Pearl #293-Part 1 -

Observing Nature – What is the Moon?


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YouTube decided to censor and delete a thousand Christian videos along with unbiased news broadcasters to suppress Truth. This illegally obstructs the constitutional rights to repeat the Dark Ages. Evil once more will trigger God’s Wrath in a prophesied Apocalypse as only a few will survive now dated by a corrected Jubilee of the Hebrew calendar after 2018. (John 9:4) 

The moon reality has not been determined in physics since a moon landing was faked in a Hollywood studio. Perhaps this is a final science insight never proposed before to examine a last Babushka concept egg under a penname Jonah-II. This modern generation doesn’t even know that science is falsified, thus it will have a difficult time understanding concepts exposed in Babushka eggs. Many questions about a Flat Earth are not settled yet and still argue hotly about a probable moon theory. Pearl #287, #271, #161 

The Torah-Bible reveals that the earth was designed for mankind, but sadly no one explains true physical and metaphysical science uncovered in Babushka Eggs and Pearls to the next generation. A free web postulates many questioning theories, but they are short-lived to keep the public deceived. Worldwide atheistic authorities control education to conceal divine Truth in the oldest book on earth. It will widen knowledge horizons about how the universe was created with infinite energy (Gen. 1:3), which is perpetually converted to visible light (V:14) fuelling Life and nature.


The Genesis creation story started 6000 years ago. All is governed by divine intelligence embedded in a Beth duality perceived in nature. At first there was infinite light fueling the earth-Daleth & heaven-Heh dimensions crystallizing atoms with two magnetic polarities to generate a gravity force. There are two thermodynamic laws affecting elements to explode or implode being abused in atheistic universities to enforce evolution religion lies and fake science deceptions uncovered in 14 Babushka egg books.

Thus, Jonah-II follows a Bible science trail of infinite energy embedded in every atom to make Life possible in the temporary earth Daleth dimension. It defined physics and metaphysical laws linked to the Time Dimension. Hence atoms caused by electromagnetic spectral frequencies discovered by Fraunhofer will stick together like magnets forming gravity, or if polarized will levitate. Thus, all created nature is controlled by a divine intelligence. Everything is purposed to continue Life in a Grand Plan and greatly expanded in a Jod dimension, if you pass a resurrection test. To fully understand concealed ∞ energy, please check a science discovery video.

The new astonishing phenomenon detected on the Shroud (3-18-18)

Blood Moons – Solstice Eclipse, Part 1

The Torah-Genesis report described two (2) dimensions Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth each have a different time clock. I remember an attraction at a county fair with a huge steel wire mesh-ball. On the inside two crazy motorcycles raced making a lot of noise. It can be compared to our earth or a planetarium, but imagine it with pet animals and at the center a pond with fish. Every seat in a starry night will see around many shining zodiac crystals demonstrated with a circling sun-moon projection moving under the dome. It is similar to a recent video showing a flat earth with an ice rim South Pole covered by a transparent dome. Perhaps it was shaped from frozen gas highlighted by large crystals forming zodiac stars and outlined by three (3) disks like TV antennas. On the bottom of the inside dome is a flat earth disk with an ocean, and the other two smaller disks are the sun and moon circling around like the two (2) racing motorcycles.    

The sun could be shaped like a curved antenna disk, and it works like a transformer receiving infinite light from space to fuel nature and all Life on earth. But ∞ energy is much too high and needs reduction to slower visible light to heat the environment extended to solstice cycles. Opposite is a curved moon disk meant for a calendar with rotating crescents reflecting light, like starry dome crystals. Perhaps the moon is also like a thin curved bowl to reflect light in a full moon as a convex backside would be invisible.

To prove it, cut out a round paper disk and shape it around a pipe. Now hold the curved paper disk under a small computer light to make a crescent shadow displayed on the paper. Only a concave profile will project light to a full moon and rotating will show crescents reflecting sunlight in 28.5-day monthly cycles. Moonlight is cold, but controls half of all procreation life cycles on earth in the ocean and on land. In addition the Creator gave mankind a tool to measure our mortality in ancient clocks exhibited in global museums based on physics & metaphysical laws. Thus, the sun and moon were created on the fourth creation day that started the Daleth (=4) Time Dimension. It was meant for mortal mankind to give them a calendar to date the fullness of time. When lies and deceptions control a society, it will evil corrupt corporately the minds of a huge population, thus fulfilling    an Apocalypse prophecy to perish like Sodom-Gomorrah. Pearl #279, #227   

Only the Torah Genesis report revealed the purpose of creation and separated a special earth designed for Mankind. Atheistic universities suppressed that the universe is controlled by divine intelligence by paying big salaries for a High Priest positions teaching evolution religion fake science. Recently the news stated that Professor Steven Hawking died. Being trapped in a body and needy with severe disabilities made him dependent, helplessly coaching lies and deception. But when Truth is openly compromised worldwide, not even a close friend will know a silent last request before death addressed intuitionally to God. (John 6:47)

Like a historic person executed on a cross said to Jesus before he died, “Remember me.” Yeshua through his death sold “all” to buy a field of a hidden treasure (Matt. 13:44) to purchase you and me of high value (v. 65) replacing our mortality to continue in Eternal Life made possible by a revealed divine resurrection demonstrating a New Creation. Pearl #888  

The first creation day (Gen. 1:5) reported there was evening and morning of another dimension as the sun-moon came later. Checking human history, analyzing archeology events and the JC Calendar prove Noah’s Flood 2288 BC was caused by an asteroid strike. That is confirmed by moon cycles not changed but being off two (2) days to the monthly solstice cycle. In other words, the earth velocity slowed down 4305 years until 2018 AD. Free Babushka egg concept book #3, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries postulated and proved that an asteroid changed an ancient Genesis patriarch calendar of seven (7) earth axis wobbles, thus giving Methuselah’s age of 969 years - not possible using genetic technology.

Only a huge asteroid could cause a worldwide Flood by dislocating tectonic plates, ripping continents apart and lifting huge mountains. Geology tells us that three (3) mile thick ice was deposited on the North Pole creating many glaciers. It collapsed a higher atmosphere to {1 atm} and reduced the lighter hydrogen gas leftover from creation by combining it with the enriched oxygen formed by massive vegetation of a tropical climate in thousands of lightning bolts imploding into water. After the Flood the geologic evidence showed massive extinction of Life as exposed in strata or coal deposits.  

The oldest Torah-book on earth reported that only eight (8) of Noah’s family survived. The Creator Elohim appointed Noah to build an ark and said that Lucifer perverted all of mankind, which altered most of nature and modified genetically angels and humans to a hybrid race. To save mankind, he collected original pure food seeds and important animals in a boat for future generations and destroyed an absolutely evil society, which stopped Satan from gloating, “I am more powerful than the Creator screwing up his creation.” Sadly it is repeated in our time, thus expect God’s Wrath like Sodom-Gomorrah prophesied in the Torah-Bible.    

Examining ancient earth axis calendar of 10 generations from Adam to Methuselah’s death as recorded in Genesis is similar to the Aztec clock of seven (7) yrs. cycle in the outdoor Mexico City museum. After the Flood (2288 BC) the Hebrew calendar was documented by Moses, corrected by Julius Caesar, and finalized in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. Watching YouTube videos, I saw a different calendar imprinted on the cornerstone of a Masonic Temple, which was a curiosity for me.

Anno Lucis - Wikipedia  -

Anno Lucis is a dating system used in Masonic ceremonial or commemorative proceedings, which is equivalent to the Gregorian year plus 4000. It is similar to Anno Mundi. Description [edit]. For example, a date Anno Domini (A.D.) 2018 becomes Anno Lucis (A.L.) 6018. This calendar era, which would designate 4001 BCE...

The Illuminati Mason brotherhood put a date on a building cornerstone to commemorate A.L. 5914 and wonder if there exists another calendar Yeshua used for his Prophecy. Comparing calendars I noticed a difference of three (3) yrs. (4004 BC- 4001 BC). It could be applied to the Apocalypse birth pangs 2008-2015 by adding three (3) years to the calendar in Pearl #276 to end a civilization again as prophesied after the 2018 -5779 solstice? Can we take for granted that moon velocity was constant since the fourth creation day? It could prove that an ancient solstice calendar was changed from a 360-day year now measured to 365.24 day/yr. @ 2012 AD, caused by an asteroid strike @ 2288 BC? Thus, the Hebrew calendar for Mankind was changed by Moses, now synchronized every nineteen (19) years to match the Middle Ages solstice cycle correction of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. The difference in solstice-moon cycles is not recognized as velocity synchronized crossover but usually explained as sun - blood moon eclipses.  A monthly solstice 30.5-day velocity synchronized to 28.5-day moon cycle could date crossover blood-moons from 2288 BC to 2018 AD. To calculate the total accumulated velocity difference in years resulted in 15 crossover moon-sun cycles. (4306 x 2 days x 12 = 103,344 days /360 = 287.066 (4306/287 =15). The last crossover eclipse of 1582-2018 was confirmed in 2014 & 2015 in a tetra blood moon with a sun eclipse 2017.

Therefore, we could see somewhere on the flat earth map a blood moon or sun eclipse every 287 yrs.? The rotation of the sun and moon is elliptical and perhaps will change positions on the inside or outside at each crossover reflecting concave-convex light as stated above to be helpful.

Babushka egg concept book #3 said the last of seven wobbles fizzed out exponentially on 21 December 2012 (JC), thus the 15 crossovers could be redefined to 7.5 earth axis wobbles reversing the East-sun-rise to West-sun-rise order many times in history. The moon is slower by 2 days linked to a corrected Second Law of Thermodynamics could explain in physics the consequences of many calendar bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums decoded in forbidden Babushka egg concepts to expose lies in fake science.

Thus, a solstice (JC) wobble calendar 2288 BC was stretched exponentially longer by 5.24 days (360-365.24) since Noah, which slowed down the earth from seven (7) axis wobbles to one wobble to finally rest anticipated on 21 December 2012. Perhaps using the Masonic calendar could extend the dating of the Apocalypse by three (3) years (4004 BC - 4001 BC) unaware of a Babushka calendar 2008-2015 now 5778. It could still match a corrected 121 Jubilee system and Yeshua prophecy projection of a 70 years generation starting the Teth-Age. I hope that a pennamed Jonah-II searching what is forbidden is able to uncover a shrouded divine mystery person who suffered the worst evil torture on earth to be on the same level of every mortal to defend us before a righteous Judge. Thus choose wisely who will negotiate a divine plea to grant Eternal Life revealed in a Torah-Bible gift.

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