Pearl #245 -

The Apocalypse: a Cosmic Conflict

Linked to the Ancient Tzolkin Clock


This exposition of the ancient 4000-year old TZOLKIN clock is linked to the Bible. It will not be found in any University library, and it may be difficult to understand if you are not accustomed to the deeper waters of the metaphysical creation chronicle. This story described some unfamiliar ancient history linked to God’s Plan for Mankind from a metaphysical cosmos perspective defining the time dimension embedded in the Bible and ending in a schedule for the "2008-2015" of Apocalypse. Do not be discouraged if you don't understand what is buried in my eleven Babushka eggs.

Tzolkin countFurther decoding and examining the Prophet Zephaniah more detailed in Babushka Egg #11, I counted a total of (70) seventy events to take place "ON THAT DAY" by adding 12 more from this Pearl ending the Apocalypse. Again I am amazed noticed in addition we have 20 x "I WILL" like in Ezekiel and counting 31x the word "Shall" declared from the Elohim to make certain we will get the message how the Apocalypse will end.

The last Part 3 of the Babushka Egg #11 described the Apocalypse from a cosmic conflict, Heh-dimension perspective and investigated the prophets Zachariah, Jeremiah and Isaiah with many prophetic inspirations expanded by Zephaniah now linked to the Daleth dimension on earth.

It is not unusual to discover more already collected in Babushka concept books examining the other prophets. It will never touch the bottom. What is embedded in the Bible holograph constantly expands, now published in over hundreds of pearl short stories free on the Internet to widen knowledge horizons for the next generation. My collection has become a treasure chest filling up.

The creation story harmonizes with true science rarely taught in church anymore. Please read again the story of why mankind was created in Pearl #239. It explains WHY our civilization will end shortly in an APOCALYPSE, being very important will continue from there. The music has just played once more but watch the credenza.

Our civilization will end with a 52 Km asteroid dated from some science magazines, overlaid with HANS calculated to be 17 September 2015 in a divinely executed "APOCALYPSE". It is projected also from a Bible embedded physic-metaphysic perspective matching many prophecy events in a total system.

Retelling the creation story forbidden in schools will lay a base for a lasting Bible understanding from a new knowledge perspective. It may even surprise Christians. Many do not know why God’s Plan for Mankind must end with a scary Apocalypse, which will happen as explored. I hope it expand your knowledge horizons being convinced.

A second court witness is needed, and I would recommend that you read the whole short book of Zephaniah, which is meant for the End time all about the Apocalypse. Notice the repetition of words forceful conveying authority.

20x "I Will" & (13+18) 31x "SHALL"

Again, let's investigate to discover what is hidden in a specific prophecy text from a Bible telescope perspective of near to far vision. More is revealed by using the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) as a tool. The words "I WILL" are mentioned numerous times in the Zephaniah scroll text is - 11 times in the first chapter,  1 time in the second chapter [v5] and in the third chapter 8 times. Translated in the Hebrew mind set

[Judgment (11)ß Alephà Chet (8) New Beginning]

Comparing 31x the word "SHALL" in the first chapter 5x, the second 17x,
the third chapter 9x.

[Heh (5) dimensionß 17 Victory à(9) Teth = New Life]

Aligning the (HANS) philosophy with many historic science events matching prophecy made it possible to logically date the APOCALYPSE with ancient clocks and calendars explained in 10 free Babushka books.

Most people never heard in church that the first language given to Adam and Eve by the eternal ELOHIM was Hebrew. That language came with a dual letter and number-math structure, which is not a secret. The implications of the Hebrew language structure is captured in true science has a four dimensional meanings. Check it out in the first Babushka egg concept book (page 449).

They are simple common letters that make up words & concepts designed for a human MIND. Each letter also expresses a symbolic concept describing purpose, philosophy, science, and God’s Plan for Mankind like a traffic sign. Also, being dual each letter represents a mathematical value.

Hebrew can be compared to a symphony with music played like a piano with seven (7) white and five (5) black keys that parallel the Hebrew 7:5 ratio totaling 12. Without this mathematical structure the music of Bach or Beethoven music could not exist. Inventing music made it possible to tell the detailed creation Genesis story. In a thousand years Jubal invented the lyre and pipe, and his cousin Tubalcain forged instruments from bronze and iron in the first century. (Genesis 4:19)

Scientifically, most manuscript materials like parchments or paper will decay over time, so many scribes were needed to copy the Bible accurately across many centuries. It is currently translated into hundreds of languages. But how was it possible to remember the Genesis story before writing was invented? Only the method of songs could survive the destruction of the Atlantis Civilization 2288 BC followed by Noah's Flood linked to an inferior Bronze Age when high technology like iron and electricity was forgotten.

Again music was the ancient method. Grandmothers sang the history story to children, which enabled Moses, an educated prince of Egypt, to write it down. He lived with isolated, tending sheep for 40 years. That made it possible for me to read the beginning of the Kosmos. But I became interested in how it will end as embedded in the prophet Zephaniah. He wrote exclusively about the Apocalypse. He too mentioned "On That Day" being an added witness of Isaiah, Zechariah, and Jeremiah previously referred early in Part 3 of Babushka Egg #11.

We should notice when the creator ELOHIM repeated 12x "On That Day" and added 20x "I WILL" with 31x "Shall", so it must be important. HANS could tell us more about what is so significant buried in that Hebrew number code. Investigating ancient calendars with a HANS ratio (7:5) =12 reveals more.

Expressed 12x (completeness-perfection) On That Day is split in (7) = Zayin (sword) in relationship to "five" (5) = Heh (the other metaphysic side). Articulated in math (∞+[7:5]+∞)=14, the "infinite" polarity is stretching across the Time Dimension ending in "infinite", which defines our present earth (10+4) Daleth (4) system bordered by an infinite (10) =Jod dimension. If linked to a calendar, it has a beginning and end but must be supported like a Hängematte (hammock) fixing the time dimension between two nails matching 14 calendar Tzolkin clock cycles. Those antediluvian clock cycles are one of the most prehistoric science mysteries could be useful dating the history of God’s Plan for Mankind.

We have learned from previous Pearls that the pre-Adamic calendar started from 4488 BC to Noah's day of 2288 BC, which has 14 built-in earth-axis cycles matching the Aztec calendar clock exhibited in Mexico City outdoor museum. But got converted by the first asteroid (5 February 2287 BC) plunging into the earth changing a previous earth axis tilt not understood in science. Check my 3rd Babushka egg concept book Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries to widen a knowledge horizon.

Along the oldest Hebrew calendar tied to the ancient Tzolkin clock primarily was designed like a schedule to measure time linked to prehistoric Enoch Pyramid mathematics defining the cosmos. The design explains how our universe is anchored in a Time dimension as many mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums all point out a discovered ancient date (4488 BC) before the asteroid hit the earth in Noah's days.

But was modified later (5 February 2287 BC) caused by an asteroid not known in general science creating a new earth-axis wobble, which fizzed out in our time on 21 December 2012, but professors don't know about this earth wobble or this kind of historic data - only “knowledge” that is fraudulently biased very confusing.

The last calendar change was in the Middle Ages by Pope Gregory the Great who changed it again by adding two weeks or 14 days to one solstice to solstice. Time can now be measured from beginning to end like a hammock supported and adjusted to a total calendar when the earth-axis changed and stopped at @ 23.5⁰ to rest, no longer moving. That was recently measured and verified by the two Satellites - GRACE. Using science data overlaying it with Hebrew HANS code could now date more accurately the APOCALYPSE to 2015, or the Grace option 2017, an important date.

However, one more calendar change is projected for the coming Third Civilization related to the (Gregorian calendar) when time will be recorded (AD-??) [2017-3017] of a still unknown new calendar measured once more from another earth axis change.

That was prophesied in the Enoch Pyramid, if you understand the embedded mathematics linked to true science collected in Babushka egg concept books. More is explained in The Great Pyramid in Giza Reveals Next Earth Axis Change. (Pearl #224)

When we conceptually align 12x (On that day) on the Julian calendar (∞+12+∞) = 14 starting from the Infinite KOSMOS across a Daleth-TIME-dimension measured by three (3) calendars ending back in the Infinite timeless Eternity, it will convert into a new Jod Dimension an original (new-heaven-new-earth)revealed by Jesus Christ.

Once more combining three different calendars across three civilizations and adapt the Julius Caesar correction will match the Hebrew Bible calendar expressed in 12+2=14 which is 14 times 490 Daniel years to a total of c. 7000 years matching prophecy.

The original Aztec calendar ranged across to the very last 1000 years prophesied in Revelation, which is God’s Kingdom on Earth, from the beginning 4488 BC to the total range AD 3018. It became really shorter by one of the 490 Daniel-year-cycles calculated from the second asteroid starting a new world calendar change after 2015, which surprised me.

The proof was recently discovered examining various math data embedded in the first Enoch Gaza-Pyramid and further expounded in some Pearls all corresponding to the 7000 year Hebrew Bible calendar matching prophecy of "a special day" calculated to one day both ways counting across 3500 Julian calendar years centered on pivot center date 25 July 2015. (Pearl #135)

That is extraordinary and consequently applying Jewish holiday cycles using the Bible telescope will show that the last pyramid being built in the future can be dated too and will become important time marker being a worship temple. That dating is verified by others like Mark Blitz, John Hagee and Steve Cioccolantis explaining moon-sun eclipses matching Jewish holidays.  (

Once more the ELOHIM revealed through his prophets a total of 70x (Ayin = eyes) "On That Day" 12x extra Bible witnesses in addition 20x"I WILL" crowned with 31x "Shall" dictating events of the APOCALYPSE on a higher level. We could assemble a dating Table to follow a chronological Bible trail based on (12+2=14) along a proven historic time concept.

When "Time" as totaled for Mortals has (12+2) = 14 cycles of 490 Hebrew Daniel years, it needs to be mathematically converted to a German cuckoo clock invention calibrated to a 24 hour/day as the earth axis has stopped as originally projected by the ancient Aztec calendar clock dovetailing to 21 December 2012 AD @ 23.5⁰earth axis. Using true science calculating the real time exponentially across three running calendars will get the 7000 Bible years if your knowledge horizons has been widened using the forbidden metaphysic science.

Let's look at the diagram picture of the Tzolkin clock and notice the big 20 gear, which is the driver and is linked at one point to mesh on the inside with the 13 diameter gear. But intern is linked to the other 18-diameter forming like a twisted belt. By analogy the 20-gear represents infinite eternity intersects with a smaller (13) Daleth dimension wheel energized by infinite light fueling a Time dimension and moves to the other bigger 18 Heh dimension wheel like a motor belt.

Look closer both 13-18 diameter wheels will express the infinite "∞" math sign to show how energy is flowing and transferred from a 20 ∞ energy source driving a LIFE force via a twisted motor belt from the 13 to the 18 diameter. It is not static as a time dimension is racing from the past to a FINITE future.

But what is hidden when the driver gear moves down, it turns the 13 gear now connected externally to the 18 flexible motor belt in an infinite ∞ pattern, which will make the 13 diameter in time getting smaller and makes the 18-gear diameter bigger.

The 13-diameter gear represents the Daleth-Mortal caterpillar Time-dimension and will end eventually if the 20-gear keeps moving. That makes the 18-diameter become 31, much bigger (13+18) than the original 20-gear. Meaning the Heh-dimension (18) will become a higher Jod dimension (31) turning into a resurrection butterfly totally different on a higher level as the previous 20-gear. It will even stop the whole clock when the exponential time-dimension of 13-circle at one point will have disappeared, if you understand that analogy.

Again, the whole gear clock system will be stopped when the 13-wheel became very small like zero. Consequently, the Time dimension will disappear and no longer exist.

It is similar to the cuckoo clock weight on the floor bottom stopping the clock pendulum as ∞ gravity energy is still around but stopped the system and lost the purpose measuring time. The ELOHIM clock designer put a time feature one resembles a cuckoo bird with a 17-figure wheel to get our attention, similar visiting a tourist attraction a church tower in Prague or Munich.

The cuckoo will remind us of an Apocalypse to pay attention 12x "ON THAT DAY" and a turning wheel 20x "I WILL", which is the driver of a higher intelligence force ELOHIM as symbolized with Kaph = 20, meaning Hand on a superior level as Jod.

A hand has 14 finger-bones resembling again the formula (10-Jod+4-Daleth=14) matching the many generations of Jesus Christ (Mathew-Luke 3:23), which divided his genealogy in 14 cycles all the way to 4004 BC. It is matching the Aztec-Tzolkin clocks exhibited in museums of prehistoric times of 14 solstice-to-solstice progressions still revealing more using the dating table.

Make a drawing with two big parallel circles like the math sign ∞. The left is a little bigger (18) Heh now marked with five equal sections from the center DOT juncture. Since there are five (5) dating points from the table start naming each point left top around 4488 BC next 4068 BC, 4004 BC, 2288 BC, and 588 BC ending on the center Dot BC-AD.

Crossing over four (4) Daleth markers from the crossover center Dot, AD35, AD70, AD 2018 and AD 3018, which is four circle sections and represents the Daleth-dimension. Notice each section circle has an asteroid apocalypse crossover date embedded (2287 BC X AD 2015) all defined by an exponential time dimension learned from earth-axis wobbles.

Each circle crosses over the cosmos center, but one end of the Heh belt circle (4488 BC) is frozen. It is like looking at galaxies with our modern telescopes. When the 20-driver moves, it causes the creation of the Time Dimension, which makes the 18 bigger, but the other Daleth belt got shorter until the 13th circle has no more belt left over. It has all moved to the Heh side.

Consequently, it demonstrates a Time-Daleth-dimension ending the history of mankind. Read that again an unusual system matching what we see in the universe. The ELOHIM clock chain will be once more wound up revealed by Jesus who said I will create a new earth and new heaven to make redeemed Mankind and Angels happy again living forever without EVIL.

The prophet Zephaniah was just a scribe dictated by the divine what will happen in a future time. The 12 cuckoo birthing cycles alert us when the time is ready for the big 12 o'clock cuckoo bird event announcing "God’s Kingdom on Earth". Just think no more wars, pain, and corrupt evil governments rebellious to God’s laws, as the system will now be changed bathed in God’s love we all dream about.

I extracted from Zephaniah's scroll 12x "On That Day" and 20x "I Will" matching the Tzolkin clock 31x ("Shall") caused by the Lord-YHWH" and copied the whole book in Babushka Egg #11 because it is short.

Underline the main words, or highlight them to get the impact YHWH is saying. The historic calendar made on your paper sketch with the dates could correspond to the Bible verses' following Zephaniah’s text with additional meaning. It shows its two-dimensional nature communicating a divine plan.

The apocalypse feature was designed part of a clock perhaps studying the ancient Tzolkin clock could widen a horizon. There is much more when you read the prophet from a science perspective I try to collect in various Babushka concept book keeps increasing expanding my MIND.

The Apocalypse was predetermined to become the main act on the cosmic theater-stage, a drama of three civilizations on earth. Satan's still active rebellion will end by exercising his only option compared with Zephaniah using frequent words to HANS like "I will" 20x with the Toltec clock 31x "shall". There is more being repeated.

Babushka Egg #11 has an expanded vision to finalize why we will have an Apocalypse 2015 only five (5) month long will surprise many theologians.


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