Rev. 4:3) as an emerald rainbow above a brilliant lit YHWH-Throne that is the source where the infinite energy comes from. Atheistic evolution fairy tale science will never discover the beautiful mosaic of nature.   

The ∞-energy going through space will activate a lower entropy level creating a universe linked to the laws of physic controlled by the metaphysics. Only on earth is a rainbow mirror replicated reflecting water droplets functioning like billions of prisms reflecting light energy linked to seven colors from 4000 -7000 Armstrong =A⁰ on a lower entropy. Further analyzing light from galaxies, or the sun, reveal spectral lines discovered by the German scientist Fraunhofer in 1787-1826. Now we identify 120 elements, using his methodology, as formed by ∞ energy from the YHWH-Throne rainbow.    

When the Heh dimension energy resonates in the time dimension, it converts and condenses into vapor, liquids and solids creating a universe ending on earth designed with Life appearing reflecting the breath of ELOHIM. It can only be explained from the metaphysical perspective embedded in the Bible as Mem (water) is converted to a purpose mirror imaged as H2O the foundation of Life only found on earth. Looking from space during the night, one will see the outline borders framing continents separated by water lit up with electric lights of an expanding civilization. That is amazing. But the biggest historic incident we can discover and experience its consequence when water is mixed with blood. It will wash away our sins demonstrated 2000 years ago Yeshua-Jesus dyeing on a cross to give us eternal LIFE, another mystery exposed in Babushka concept eggs linked to God’s Word again.

Investigating so many water mysteries from a scientific perspective is only possible if linked the metaphysics only found in the trustworthy Bible. Why is it rejected and ignored by global universities accepting lucrative Judas Iscariot Grants from the atheistic corrupted priesthood FED-NYC bankers who just print fiat money to rule over an enslaved, ignorant civilization with absolute power.

Choose wisely. It’s your life. I explained to my grandkids that we all must set our own railroad switch for life or death before entering the cocoon in the caterpillar stage to go either way. The cocoon functions like a black railroad tunnel that all mortals must go through to escape the fiery collapse of the present NEW World Order. On the other side, some will experience a Resurrection like an emerging butterfly destined for new earth promised by Yeshua-Jesus. The master railroad switch for a new Jod dimension fuelling Eternal Life is located above the Throne Room controlling the universe with infinite rainbow energy. (Revelation 4:2-3)

Watch the many free YouTube videos to expand your Mind, or read some Pearls and energy Lessons for Dummies on this website. They relate recent discoveries combing physics with the metaphysics. To find out what will happen after a number of Jewish feast days linked science, watch the four tetra Blood Moons and sun eclipse linked to a Virgo constellation gone ballistic dating a new civilization after 28 September 2017.

In closing, once more I would like to point out that God appointed me to be a Jonah-II voice to give Warning to the scientific community, but I am still puzzled a little. What will happen after the 2015-2017-time period devastated by an asteroid? The Lord will fill in the blanks, which must have five witnesses to have a case in any court, all being subject to the prophesied grand deception for many believers. Daniel’s last chapter could be the key as it relates to Satan’s last rebellion, misleading most Christian teachers at Prophecy Summits do not abide by court rules.  

My 14 Babushka concept egg books became 10 years of science witnesses and project that our civilization will end in God’s Wrath with an asteroid already in orbit. It will change again an earth-axis wobble similar to what was experienced after Noah’s day in 2288 BC. The logical outcomes are now demonstrated in many YouTube videos and will prove that internationally every atheistic university suppressed truth for hundreds of years and consequently are judged as evil, thus they will perish in God’s Wrath, too. That ends my Hebrew seventh Energy Lesson for Dummies.

To widen knowledge horizons 360°, why not check out the other Babushka egg Pearls and Sound Bites, as long the web is still around. Many YouTube videos disappeared. They have been silenced already - one at a time to keep the Public brain-dead. Only fake TV NEWS remains to shower us with lies and deception. Thus, only the researched Babushka egg concept books expose what was published a century ago, since many forbidden science disciplines of physics were suppressed, yet eternally embedded in an unforgiving nature. Why else would The Illuminati NYC bankers controlling a New World Order with printed global currency kill billions of Christians and destroy ancient cultures, and finance every war in the last century?

The answer is found in the Torah-Bible. When human society reaches the level of total EVIL once more, it will perish in God’s Wrath like the Atlantis Civilization did during Noah’s time (2288 BC) as documented in suppressed history. Watch the sky to see prophecy fulfilled! YHWH created mortals for a purpose, and you should know yours - now made visible in the SAINTS.

(5777-5778) – Solstice 2017?

Adrian G. Cornejo-Electronics and communication Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana Calle Santa Rosa 719,CP 76138, Col. Santa Monica, Queretaro

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