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Is Allah Satan? An Arabic Taxi Story


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Bible vs KoranCleaning the Babushka egg box found another forgotten egg still current. Coming from the airport in Frankfurt, picked up by my sister with a taxi and listen to conversation with an Arab taxi driver. The Arab started a conversation and said we do believe on Allah the only one true God in heaven according to the Koran our holy book. And that book tells us we must execute criminals and all who will not believe in Allah.  He obviously started thinking of recent bad NEWS.

But my sister not short on words picked up that challenge and answered our Christian God is also the only “one God” the creator of the universe and he too lives in heaven written in our book the Bible. Now since we all believe there can only be “one” God in heaven which is the true one, as the other must be somebody else less than the creator. To find out who is the right one let’s see what he likes.

I think Gods likes to get as many people to believe that he existed on his side would you agree?  The Arab taxi driver had no problem to concur.  But if we execute the criminals or other people like Jews and Christians they would be lost forever therefore going to hell never making it to heaven? Yes? A shrug from the driver making a turn.

Then my sister continues... that would mean if we kill criminals on earth, God would have less people in heaven and Satan in hell getting more according to the book of the Koran? If we follow that logic than ultimately Satan would have more people on his side than God in heaven proving that Satan is more powerful.

Our Christian God told us love your neighbor and even criminals. That would help God getting more people on his side as they would have a second chance to repent and turn around. A converted sinner now forgiven by God would be one more in heaven, which therefore would be one less for Satan. True?

Our God gave us a demonstration of his love and came to earth to die for us to make atonement to forgive all our sins. That means when a God came down from heaven and being born as a baby in Bethlehem in Yeshua-Jesus Christ He died for his creature on the cross he therefore must be the right God as his Love is the proof. But in your Islam religion, your God Allah says “you” must die and pay the ultimate price in Jihad for me the only God in heaven to be rewarded. Believing in that God who asks “you” to die is not a better God. He must be an unknown God as he is never mentioned in any ancient oracles collected by 40 witnesses that became a six thousand year old Bible still the best seller translated in thousand languages.

The Koran is only 600 years old, only one language and has only one witness Mohamed who said he is a prophet. Since in our legal system we need two or three witnesses to establish truth I think that 40 Bible witnesses should qualify.

Since the Islamic heaven and hell is on the other side therefore Satan is in heaven too. To settle the question who is the right God or Satan in heaven. Consequently love or hate would identify the right God for mankind. The proof is that the right God is the creator of all LIFE and likes his children to be the same respecting Life.

However, Satan was original a Cherub serving God of the highest order like Michael and Gabriel among 10 names mentioned in ancient oracles. His name original was Hell-el, which could be converted to All-el ending in All-ah’l in our time. We all know Satan in heaven is not God but a liar, a murderer and killing many people and causes many wars seen in history to kill more people so that he has more people on his side winning the confrontation against God on the other side in heaven.

Watching TV is not too difficult to recognize around the world who is the right God in heaven expressing love like hundreds Christian charities feeding millions of starving children, building hospitals, schools and sending emergency medical help when a nature disaster has struck without discrimination of color race or religion not discouraged even getting killed by Islamic terrorist to give more people on his side.

But there is another person in heaven that makes mothers strap bombs around their own children to be sacrificed and watching NEWS daily firing rocket on innocent people in Israel clearly identified as Satan in heaven and in rebellion to God wants more people on his side the faster the better.

However the conflict will end the Bible says Hell-el will be thrown out of heaven and according to Revelation in the Bible and the ancient clock calendars prophesied it could happen in 2017 (5777) therefore chose wisely God and not the side of a fallen angel, a lasting mistake affecting eternity after death.  

Watch therefore the dates of coming prophesied Apocalypse announcing the (4) four Death angels to purge the earth from evil across the globe, similar to was done to the Egyptian Pharaoh in ancient time and kept the children of Israel in bondage. While hating your neighbor without reason and fear, Moslems should therefore be warned that the right God in heaven would repeat again what he did to the ancient times hating the children of Israel for no reason.   

Satan surely will lose the war in heaven as Michael and his four Death-angels generals prophesied is stronger you should read about appearing 10 April 2017 (5777) starting Gods Kingdom on earth. Read Revelation exposed in Babushka egg concept books for more information.   

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