Pearl #265 -

Dear TV Pastor


Nearly three months have passed after the excitement of the Tetra Blood Moons in the sky. YouTube videos gone ballistic are now a little quieter. My last information sent was not noticed but was recorded in the Book of Life (Rev. 20:12) reviewed to a higher standard to those who are given more. Rejecting information from science is a choice, but to rebuff exposed prophecy is different. You should read the last word of the Lord Jesus, “Truly go away I never knew you.” (Matt 25:12) Conceivably, there is still time to change a lack of knowledge (OIL). I was watching the recent NEWS offered on Jonah-II science-prophecy website to expose many lies in science and what is preached in church or on TV is not any better.

Please be not offended, but rather embraced by God’s love to consider your options while we still have time. I am not a theologian to battle with but a modest scientist to give warning to my kind of people believing Satan’s evolution lie enforced worldwide in every university. The creator gave each person a different gift: some got one talent, another five or ten. You know the story of when the Master returns who will be rewarded.

Most theologians are not educated in science. They are prone to believe anything applied to denominations, though adhering to faulty dogmas biased from the Middle Ages are still not corrected. Why? Is it money or prestige? What about real Bible Truth? Test your lack of knowledge and Google “ancient artifact images” and identify how much is revealed in the Bible.

During these last days, the ELOHIM has cleared up the most misunderstood prophecies based on faulty dogmas, well protected making money, but will they prove what Jesus said? He surely will come next year, calculated from science. Many Christians will be surprised and perish like Noah’s relatives, eating and drinking just like Jesus said, not being warned to get their house in order. (2 Peter 3:10)

Please check the many witnesses on YouTube videos telling the same story about what happened to our environment, screwed up by advanced GMO technology. (Pearl #268) Obviously, this is not shown on TV. We both are in the same boat. But as a scientist, I wanted to know why the Titanic is sinking so fast. “The answer is in the Bible,” you could have responded. Only true Christians being responsible will be knowledgeable of the eternal consequences. They will not ignore but love Truth.

Please view some videos about transgenic-hybrid human technology made by Christian scholars of half-frog-half-pig-human ending in many bizarre mutations. Remember how during the 1950s many children were born without arms and legs? You could change some of your TV preaching to include God’s Wrath now announced. It is a sign that God’s Kingdom on Earth is literally at the door. Do not trust ignorant comatose theologians still believing in a seven-year apocalypse. They never got educated about the earth wobble that fizzed out on 21 December 2012, changing our BC-AD calendar. Repeating theological dogma lies makes them into absolute LIES trying to end what Jesus said in Rev. 22:15, “…outside are…” They never belonged to the family and do not even know what a Saint is. It may not be what is customarily preached to Christians in church, but why not widen wisdom horizons? Read some Bible Pearls collected from a Christian inventor. (Pearl #888)

Pay only attention what the Lord Yeshua said.
Sincerely yours,

Herbert R. Stollorz, Jonah-II [ ]

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