Pearl #226 -

A Letter to Christian Churches Pointing to a 5-Month Apocalypse
(12th Babushka Egg)


Many Christian churches have grown into mega congregations, some with TV audiences in the thousands, in an escalating population having crossed the seven billion mark back in 2012. Like fruit in harvest time, Western Civilization has ripened to the point of rotting, having become totally atheistic. At the same time Christendom has lost its salt, no longer exerting its preserving influence on society.

God the ELOHIM has sent a second Jonah onto the town square to wake up a degraded atheistic society with a WARNING. Pay attention! He has placed in the sky an unusual tetra blood moon constellation historically matching only with Hebrew festivals. This phenomenon is not repeated in 500 years, which is proof of it being a last WARNING to our civilization. The computerized One World order will end with the last tetra blood moons prophesied in the Bible:

17 September 2015

In addition, for the skeptics, God has prearranged many witnesses like ancient bronze clocks exhibited in various museums as well as three science witnesses forecasting the Apocalypse, all matching a number of Bible prophecies. Take your time to watch some good YouTube videos that all date an awful cosmic event unique in history:

23 September 2017

Worldwide mankind has benefited from a 2000 year-old Christian influence changing a world, establishing basic human rights, creating many charities. Why now forbid globally the free expression of the Christian faith and undermine its credible influence on a society that once brought blessings for all mankind? Why is it suppressed globally in this generation? Why has this generation become so totally corrupt in violation of God's ancient standards recorded in his book?

This will force God, the ELOHIM, to interfere with the affairs of mankind once again as they practice a wicked evil technology that is destroying much Life on earth. Globally the environment is poisoned with food resources fast declining now, permanently endangered by genetic manipulation, guaranteeing that life on this planet is bound for extinction.

A similar event is recorded in history what happened during Noah's time. Then God's Wrath was demonstrated with an asteroid (5 February 2287 BC) destroying that atheistic society without a trace. Why will our hi-tech civilization not refrain from making the same GMO mistakes, consequently bound to experience God's Wrath once more, this time not sparing even Christians? They will not escape, just like Noah's relatives of whom many where righteous but missed the boat because they were unconcerned, having parties, eating and drinking instead of heeding the words of Jesus who forecast it all.  

Watching TV worldwide, Christians are being intimidated on a global scale, many persecuted, tortured and murdered by corrupt, polarized governments, especially in the Middle East. Most Christian schools, if not demolished, are compelled to teach unscientific evolution theories concocted as facts, which has brought forth a generation that is totally atheistic, ignorant and uneducated on a global scale.

As a scientist-inventor, being interested in suppressed science, I have investigated and collected facts from across many science fields in physics and forbidden metaphysics, collecting a number of deadly scientific statistics now grossly offending the ELOHIM. My discoveries were summed up in 12 free Babushka egg concept books matching hundreds of Bible prophecies from a true science perspective ignored by governments and comatose churches still mired in Middle Age denominational confusion.

The establishment is hiding a programmed, evil, Satan-driven technology now out of control, which is bound to terminate most LIFE on earth; much of this is already exposed on a free Web. The global destruction of mankind will soon culminate in a crescendo to the Throne of Heaven, ending in the last Armageddon war. I have collected many prophetic Bible verses to better understand our political world system; they all point to countless violations of divine laws, leading to dire consequences.

Our 21st Century civilization is in gross conflict with the ELOHIM’s contract made with mankind. Watch Youtube showing videos demonstrating half human-half animals will shock your sensibility, which God says is totally evil. The time has come to end the prophesied Apocalypse and will now respond next year with his WRATH to save once more original LIFE, as screwed up GMO will not survive.   

But in His grace He first sent forth another Jonah with a warning to the global TV town square to announce the exact time of Jesus' arrival to earth. He will clean up His house and repeat God’s Wrath to purge mankind once more from all evil by sending another asteroid already in orbit.

Those who are appointed to survive will become a witness of the First Resurrection that consists in collecting the saints Jesus selected, those that had more oil (Math. 25). They will start God’s Kingdom on earth by celebrating the coronation of the King of kings coinciding with Jesus’ birthday, just in time to save mankind once more, as dated by Jesus Christ Himself and recorded in His Word.

Christians please notice: 17 September 2015 dated Gods Wrath, but it will end three days later in the last super blue blood moon on Sukkot matching again a Hebrew festival. But we have two asteroid orbit dates matching a Virgo constellation with a Hebrew Jubilee 23 September 2017 which is a special Hebrew holiday as Israel will be celebrating three events: the coronation of a King and laying the foundation stone of Ezekiel's Temple, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of Israel's independence.

Jesus Christ’s return will ruffle many feathers of pastors and theologians deep in trouble, putting an end to their deluded, ignorant spin misapplying God’s Word, still teaching denominational quarrels from the Middle Ages. They have never had the desire to go beyond to find out God’s Plan for mankind, but are mostly interested in up-front prestige and money, themselves corrupted like the atheistic world.

Why have Christians shown no interest in the many witnesses presented by science and embedded in the Bible? They are now collected in twelve (12) Babushka egg concept books written by a retired seasoned inventor. Surely, God has all along been pointing out a date, proven by science, to wake us up from sleep. Yet they will not believe Jesus dating his return and will keep silent, going about business as usual, not bothered about the "FIVE" witnesses required to establish TRUTH.

A friend of mine asks: why five witnesses? The number five (5) in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is Heh meaning the other side of a higher level, like a hologram in physics.  In any court of law only 3 witnesses are required to establish truth. But proving a Bible interpretive doctrine needs a higher level linked to the metaphysic Kosmos Law.

Consequently, the Christian church has become comatose accepting false prophecy teachers not educated in science, avoiding the issue of God’s Wrath even though it is dated by Jesus Christ, mostly responding, "No one knows the time" misquoting a Bible verse. Unbelief and Christian doctrine fairy tales have closed the door of understanding God’s Plan for mankind.

They are brainwashed, being forced to adapt with the surrounding culture where the divine laws of good and evil have been morphed into relativity by blurring the difference between good and evil, denying the ancient rule of fixed divine laws. As a result, they have fallen into ignorance and utter folly.

Why have Christians become so ignorant? Why is money, greed and prestige more important to theologians untrained in science? Worse, why keep alive the denominational quarrels from the Middle Ages? If the modern Christian faith were to be put to trial, could it pass the legal court system, while avoiding the five witness requirement to establish a sound doctrine? When I sent out 80 Babushka Egg concept books #12, paid with meager savings, to warn Daystar TV theologians and pastors, I was not surprised to get only two thank-you replies, but 6 money requests printed on expensive picture graphics. No wonder what used to be salt has lost its taste, why bother with good manners.

When false dogmas were introduced not matching Truth, why was the Word of God not applied and investigated by using five witnesses now applied to prove a clouded doctrine case? Without it theological confusion is predetermined, not surprisingly such Christians become victims of lying scholars from the atheistic evolution religion camp which now globally controls the education of our children sliding to inferior levels in utter ignorance. Compare an 8th grade exit examination hundred years ago with a college degree.

No wonder Christians have lost the contest. They have ceased to stand up and fight, especially in America, failing to keep up prayers and the Bible in the classroom. A new generation has grown up, poorly educated, brainwashed by atheistic unscientific fairy tales void of logic. Entrapped Christians now have lost their privilege and become comatose. Therefore, they will perish like Noah's relatives who missed the boat, the very thing you could avoid if you are a Christian with enough OIL.

What perverted the Christian faith? Was it newly printed money, higher salaries and unheard benefits linked to an easy lifestyle that appointed ignorant preachers to be entertained with what feels good, forgetting what was the purpose why God created mankind?

Why did many Christians vote for corrupt atheistic politicians to high office down to the school-board level? Why allow God’s Word to be adulterated to make it conform to a more fashionable language? Going overboard, mistranslating the Bible, perhaps for extra profit, motivated publishers to sell more Bibles but blurred the Christian faith resulting in confusion as to believe that Jesus the Creator of the universe does "not know the time" of His promised return? Postulating "a date" of God’s Wrath is branded unpopular and generally avoided by people who do not understand Bible periods timed and cross-referenced to an unfamiliar earth axis wobble.   

It is sad that most TV preacher-merchants of faith are stuck in a hundred year-old misunderstanding repeating a mantra "No one knows the time", still postulating favored opinions of some Christian mish-mash, ignoring the (5) five witnesses needed. They will surely fail the Bridegroom passing. It is similar to a damaged groove of an old record that only plays the dented track over and over never realizing there is music on the other side.

Why do many preachers not believe in dating the Apocalypse? One should ask them: Have you ever visited museums to learn about a dozen ancient clocks that do tell time linked to an earth axis calendar by Jesus Christ BC/AD?  Noah's asteroid caused numerous earth axis wobbles now fizzed out on 21 December 2012, as proven by NASA’s GRACE Satellite. Why not be educated in a little science to know how prophesied Bible dates are calculated still using a Julius Caesar calendar who measured an earth axis wobble which was fixed only last year. It can be done without computers, just check the ancient bronze 32 gear Antikythera clock now decoded after 100 years in my third Babushka egg concept book.

Remember, if the righteous watchman keeps sleeping, ignoring all warnings and therefore sinning - he will die. That is serious. Could it be you? The Bible verse in Ezekiel 18:26 spells out various conditions of life and death meant for theologians not believing what Jesus said. God will separate the wheat from the chaff. If you desire to honor the Lord maybe you should discard speculated opinions in so many prophecy conferences. Advocates of such speculations quietly ignore of the five Bible witnesses required to prove a favored Bible doctrine case in any court of law.

Many grandiose plans fuelled with big money may be useless because they oppose Jesus' teachings, ignorant of the schedule of the Bridegroom's appearance. Only those who belong will be awake at the His arrival, and will be separated from imitation play-actors. Becoming a true saint will involve having sufficient oil indicating being appointed by the King (Matthew 25).

There is an advantage in having more oil, for thus we shall know the scheduled date of the Bridegroom's arrival. Once more He is coming back in His cosmos Star of Bethlehem satellite visiting the earth again. Looking closer, that satellite will be brightly lit, shaped like a golden travelling Royal City, this time announcing the reign of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. He will initiate a divinely planned civilization without trace of evil, resulting in a period of peace on earth to last 1000 years.

Please be not offended, especially preachers in the public TV square, but God's business is very serious - similar to the Apostle Paul facing an atheistic crowd in Greece. This is your last opportunity. You've only got two years to go to announce a final Jonah's warning that could save some from God's Wrath now dated with unusual moon and solar eclipses in the sky as taught by science. Watch an extraordinary solar eclipse on Nisan 1 (March 20, 2015) and compare it to the ancient Babylonian sun religion embedded in the Vatican which has shaped Western Civilization:
Fossilized Customs - The Pagan Source of Popular Customs,
Lew White: 

But trusting the Bible could gain you a huge reward if you believe what Jesus said (Luke 21:32). Perhaps you could learn a little more about the Hebrew culture and holidays. Misled Christian should notice only the "Saints" will witness the biggest event: Jesus Christ's return to earth now dated in agreement with science 28 September 2015 also matching a Hebrew holiday structure divinely instituted. Thus you will know the embedded Bible schedule. But if you are a Christian and want to survive make sure you are appointed a "Saint".

God's Plan for mankind is regulated like a business running on a schedule. This opportunity from science matching the Bible will not last forever. There is still time to investigate more witnesses like ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums, which can be converted to the Julius Caesar Calendar to understand some dating of the Apocalypse. Only if true science is overlaid with prophecy a date is thus exposed matching what Jesus said:

"Truly this generation will not pass away till all has taken place." (Luke 21:32).

One generation is "70 years" as proven by Job 42:16 and many Hebrew concept witnesses linked to some science specialties for scholars. But if you can think in simple logic, count from Israel's rebirth 1947/48 and apply Jesus' sayings:  

(1947/48+70 = 2017 AD) =
Feast of Tabernacles 15 Tishri 5778

Why do modern day prophets, speakers, theologians have no guts to investigate Jonah's WARNINGS concerning God’s Wrath nearing its destination, as the ELOHIM must first terminate Evil embedded throughout the Kosmos before The King of kings arrives? (Pearl # 109 - false rapture)

There is still time to read some Babushka egg science booklets collecting hundreds of historic facts from physics and metaphysics which have never been postulated, but rather forbidden, by atheistic universities entangled in evolution lies. But why are they ignored in churches which cannot be silenced on a free Internet? I recommend you read them backwards, as the ELOHIM revealed a little here, a little there like Isaiah 28:9-10, which took 10 years to collect while dictating to a modern scribe. For the first time exposing hidden Bible truth of why God created a universe to fit first in a smaller egg growing to the next bigger with the same picture concept belonging together, illuminated by science to enhance the story of God’s Plan for mankind. It was meant for this last generation, poorly educated yet mostly brain-dead, submersed in atheism. My hope is that some will learn why God created man, applying true science embedded in the greatest 6000 year-old history book of mankind. Much of the Bible is still distorted in church by deceived theologians and forbidden in the halls of higher leanings. Applied science could teach more about history, like tracing the Egyptian-Aztec-Chinese hieroglyph each telling a story of their culture. When God confused the languages some developed more flexible alphabets, while only the “fossilized” Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) still shows what was retained from before Noah's time 2288BC.

Theologians who wish to widen knowledge horizons and to be better educated should investigate why God’s Wrath will destroy again our earth, just like the Atlantis Civilization disappeared hit by a forgotten asteroid (5 February 2287 BC) causing a number of earth axis "wobbles". These facts not taught in school could prove the Bible to be right.

To verify it check out why Julius Caesar inserted 62 days and projected a date of 21 December 2012. That made it possible to set a Bible date accurately, confirmed with NASA GRACE Satellite instruments. This will help anyone interested in finding better answers to explain God's Plan for mankind, things never preached in church. Collecting this material took some effort,  resulting in twelve (12) Babushka concept books introducing a better story of God’s Plan for mankind (Babushka Egg #1) and culminating in a crescendo (Egg #12) proving God’s Wrath now dated.

This will be the last Jonah message to warn an atheistic hi-tech, computerized world. It exposes their evil lies which have put this planet in danger of extinction, threatening the very existence of all LIFE, and it ought to avail any slumbering Christians to wake up as they are about to see four (4) blood moon signs in the sky matching Hebrew holidays not repeated in 500 years. (Isaiah 2)

Reading from Revelation 14:6, many angels will announce seven messages linked to a rapture misunderstood by many theologians. It could be better explained by watching a 360 degree roundabout movie with different perspectives. If you stand in the middle you can observe one side, the Heh dimension (heaven), and at the same time the other side, Daleth (earth - this world in this time), all to terminate this last 21st Civilization with an asteroid already in orbit as projected by science. Not only will Satan be bound in hell but the KOSMOS, heavens and earth will be purged of all EVIL forever (Babushka Egg #11&12).

It will usher in the greatest cosmic climax everybody will see worldwide: the Star of Bethlehem levitated in the clouds,  immensely big, estimated over 1500 miles across, a royal City Satellite (Rev. 21:9) blocking the sun and hovering over Jerusalem again for ten days as prophesied in accordance with science to finalize God's Wrath - 17 September 2015.

Everybody on earth will see that huge spectacle in the sky, shining immensely more brightly than the sun. It will suppress even the night. All will be shocked to see a Kosmos-Satellite ON THAT DAY, announced previously seventy (70) times by four prophets (Babushka Egg # 11).

Many churchgoers believe they will automatically be a saint. But could they be wrong? Considering that the majority of the world's populations have never heard the Gospel, how can they be saved? They are not lost as God treats every soul equally, but He has different balances like we do in a commercial business with the balance beams not equal. Much more will be asked of Christians who know God's Word, good and evil will be evaluated in a balanced way on the last day when your immune system is checked as God looks deeper what was the intend. (Babushka Egg #11).

Most have the reward system screwed up, because it is not taught in church. Much confusion exists as to who is to be raptured, who to be resurrected or left behind at the last and seventh trumpet blast of the Apocalypse. Maybe what will be snatched and carried away are mortal baby children being separated from shocked parents who will be left behind. Being saved from certain death, they will be piggybacked by a SAINT being called the "First Born" by the angels.  Mortal children will be presented to the heavenly congregation and before the ELOHIM according to Hebrew customs as the "First Fruit" harvest festivals. When the Satellite wedding party is over, the Saints will return 10 days later with their precious mortal first fruit saved like Noah's ark and come back with the Lord Jesus to repopulate God’s Kingdom on earth, now specially anointed by ELOHIM branded as holy.

While the immensely large Golden City satellite hovers in the clouds with the earth passing underneath, the biggest event will happen again: a civilization will end, and once more GOD’S WRATH will be poured out during seven days in judgment BOWLS, one for each day, just like it rained in Noah's days. It will then totally destroy the atheistic 21st Century Civilization, with only Israel being saved in a protective valley split open and with some preselected Gentile babies spared to restart generating mortal ethnic nations. However a new emerging population will speak only one single language, reversing the Babel language confusion back to the original state which is Hebrew originally spoken by Adam and Eve.

Read Revelation describing the prophetic journey passing right and left on a roundabout movie screen prophesying that all mortals will be killed and utterly perish. Follow Revelation events lined up to end this atheistic One-World system in judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah (Matt. 24:29).

A new righteous divine civilization - God’s Kingdom on Earth - is started. Much that is described in Mathew 24-26 will now make more sense. The ELOHIM Court case Egg #10 has been settled by a prosecutor appointed by God. It concluded with a last message in Babushka egg concept books #11 & #12 (Pearl #107,  #168,  #200).

Sincerely, Herbert R. Stollorz, a mere scribe appointed by God, who wants to share God's grace on how to become a SAINT one notch higher status having more oil to survive God’s Wrath.

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