Pearl #284 -

The Torah-Bible * Amos Chapter 1- 2

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After the Sun eclipse 21 September 2017 checking many YouTube videos became quite again to warn a world community. They had to settle down to figure out why nothing happened in the fake NEWS? Perhaps Babushka eggs and pearls that studied the Time Dimension in ancient museum clocks will now make sense. But the warnings in Scripture only get hotter and intensify to the final “Birth” because some unfinished business of YHWH to save more Islamic souls. However, delayed prophecy will soon be fulfilled. Check Nineveh-Mosul recently destroyed by ISIS followed by the next prophesied event. Many theologians and the new generation kids were only educated in fake science, which is deceptive. It fooled me, no exception in the same boat.

Examining delayed prophecies will now be on the forefront revealing hidden events like the shepherd Amos was sent to two kings of Israel and linked to a dated earthquake of 2 years: Thus says YHWH, I will not revoke the punishment of seven transgressions. I question when the Hebrew calendar was corrected by 1.8 years in Pearl #276, will it mirror overlay Amos’ projection? I wonder how was his prophecy recorded like a tape recorder. Studying a Hebrew base-7 math system code writing prophecy verbatim word for word convinces me as a scientist-inventor that the Torah-Bible was written by angels dressed-up like educated scribes to help document divine events under a penname.

Did Amos write it before the earthquake, or did he project an earthquake two years later to make his forecast believable because he did not belong to the privileged educated wealthy class? It is similar to Jonah-II warning about an earthquake from an asteroid misled by a NASA fake science sky. I am not a prophet, but I matched a wobble calendar for the next civilization still dated on the front door. The Torah is linked to Hebrew base-7 math system (HANS) illustrated in many historic events mirror imaged to project a future prophecy similar to (Babushka egg concept book #11) ON THAT DAY stated 70 times by four prophets; Isaiah, Zechariah, Jeremiah, Zephaniah. Amos projected (7) fire destructions like Sodom and Gomorrah over Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Jordan, and Saudis ending an Islam spring flooding over the Golan height to fulfill a prophecy of Jacob’s-Trouble and ending at Jerusalem, destroyed in utter Armageddon chaos. Thus the prophesied Apocalypse will conclude the Chet-Age after Solstice 2017 (5778) with a huge earthquake? Many do not believe in angels, perhaps only artists painted many in church windows not rejecting a metaphysical domain like every university even suppressed “physics” screwed up with fake NASA lies and deception. Therefore, I trust a penname, Amos, more being better educated by YHWH applied to our time. Thank YHWH! Our death was delayed a little still confident will survive to the coming Jubilee Teth-Age 5778.

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