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 A 666 Ezekiel Projection
Another Witness


The Bible demonstrates that it is from divine origin and to prove it for the skeptic has history written in advance. That can be verified with true science if you are educated to think in logic unfortunately no longer taught or allowed in universities. It is the only book worldwide that combines the forbidden invisible realm of metaphysics with true science defined in physics beautifully balanced like a dual railroad gives stability.

It also works like a telescope seeing near events duplicated in the far vision prophecy of types and anti-types and if turned becomes a kaleidoscope seeing everything in different color patterns. Against the odds surviving ancient cultures and outlasted Noah's Flood linked to a highly advanced Atlantis Civilization technically controlled with computers and electricity was hit by an asteroid (5 February 2287 BC). It proves that the oldest book of mankind surviving 6000 years still is the best seller confirms a divine author.

True prophets are appointed by the ELOHIM most are persecuted, laughed at just like Noah not being popular to warn his contemporaries that if mankind once more is on a destructive path to cause extinction of all LIFE on this planet and deviates from the original Plan for Mankind gets a reaction from the creator. We are immersed in various cultures but every one share what is common to delineate what is evil and good taught to every child embedded permanent in every MIND.

Why is there so much EVIL in this world?  A future eternal life required a safeguard against evil therefore must be inoculated with an antibody immunity to prevent future iniquity no longer allowed which was predestined for HELL. Going through Satan's school to learn about evil, all mistakes (Sins) could be forgiven but needs your agreement accepting forgiveness and claim the pardon provision Jesus paid on the cross personal for me, foretold by over hundred prophecies.

God does not like programmed robots but must give us freedom exercising our own will to be liberated or namelessly perish. Your choice, do not overlook that your name is recorded in the Book of LIFE which is precious in God’s sight.

Conversely, when a global society is endangering all LIFE on earth again and becomes totally evil - violating the divine contract made with mankind, it will incur an extraterrestrial Judgment once more repeating God's WRATH ending that civilization with another asteroid. Already waiting published Front Page in 2006 projected to hit our earth on 17 September 2015. Should God give us more grace for repentance to secure a pardon for eternal life, perhaps we can live a little longer, or just watch the next last orbit 17 September 2017 ending this civilization.

Dating prophesied events overlaid with a Hebrew bible calendar must be linked to a corrected Julius Caesar earth axis-wobble projection now fine-tuned finally stopped 21 December 2012 proven with true science. That makes it possible if common educated to compute prophesied dates from ancient times which helped encipher stone-bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums overlaying bible prophecy. Connected with studying the Plan for Mankind linked to true science now better defined with a Gregorian calendar could perhaps survive the dated Apocalypse 2008-2015.   

Dating the very end of the Apocalypse is hotly debated by theologians still mired in Middle Ages theology. Worse, even universities controlled by corrupt atheistic priesthood by bankers doling out lucrative grants to achieve their political ambition dominating the whole world. But being evil is in conflict with God's Plan for Mankind and will therefore give reason to activate God's WRATH once more now dated with forbidden metaphysic science even Newton postulated. Why suppress 50% of his writings some is dealing with a future apocalypse he knew about.  

The same fate happens to my 12 Babushka egg concept books meant for a global jury, a kaleidoscope of collected information causing many additional Pearls answering bible questions from the Internet. Hopefully will prove for the skeptics that the ELOHIM is not sleeping and tells us the time has come for Jesus reappearing re-claiming his real-estate he created and throw out the destructive tenets never paid rent terminating all life his garden.

Ezekiel Chapter 8 - Long Vision 666

Just read the text in any bible on the Internet and follow the trail on an elevated metaphysic level. The prophet Ezekiel recorded an exact date to write his prophecy on the 6th Year, - 6th Month, - 6th DAY which could overlay 666 linked to an apocalypse date 2008-2015 everybody knows do not fool around with that number 666.

The key word concepts jumping out from the text just follow the sequence of future events even dated with many witnesses collected in Babushka egg concept books. Setting the stage follow my highlighted path.

Verse 3) Notice a "jealousy" was seated in a future Jewish Temple which at this time is only a temporary replica of Moses Tabernacle constructed next to the Islamic Mosque on top of the most ancient Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Whatever was placed inside the tent-temple offended ELOHIM.

Verse 6) Is stating the ELOHIM being driven away.

Verse 11) The 70 elders mentioned are linked to present Knesset of ISRAEL with 70 members.  

Verse 12) Proclaiming the Lord has forsaking us, big time trouble still confused linked embracing atheism?

Verse 14) The urgent situation is lamented by Tammuz. In scripture Tammuz comes from the underworld from an ancient Babylonian Sun religion still around seeing many symbols in the Catholic Church and adapted by an unscientific atheistic evolution religion enforced worldwide in every school and university. (Pearl #225)

Verse 16) It includes Industrial businesses, high-tech corporations and university represented with 25 CEOs. That caused the next gear event:

EZEKIEL CHAPTER 9 - Israel's Judgment

Verse 1) The watchman from heaven calls out with a loud voice, "Draw near executioners with a weapon in his hand." Six representative leader-terrorist showed up representing 6 Islamic nations assembled gone crazy.

Verse 4) A divine scribe arrives with a writing tablet and being told go throughout Jerusalem and mark everybody who belongs to ELOHIM which could be similar read (Pearl #120) mentioned 144000 men (Revelation 7:4 /14:1) linked to 7 widows with kids (Isaiah 3) saved from the biggest Jewish slaughter - a repeated ethnic cleansing or Jacobs Trouble now in full swing prophesied matching my science dating next.  

Permitted to capture Jerusalem in a massive orgy of death but limited to those who divinely cannot be touched protected being invisible marked by the angels to live through the hollow cast meant for a new future generation. God’s Wrath is activated also judging Israel for their unbelief like in ancient time repeated using the enemy to put everybody to death in Jerusalem 

to be smitten and do not spare or have pity, slay old man, outright, young man and maiden, little children and women but: 

But do not touch no one upon whom is the mark.

…when the overwhelming scourge passes through it will not come to us…

Israel having forsaken God’s commandments: 

…have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have an agreement; for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter; therefore thus says the Lord God…(Isaiah 28:9-29 NRSV)

Ezekiel is devastated and asks God answering back:

God! will you destroy all who remain of Israel as you pour out your wrath upon Jerusalem?” He said to me, “The guilt of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great; the land is full of bloodshed and the city full of perversity; for they say, ‘The Lord has forsaken the land, and the Lord does not see…As for me, my eye will not spare, nor will I have pity, but I will bring down their deeds upon their heads. Then the man clothed in linen, with the writing case at his side, brought back word, saying," I have done as you commanded me.” (Ezek. 9:4-11 NRSV)

Here are the Apocalypse 2008-2015 dates projected:

  1. 6 years:  21 December 2008 to 21/12/2014
  2. 6 Months: 21/June 2015 (added)
  3. 6 Days: 28 June 2015, notice is a TAMMUZ Jewish holiday exactly to a day.

In my Second Babushka egg concept book Mystery of Tammuz 17 discovered a Hebrew Alphabet Number System dating the Apocalypse with many wheel spokes pointing to the wheel center exactly to 25 July 2015 collaborated with many math witnesses creating a number of Pearls all dovetailing with a lot of fraction after the decimal pinpointing precisely to "ONE" day across 1000 of years and different calendars and methods either in science or the bible.

Therefore, this Babushka eggs forecast date is linked to the Islam Palestinian uprising slaughter beginning at Tammuz (28 June 2015) to recapture all of Jerusalem. It took Israel by surprise and will face two fronts, as NATO must intervene to save a world economy from total collapse. But during those four critical weeks' worse the UN world leader, Antichrist, will be assassinated.

As his body is globally seen on TV and mourned by the world he will all in a sudden become alive and proclaim that he is the Mahdi prophet-Jesus Christ resurrected to unite Islam with Christianity, supported by the new Pope proven by come back to life?

The international world is shocked of that possibility and everyone will promise allegiance for World Peace now proclaimed by entering the Jewish temple linked 25 July 2015 once more 9 Av demonstrated which is the "Jealous" Satan stealing a dead body to become visible. If you are not blind and have a MIND still operating in logic needs no longer another witness to be convinced just read the rest of the Babushka egg story to see how it ends?

Check it out a little tip Jesus accusation plate over the cross was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin unusual never done before or repeated.






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