Pearl #299 -

Decoding Gabriel’s 2300 Days Prophecy – Dan. 8:14-16?

Two Books: Torah Bible or Quran?

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Few paid attention that the prophesied Apocalypse events of Matt. 24 have started as shown in many videos now routinely censured by YouTube or Google. Therefore, many warnings of God’s Wrath are ignored violating divine LAW that has consequences. Unbelievably billions in the world are deceived daily by many camouflaged satanic deceptions, hence a great overall delusion exists not caring how complex Life is sustained and ignoring massive destructions in nature worldwide. When the Bible and environmental facts were suppressed, YHWH sent a scientist-inventor with the penname Jonah-II to post many Apocalypse warnings. For the headline to make sense, we have a choice: examine a published book linked to an angel, Gabriel, but check if the author is YHWH or Lucifer. Another option is the divine Plan for Mankind from Yeshua to discern Christian or Sharia Law - the Evil of Muhammad. How do they affect common human rights and property. I suggest a history book about Islam and the West: Sword and Scimitar (8/28/18)

The archangel Gabriel is one of the highest administrators of YHWH   and is mentioned in the Bible only four (4) times. (Dan. 8:16, 9:22, Luke 1:13-18, Rev. 11:15) He was sent to announce the birth of the savior Yeshua-Jesus the Christ. We expect imitation lies from Satan to deceive mankind, as we have now two books, the Torah-Bible written by Moses and 39 penwriter scribes. The other book choice is a Quran written in Mecca and authored by Muhammad, who died poisoned in 632 AD.

Where did the Quran come from? (3-31-2016)

A New World Order is controlled by many hidden lies of the Illuminati FED-IMF bankers suppressing Truth and will reward anyone to join the Elite billionaire club accepting a computer mind-control heinous agenda. Hence horrible wars will continue to murder Christians, Jews and their neighbors obeying an atheistic Islam religion disguised by fake NEWS.

Satan is ruling the world and established long ago a Quran Islam religion killing billions ever since to destroy much of mankind. To replace and continue Life is found in the Gospel. But investigating the unfolding prophesied judgment of Yeshua Apocalypse and if linked to creation report Gen. 1:5, which began the universe evening and morning-first (day). It created a sun-moon paradox linked to the 4th day of a 7000 yr. Hebrew calendar decoded recently Bible history of unfamiliar prophecy patterns. 

Thus a seven creation day time scale was expanded to 7000 yr. [JC] to match the pattern of a base seven (7) math system dating an ancient calendar {1T+2T+½T} to define a divine Kingdom linked to the Third Civilization. Daniel prophesied that the history of mankind will be dominated by five (4+1) kingdoms. (2:31) Perhaps a heavenly Bible time scale is simulated by traveling on a silk route with camels or horses and evaluated miles/day or years to match Daniel’s prophecy of 1260-1290-1335-2300 cycles or decided to use 1-70 weeks. It veiled the warnings but recently decoded ancient gold-bronze clocks exhibited in museums. (Babushka egg #3 - Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries)  

Inventors are always curious investigating various Bible prophecies and question are they meant for Mankind or Satan? Many Endtime events are dated on a Bible mystery calendar; lastly stated 2300 days Dan. 8:14.  It could be the Apocalypse key of the last Ezekiel [Temple] tourist center (Ezek. 40-45) applying the event - the abomination that makes desolate -to end in Satan’s last rebellion Dan 12:11 of a time pattern {1T+2T+½T}.

Thus, Daniel’s Endtime vision could date many events before 3018 AD and could line up a mystery event pattern 1260-1290-1335-2300 day/yr. to a source of evil in Satan’s religion 683 AD. It relates what Gabriel revealed in Dan. 12:7 {1T+2T+½T}=3500 yr. could date the Apocalypse 2018AD.  By counting backwards and using (2300–1335 = 965 yr.) modified by a calendar change of 35 yr. will terminate the wicked 2nd Civilization.

3018 AD - (35 [C] +965) 2018 AD - (45+30) 1943 AD - (1260) 683 AD – 35 AD – 518 BC       
 = 3500 yr. Hebrew cycles.

Hence, an unusual prophecy interpretation proved a 7000 yr. calendar linked to the last Satan rebellion ending human history. A computed day/yr. difference from the Kingdom of Yeshua 3018 minus (35+965) will crossover 2018AD, followed by 75 yr. (30+45) extended by 1260 yr. to end in Satan’s Islamic religion 683 AD. Yeshua’s Death revealed the most important salvation event worldwide by causing a 35 yr. calendar correction to adjust {BC-0-AD} that ended 518 BC. A highlighted Daniel day/year pattern fulfilled a divine destiny of Israel in 75 yr. (1260-1335). Thus, Jacob’s Trouble judgment will begin after 2018 AD - Pearl #120 to trigger the next global WW-III ending the Apocalypse in Armageddon. A parallel event in heaven is that Satan will lose the war and is thrown visibly to the earth with his demons (Rev. 9) to destroy all of mankind. The Apocalypse event was destined to terminate Evil not allowed during the divine Kingdom of Yeshua. Predicting the end of a Time-dimension on 3018 AD is now confirmed by two Bible references of a three times pattern {1Time+2Times+½Time} which pivoted a Hebrew 7000 yrs calendar on 518 BC, Dan. 12:7 & Rev. 12:14. To close the circle of rebellion to be worldwide judged with all nations again, check an ancient prophet Zechariah Pearl #243 detailed a wicked religion (Islam) being carried back to Shinar (Zech. 5) to terminate the financial heart of an evil banking system dominated like New York or the Vatican. (Rev. 18) However, the history of Mankind will be continued linked to Yeshua’s Kingdom, which becomes the last Third Civilization. The survivors have a choice: either trust Yeshua pardoned for Eternal Life or perish in Fire as prophesied in a divine Bible. Make a wise choice before 2020 AD.

(Babushka Pearls #253, 298, 294, 289, 278, 276, 275, 270, Sound Bite #15)

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