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Venus Orbit Dates the Apocalypse?

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"David & Nicole
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To David,

Nichole's letter to five doves, regarding the transit of Venus across the face of the sun and her interpretation is interesting. However, the transit occurs in the center of the two horns of Taurus. I believe Taurus is associated with the antichrist. The description in Daniel 8 has been fulfilled, Alexander the Great, his kingdom split into 4 notable ones, one of which was Antiochus IV the archetype of the antichrist, and through which the antichrist must descend.

The planet Venus can be viewed in two ways, as a morning star and as its antithesis, the evening star. Half of the time Venus spends on our eastern horizon and half the time on the western. The ancients thought it was two different objects. It is where we get our words east and west. In fact, by the old Greek alphanumerical system, its western name 'whesperus' has a gematriac value of 666. Of course, the KJV interprets the Isaiah 14 Hebrew word for Venus (the planet) as Lucifer.

I would speculate then that the 6/6/2012 Venus transit has something to do with Antichrist and not Christ. After this June 2012 transit, the evening star Venus is transformed into the morning star Venus, possibly symbolic of Antichrist lifting himself up to the stature of the true Christ. As for the transit period of Venus occurring in 243-year intervals, this is where the last chapters of Daniel and its numbers get interesting.

The numbers in chapter 12 DIRECTLY calculate to the cycles of the Earth, Moon and Venus (which appears a star, the brightest). Revelation 12 equates a “time, times and a half” to 1260 days. So Daniel's time, times and a half' equals 1260. A few words later he expresses 1290 and then 1335. While these values certainly have a literal application to the Tribulation, I believe they also have a hidden meaning revealing a longer “time, times and a half” time frame by which the beginning of the Great Tribulation can be reckoned.

How these numbers relate to Venus: The sum of these 3 values is 3885. The difference, subtracting from highest to lowest, is 1215. This integer value of 1215 caught my eye as it is 5 times 243, the transit period of Venus, but even more interesting is that 1215 tropical years is how long one complete cycle takes of PRECESSION or reverse motion of conjunctions to return to the same place in the sky. The ancients knew this, and most certainly Daniel the CHIEF of all the astronomers in Babylon could have known. Here is where it gets more interesting.

Daniel 7:12 describes a vision in which the person raises his right hand and his left hand towards heaven to swear. A simple concordance check of the two words “left” and “right”, were used by the Hebrews to describe NORTH and SOUTH if facing east. In the context of the person raising his one hand south and the other north as if to measure, the most common understanding of the heavens is the solstice-to-solstice or equinox-to-equinox which is a half-year. When the sun rises to the utmost south it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and when it rises in the utmost north, vice versa. There is 182.62 days average between. The word Daniel uses for “time” is interpreted as “seasons” in Genesis. The equinoxes and solstices delineate our seasons.

Back to the numbers 3885 and 1215: 3885/1215 = 3.1975308. Multiply that quotient by the days from sun rising utmost north to utmost south: 3.1975308 x 182.62 days = 583.93 days Again 583.93 days directly relates to Venus and the sun as that is within 18.5 MINUTES of the ACTUAL AVERAGE CONJUNCTION PERIOD OF THOSE BRIGHTEST OBJECTS!

The FULL recessional cycle of transits/conjunctions taking 1215 years is because of the 583.92-day interval between conjunctions! There's more! If you multiplied the 3885/1215 quotient by our tropical year, the value is EXACTLY 10 times the average day length if you were standing on the surface of Venus. In other words, from sunrise to sunrise standing on Venus takes 116.75 EARTH days.

(3885/1215) x 365.2421896 = 1167.8 days (10 times)

Now because Venus rotates opposite that of every other planet, it appears from the surface of the earth to take 243 of our days for 1 to pass there. Take (3885/583.92) x 365.242189 = 2430 days which is 10 days on Venus as observed from Earth! Its hard and long to explain, but there is one more proof of these numbers by which the 2300 days of Daniel 8 applied, all reconcile the EXACT average length of a year (solar) and a month (lunar) by the numbers in Daniel 12, down to 35 hundredths of a second! I said all of that to answer your question about my interest in the Transit of 6/6/2012.

I attempted to fit that particular date into the system which I believe Daniel was expressing when he says "I understood the time was long" being calculated from the date of his vision (Julian date 1525759.5) Without more long and boring explanations, I reckoned the timeframe to be 930,321.5 days from Daniels vision as I've explained before.

This falls 4 days short of the Transit on 6/6. However, when averaged with 2625 Lunar years (1290+1335) which is 930,213.5 days total, the date 930,267.5 from Daniel's vision is 4/8/2012 Easter. At first I didn't recognize that as Easter but rather the beginning of the countdown to Pentecost. Is it possible that the rapture could occur on that date? Possibly, but then again it is possible today is the day, as only God knows.

Either way, I believe there is compelling Biblical evidence that 2012 will be a pivotal year in Biblical prophecy. One more proof that these three values of 1260, 1290 and 1335 are related is this: There are 354.367 days in one lunar year (12 months) There are 383.897 days in one lunar-leap year (month added or 13 months). There are 738.264 days in one lunar year plus one lunar leap year. (25 months) 1290 + 1335 = 2625, 2625 x 354.367 = 930,213.5 days.

Now only related by the scientific length of an average month, the book of Daniel 12, Revelation 12 and the Biblical number 1260. 1260 x 738.264 = 930,213.5 days. From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,213 days is Shevat 22, 5772 or February 15, 2012. From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,321 days is Sivan 12, 5772 or June 2, 2012.

From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,267 days (the average) is Nisan 17, 5772 or April 8, 2012 (Easter). On Easter 2012, the Full Passover moon is just below the Virgin's feet and she is fully clothed by the sun (unseen due to the daylight) and Saturn (the Sabbath rest) is in her womb. 1260 days later Venus the “bright morning star” is in retrograde motion around the head of the sea serpent Hydra as if to crush and sever it, an event occurring every once every 1215 years. 30 days later (@ day 1290), Venus rejoins Jupiter the King planet along the ecliptic, 45 days later (@ day 1335) Venus, the bright morning star emerges from the womb of the Virgin (Virgo). YBIC, Kevin H.

Answer from Herbert R. Stollorz

December 31, 2011

A little unconventional thinking requires more investigating to put it together. I do not quite understand all what is calculated in astrology tracking Venus, but if February 15, 2012 (Shevat 22, 5772) was picked as the date to start counting Daniel’s 1260 prophecy days; it is off by 42 days but like a paradox is still correct if adjusted to a Hebrew calendar matching Hebrew holidays to January 4, 2012.

Again we have two perspectives looking at Venus, one from physics described by this reader and the other is the metaphysical viewpoint. Both are infinitely connected like the ∞ math sign. In energy Pearl #225 we learned a little about UFOs and a new discovery printed in Popular Science Magazine showing a "Data Centric Universe" to clarify the special relationship between Earth and the rest of the universe with 407,702 objects of known distance and discovery dates that are displayed as a ring flattened to the earth's equator. The generated graphic showed the earth as the center with all the planets orbiting around. That is contrary to what is taught in schools about Galileo using a primitive telescope to prove to Catholic authority that his sun religion was more scientific.

Many examples show us that the biblical creation plan is also demonstrated in zodiac constellations and only Venus is counter orbiting like being inserted later into the system similar to the sun-moon came from somewhere and were added on the 4th day circling around the earth. Venus therefore could be linked to Satan running counter the system and shows up in the Garden of Eden being appointed by ELOHIM to be the schoolmaster to teach mankind evil.

For restoration to work every resurrected being was to acquire an immune system for a new future creation so that evil never will germinate again snuffed out in the bud by the SAINTS governing a new cosmos. All six creation-days were called "good" except the last, still in the making to finalize a future restitution plan with the cosmos balanced again.

The Venus calculations have some underlying math, but wrong assumptions will not give right answers. Relating the Venus orbit to our earth and linking it to Bible prophecy associated with Daniel’s strange time cycles (Times-Time-1/2 Time - a math 2:1:1/2 ratio), needs some fundamentals not taught in universities. Dating future events requires a corrected world calendar obviously not known in our universities.

What is missing in every university textbook not finding the information that the earth had a backwards wobble from (2288 BC) at 360-day solstice, now 365.24-day solstices (2012 AD) fixed after 4300 years. (See Pearl #137.) Not knowing that screws up any astrological calculations projecting prophecy.

The day 21 December 2012 is just a date where the earth axis is no longer moving due to the asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC that terminated the high tech Atlantis civilization in Noah's time. Any calculation must start from that date (2012 AD) going back. To measure time, one must include data of an exponentially moving earth axis, which is not constant.

When the Gregorian or Julian calendar is linked to Daniel (518 BC) and assumed that the years have never changed, it will not fit true Bible interpretations or an evolution religion perspective. The evolution theory screwed up science. No wonder theologians became ignorant postulating uninspired opinions. Therefore, both do not know why so many bronze-gold clocks from ancient times are exhibited globally in many museums collecting dust and what do they measure?

Checking the Hebrew 7000-year Bible projection with corrected calendars looking at history from the BC/AD juncture needed to be amended by 35 years toward the AD meaning the center measuring our time should be counted from Jesus’ resurrection in 35 AD and not from his birth, if you want to include physics linked to the metaphysics to be consistent with a new atom theory.

The Bible prophesied that the times would be changed during the apocalypse period, meaning calendars. I did not realize that I caused some of it as published in my 7th Babushka concept book one year ago (12-31-11). TV channel 7 in San Francisco mentioned that science wants to equalize the month and correct solstice differences some years later. All was announced so fast that I could not recapture its significant in counting time a little differently. Even NASA synchronized the Internet with an atom clock to femtosecond accuracy.

The new calendar correction will point out that the first Hebrew Temple was not destroyed in 586 BC but corrected to 9 Av 588 BC. Ignorant science postulates the BC/AD divide some estimated 2 BC, others 4 BC or 6 BC. Maybe you could pick your own guess, but it needs three witnesses to testify. Not having an agreement would perhaps make any Venus projection questionable as linked to Daniel’s dating the Apocalypse, which is still a mystery. Theologians or atheistic scientists to not know Daniel’s Babylonian math. Therefore is using Nissan 24, 3225 as a starting point could be wrong? A paradox could reveal it.

Our Venus friend should read my 3rd Babushka egg concept book, which reveals a mystery in many museums for hundreds years only recently deciphered. But our universities make it worse no longer use fundamental science as the laws of physics are morphed into relativism having lost the Bible compass. Just mention that the Bible has embedded science, and they will slam the door in your face. Try it.

My thinking here is unconventional but let's follow the path to find out why we have 42 days being off from the expert tracking Venus from Babushka egg concept projection dated 4 January 2012 starting Daniel's 1260 days prophesied cycles published 4 years ago. Can the 42 days difference be correlated or will it match with a paradox? Nevertheless I still accept it as a good witness being right on looking from a Venus perspective.

First, what is not known to general science is that in ancient times an asteroid hit the earth on 5 February 2287 BC, which changed the earth axis as explained in the third Babushka egg concept book. Previously, the earth traveled around the sun in a way totally different from what we teach in schools. The original season cycle of our earth was seven times in 360 days orbit due to a horizontal axis spin according to the Aztec calendar 7x52 for one orbit around the sun. Please check it out on page 85, "Comments on our Modern Calendar". What is confusing today is that we have 52 weeks of 7 days but before Noah's calendar it was 7 solstice cycles x 52 days just reversed because the earth axis flipped caused by an asteroid.

When the earth was hit with an asteroid (5 February 2287 BC) playing back the Planetarium sky, the seven times orbit travel changed into an axis wobble and exponentially slowed down from the original Aztec calendar 7 turns x 52 days to "one" single orbit turn revolving now 300 days around Moses’ time in 1400 BC. See the diagram graph (Fig. A). From thereon the earth axis wobble still kept slowing down to 365.24 days to a final projected axis wobble at rest [@ 21.December 2012]. It was recently measured with two laser beams still moving 14 hours in one year.

Once more looking back historically, the years of a changing earth axis wobble, the tilt-angle declining, still measured by solstice getting now longer from the original Aztec 52 days x 7 spin to about 300 days for one "single" turn within one orbit around the sun during Moses’ time (1400 BC). Also the daily rotation of our earth changed to moving from the disturbed 16 hours (Chinese calendar) back toward the original 24 hours like a flywheel fizzed out.

However 350 years later Julius Caesar (54BC) noticed that his calendar was not synchronized with the farming season feeding his army and found out that his calendar never was adjusted since Moses’ time as December means the 10th month in Latin number system (10x30 days). It caused Julius Caesar to fine-tune the calendar, corrected to 62 days now added the missing time cycles to the outdated 10-month calendar.

He inserted the month of July with 31 days and authorized the change now known as the Julian calendar and added another month August with 31 days named by his stepson Caesar Augustus. The earth axis wobble still kept slowing down needed once more to be corrected by Pope Gregory authorized another 14 days and projected the earth axis wobble at rest. (21 December 2012)

Again, because it is not taught in universities, "December" means 10 during Julius Caesar's time and changed a calendar not changed since Moses time (1400 BC) but the earth axis wobble still kept moving coming to rest in the future on 21 December 2012. Now totaled 62 days and was inserted historically in the world calendar by Julius Caesar tracking the wobble from the solstice to solstice [21 December]. A moving earth wobble would change the season which is vital important for farmers for proper timing when to plant and harvest must therefore be synchronized especially if you lived near snow region. Any farmer knows that.

Now we know why the Julian calendar is evenly split 31 days in the middle Julius-Augustus in one solstice year. I am amazed at Julius Caesar, not educated in high-tech math and without computers could figure out an exponential wobble earth axis position linked to procession of constellations.

In contrast, modern scientists are still so ignorant. Is it because they are not allowed to read the Bible telling us about Noah's flood linked to Babushka egg concept book investigating the Atlantis civilization being totally wiped out by an asteroid [5 February 2287 BC]? That started a new calendar for mankind, which can be measured by many ancient clocks in museums collecting dust for hundred years associated to Wikipedia collecting facts still ignored by the atheistic establishment!

Most universities never figured out that a moving tilt axis existed blindsided believing in billion year's fairytales never proven with true science. But ancient clocks in various global museums tell of a recent earth axis change could explain global warming if applied logic to biblical historic facts reporting a global flood can only happen when hit with an asteroid during Noah’s time (2287 BC). Check the dating embedded in so many ancient bronze-gold clocks its time to find out. Consequently applying logic can explain the bible history only an asteroid would setoff a world wide gigantic FLOOD to give some credibility to Caesar.

Ignorant evolution religion postulates 60 million years ago an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. But in Texas we find human foot imprint embedded in a three-toe dinosaur footprint surely would indicate an atheistic dating scheme wrong. When we deny facts in geology and history verified in the oldest book on earth, the Bible, we are either very uneducated or criminal. They push their unscientific evolution religion based on opinionated relativism. The Bible declares in Romans 1:21 and notice the many words used like became fools, wicked, stupid, full envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice, gossips, arrogant, boastful inventing evil, heartless, ruthless - the list goes on.

Just look at what we teach children! Painted on every science education wall are the many evolved monkeys from an artist rendering, who decided to walk upright believing eventually that some would further evolve to become the president of the USA. How stupid can a PhD degenerate and not understand DNA science embedded with intelligence and deny thermodynamic entropy, on top of ignoring Newton's laws plainly exposed in physics. King David in the Bible writes,  

“Fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt; they commit abominable acts. There is no one who does good.” (Psalms 53:1)

We should learn from Julius 54 BC, who not being religious, did listen to the Hebrew religious priest and learned about science how the bronze clock (Antikythera clock) works now exhibited in Athens museum fished out from the ocean 1906. It has 32 bronze gears and analyzing the ratio measured gravity in ancient time, which is in teeter-totter to time.

That clock is not yet deciphered by modern science because our universities reject the Bible therefore also censored my Babushka egg concept book forbidden to investigate to find the key to unlock the museum mysteries.

 When true scientists are not allowed to quote Bible reference in an open forum to explain facts of history prevented proclaiming truth shut down by an evolution religion will remain ignorant being blinded all their life mentally degenerating and forced to believe in unscientific foolish fairytales taught now in every school. A darkened MIND will not be allowed to look at forbidden literature now prevented understanding metaphysic science embedded in the bible perhaps too dangerous to their evolution religion. Read once more Paul's letter addressed to the Romans written 2000 years ago as mankind has not changed.

A wobble math fraction still moving during Caesars' time is always nuisances but needed once more an authoritative degree by Pope Gregory most people will not object of being catholic. But being Orthodox is another story and did not like the Pope adding 14 days and kept the old calendar from the Middle Ages. Not educated in science understanding ancient clocks kept the camp divided even in our time.

Checking the date 4 January 2012

Now back to our astrological friend being off 42 days matching Daniel’s 1260-day prophecy date from the Venus projection which is pretty good if we accept a calendar correction by Pope Gregory in the Middle Age linked to another clock high up the tower in the city of Prague from Emperor Charles V will reveal it. The Pope in his time added another 14 days correction being impressed seeing that clock now a tourist attraction.

Now let's do the math using Julius Caesar's calendar which match the many Prophecies now dated accurately to a day. If one date is off a little must reject it as the ELOHIM clockmaker did not design gears with half a tooth. If we hear the cuckoo could have assurance that the time is correct too. I found out as an instrument maker from Germany that the bible prophecy too works like a cuckoo clock and used this analogy much in my Babushka egg concept books.

The 42 Venus days difference minus the Pope's 14 days correction = 28 days. Now we must add the leap month (II Adar) 30 days from the Jewish calendar appearing in 2011/12 to make it link to Daniel's time (518 BC) with years not constant projecting 1260-1290-1335 day cycle but now matching described in Babushka egg concept books or recent (Pearl #221). Finally proving it with 28+30 (Adar II) = 58 days + "4 day" correction which must be added since Pope Gregorian from the Middle Age to the remaining wobble axis discrepancy to [@ 2012]. Applied to the Venus calculation = 62 Julius Caesar's insertion days is now linked to the difference. Our calendar dating is now proven synchronized with a Venus projection. Amazingly verified an excellent 2054-year-old Julius Caesar calendar correction universities still use today without knowing why?

For a second (3 step) witness will clarify a Venus paradox perspective proving once more the February 15, 2012.

  1. When we count back from 17 Tammuz (30 June) 2018 2300 Daniels days (6years-4 months-20 days) will verify the 15 February 2012. The 2018 year is the apex across 6+1=7 math system of Gods creation.

  2. Now adjust 7 days backwards to allow for a Hebrew Calendar correction discovered in Pearl #221 which is matching 5-6 February 2012 a Tu-B'Shevat Jewish tree-holiday. It will overlay connected to Daniels Tree-cut-down prophesied [5-6 February 2015] which aligns with Noah's (one month+17days) ending a world wide financial system.

  3. In addition must deduct the Adar II month (2011) will get us to the same date once again 4 January 2012.

We have now found a correlation proving from a Venus calculation linked to Pearl #150 sun-moon eclipses by Mark Blitz astrological data applied to a totally different Hebrew-Bible accounting system matching the date 4 January 2012. But we must consider the axis wobble that can date Apocalypse the birthing of a new civilization. The 6-6-2012 Venus transit applied to the Antichrist could be the right timing, which makes sense in the middle of the Apocalypse 2008-2015. The Chinese calendar has a dragon-serpent year 2013 a perfect overlay of the antichrist-Satan appearance.

However I like to point out to my reader responder Venus friend some theological errors once more getting in the way with a false rapture theory invented 100 years ago postulated in mainstream Christianity and should read our Pearl #200 proven with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) to be better informed. Additional option Pearl #113 is helpful. Comatose Christians repeat to each other for comfort "no one knows the time" of Jesus return not educated to read the many clocks in museums from Daniel’s time which will point out a 7000-year schedule of God’s Plan for Mankind with station embedded like a rail road being fixed for thousands of years.

Not educated to read the train schedule needs a little Babushka egg concept books designed to teach some metaphysics. Collecting so much data that the Lord Jesus is coming back perhaps to earth on his birthday 28 September 2015 now also projected for some mysterious reason indicated in the beginning with a Venus projection and ending with a witness moon-sun constellation. How many more proofs do we need?

It will surprise many Christians who want to be in an empty heaven and waiting for Jesus not being there, as he left visiting this old earth once more in the New Jerusalem to rule 1000 years. But for mortals to live on earth for another thousand years needs a new body to last forever will get a new one in the first resurrection if you are appointed by the king. That will disappoint many Christians if being left behind not being privileged chosen for high office.

Not enough oil is the reason read Mathew 24 that spawned Pearl #200. Daniel’s 1335 days ending 18 September 2015 calculated according to the Jewish holiday imprint linked to HANS now even written in the constellation looking into the sky can discover a very possible date now supported with two astronomical witnesses.

I am glad having learned something about the Venus projection confirming what I wrote 8 years ago. I have collected many additional data facts check it out: it's free for those who are not petrified to read a few Bible quotes and when applied a little logic has more fun.

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