Pearl #225 -

The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine

Tapping into the Magnetic Gravity that binds and drives the universe

∞E = m(+∞C/–∞C)2


This section became Pearl #225, now inserted to complete the third edition of the UREE Babushka egg concept book. It puts closure to the infinite energy path as symbolized in the most ancient, 20-gear Tzolkin clock pictured on the front page. It takes time to bake a cake when a new theory is revealed from the metaphysics. Many are educated in evolution lies and needs much testing in physics to collect witnesses to accept it as truth. Remember what I coined in the beginning.  Being ignorant is a curse, but suppressing TRUTH is evil.

In the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), "Twenty" means "Reaching Hand", which is a higher level of Jod = 10, or the third dimension as shown later in the next TIME graph. It is not the End Station.

Jesus promised a new earth-heaven even the Heh-dimension Angel-world will change, but that is not yet revealed. God said, "What no eyes has seen, and what in no man’s mind ever entered God has prepared for those who he appointed."

Therefore, any cosmos dimension within the time dimension is only temporal in nature. I expect to be greatly surprised and hope you will pass the test to be there and live forever. We are already gifted on earth embedded with eternal life when trusting Jesus as Lord of Lords, introduced as the WORD in John 1:1.

The first word of God spoken to Adam communicated a Plan for Mankind with promises if you understand ancient Hebrew. It survived Noah's asteroid destruction (5 February 2287 BC) and the later Babel event. Now 400 language translations exist. Pick the one you like to become educated one notch higher.

In a nutshell, in the new DonutAtom model atoms cluster to form mass by bonding to other atoms with MAGNETISM produced by high-speed protons running inside the nucleus in a system resembling blood circulation - two ∞ loops linked to a ∞ energy Alpha(+ONE)force. This process is documented throughout 6000 years of human history and recorded in Genesis 1:1. That verse reveals a LIFE energy fueling every atom and the power from which heaven and earth were created. 

Clean green Electricity can be extracted from Magnetized Gravity a new discovery. Energy crystallizes only in the TIME DIMENSION forming mass, BUT it also has invisible magnetism embedded in every atom, by which elements form. A better understanding of the nature of MAGNETISM will prove how the UREE inventions work as published free on the Internet.

Clean green electricity can be extracted from gravity, which I here explain to be magnetic. Getting a better perception how the universe got formed comes from analyzing atoms not smashed in CERN, which raised the question of whether Einstein's Theory is obsolete, or does it fit from another perspective?

The laws of physics should be put together and not dissected into tunnel vision perverted by unproven, unscientific opinions lacking witnesses, a methodology practiced in every university rejecting the Bible. A derailed evolution religion will never explain physics being only fairy tales for closed minds controlled by the political power elite trying to destroy Christian based culture.

How "Infinite" is related to "Time"
∞E = m(+∞C/–∞C)²
 (According to ELOHIM)

Teeter −−−−−− ¤ −−−−−− Totter

(According to Dr. Albert Einstein)

1. An Introduction of the ∞Cosmos Energy Heh Dimension Linked to Daleth Dimension to create the Time Dimension

Recently a math friend visited me, and I showed him the new formula where the light energy is infinite (∞E). He responded that it meant nothing in science because infinite energy does not exist. Taking a little aback, I opted to remark, “Perhaps we come from a different planet?” to save the conversation.

I had to admit he was right. Perhaps I do not understand Einstein’s laws. I am not educated in math but defend my opinion that the energy frequency path starts at ∞ and ends in zero. He countered that high and low frequencies still travel at the same speed of light; therefore, nothing can go faster.

To create a common base, I responded with an analogy to understand what he meant, “Is it like a train one wagon has packaged the lower sound frequencies from whales linked to our ears, with another wagon of higher Fraunhofer spectral frequencies seen by our eyes but invisible, being alpha-beta-gamma frequencies measured with special instruments?” If so, then all frequencies end in ∞. We settled on that. All of physics captured in a train would never to go faster than the speed of light as described by Einstein's theory. Nevertheless, I ended with a challenge, “Is it possible for the train to go faster?”

He said we have no observation that it does. Now, I countered, “What about the recent observation that the speed of light can go faster, pointing to CERN and Princeton University? Also, the World Kilogram Standard IPK in Paris and its six sisters have changed after 135 years. Why?

At this point, our conversation was over. To save face, I closed with an offbeat comment about philosophers looking at all nature to unify the laws of physics, as many are invisible to our eyesight.

Next day, 4 o'clock in the morning, during my usual time with my heavenly father to open my mind, working another pearl of insight came to me. Like the prophet Isaiah tells of his experience with God, "Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little." (Isaiah 18:1)

God answered my ruffled feathers and gave the reason why modern scientists are totally turned off when reading the beginning of my Babushka books and not read further being quickly, uncomfortably annoyed. They will shut down the Internet, convinced it is just a waste of time like my math visitor.

It is really not their fault. From childhood they were educated by the atheistic establishment who filtered out important laws of physics no longer taught in schools fearing it would expose the faulty, outdated evolution theories. They forbade student investigation of metaphysical laws denigrated as a stupid religion, declaring only inferior Christians not educated in modern science would believe metaphysic fantasies.

That brain blocker affliction of bias became second nature. It will automatically snuff out anything not matching the atheistic childhood fairy tales embedded as permanent lies implanted in the brain.

I am not surprised and see absolutely no reaction on the Internet of the new UREE invention extracting free clean electricity from GRAVITY, AIR, WATER and MAGNETS after sending 450 CDs of the Babushka egg concept books to most embassies, universities and automobile manufacturers. I received not one courtesy acknowledgement of interest in a free energy source. To me, this is an indicator of how brain-dead the atheistic establishment has become, and they control the education of the masses.

I have concluded that, when the lights are turned off in a person’s MIND, he cannot possibly see the invisible treasures in the Bible. It resembles a dark Egyptian tomb chamber full of gold objects of ancient splendor that needs a light on to see them. Without the enlightenment of our MIND, it is not possible to see reality according to Newton. The universities should not have kept 50% of his writings from the students because they deal with metaphysical science.

Newton’s metaphysical theories were falsely judged religious and so kept out of circulation by atheistic, ignorant, brain-dead professors. Seems like I am in the same boat: any conversation with most university-trained experts is soon cut short or becomes one-sided. I am unable to have a logical conversation anymore, except as a philosopher, who like inventors are a special class with similar interests. Einstein used to look around in a full horizon to discover more, only to be overtaken by mortality, running out of time.

A train is a good analogy to express physics to my grandkids. It is linked to the metaphysical, forbidden Bible history we can test with tools of logic. Following the roadmap, few years ago I created a graph as a bridge to Einstein's Theory. It does not seem obsolete yet, when looked from a 360⁰ perspective. My math friend was never exposed to that representation of a three dimensional universe because physical science only teaches physics matching our five senses.

This philosopher considers such an approach as tunnel vision ignoring the MIND from, obviously, another dimension that cannot be explained by evolution fairy tales. That created many speculative opinions hypothesized from politically correct people arranged in a pecking order of the brotherhood aligned to top salaries and big government grants.    

My graph seems to come from another planet for the majority. Please try to apply a little theoretical logic to this unusual concept expressed in a strange looking math illustration. Notice there is an exponential vertical curve representing the metaphysical energy laws crossed over by a horizontal straight line representing the Time Dimension, which will fizz out like a flywheel.

When the concept of time as a dimension is overlaid with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), it reveals a beginning that started with the Aztec calendar in 4488 BC, but the earth’s resultant declining wobble needed to be corrected when an asteroid caused an axis change on 5 February 2287 BC.   

The shifting astronomical observances due to this wobble decline really perplexed Noah's survivors. After the asteroid impact, the original calendar had to change drastically following the zodiacs. Being greatly confused after Babel, the Aztecs built five pyramids on top of each other as exhibited in the outdoor museum located in the center of Mexico City.

History later reports that the wobble calendar eventually was corrected. It was projected to come to rest on 21 December 2012 AD as calculated by Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory in calendar we use today. However, prophecy revealed another 1000 years God’s Kingdom on Earth extending time to 3018 AD, which matched the HANS code on the horizontal axis. The math symbols on the left corner (+∞) inform us of an invisible energy path from the Heh dimension universe based on Genesis 1:1. It appeared as metaphysic, infinite light linked to why LIFE is only found on earth. This is the ∞ light-energy-FUEL that energizes every atom in the universe.

I look up in the sky and wonder why so many lights are on in millions of galaxies. When the lights are off, scientists think space is filled with 70% dark energy. Dark energy is not visible to our eyes; therefore, it could be at a higher frequency. Einstein said that was not possible. Or, could it be addressed as metaphysical energy, perhaps with a little less entropy, now discovered and linked to invisible MAGNETISM embedded in polarized gravity as defined by the laws of electricity explaining how the 16 UREEs work.

The time dimension in my graph is only a facilitator to intersect on a straight horizontal finite line to make Gestalt possible, which is our physical Daleth world calibrated to our mortal MIND and perceived through our physical senses. That is the dimension Einstein investigated and defined on the physics level.

Looking further we understand that matter is really a paradox. On one level, we think it is frequency energy defined by Fraunhofer spectral resonance frequency lines, and the other level crossing over into the time dimension to become solid particles by creating atoms useful for CERN.

We see the two curves represented on my graph as interconnected with the two thermodynamic laws forgotten in physics. Neither work on same level as postulated by forbidden metaphysical science, but cross over.

Parabolas of TimeThe vertical curve is really only a portion of a full ∞ circled loop representing the first entropy of an energy frequency forming atoms. The top of the graph shows the lower portion of the infinite energy trail flowing from the other Heh dimension to the horizontal Daleth universe level and will always be less than 100%; therefore, it is offset 90⁰ with a horizontal crossover mortal timeline curve on the particle side forming matter as crystallized into individual elements. The particle side becomes the second entropy loop aligning with Einstein's theory that can be proven with instruments and tested in physics.

Once more this new theory was never taught in any university explaining why we see Fraunhofer spectral resonance lines in the visible spectrum of light which can only exist if energy is crossing over demonstrated on our TIME-Dimension graph. It is really an energy junction of passing a critical resonance frequency of protons razing around the nucleus being highly energized in a frenzy.

Above the critical resonance frequency we have energy expressed as wave's frequency, but below the critical resonance, a frequency juncture will crystallize forming a solid element.  This apparent paradox is like a two-sided coin. Science will explore wave energy on one side categorized in Fraunhofer spectral lines and then separately, the other coin particle side. Science wants to divide atoms into smaller particles building bigger machines like CERN.

I believe that the critical resonance frequency juncture can be utilized in an electric generator giving us tremendous energy – enough to fuel a jet UREE application described in Pearl #206. Otherwise the last Jet UREE is just a nice opinion story without some science witnesses backing it up.

Since humans are mortal, the graph also applies and is duplicated in our bodies, which again have embedded the 100% first entropy level with two loops as demonstrated in the ∞ math symbol. The first entropy loop is our invisible mortal MIND dispersed with intelligence throughout our physical body. Sixty trillion genes need direction how to align and form protein linked to DNA.

On top is our brain, the control center to make our existence possible. It works similar to a gigantic computer fueled by an embedded ∞ spirit linked to two entropy levels. One is vertical, and the other is horizontal indicating the two paradox levels frequency wise, or as in forming solid matter controlled by a crossover time dimension.

Notice: the bottom vertical curve of the -∞ math sign indicates that the MIND controls the intelligence down to the atoms in the little toe - still cross-linked at 90⁰ horizontal to the center and interconnected by a heart energy pump linked to the time dimension mortality (death=zero time).

In the body, the two entropy loops figure is demonstrated by oxygen charging by the human blood circulation system with a heart crossover switch, like the DOT converting frequency energy to solid matter in the time dimension. This exchange is supervised by the MIND defining our mortality as expressed in BC-AD measuring time. It controls the range of human mortality, a smaller Babushka egg because we were designed and replicated in the image and likeness of the eternal ∞ ELOHIM the bigger egg concept.       

I previously stated every atom needs fuel on the second entropy level. Without it, we would not have the lights on in our Minds'. Energy must flow down to the lower level in our body to do physical work. Remember, in the laws of electricity nothing can exist without being linked to the ∞ energy generator.

If the NASA atom clock would stop ticking, we all would disappear in a femtosecond as every atom is connected in a chain to the next energy-wise. Like the main electrical switch of the Hoover Dam controls all the lights of the country, or like a bracelet with beautiful diamonds is worthless when one link fails breaking the chain.

Einstein's theory is based on the same horizontal timeline. It is designed like a railroad from A to Z with stations in between. Well-defined physical laws are packaged in various wagons as classified in crystallized matter categorized by Fraunhofer discovering spectral lines creating Elements down to atoms fueling 16 UREE motors, no kidding.  

Everybody believes sunlight to be constant, being assigned wrongfully to the first law of thermodynamic entropy.  But I postulate that visible light from the sun must crossover a time dimension, being governed by the second law of thermo-dynamics. If you express energy moving like light so many miles per second that can never be FIRST ENTROPY! Visible light is demonstrated by a shrinking declining sun converting energy according to the vertical exponential curve. Therefore, when an energy conversion is moving from Fraunhofer spectral frequency lines crossing over into TIME on a lower energy level of particle atoms, it will always appear as Second Entropy.

Energy can turn into matter or matter into energy as demonstrated in the graph representation, but if matter is moved sideways, affecting TIME, all moves with it like a train not being independent from each other. Einstein postulated that it was connected to the energy source. A divine architect created a three dimensional plan. Changing one area does not change the other; therefore, Einstein is only correct from the horizontal TIME dimension perspective.

However, much of science is a great deal bigger as defined in the unknown Babushka egg concept books. I have demonstrated a vertical exponential infinite line on a higher metaphor order that is free for further investigation.

I do not stand alone but among millions of witnesses throughout history who testified to invisible metaphysics rooted in a stage set by God as the center of my LIFE which is based on the divine to live forever and not in one's self, the other polarity embedded in mortality. We were designed for spiritual worship, adoration of the Creator and cooperation with nature which always ends in prayer almost everybody knows, "Thy Kingdom come..."

My personal science belief system as an inventor was summed up by a champion coach who lived 2000 years ago. The Apostle Paul stood fearless in ancient Athens facing the unruly, mob in the Areopagus:

16While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, he was deeply distressed to see that the city was full of idols. 17So he argued… In addition, some Epicurean and Stoic philosophers debated with him. Some said, “What does this babbler want to say?” Others said, “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign divinities.” (This was because he was telling the good news about Jesus and the resurrection.)

19So they took him and brought him to the Areopagus (the first university) and asked him “May we know what this new teaching is that you are presenting 20 It sounds rather strange to us, so we would like to know what it means.”

 21Now all the Athenians and the foreigners living there would spend their time in nothing (if you had the money) but telling or hearing something new.

22Then Paul stood in front of the Areopagus and said, “Athenians, I see how extremely religious you are in every way. 23 For as I went through the city and looked carefully at the objects of your worship, I found among them an altar with the inscription, ‘To an unknown god.’ What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you.

24The God who made the world and everything in it, he who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by human hands, 25 nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mortals life and breath and all things.

26From one ancestor he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth, and he allotted the times of their existence and the boundaries of the places where they would live, 27 so that they would search for God and perhaps grope for him and find him—though indeed he is not far from each one of us.

28For ‘In him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your own poets have said, For we too are his offspring.’29 Since we are God’s offspring, we ought not to think that the deity is like gold, or silver, or stone, an image formed by the art and imagination of mortals. (Painting an evolved monkey walking upright is imagination not science)

30While God has overlooked the times of human ignorance, now he commands all people everywhere to repent, 31 because he has fixed a day on which he will have the world judged in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed, and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.

32When they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some scoffed; but others said, “We will hear you again about this.” 33 At that point Paul left them. (Acts17:16-34 NRSV).

If you think that modern times have changed, notice that human nature looks the same, like in the mirror image. When Paul stood in front of the atheistic establishment, he was in conflict with their unscientific philosophies and religion.

This lengthy pearl will reexamine the quintessential laws of the COSMOS. How is LIFE embedded in the Donut atom model? What is magnetic GRAVITY used to fuel the many UREE motors to produce free green energy for the next 1000 years? 

We are still ignorant as to the nature of ELECTRICITY. It is not yet defined by modern science. Why were mortals created with an intelligent MIND ending in the Jod dimension never preached in church? It is only a Nachtisch from the full table of 9 Babushka egg concept books impossible to recall all what was postulated and never preached in any university or church.

I assure you what you read is not religion, so you will not eat the forbidden fruit. It is but an extension of Einstein's theory fifty years later to expand the MIND. I am sure he would have changed his opinion in the face of new science facts.

When reading this pearl, be prepared to deal with a kaleidoscope. As it is turned, you will see more colors and shapes from a different approach investigating what previously seemed invisible to the eye.

Be warned! A crazy one is on the loose. Look out! Like a radio announcer in England warned everybody at the early commute, "Watch out, there is a crazy one driving on the wrong side of the road." It must have been a foolish German absentminded scientist listening in and saying, “What do you mean "one"? There are hundreds driving on the wrong side!” 

Who is fooled read further?

Black Hole

2. A Data-Centric Universe Magazine Picture

A new Discovery on Why the UREE Works - Upsetting a sun-centered doctrine

Investigating our solar system where the energy comes from, I recently got very surprised by a beautiful double-sided computer-generated picture of the universe produced from a mega thousand known facts. NASA and other science institutions collected massive data from space and consolidated it in a print-out picture published in:

Popular Science (November 2011) "The Data-Centric Universe"

That got my attention because it could prove why my UREE inventions really work as illustrated in that graphic computer printout of the universe. Most people will never notice how much our culture has lost seeing something graphically demonstrated in a science magazine – a picture representing our total knowledge of space.

Applying the metaphysical perspective this universe illustration pointed out a paradox. What we teach in school goes back to the Middle Ages when the Genesis account was the foundation of science.

What was so unusual about the universe picture? Though the universe was shown as a curved disk, the perspective used placed the EARTH at its very center!

Pay attention! That is the point where all computer measurements begin to the outer cosmos region as summarized in this graphic representation of space. My mind started to think about the forces connecting planets to stars, which became a proof of why the UREE invention works. I applied it in a cuckoo clock analogy to explain the earth-moon-sun relationship to my grandkids.

That cosmos chart started me on another new discovery. To see our world from a high-tech perspective, usually I check it out first with the oldest Bible book on earth compared with history. This graphic illustration it is the best picture I have seen in a long time to demonstrate modern scientific knowledge. It is embedded with much information, so now it is hanging on my wall.

When crosschecked with the Babushka egg concepts, you will comprehend the computer data generated Centric Universe in the magazine on a much higher level, This urged me to write about this unusual perspective to my Internet reader circle. I connect it to correcting Galileo’s and Einstein's theories back to what was taught a thousand years ago as preserved and stored in the world library of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

That is where modern science started to explain nature but was derailed and distorted so that it ignored metaphysical laws. Nevertheless, when recombined, it can prove truth with modern advanced science computers recapturing millions of data entries collected into visible graphics.     

Investigating further the graph with the TIME dimension DOT where Einstein's theories are linked together with the metaphysical laws. The laws of nature must balance. They are not static as recognized by two entropy thermodynamic laws showing which direction the universe is headed as defined by our mortality. The opposite polarity of general science is LIFE that must have purpose because it is embedded with intelligence and controlled by a center - our MIND. The existence of entropy thermodynamic laws points to a universe that must be fueled with ∞ energy down to the atomic level with embedded intelligence. The NASA atomic clock ticks in femtoseconds because of embedded intelligence revitalized with energy synchronized globally.     

Infinite "energy" is transferred by ∞ light as only revealed in Genesis 1:1, as we have no instruments to measure it. Only a higher MIND can understand the nature of things connected to the infinite ELOHIM MIND. Otherwise we would be still stuck on the same monkey intelligence level from the Middle Ages, believing in a stupid unscientific evolution religion and ignoring so many other laws of physics like DNA controlling 60 trillion protein genes. I hope that we will become educated in gravity and magnetism to give us free green energy converted into electricity through 16 UREE inventions.

When ∞E energy from the cosmos is slowed down in the TIME dimension, it demonstrates the second entropy level, seen by our eyes at a certain frequency. At that instant when visible light is stabilized on the second entropy level at a speed of 186,282 miles /sec. it can be split up by a prism to show seven rainbow colors in a range of short to longer cycles of blue 4000A⁰ to red 7000A⁰ measured in (1 x 10-10 m = 1 Angstrom = .1 nanometers), but light has a lot more information embedded.

Looking closer, one recognizes the many Fraunhofer spectral lines that indicate a velocity change of matter crystallized into existence. There are now over 110 elements known to form Gestalt, which can only happen when energy is slowing down on the vertical exponential curve or accelerating in a certain "time" crossing over to condense into solids.

Each element formed into matter has its own velocity as a frozen fingerprint frequency distinct from the other. In forensic science, this characteristic is used in spectral analysis. A future multidimensional universe (Jod dimension) is not static but must be in motion like a cosmos carousel. We will explain this concept later because Genesis reveals it to be the same, infinite energy "E" - never changing, running like a cosmos black hole motor.

Look a little closer to this latest magazine printout converted from millions of computer data equations measuring between galaxies to create that fantastic graphic illustration of the universe. It could prove that my new Donut atom model was correctly postulated. That unusual perspective of physics will also demonstrate why the 16 UREE motors work, confirming many theoretical concepts explaining an unsolvable paradox from the Middle Ages. 

A paradox existed before Galileo got into trouble with the establishment explaining how the universe functions. He postulated a new solar system theory and compared it with what we now see in the Popular Science magazine. The issue is not settled yet after 400 years because it is linked to Galileo's personal sun religion reaching far back into ancient Babylon. His sun religion was in conflict with the Bible creation story, which upset the Vatican establishment and wanted to prove that his religion was more scientific with a primitive, newly invented telescope.

In life sometimes our minds can be fooled by our five senses, especially when biased by a religion. A quick example before I make my case. Sitting in my car while it was being washed by a machine, I watched the water splash on the window. The spray arm reversed its direction of movement, but I perceived it as the car moving forward, and at an impulse, I applied the breaks to stop the car.

If I sit in a moving carousel and look toward the inside, everything seems fixed and stationary, but in reality, everything is in motion around about me. I can feel gravity pushing my seat outward. That can explain the universe as the same laws apply but needs real science to overcome our perceptions. If you visit California, there are two tourist places in the redwoods (Santa Cruz and Eureka) designed to totally confuse your senses by applying gravity. Remember, three witness examples are key to not being fooled. 

Now expanding on the double page Popular Science computer-generated illustration dated Nov. 2011 showing the universe from the center of the earth expanding 360⁰ to the outer edge of the universe resembling a big wheel. That could open up a very different perception of space.

Pay attention once more, the picture shows a sun-earth relationship, which became a paradox. On one hand the Genesis creation story puts the earth at the center of the universe, as recorded in the original 6000-year old creation report where everything started. On the other hand, that picture conflicts with sun-centric solar system now exclusively taught as a doctrine in every university and decreed as fact: no other opinions allowed. However, is it possible that our perceptions can be fooled?

Let's investigate the ancient Bible, the oldest book reporting true science. It documented the process how the universe was created. It is interesting to note that our existing belief system of a solar-centric system is counter to the Bible story, which tells us that the sun appeared on the 4th creation day.

In the Bible interpretation the sun and the moon were inserted into the system much later, perhaps they travelled from outer space like an asteroid and got trapped between two Ausdehnung dimensions now moving around a pre-existing and much older earth located at "the center of the universe.”

Looking from space, like a whirlpool forced in a vortex circling around like water down the sink - black hole, or imaging a universe-carousel turning and sensing an invisible gravitational force sitting in the chain-chair with closed eyes. Put five senses together in our MIND could eventual make sense seeing magazine pictures of our Milky Way galaxy. Project a line through the black hole of our galaxy to the center of our earth that is the axis the universe postulated turning illustrated in the Popular Science magazine picture.

Why is our earth-sun placed on the end of our galaxy and not inside the dense fog of dust-matter? Again hypothesized in Babushka egg concept books that what we see when looking at the universe is replicated in an exact mirror image in a Donut atom we will explain once more later. What is unusual about the third Bible creation day that vegetation, trees and shrubs appear well established first before the sun showed up later on the fourth day cycle? I always believed the opposite: that light from the sun was the source causing photosynthesis.

Although only Genesis reveals that on the first day cycle infinite ∞ light appeared, an invisible energy of a higher frequency must fuel the universe to exist down to a single atom. Therefore, we should investigate it closer.

We learned from the first dynamic entropy perspective when energy flows down to the hypothesize atom level is creating magnetism for electrons to levitate postulated in a new Babushka egg concept theory highlighted again a little later. To prove it check NASA and asked what is ticking like a clock inside an atom on the second entropy level to measure time in femtosecond to synchronize every Internet computer with a global atom clock needed to make the World Wide Web system work.

To teach physics to my grandkids, let's look how an atom cuckoo clock works which is a perfect analogy demonstrating natural laws. Most people do not realize that only when gravity is moving it becomes an energy force. Since atoms are too small, let us investigate a cuckoo clock demonstrating the same gravitational forces expanded to the sun - solar system affecting our earth too.

Seeing a historic paradox reminds me first switching way back investigating Galileo's ancient sun religion looking at primeval history during Babylonian time recorded a SUN centered worship religion that later is seen embossed in ancient Egyptian tombs. Following the trail, we can find many remnants in fossilized customs around the world converging in the Roman Catholic Church under Constantine.

Notice the fishhead and colorful vestures of the Pope and his priestly class. They are typical of the ancient Babylonian priesthood pictured on ruins and tombs. Even in modern times, most Catholic churches have a golden Sundial with silver Star as a background stanza in the center of most altars. We can wonder what it is, or watch the Pope showing a four inch round disk at High Mass Eucharist that originally represented the sun cult of Babylon and further developed later to include the Islam moon religion from the same root.


(Fossilized Customs-The Pagan Source of Popular Customs, Lew White; (

I am not surprised even in modern time to see three religions battling for supremacy as most people do not know the evolution religion started science in the Middle Ages from the perspective of the SUN religion which was continued from its Babylonian roots postulated by Galileo who defended it now convinced looking through a primitive telescope. That got him into trouble with the Vatican establishment. Now from my perspective I understand why we still teach a sun-solar-system in our schools is much older from ancient times.

But it was the sun-religion which is in conflicted with the 6000-year old Bible story stating that the EARTH is the vortex center of the universe now proven once more when all measurement of millions computation collected and put in the high-tech biggest global computer which was converted into a beautiful graph published in a Popular Science magazine showing the result with earth "in the center" from a scientific perspective. That raises the ancient conflict once more to a higher level.  

Be serious and think a little differently from what we learned in school. Compare those teachings with the laws of physics using a familiar analogy of how a cuckoo clock works as expanded to the laws governing the universe. Just follow the original ancient history trail and start out with the purpose why the earth was designed to contain LIFE the only place in the universe and function like a cuckoo clock with gears measuring a time for mortals.

The Bible gives us an overview of our existence started in Genesis with a Time dimension and where the energy comes from, a good story. Learning about some new laws of the universe let's start first from the metaphysic perspective when the gravity weight of the cuckoo clock is on the bottom tells us projected that "all" will eventually end in Taw as the Alpha-(+ONE)-force will be ending a Time dimension stopped by the cosmos ELOHIM computer. 

Unless redirected like a cosmic cuckoo clock chain for the ∞ energy to flow in another direction of the universe ending on the way with the White Judgment Throne after 3018 AD. The first verse in Genesis tells us that the clockmaker ELOHIM preexisted and never changed, winding up a clock in the angel world.

Thereafter, God used the same energy chain redirected to the second creation clock, which is the temporal Daleth dimension universe. The cosmos runs on the mortal clock of time linked with the same energy chain as when an electric train is switched. The dual system will run in parallel in another ∞ loop that caused the time dimension to appear when forming the elements of the physical universe as measured and proven by Fraunhofer on the atomic level. But energy in the time dimension has been inserted temporally, redirected to expand into a totally new universe meant for mortals as part of a restoration plan correcting the 4488 BC rebellion of Satan in the Heh-dimension.

When God’s purpose is accomplished, the Daleth dimension will end as projected in 3018 AD. It is already running in parallel with the Jod-dimension since 35 AD check out the diagram again. That is proven by Jesus’ resurrection, which is really a transformation of our material physical world crossing over the Time graph illustrates. He promised on his way to heaven, "Behold I will make everything new, creating a new earth and a new heaven at the end of TIME without death, no longer will have mourning-crying-tears or pain cycles anymore.“

The old order atom system bathed in time has passed away, converted to everlasting LIFE. Everybody is invited if passing the test of Revelation 21. Apply a metaphysical science finger to point how an atomic clock system really works as applied to our solar system will expose why the big energy UREE fish works in 16 versions, free on the Internet, thus becoming a witness announced by Jonah II. 

We are confronted again with the same paradox. Galileo faced the establishment, and now it has expanded in modern times to unbelievable postulations of a strange theory. Can we trust the Bible once more?  It can give us totally free electricity fueled from GRAVITY, WATER & AIR to benefit mankind for the next thousand years.

The free energy revealed in the first verse of Genesis was declared, “NOT POSSIBLE!” It was echoed by an energy cartel fearing revenue loss. This unusual metaphysical representation, if applied to the solar system, will prove that free energy from space can only work when related to a new understanding of physics as postulated in my last UREE pearl for the experts to check out. I do not expect to have rotten tomatoes on my face for misleading people.

A Popular Science Magazine Picture Reveals Upside-down Bible Science?

Going back to the two-sided computer generated magazine picture of the universe is really showing us controversially in graphic: the sun is moving / orbiting around our earth in the center, no kidding.

This moving sun principle is similarly replicated inside an atom. When protons move in the nucleus, according to Newton they radiate invisible energy outward. Some of it is hidden light (infrared, ultraviolet) and heat, magnetism and other forms of gravitational forces that made my new UREE invention possible. They extract nonexplosive nuclear energy from thermodynamic forces of atomic function without splitting them.

Electric energy is mechanically expelled by electrons levitated to the outer atom shell by the moving protons. That is not known by ignorant science experts smashing atoms to junk with a monster CERN machine. It created an awful lot of fun to see it operate as a good toy should, fashioned for the level of a childish MIND designed for people who never grew up being exposed to metaphysical reality. 

A more logical story is told that the sun was designed by a Creator and placed in orbit on the fourth creation day to give us infinite energy. As explained in true physics, this energy was caused by a moving massive body dispensing outwardly gravity inward converted to radiating heat to overcome space Kelvin cold and light to make LIFE enjoyable designed and positioned to a hairbreadth spaced at the right distant just absolute perfect.

Any deviation of various interacting forces will make LIFE impossible only when gravity moves linked to its inherent inertia can we extract it as electrical energy if applied to perpetual motion transformed to electricity now discovered useful applied in 16 UREE inventions. All free!

The UREE will not work if the sun is stationary fixed printed in every school text book or illustrated on the atom level where the energy would be frozen in a gravity mass being stationary. Understanding how physics work looking inside an atom if protons do not move - no electrons would be levitating giving us free electricity.

Looking in the sky at night, why are the lights on? Can seeing stars prove the theory?

However, general science no longer teaches true physics usually can only repeat the official opinion NOT POSSIBLE presented typically with the junk evidence of atoms smashed and fracture by CERN for 48 years spending yearly billions taxpayers’ money, which is the real reason for their existence. Do not be fooled otherwise. If they investigated atoms not smashed, they would recognize embedded intelligence information controlling 60 trillion DNA forming protein genes.

Once analyzed, one can better understand Newton's laws applied to the universe. No wonder it fools so many scientists and do not even know that their belief system is rooted in a sun worship perception from the Middle Ages. Theorizing a misjudged solar observation and conclude a static sun centered system will proven to be false if logical the UREE gives us electricity or just deny it does not work until someone gets filthy rich.

That will see a gold rush stampeded once more and repeated again going through three stages of new energy Babushka egg concept: "First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as self-evident" (postulated by Arthur Schopenhauer).

Those new concepts linked to perpetual motion will expand the magazine picture story now becomes too dangerous what is taught globally in universities as the UREE energy path becomes the key. To lay the base for one notch higher understanding I am quoting from the opening of the Popular Science magazine by Mara Grunbaum, "The Data Centric Universe" illustrated by TULP Interactive November 2011.

Before the telescope was invented in 1608 and shows an inner circle of six planets, our moon, the sun, and any stars we could see in the Milky Way galaxy.  However, as our light gathering capabilities have grown, so too have the boundaries of the visible universe. In the late 1700s William Herschel, an English astronomer using a telescope with an 18.7 inch aperture, made the first systematic surveys of the skies, revealing more than 2,000 distant galaxies, nebula and other objects invisible to the naked eyes. Since then, increasingly powerful optic and telescope have greatly expanded our store of knowledge.

In 1948, astronomers erected the 200 inch Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory in California, and now, large-scale projects such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and NASA's Kepler mission use sensitive digital imaging and computational power to collect and analyze hundreds of terabytes of data on millions of galaxies billion of light-years from earth. With each additional bit of data, the universe itself grows larger.

To clarify the special relationship between Earth and the rest of the universe 407,702 objects with known distance and discovery dates are displayed as a ring flattened to the earth's equator.

The big fish UREE discovery will force us to decide what is the true interpretation defining the origin of the universe as seen from two different perspectives. Modern science using powerful telescopes generating computer printouts still needs interpretation what we see could be fooled remember my observation in the wash-machine and later a carousel example perhaps driving on the left side of the road.

Our religion or flawed education most likely will influence the data. If biased, remember in computers "garbage in, garbage out." If data is based on wrong religious premises, it will never arrive at the right conclusion as a recent UN delegation found out when investigating global warming with doctored data from a prestigious university eager to get another grant. 

Why is the Bible viewpoint forbidden, denying a 6000-year-old ancient story? Instead, billions of phantom years for a big bang energy emerging from NOTHING is postulated, which cannot be proven if you understand science.

Understanding how the UREE works and if the government controlled by the energy cartel allows it, will have billion dollar consequences obsoleting many energy businesses and other becoming filthy rich will that be enough proof for the skeptic?

Investigating physics from the energy perspective we have a paradox: either the SUN is the center of our energy provider, or the fixed, stationary EARTH is invisibly fueled through every atom from an energy center beyond the universe that perhaps is linked to the Milky Way black hole.

CERN smashes atoms, which destroys the intelligence formation sequence consequently will never understand how the universe was formed. They are already back peddling announced previously that light could be faster but the next grant is more important warned by the atheistic priesthood controlling the purse strings of printed fiat money.

Notice a much better perspective is revealed by a divinely inspired Bible that cannot be silenced by the atheists if linked to Newton's physics. Together they explain that energy from the universe perhaps is transferred by neutrino mailman running on a magnetic rail coupled to a ∞ cosmic Alpha-(+ONE)-force source postulated in Babushka concept and now demonstrated in a NASA printout. 

Ultimately, the sun like the planets must be fueled with the same energy; therefore, they must be in motion circling around in an orbit as a generator must move to create electric energy as photographed in galaxies and stars for the lights to be on. The electrical three-finger hand-rule must apply to both the burning sun and the cosmos, I am sure.

That proves the electrical theory of physics. Only when the lights are "on" do we have an energy exchange we can test on earth, like magnetism is moving an electric motor.

That can also be determined by re-examining the Donut atom theory on a mini-egg entropy level, analyzing that energy is not static but must be moving protons to push levitated electrons according to Newton's Law and produce electro-magnetism, provided we apply logic rather biased religion and atheist fairy tales to understand it better. 

We are familiar with Newton’s “when something moves, it must have a cause.” For energy to be useful, it must move, which is proven by electric energy generation. It moves from the Hoover Dam, or new UREE inventions to get free energy, linked by a grid to the wall switch.

The sun only has the lights on if connected to the power source, proving the second thermodynamic entropy linked to the vertical exponential curve on my energy-time-graph. Therefore can be extracted in various forms of energy defined in physics like light linked to solar-panels, tides, buoyancy, hydrokinetic oscillation wind, air, water, or use concentrated light to generate clean green electricity.

Einstein knew of other dimensions but could not imagine that the light we see with our eyes at 186,282-miles/sec. frequencies could be crystallizing from higher first energy conversions. Investigating why an electric motor-generator works could reveal it. Alternatively, go back to Princeton University and CERN who discovered that, perhaps, light is not constant. Or check how the World Standard Kilogram in Paris has changed in weight.

The idea of an energy force in every atom forming in time is new to physics. The universe must be continually fueled from the ultimate infinite energy source, which is the Alpha(+ONE)force embedded with an invisible frequency, otherwise the UREE will not work. Only when GRAVITY is moving and creating a transmission force can we call it inertia; therefore, it can be extracted to become beneficial for us. However, it must flow from a perpetual moving force like protons inside the atom to be useful.

For example, understand how the electric levitated train in Germany works, or visit the Hoover Dam tourist center watching turbines. Or, for my grandkid I explain the same principle with a cuckoo clock perpetually running being activated by a gravity chain controlled by an intelligence MIND, winding up once more. Relate that to what is taught in every school of a fixed central sun theory doctrine. Postulating gravity is "zero", no wonder scientists conclude extracting energy from gravity is, “NOT POSSIBLE!”

But the UREE works, and that confronts their bias. Is it because many scientists are no longer properly educated, being fooled by a sun religion morphed into an evolution theory? If so, they are prevented from logically understanding the UREE principles.

However, forgotten science teaches that gravity embedded in the sun mass can only be measured when the sun is moving in relation to another force like a teeter-totter. Galileo did not understand it, seeing a paradox.

3. A New Cosmic Carousel Model

Seeing so many lights shining in night-sky, again we notice a paradox. Scientists are evenly divided. Some wonder if the universe is expanding, and others are persuaded it is shrinking. However, applying a Solomon decision dividing the baby will not work in this case. It can only be solved looking at nature from a 360⁰ science perspective must therefore include the metaphysics mirror image as a judge. Only when we start examined the new Donut apple atom theory, which I compared to a cuckoo clock for my grandkid applied to the universe can we understand nature better as the laws of physics work in space too. But watch out! Our perceptions could be fooled.

Seeing horrendous energy burning in galaxies among sun planets but also space dust without form or shapes brightly shining that tells us that electricity is a major player. Light mostly appears in a vacuum depending on the closeness of atoms expelling magnetism forming an electromagnetic discharge we can see with our eyes illustrated by a scientists Nikola Tesla and the others explained in more detail later.

When an electromagnet force in a UREE is moved by the infinite Alpha (+ONE) force crystallizing eventually into electricity, the underlying energy exchange leads me to believe that the universe is not static frozen but must move to be energized to exist. It is just a bigger electric generator.

We will have another look later at the interaction of electromagnetic forces, which is not very well understood by science. Or, tell me where the energy comes from on the other side of the generator? Just turning copper wires in a magnet will not do.

Putting it all together, I postulate that the whole universe is like a big wheel and must move like a chain carousel. This has never before been defined as such in physical science. Popular Science magazine (November 2011), "The Data-Centric Universe" is a perfect illustration of this chain-carousel.

It is like sitting in a moving chair. Observed from this imaginary chain-chair galaxy, the next galaxy faces in toward the center. Everything will look as if it were fixed to each other, but we know that gravity moved all of them outward with a gravitational force like a chain chair carousel looking the other way.  Seeing a red shift now makes sense when looking from one chair to the next. Being pushed by levitating anti-gravity will not be frozen but will have some movement between each other caused by an unknown force.

MAGNETISM is embedded in gravity. We know that a bigger magnetic body (sitting in the chain chair like a galaxy) next to a smaller will have interacting electromagnetic exchange like my grandkid plays with bigger or smaller magnets seeing how they work together when spaced apart. Some bigger, other smaller chain-chairs for extra effect have a mini-chain-chairs rotating around one another, similar to our sun going around the earth, or vice versa, hopefully no longer fooled. That explains the sun-earth paradox.

I may have shocked you at first to make you think a little. Perception can be fooled. Many thought I was that crazy one driving on the wrong site developing an upside down idea from the cosmos perspective system looking from the outside in. Because we still see a paradox, our earth moving around the sun or vice versa, and for energy to fuel a cosmos down to every atom. Therefore, the universe "must move" like a chain carousel, which is a good illustration for my grandkid to explain the contradiction.

A moving cosmos carousel was embedded in the Bible, which created a challenge, logically described by the 407,702 computer generated measurements graphically showing the universe with the axis rotation according to the 6000-year old design reported in the Genesis creation report. The turning axis is found along a straight line from the black hole of the Milky Way galaxy to the earth.  

When the mystery Bible ∞energy moves, it creates magnetism that in turn will expel a force. We are surrounded with a light that is the second entropy that starts with electricity. That newly discovered form of energy comes with a frequency only our eyes are calibrated to and is linked to a higher being with comes with a MIND controlled by intelligence "capable" analyzing DNA how it works.

Traveling to the moon and perhaps blowing up the whole planet with nuclear energy proves a higher MIND a monkey cannot do. No religious animal has embedded intelligence because we are connected to the metaphysics as the only species on earth.

Cut it anyway you like will not change the pizza. My new UREE invention utilizes the carousel energy and that is how it gives us free energy from GRAVITY, WATER, AIR and magnetic MINERALS. When its inherent moving energy is extracted by a magnetic UREE bridge, it demonstrates the same principle for lights to be on as we see in galaxies.

Explained another way - when energy flows like a river over a water wheel, its inherent force can be converted into another form of energy linked to turning other wheels manufacturing goods. Think from where the water comes and where it goes conforming to the energy path returning in an infinite loop. Without energy, nothing would exist. The bridge to make LIFE possible like water is MAGNETISM demonstrated on the atomic level.

My UREE invention discovered a magnetic bridge to catch as many bunched up negatively charged electron fish sucked over a magnetic waterwheel now improved with a new UREE invention designed with a double wheel electric generator. It is a good idea because a waterwheel and fish environment preexisted useful as a system about discovered a hundreds of years ago.

Please read my new Donut atom theory, which makes much more sense, backed up with many witnesses from physics and compare them with unproven fairy tale - opinions preached in universities smashing atoms to smithereens. The evidence in nature must fit the pattern down to the atom level now proven with the UREE to understand why it works.

If the energy cartel still does not allow free clean green energy and universities deny that metaphysic laws do not exist, eventually in time will be forced to come up with another energy source as the fossil fuel will skyrocket on the pump guaranteed ending sooner as you think. The indicator is already showing up using extreme expertise in cracking sub-terrain strata to extract gas with the most destructive poisoned "FRACKING TECHNOLOGY" practice invented by evil scientist paid off by energy cartel obscene greed.

Listen to the many angry farmers in New York State horribly upset and complaining about being severely misled as seen only on World-Link TV. A number of programs showed huge farms with the ground water poisoned; killing cattle and can no longer grow vegetables or produce a crop.

Worse, radiation extracted chemicals are dumped into the river below for comatose New Yorkers drinking deadly chemicals that cannot be filtered out. They trust corrupt high-salaried government shuffling useless papers excuse their failure in warning the public saying no law exists but accept fees above or below the table paid by the energy cartel. 

The magazine picture will flex our MIND illustrating graphically a concept that was first believed in ancient times. For thousands of years, it was not discarded, yet Galileo quickly did so due to the problem of not understanding a paradox of two major religions looking through a primitive telescope.

Now I understand why the Catholic Church was so against it, as it destroyed "the purpose" of a thousand year old creation cuckoo clock system now rediscovered in Babushka concept books ending in a UREE perspective.

The sun-centered religion is still around, now morphed into an atheistic evolution religion even tolerated in the Catholic Church. It still uses the Babylonian symbols of a fossilized SUN religion. They never questioned where it all came from, being fooled by not looking back at ancient history.  

A "purpose driven" perspective must be the primary focus if we want to understand the creation paradox reported in the Bible. Hopefully would start a discussion club on the Internet if you are still educated in logic to go back and examining what was original transmitted for thousands years. Why not use the platform of the November 2011 Popular Science magazine picture as a base to compare it with Babushka book concept rediscovering ancient information what was once common knowledge.

Can we trust a perception when told that the sun solar perspective taught in every school could it be expanded to a higher level or explain to me how gravity is generated, what is magnetism and finally electricity produced from water or air demonstrated in a UREE just spinning a cooper wire inside a magnet melting 50 tons to liquid iron at 2000⁰ in a Bessemer or Thomas furnace?

Once more, looking at the illustration from a chain-carousel perspective compared to the universe every galaxy shining must be linked to a (gravity) chains connecting to seats (atoms generating electricity) fueling billion of glistering galaxies with the lights on, all is connected to a motor-generator like a black hole in the center which puts everything in motion in a mirror image how the universe works. Watch the weather TV station showing a storm being formed as viewed from space. It is just another illustration of how the universe was formed.

But anything formed must align with the laws of physics as directed by the higher MIND-ELOHIM. I am sure as an inventor He designed his bigger gismos with a purpose in mind and started with a black hole motor at the center to turn like a big wheel in the sky (see the Popular Science picture).

Think about how a black hole is formed if the universe turns like a chain carousel and needs horrendous energy because it is bigger, where does it come from and how is it transferred? However, a carousel turning has embedded a TIME DIMENSION how is it related to "E" the infinite energy? Connecting the whole Schammazzel is my crazy story.

Put together, it proves the whole enchilada as in the Popular Science picture showing a central earth that I compare to a cuckoo clock. In explaining nature to my grandkids, it energizes our bio-world on the atom level fueling DNA that will not run without energy. It makes the sun to shine, overcoming Kelvin cold. 

It invisibly fuels every atom with magnetism sticking molecules together but that energy must come from higher entropy. It is from a different source running on a dual magnetic rail of ∞light energy perhaps the black hole of our galaxy postulated in Babushka egg concept book.

For me, not believing in illogical evolution science was revealed by the ELOHIM reading his Bible narrative to understand how and why he created the universe that comes with a purpose any inventor understand that principle.

Ask any PhD in the university have you ever invented anything and would therefore gain an understanding of a principle that a NOTHING needs intelligence to make it into SOMETHING but still requires that something preexisted whatever form. A big bang energy opinion makes no sense.

4. A Cuckoo Clock Overlay Perspective

For my grandkid, the laws of nature can be illustrated using the analogy of a universe cuckoo clock linked to the Donut Atom described next. It explains science on his level, though not found in schoolbooks.

Understanding more fully what to expect by looking in unexplored space, here is how I discovered that GRAVITY is magnetized as related to how a cuckoo clock works on earth. It is a good gravity illustration featured a gravity-weight but must be "moving" as a force pushes the pendulum like the moon. It is linked to the perpetual motion of an osculating force such as gravity or anti-gravity fueled ∞ from a universe black hole. Or, it could use my grandkid winding a clock to make gears move by the second entropy. 

On a miniature atom scale, we will later examine how the ∞ energy is moving neutrinos and pushing protons in every single atom like the clock gears. It pictures a full circle, inversely twisted energy path ending in the new Donut Atom structure compared to a pealed apple.

Gravity can be demonstrated. If you jump off a table, your body normally moves down, but if you levitate with antigravity, it needs more explaining like an astronaut on the moon making bigger jumps.

Could it be because the moon is moving 14 days in the direction of the sun and 14 days opposite the sun velocity illustrating an antigravity force from a perspective of a moving sun? If the sun did not move around the earth, or vice versa from a universe perspective, it would burn up everything in a femtosecond, and you too obsoleting Babushka books creating Schadenfreude in most universities.

However, when something moves, it needs energy down to a single Donut Atom as presented in new Babushka concepts on the Internet, which can no longer be suppressed. Driving on the wrong side of the road reveals realities and gets the same reaction.

Go back to the original description of the universe in the Genesis creation story written from a purpose driven perspective where the earth is the center, which matches our German cuckoo clock design.

The moon is like an energized pendulum: it can only work when gravity is created by the sun’s mass.  That converted energy must be moving like the fixed weight on a chain to make the cuckoo clock run.

The clock design dictates according to physics. It needs to be connected to a hanging chain force of a higher ∞ energy source that is invisible to our eyes and controlled by intelligence. That will transfer antigravity higher power either to turn a universe flywheel as demonstrated in the returned UREE piston invention. It is just an upside down perspective against the present teaching in universities but much more logical, productive and fun. 

If the earth behaves like cuckoo clock, it can illustrate how the universe works from galaxies down to atoms. The energy system needs a moving gravity weight (sun) to fuel the many condensed atoms (protons turn like gears) passing on energy to a neighboring moon (levitating electrons), thus moving from the north polarity to south, up and down and around on an apple atom like a pendulum back and forth.

To allow for perpetual motion turning two hands (electricity +/- energized wires), it creates a magnetic energy to measure time inside an atom clock like a sun orbit creates calendars. In science, Fraunhofer discovered a frequency fingerprint.

The whole system needs to be wound up by higher chain power-Alpha-(+ONE)-force to allow perpetual motion to exist. Perpetual motion is the very heart of the UREE principle, and it confirms how the universe came to exist.

The sun partially illustrates how the system is fueled as shown in the Popular Science magazine illustration of the universe orbiting around the earth, being energized from space gaining inertia and expelling anti-gravity levitating forces when the universe carousel is moving. That demonstrated a chain winding up the clock system for another cycle directed and controlled by intelligence. It is expressed to us as MIND, which needs to be of a higher order because the cosmos is bigger. 

Therefore, when gravity is moved, it will expel an energized kinetic mass force, and vice versa, on the other entropy side fueling atoms. I theorized it must receive some energy fuel from a chain-source beyond - perhaps from our Milky Way galaxy black hole. The sun is only a transfer station like the transformer in front of your house reducing invisible higher energy scaled down magnetically visibly useful in appliances.

Besides neutrinos, MAGNETISM could be the transitional linkage force in the cosmos transferring energy similar to what is demonstrated in the UREE. The only positive proofs we have come from standing outside the universe or examining witnesses who came from the other side to visit our earth as reported by some scribes in the 6000-year-old Bible.

Still not convinced why the many UREE work? For the skeptic not believing in perpetual motion, perhaps I can persuade you with a third witness.

Visiting a clock shop, I saw a fancy clock design where the pendulum was the driver looks like an upside down boat-anchor. On each side of the curved tee was an invisible magnet going through a round coil pushing the pendulum by a coil magnetism oscillating with an electric current synchronized by the weight. If connected to a solar panel, it will run perpetually, which is not believed by highly educated professors refusing to check out my UREE #11, Pearl #201. I applied the same principle to another UREE possibility gaining big-time electrical profit.

When I discovered a magnetic bridge in nature that extracts electrons, I could design multiple motors that put them to work like slaves to give us free ELECTRICITY. I have described 16 UREE inventions that meet many modern requirements for the future. The forces in photographed galaxies appear to us only static like one frame of the movie, but the whole universe in reality must be moving to generate energy on the second entropy like a chain-carousel. 

Our perception could be wrong, fooling our mind when looking only toward the stationary earth-axis-center of the magazine picture. It seems that everything is fixed, not moving, and looks like a round cosmos wheel. Any child knows that a wheel is meant to turn. However, our fooled perception is alerted in other example: electricity only moves inside a generator by a switch that will turn the lights on.

The switch is just a magnetic bridge for traveling electron slaves to move over from an atom level via an electric generator to become visible when they work. That is amplified by looking closer at where space energy is transferred continually to every atom and allowed perpetually to move inside an electric generator. That generator is connected to compressed water-steam or air atoms. It needs a switch that every power station has one.

Only the magnetic bridge produces free electrical benefit in the UREE inventions. Try it out if you are motivated and do not pontificate, “NOT POSSIBLE.”

The second lesson for my grandkid in understanding how the earth cuckoo clock system is perpetually energized by the moving sun, which affects gravity, being linked to every atom like gears. However, it still needs to be connected to chain force outside the design parameters I call it the Alpha-(+ONE)-force. That is how electricity is transferred and extracted in space seeing brightly lit galaxies.

An interesting picture I found in the Popular Science (October 2011) showed a picture of scientist Nikola Tesla in his Niagara Falls Lab under coils that could discharge millions of volts and send electricity through air without a wire. His test proved that the earth linked to atoms conducts electricity with no wires necessary. It is caused by electromagnetic induction, a phenomenon discovered 70 years before Tesla's light experiment by the English scientist Michael Faraday.

At the Picatinny Arsenal Research & Development facility, the Army demonstrated that shoots along a laser beam guiding powerful lightning bolts. The laser beam of polarized amplified light works like a fandom wire to channel blazing energy of million volts.

Experiments in electromagnetic induction oscillate a magnetic field around a magnet to produce a current in the nearby conductor, which I applied in the UREE. In effect, the current jumps the gap while the airborne electric energy exists as a magnetic field.

In 2006, a professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Marin Soljacic sent wireless electricity across a room to light a 60-watt bulb in a new method of resonant coupling far more efficient than Tesla's attempt and safer, too.

He is forming a new company, WiTricity. His invention can send 3,000 watts wireless through the air across a room and charge an electric car. Many modern products utilize wireless technology, like my computer connected to the Internet. Expanded this principle to my 16 UREE inventions will obsolete every wire and transformer outside your house.

5. Magnetized Water?

The front picture advertised magnetized GRAVITY as explained later, but it is just as crazy as magnetized water. This book is difficult to organize as so much in nature is unknown. Science is mixed up globally by university tunnel vision. Nobody is capable to put it together into one whole theory relating everything to each other. The prevailing, unscientific evolution religion screws up logical thinking. Being in the same boat, my books will be perceive NOT POSSIBLE, difficult for the average reader starting from scratch to relate how the universe functions, connected down to the atom level. 

More and more I become convinced that MAGNETISM runs parallel to light on a dual rail like DNA and is the transfer method of energy.

Please check the Internet to widen your science perspective. I just found out that even water can be made magnetic. []. It is used commercially [MOREPLANT.COM], which surprised me. The inventor tells me that magnetized water treated with super magnets Neodymium-Iron-Boron (like in Pearl #201-Electric Generator) will increase food yields 30% with bigger plant vigor, better water-penetration, seed germination, pump efficiency, nutrient uptake and shelf life. It improves soil pH reduces water use to 30%. It reduces fertilizer and pesticide use. It removes scale build-up (salt in soil) and lowers electric bills: all to grow more food. The magnetization of water uses the same laws of physics.

...Soviet researchers are also convinced that magnets act as living things through water or water solutions involved in the functioning of cells and tissues. As we've mentioned, magnetic fields can change the ionic of molecules (and thus their pH content) but an additional fact should be brought to your attention. Heating water also changes its ionic balance and induces excess of positive ions - which can produce health hazards of its own. Once thought to be ridiculous, today magnetized water is becoming universally accepted, even if it can't be fully explained.

Water passed thru strong magnetic fields is now being used in industry and medicine in Russia, France, and the U.S.A. and other countries. The Volga Research Institute now irrigates huge areas with magnetized water. The water has been found to give a 28% increase in winter wheat, 17% in corn, 37% in cucumbers and 32% in tomatoes! So impressive have been the results that a special crop sprinkler is now being mass produced, which magnetizes the water. (A similar device is also being tried, here in Washington State, to increase the fertility of rainbow trout)! In addition, factory engineers in the Soviet Union are using methods of steam boiler water magnetizing for reduction of boiler scale and the textile industry is experimenting intensively with dye magnetizing. 

How Bio-Magnetism Works. Every particle, atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ and whole organisms resonate at its own particular frequency. EEG measurements show that the field generated by the human brain has frequencies in the extremely low (ELF) region centering around 7-8 Hertz. This field is the 'wave envelope' of all the electromagnetic activity of the cells in the brain. It naturally resonates to, and is entrained by the earth's resonant field (the Schumann Resonance), but can also be entrained by artificially generated fields of the appropriate frequencies. (This is the basic theory behind the Pacer.)

This entrainment effect can occur in every cell, organ and system of the body. Certain bodily effects can be caused by applying magnetic fields which resonate to those certain biological frequencies. Thus events could be triggered which effect conformation of the body's molecules, alter rates of cellular, enzymatic or organic processes, alter chemical processes or just effect overall changes within the body. (This is the same operational theory employed by Royal Rife except that he used acoustic and electrical resonances rather than magnetic). 

In addition, we know now that molecular alignment will occur within intense magnetic fields. Experimental results have shown that muscle fiber, membranes, chloroplast, retinal elements of the eyes, and other fibers and macro molecules including nucleic acids have been aligned in an intense magnetic field. Highly oriented structures can result from this which may interact with other biomaterials in your body. Cell membranes, for example, are liquid crystals which are very close to change depending only upon bodily temperatures.

Thus magnetic fields could affect the membrane's fluidity or other properties. It only takes a very low intensity magnetic field to effect chemical reactions and these reactions have a definite biological effect on your body. Consider any one of your blood cells for a moment. It is composed of a membrane which separates two bioelectrical charges caused by the action between the potassium ion (positive charge) and the sodium ion (negative charge). This bioelectric action exists in all of your body's cells, in nerve transmissions, in the red blood cells and even in whole blood.

Another Stanford upstart, PICAROD Corp., involved with isotropic measurements to measure CO2, methane, and changes in liquids and gases buried in pipes. It does this by cathode protection linked to magnetism, similar to on the bottom of submarines. They attach metal plates made from zinc, I believe, to prevent electro-magnetic charges from building up and corroding the boat body.

This technology connects with my energy path story that light flows on a dual rail track with "magnetism" in parallel, thus influencing light-synthesis conversion being dual balanced. Ultimately, even compressed air could be magnetized going through a UREE invention creating a higher level of electricity when magnetism reaches the critical resonance frequency which gives us extra unlimited electricity explained in the UREE motor section next in this book.  

The energy path story ultimately ends in conflict between interpreting science with one’s personal religion. It creates many obstructions raging since the Middle Ages between two belief systems. One from a 6000-year-old Bible recording the history of mankind that gives details from the very first verse in Genesis about where the energy comes from and goes in a full circle. It refers to how energy crystallized into matter with magnetism inside every atom. They bunched up into elements categorized by Fraunhofer spectral lines to create mankind eventually. MIND intelligence came with a plan to explain the purpose for human existence, linked to another mystery of the ELOHIM MIND, who is the Creator.

Expand your MIND and apply these examples to the sun conducting energy like a transfer-station being energized by a higher (chain) Alpha-(+ONE)-force cascading down to every atom to fuel the living bio-world in parallel with magnetism. Ultimately the system must be controlled by the embedded intelligence of a higher ELOHIM-MIND who originally designed the cosmos clock so that energy can run the system, ∞ moving down to the last atom, maintaining LIFE.

Without a designer like Professor Marin Soljacic, no new company could be formed to exist charging your automobile wireless. These concepts are illustrated and mirror imaged on the lower level of physics how the Internet computer works connecting everybody with an energy path to a global intelligence control center, much fun to analyze it.

Wireless transmission is only possible of air-atoms surrounding our earth and works only when atoms are magnetized like an electric generator. Have another look at my time-energy graph and focus on the DOT crossover linked the center of the universe, now seen in a new computer graphic picture to widen our horizon beyond Einstein's theory.

It shows that the earth is positioned in a fixed static center and surrounded with 407,702 cataloged planets and galaxies that expand our science vision, graphically. It shows the sun circling around the earth, no kidding. They only exist because energy is "moving" as explained in the carousel analogy. Look in the sky and see the lights on. We can wonder, “Why there are so many galaxies like our sun still burning?” Follow the energy trail further to get the answers. 

6. ∞ Energy linked to Donut Atoms

To analyze an unknown energy path looking at space seeing so many lights on should start on the atom level being fueled perhaps from a source beyond the black hole of our galaxy the other side. A good illustration is the front picture of the 9th Babushka egg concept book showing an hour-glass-galaxy stretched out forming a donut. We can use that photograph to visualize how an atom works. To miniaturize that illustration, cut the hourglass at the neck and put it on top to see a round ball with a North and South Pole.

It becomes the smallest mini-egg concept seeing a circulating energy in color changing across the visible frequency spectrum but does not show the invisible force MAGNETISM and the other two forces GRAVITY and ANTI-GRAVITY, which holds everything together, explained previously in bigger Babushka eggs. Somehow, the invisible MAGNETISM is the chain connection and following ∞ energy path hopeful will understand how the UREE works.

From the energy perspective explained to my grandkid, the new UREE invention really works like the Donut atom described in a new theory published 3 years ago in Babushka egg concept book #5. That new theory postulates when infinite energy from the cosmos moves protons inside the atom nucleus is in ∞ double helix motion from a higher entropy galaxy Milky Way level perspective can be logical compared to our "sun moving" orbiting around the earth spin axis. It will therefore generate a kinetic energy force that consequently could be extracted and became useful in a UREE invention. Again applying the three finger electrical rule when an orbit gravity current is flowing, a new force is created surrounding 90⁰ to its direction MAGNETISM learned from the atom theory. 

Worth mentioning speaking about atoms like a crazy one driving on the wrong side, watched a recent event on TV showing the chief wizard Professor Peter Higgs was honored in a world conference in Southern Germany the promoter of CERN a 10 billion Dollar super-toy build by 1000 engineers. It was fabricated for the class of privilege to smash atoms in a collider 335ft below hidden from the public eyes in a 17-mile underground circle located in Switzerland part France. It was designed concentrating two proton beams, each running counter to the other, squeezed by massive magnetism into a small space to hit a target Nebelkammer with 40 trillion electron volts. It can only be partially operated in a year because Germany does not have enough electric power to run that monster machine.

The NEWS claiming once more we are close  to have found a new Higgs sub atomic particle our founder postulated so many years ago and do not know yet what it is the machine run only a little and was hoped to find the open door what clings invisible to galaxies next year to proving a theory.

The major TV affair 4 July 2012 came with a worldwide-choreographed CERN announcement even Deutsche Welle and every major American media outlets were invited. The real hidden reason may have been budget cuts in Congress.

Notice: watching the big free private affair on TV so many young invited professionals lapping it up not knowing why they came and never realized they where duped and used as bait just to get more money from the government. To quote an upfront entertainer, but think logically, if you still got it:

  1. The theoretical subatomic particle dubbed "the God Particle" coined 20 years ago...needs more data? 
  2. We are now closer to prove the Big Bang. Could we find the substance creating matter?
  3. We can observe what happens in the universe laboratory?
  4. We are hopeful to find the Higgs particle, looking since 1964, but do not know what it is?
  5. We are hunting for the elusive energy forming mass?
  6. We are confident to find the properties of the universe field of space to create mass at the end of the year?

Speculation, speculation, speculation: looking since 1964 and do not know what kind it is?

Smashing atoms 48 years still do not know what an atom is, annually wasting billion dollars only guaranteeing salary increases and obscene benefits for the class of privilege enjoying every year conferences free visiting globally the most expensive resort towns and casinos. Smashing intelligence will never find anything, put an egg on the anvil hit it with the biggest sledgehammer with all your might will never tell what a chicken looks like. If you lived on the farm would know that.

To get big grants from the government, the scientists created fractured atomic junk that only needed to be named. They get big bucks from imaginary Fermions, Cluons, Photons, Quarks, Leptons and four Bosons featured in elaborate physics fairy tales collected in expensive books cannot exist in reality designed for comatose bureaucrats, and senators will never understand it anyway.

I am just an ordinary instrument maker applying forensic science and cannot find anything similar in the range of spectral lines Fraunhofer discovered. I explain science for my grandkids when bio-cells got smashed will have lost the life-intelligence signature which will disconnect the energy from the source according to thermodynamics laws blindsided by nuclear science believing in evolution religion.

A more believable supposition is postulated on the Internet that the invisible neutrinos are the mail carrier of energy moving from the cosmos energy source perhaps from the black hole at infinite speed passing through every atom that is the fuel for our LIFE existence.  For my grandkid’s imagination to illustrate what goes on the inside of a Donut atom used an analogy of a naked apple pealed from a mechanical hand splicer, removed the apple core and slightly pull apart the exposed connected curled slices. Magically visualized will illustrate a highway for protons to travel up and down at high speed around the atom apple North and South Pole. Protons can be made visible in an electric field when liberated by igniting hydrogen gas.

I propose that protons are pushed inside the nucleus by billion Neutrinos which is the energy provider embedded with intelligence to control all the inter-action of the atom heart. A neutrino in the nuclear family is clearly a black sheep postulated in a good story read Science News Magazine, May 19, 2012 page 20. On the previous page lamented that "Neutrino search comes up empty" by Nadia Drake. Disappointed a detector under the South Pole's Ice-cube Laboratory did not spot neutrinos after a gamma ray out burst, suggesting that something else is responsible for ultrahigh cosmic energy rays.

Science figured out that neutrinos have embedded horrendous energy because of their speed much higher than light which is invisible to our eyes demonstrated in a black hole going straight through mass never slowed down.  Emerging from the black hole of our Milky Way galaxy is a good theory.

When protons are pushed by neutrinos, they cause electrons to levitate inside the apple atom, like dogs chasing their tails, as explained at my grandkid’s level. When a moving energy pushes protons inside atoms, MAGNETISM is created 90⁰ to the flow corresponding to the three finger electrical rules. It is just a reverse CERN teeter-totter principle if protons move at the speed of light will be surrounded with huge magnetism linked to 40 trillion electron volts.

Again once, the teeter-totter principle in the CERN application we have horrendous electricity creating magnetism speeding protons to end in a big bang inside a black Nebelkammer. But inside the Donut Atom, the same principle exists, only reversed, as the same energy from the black hole Nebelkammer is speeding protons to create magnetism converted to tremendous electricity of 40 trillion volts.

Check the UREE principle will understand where the energy comes from. Only when the universe moves does it create ∞ energy. Like a reverse CERN teeter-totter principle, it expels magnetism filling the vacuum of space down to every molecule in my body. Like a mini-CERN pushing protons on the atom level, it links to magnetism-levitated electrons surrounding trillions of Donut atoms to keep me alive. This explains how electricity is formed much better.

Pushed protons cause magnetic levitated electrons can be extracted driving my electric car and flying an electric jet obsoleting fossil fuels and giving us free non polluting energy even fuel my house therefore made POSSIBLE in a new UREE invention bathed in 40 trillion Volt. That is accomplished in a double generator system catching perpetually unlimited electron fishes from the pool of 40 trillion by applying a magnetic bridge guided along two wires at 110-volt electricity. To test that energy on your wall switch just touch it quickly will then know that energy came from artificial compressed water or air atom pool if you read my Babushka egg concept a good story.  

Again, highly charged Neutrinos at a trillion-billion volt level linked to the ∞ Alpha-(+One)-force energy source pushing protons-polarized positrons around the donut-apple atom slices at high speed is creating big-time energy. Think again and compare it with CERN teeter-totter principle has a double loop of proton beam running opposite direction too, is ending with horrendous bunched-up energy.

Similarly, on the atom level the energy transferred to MAGNETISM makes other Donut atoms stick together creating molecules. However, in the energy exchange causing electrons to levitate on the negative outer shell and can therefore be collected in a UREE and converted free to electricity. I hope the energy cartel will now understand how electricity is formed.

But some atoms are very big others tiny correspondingly has more or less magnetism created all depending on how fast protons move up and down inside the apple atom usually lower speed around the poles. Science is getting close to new ideas I postulate unlike Geltenbort and his colleagues in France working on a magnetic bottling setup discovered that neutrons well contained respond to magnetic fields.

When lower proton velocity gets bigger on the apple belly avoiding crashing together being positive charged, therefore repelling and bypassing at high speed produces magnetism squeezed out sideways according the electrical three-finger rule. Some MAGNETISM combined in molecules are bonded very strong depending on size like neodymium, iron, nickel, cobalt, others are very weak like helium or hydrogen in water H2O which can be easily separated from its magnetic bond with a little electricity which is reversing the polarity bond between molecules discovered by Hoffman.

Remember the magnet principle around its poles either repel or attract. But both principles became useful in my new UREE invention extracting magnetism embedded in air atoms combined with crystallized nitrogen-carbon molecules once more will release a stored magnetic atom energy now expelled free. Postulated further when molecules combined from bigger and smaller Donut atoms pile on top of each other getting denser and become heavier to end as mass like our planet earth akin to a bigger apple or see how it starts in photographed galaxies or like our sun we see every day.


7. A Different Observation about Gravity

Looking again at the picture graph of millions data entries can it convince us that forgotten physics could be based on other rules like a crazy driving on the wrong site of the road upsetting a lot of people?

Or, can our perception be fooled because it is biased dictated by the majority stated in the beginning? Perhaps analogue the time has come to tell a remnant British Empire to drive on the right side a better choice no longer use horses. This Pearl story will be upsetting yet again what is taught globally in schools now postulating that gravity can only be experienced on earth by a "moving universe" going back what was believed 400 years ago.

But consider logically a GRAVITY force in space can only be created from a heavy mass formed by converted hot atoms ending in denser elements will eventual crystallizing which can be measured with Fraunhofer spectral analyzers.

Now to discover that it is surrounded radiating in invisible MAGNETISM the glue to hold molecules together previously explained. Gravity is well described but there are still many questions that remain about its true nature.

Let's follow a quick overview what conventional theories teach, what is the Force of Gravity by John Carl Villanueva on July 19, 2009.

The force of gravity is the force exerted by the gravitational field of a massive object on any body within the vicinity of its surface. This force is dependent on three factors: the mass of the massive object, the mass of the smaller body, and the separation between the two, measured between their geometrical centers. Since planets are typically spherical, then their cores are taken to be their geometrical centers. Strictly speaking, Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, from which the concept of the force of gravity is based on, does not stipulate a massive body and a smaller body.

Instead it simply stipulates that the law affects two bodies regardless of whether one is really massive or not. However, since we commonly use the term ‘gravity’ in the context of massive celestial bodies, we defined the force of gravity accordingly in the first paragraph.

In our day to day lives, we can measure the force of gravity. Its more familiar term is ‘weight’. Thus, in most cases, your measured weight is actually a measurement of the force of the Earth’s gravity on you. The heavier you are, the greater is the force of gravity on you. There are exceptions, like when you are buoyed up by a fluid but that is for another text. (End of quote).

However, looking into the universe and looking at the many photographed galaxies, millions of formless spaces dust of any imaginary shape and size with the lights on which would be outside a neat theory postulating nice round planet balls. Therefore being branded an offbeat philosopher with crazy ideas accept a new theory only if the UREE works. Alternatively, asked the experts how gravity affects the 70% of dark energy filling up the rest of space.

8. The Holy Grail of Magnetic Gravity?

I remember a salesperson gave me a 2" dia. x 2" Uranium metal plug extremely heavy much more than lead, which surprised me greatly. The U-Atoms must be very dense. Compared to an Aluminum plug next of the same size and color will never know its inherent GRAVITY unless "moved" standing on earth.

Applied to explain Gravity to my grandkid with a simplified Newton's law, fueling a UREE can only be extracted from atoms but some are very dense forming a ball others are stretched like a banana or flattened out Donut. Atoms come in any size a banana can never be magnetized, which means in the structure of atoms is embedded another force we discovered magnetism will only align itself with protons at a certain speed.  

Let's focus. First, if we take the two metal plugs - one very heavy the other very light - falling from the ceiling to the ground, they will arrive at the same time according to Newton. True?

Carl Villanueva previously stated that seize and weight does not mater affecting gravity. The maximum attraction force measured on earth is 9.8 meter/sec. Jumping off an airplane gets a max speed of 135 miles/hr. When the parachute opens is about 12 miles. A matter of fact each planet like the moon, Mars or Jupiter has its own gravitational force, true? Ask the experts. Therefore, we must look closer inside the atom some are more or less magnetized.

Another example, if we drop one heavy iron super magnet plug and another plug of the same size made from aluminum from the ceiling, they will hit the ground at the same time. True?

However, imagine if we have on the ceiling mounted a big magnet thousand times bigger than the magnetic plug; I am sure that now dropping the two plugs will not hit the ground on the same time.

The magnet plug is affected by a surrounding ANTI-GRAVITY force coming from the ceiling changing the gravity attraction depending on the magnetic mass Newton did not postulate? That points the metaphysic finger to MAGNETISM being an inherent oddball influencing gravity. We learned inside the atoms is created magnetism by protons which make atoms stick together into molecules becoming denser forming an earth expressed as mass.

When many atoms are magnetically charged as a mass, it is easy to imagine will influences other magnetic planets nearby depending on seize. Like my grandkid played with bigger and smaller magnets and found out their behavior to each other. Further investigating this crazy story now postulating that a Herbert's magnetic GRAVITY theory is influencing Newton's gravity linked with other magnetic mass would be influencing conventional gravity vice versa? 

When a magnetic mass is moved slower or faster into the orbit of another magnetic mass that has embedded kinetic energy, that energy ultimately can be extracted through the generation of free electricity shown useful in 16 UREE inventions. Is that POSSIBLE?

When ∞ energy moves, it starts the process of condensing and crystallizing energy, resembling dew on grass in the early morning. Looking into space we see elements forming as measured with Fraunhofer spectral analyzers giving the range in color lines (4000-7000A⁰) of how much internal magnetism was produced as the glue to hold the whole enchilada together.

As the total put on the balance, these concentrated atoms have masses catalogued in the periodic table as atomic weight, which is really how much glue-magnetism is embedded as measured by science. I have since discovered that Gravity and Anti-gravity should be linked to polarized Magnetism.

This new concept can only be evaluated at this point by inductive reasoning because no incentives have existed to build the instruments required to measure it. The ancient compass designs detecting magnetism from the Middle Ages are not good enough. Except perhaps some could be motivated to find the underlying cause of and consider why the UREE inventions work linked to magnetic gravity. I can only point to a roadmap applying logic a process everybody must pursue too. 

Follow the energy trail when we have a certain mass like a bowling ball or Neutron's apple and dropped from my roof they all fall to the ground at the same time only on earth. That is a paradox unless we consider that gravity in space has embedded magnetism creating electricity like a universe carousel becomes a gigantic electric generator. Seeing so many lights in the starry sky will now comprehend why electricity exists and how it is produced.

Check the Bible slingshot stone story of David killing the giant Goliath. A little stone accelerated becomes a bowling ball explained in science a little differently. A bowling ball or tiny stone we all know has a different weight not affecting gravity, but on the atom level, some atomic elements are very big and others tiny, but when they are moving, it is another story.

If we apply that to a quicker moved magnet inside a cooper loop gets a bigger pulse. Therefore, a gravity air pressure environment inside a UREE cylinder could extract electricity when magnetism is moved quicker in a double-sided generator.  Looking at the night sky, the light is not produced by other laws. 

Expand that idea to the universe science believes that gravity is dispersed throughout space linked to galaxies and space dust made of matter or elements but investigated from an atom world perspective could reveal more. We have learned that each element is really a magnetized atom apple and will stick with others forming molecules surrounded with levitating electrons.

Magnetism holds everything together. It resembles the smallest polarized magnetic field and if passed over by a bigger magnet at a certain distance and speed could we observe what will happen? We never build instruments to measure it on the atom level because smashing atoms in bigger machines like CERN was more fun spending the money. Now we come back once more explaining how Herbert's magnetic gravity theory works confronted getting free electrical energy from UREE.

9. Magnetism Expanded

My grandkid learned playing around with magnets demonstrating an invisible force either repel or are being attracted by a stronger or weaker magnetism which is just like analogue a Russian big universe egg mirror reflected replicated in the smallest Donut atom egg interconnected too by an invisible magnetic force. Otherwise my new UREE would not work.

Atom nucleuses come in different sizes of mass like heavy lead, iron, uranium gravity will respond stronger to embedded atomic magnetism. Some mass is feather lightweight like hydrogen; helium will be elevated by a weaker radiating magnetism attracted on the atom level. A bigger magnet like the sun in orbit turned by a universe carrousel should be linked to the sum total of a larger magnetic field emanating perhaps from the Milky Way galaxy also orbiting with a bigger magnetic field like a bigger transformer.

Playing with bigger and smaller magnets at a certain distant will notice a differently force attracted or pushing depending how much is the surrounding radiating magnetism either sitting fixed too heavy or some are a little lighter may become levitated for a while demonstrating a gravity-antigravity force we can observe demonstrated now in satellites applied to earth. They are delicately balanced as general science think it is gravity to return to earth or drift into space lost forever. But we could also imaging that MAGNETISM is the force balancing satellite attracted to a big collection of atom magnets stuck together getting denser toward the inner earth center.

Our earth is made of infinitely compressed magnetic atoms similar to how the sun is made from lighter magnets with hydrogen, maybe helium, still very hot and not crystallized out yet to heavier atoms. Looking in the sky seeing a whirlwind of bigger round magnets photographing galaxies or partially the Milky Way pulling everything toward a black hole reduced to infinite energy, I now recognize as antigravity force, which is a reversed magnetic polarity of concentrated magnetism. My grandkid’s magnet is a good example.

Applied to space stations and satellites, it must be carefully managed, always watching where the mass will drift either sucked toward the center of our magnetic earth or lost in space toward a bigger galaxy magnet. We could therefore theorize that magnetism is the primary force compressing atoms. It is expelled in a magnetic polarity sticking molecules together. Eventually in time, it will crystallized out as mass demonstrate as Gestalt ending solid as our earth with a magnetic North and South pole.

Satellites are made of atom-molecules building up a certain mass too must be immediately corrected within seconds according to invisible forces attracting or repelling perhaps with MAGNETISM. Otherwise space objects having mass made of atoms with an embedded magnetic potential could be drifting into space toward a bigger magnetic fields radiating from galaxies pushed by a unified magnetic antigravity force ending out of sight perhaps in the black hole of our galaxy one way or another. Unless controlled by intelligence or artificial computer intelligence.     

Consequently, magnetism is ultimately produced inside every Donut Atom. Look past our space station at distant magnetized galaxies brightly shining according to the laws of electricity, confirmed by Nikola Tesla and the other scientists, now applied to a new magnetic theory discharged toward the outer universe as seen from earth. Alternatively, read again what Professor Marin Soljacic discovered as transferred electricity converted to light being projected toward the same photographed galaxies.

If we see light in galaxies must be linked to MAGNETISM if you understand electricity generation and must be balanced by an invisible magnetic force only works like an electrical transformer we are familiar mounted on top of the pole.

That unusual magnetic-gravity theory is proven with two witnesses when we send a camera out in distant space millions of miles away and returns the many pictures in a vacuum only possible with a magnetic field guided by a space magnetic frequency carrier. Similar on the lower entropy spectrum we transmit television-telephone frequencies over the air can only work because surrounded magnetism is embedded in air atoms. Making a previous statement that AIR is magnetic now proven. One thing is sure anything send into space is affected by the nearest object could orbit around or used as an accelerator like a slingshot for further travel. However, playing around with magnets matches what we see, why not a combination magnetic gravity? 

The universe could be our third witness. It is just a bigger transformer which works on the same magnetic principle like a bigger or smaller Babushka egg. That caused a new UREE invention discovering that levitating electrons inter-connecting with other air atoms molecule like billions of Electron slaves guided over an invisible magnetic bridge explained in Babushka Book #9 otherwise the energy transmission would not work to get us free electricity energy from gravity linked to space carousel system which is not static, but a mover for the lights to be on. The principle of electricity proves it. 

MAGNETISM, as a force, is a bridge between on one side ANTIGRAVITY and GRAVITY fueled by protons the driver pushed by millions of neutrino energy mailman send from the Alpha(+ONE)-force source. Remember the three finger electrical rule creating magnetism 90⁰ when a proton-electron current is moved creating magnetism, or read the first Bible verse, which tells where the energy came from. 

Pay attention. I use the same magnetic bridge in my UREE invention to gain free electricity, which is why it works. It gets better. We discovered that although different weights can fall with the same speed on earth to the ground at the same time. That changes if a big magnet is passing by, like the sun with its densely heavy magnetic molecules. Some are still very hot, not yet crystallized as elements. However, the embedded magnetism can be noticed against the space dust shadow on sun's poles, only seen with our eyes, as we have no instruments to measure it.

The magnetic forces of nature can be proven with the next moon orbit cycling in the direction or opposite will shows us how gravity-magnetism is related and now learned to be the same from satellites. Babushka books give many examples.

An astronaut on the moon demonstrates gravity variations when a moon changes direction like pendulum of a clock showing us gravity converted to antigravity inertia force can be related to a sun. That will change a perspective upside down with consequences; perhaps now understand how a UREE really works. Being a German instrument maker with a little practicable science background acquired from the trade school has an advantage when I considered that everything on earth works like a cuckoo clock.

A UREE only works when gravity is moving therefore moving magnetism from a nearby sun linked to inertia creating perpetual motion. Applying the electrical principle if magnetism is moved can be extracted as electricity profit. But from the space perspective there is a delicate balance on one side gravity all the magnetism acting as a force glued together the billion-billions Donut atom magnets attracted compressed toward the center of our earth and on the other side the stronger magnets will force atoms to levitated like an ANTIGRAVITY force if something bigger is nearby.

Remember the ceiling explained for my grandkid. Expanded to universe carousel wheel as shown in the Popular Science magazine demonstrated in the Data Centric Universe picture it would function like an electric generator magnets turning inside a black hole according to physics will be expelling energy in its center according to the three finger rule. That will push the chain gravity chairs sideways set in motion we can see in a starry sky like our sun in orbit around the earth or vice versa.

This system gets its energy from the center black hole Milky Way galaxy now shining. In addition, when infinite energy moves the lights are on now demonstrated linked to a UREE. Energy is transferred from the original Alpha-(+ONE)-force the ∞ energy source controlled by intelligence to fuel every atom invented by the owner ELOHIM for a purpose.

It comes with a promise will transform my mortality one notch higher to live in heaven, or could end in NOTHING before the big bang. The alternative option is demonstrated in the last #17 UREE roadmap the best engine designed ever also the last one, therefore should not miss it to become extremely wealthy. Check it out read further ending this pearl.

Once more, we have learned that magnetism is the force, which sticks other atoms together, creating molecules that point to the evidence that invisible magnetism must be present in space. It works like a cosmic transformer using energy from our Milky Way galaxy black hole to maintain LIFE sliding on a visible light frequency carrier via the sun similar to a dual railroad track meant for balance on the lower entropy of 186,282 miles/sec. This could carry undetectable magnetic embedded energy to the cell level as an alternative energy fuel source. Perhaps Einstein measured the speed of carousel to be constant.

That theory may not necessary be photoautotrophic or photo biological synthesized but could be expanded to photoconductivity linked to magnetism like a dual railroad is better balanced. We know that energy moves only in a dual copper wire pairs surrounded with magnetism, matching physics the same way when we link the ∞ energy Alpha-(+ONE)-force from the cosmos in parallel. It will be fueling every atom creating a universe surrounded by magnetism levitating electrons.

In addition, if energy is further crystallized out becomes electricity that is proven by Nicola Tesla experiments and the other science electro-magnetic demonstrations when the lights of billion billion potential observed in galaxies and now proven miniaturized scaled down in UREE invention technology. Notice electric energy from the source is passing only on the inside of the black wire surrounded with magnetism but needs the white neutral wire no longer magnetic energized to close the energy loop running on a dual track.

Even wireless electric transfer is confirmed by Professor Marin Soljacic and if looped can only happen linked to atoms being magnetic either the earth or galaxies both demonstrate mass more or less concentrated. The force between one object to another is not gravity but is bridged by a strong or weak invisible magnetic energy even demonstrated in the smallest atom egg. Look closer how an electric motor works expanded to the UREE, experts of the evolution religion say NOT POSSIBLE.   

I hope that this quintessence Pearl opened a knowledge horizon a little wider and answered some unknown energy mysteries. Compare that to what is taught in every school and university, which postulated the Big Bang theory fairy tale starting from a NOTHING as an energy source. The other side of the same coin postulated making a trip with my grandkid to a modern science museum, which has painted across the entrance wall the imaginary evidence from an artist rendering lacking the proof dedicated to an evolution religion a picture series notably centered on a monkey walking upright my grandkids always gets the giggles.

Ending the evolution painted series cresting with a person in a business suit my grandkid says looks like the US president. That artist rendering designed for ignorant people explaining fantasized evolution evidence must have somehow stopped with evolution process already maxed out on the monkey-turkey intelligence level. Now demonstrated by many PhDs teaching unscientific fairy-tales in our universities watching Larry King on his TV program interviewed a fired high school teacher in conflict teaching intelligence not allowed.  Ask how you will feed your family told I teach complex military equipment in the Army to new recruits.

What a loss for our grandkids especially in Chicago many youngsters are in prison never graduated from high school. Most cannot afford a higher education unless belong to the class of government privilege now costing $100,000 to $200,000 no longer a sheepskin exchanged for a cheap plastic, worse going deep into debt as many jobs no longer available because inventors creating new businesses disappeared. Perhaps it could be linked when America murdered 60 million babies by abortion no longer possible to have people born with a higher intelligence like Einstein and Werner von Braun called out of retirement to counter sputnik building a better rocket landing eventually on the moon.

The American Supreme Court decision ignorant in fertility science approved by a comatose Christian majority culture killed more people in America than Hitler and Stalin did in World War II that will irreversible be ending now 2000-year old Western Civilization in one generation - guaranteed by fertility laws embedded in physics and having nothing to do with human rights. It is not a forbidden religion.

Therefore, I could conclude what is now taught in every school that a cuckoo clock evolved from NOTHING with complex gears and because we are mortal, an accident happened to tell time. But ignoring that intelligence can never evolve from a NOTHING proven with 60 trillion proteins looking for intelligence to connect with a matching DNA must be a forbidden religion as only tunnel vision is allowed by the atheistic priesthood.

But intelligence needed to be explained if you aspire to a PhD degree therefore postulated further that the NOTHING decided to explode into SOMETHING, which is better choice than the NOTHING. O wonder of wonders, intelligence was born and evolved from the NOTHING.

Notice why every science department is not allowed to postulate other ideas unless it is dressed to reflect the stupid evolution religion enforced by an atheistic priesthood controlling every university. Why is the metaphysic forbidden found in the Webster dictionary therefore exist and why are lies and unscientific fairytales opinions exclusively enforced by ignorant brain-dead professors pushing their moronic unscientific evolution religion.

Western Civilization will now end if you are educated the old-fashioned way fueled by bogus printed money linked to the atheistic Supreme Court brotherhood rewriting history and exported globally their lies to every country? Only Babushka egg concept books dare to warn us.

No wonder when science was still in infancy why is a dubbed education establishment still holding on of hundred-year-old speculation. My UREE invention would never work in a NOTHING theory. Prevented to think in logic, they can only reject my UREE being misled by a perception from looking through a telescope collecting 407,702 computerized data points to the utter frontier of the universe not understanding that gravity cannot be generated by a fixed sun with all the other planets circling around. When we apply known physics to the source of gravitational energy can only be extracted when the cause is "moving" like demonstrated in an electric generator.

Therefore, being misled by a telescope perception still needs interpretation depending which religion we believe in. It prevented the science establishment from understanding Newton's laws consequently cannot explain logical how the UREE works or what gravity or electro-magnetic force is, along theorizing about a strong-weak force still a mystery. 

Or tell me how electricity is produced on the other side of the generator getting wet from pressurized water converted to mysterious electricity heating up melting 50 tons of iron in a Bessemer-Thomas bell furnace from compressed water?

However, sometimes science magazine will publish a true picture demonstrating how the sun is positioned among other planets in cosmic relationship. But explaining how gravity energy is transferred from a true science perspective according to physics can only be achieved when a body is moving which has build in inertia depending on acceleration.

Therefore, the sun must be moving if we want to extract gravity energy on earth. Otherwise the UREE will not work. Believing that the sun is fixed and the earth and stars orbiting around the sun, it is no wonder why they declare the UREE will not work.

Resolving a perception from the Middle Ages I asked you to remember the analogy how our mind can be fooled as some stopped evolving frozen on the monkey-turkey level teaching now our grandkids their favored evolution religion avoiding recent science discoveries. Being highly paid by the atheistic priesthood to keep the masses stupid designed to destroy a Christian culture.

The final mediator proof can only be recognized either looking through the black hole from the perspective of our Milky Way galaxy or being outside the universe looking inside or build a UREE motor and if it works revise an evolution sun religion not based on science.

However, because we are mortals, and if educated in physics not biased from unscientific evolution fairytales ignoring 50% what Newton wrote, can get a balanced proof demonstrated by observing the path of planets and the closest orbit is the moon. If analyzed it in physics behaves or function like a cuckoo clock pendulum switching back and forth.

The pendulum only works in physics when the sun gravity weight is "moving" being linked to the GRAVITY force, not static. However, gravity is balanced with an ANTI-GRAVITY force utilized in the 16 UREE invention check it out. When gravity is static, it cannot be measured with existing scientific instruments.

10. A Closer Look at Antigravity-Levitation

If someone in the future is planning to travel through space must understand how the universe is function and figure out which laws will govern illustrated in the Time-Energy graph. It could open the possibilities to power a jet engine with free electricity obsoleting fossil fuel even power a UFO to go further. 

My last pearl explains the fundamentals we need to consider contrasted with misapplied science and attempt to change a 400 year old false belief system exclusively taught in our schools.  Flying through space with a UFOs with plenty of fuel still needs a little more reading time to explain what is not postulated in universities blindsided by an evolution religion, as no other reference books exist which could help. What is discussed here will be foreign never postulated but is not speculation and needs a little logic to investigate the evidence that I am pointing to.

In every UREE version, hopefully we learned about a principle that we need a little extra anti-gravity force added to gravity to permit perpetual motion on the return cycle to make it work to give us electricity profit. On the lower entropy level when a piston is pushed down by gravity needs to be push back with a higher force returned overcoming the stored gravity force in the storage air-tank. That can only be accomplished in physics with a bigger force I call it anti-gravity unless you named it differently.

An anti-gravity force is similar to gravity can be married to inertia in a roller coaster or cuckoo clock pendulum. Or better yet can be noticed first looking back at history for an example when Jesus and Peter was walking on water verified 2000 years ago by (12) twelve witnesses that demonstrated a anti-gravity force. That unbelievable, uncommon phenomenon was recently demonstrated on TV (2011) my family observed.

A young man using a swimming pool in Las Vegas with cameras rolling incredible walked on top of water across the pool while seeing people swimming under his feet, "no kidding". My first reaction was thinking that the viewers were being tricked, but later they kept showing it to people passing by on the street.  The guy was levitated 1-2 ft. above the ground entertaining to impress the giggling girls being surprised all seen on TV. 

For me as a scientist, searching for plausible evidence must be agreeing with physics by using our 5 senses, hopefully not being fooled. Perhaps levitation could be explained with my magnetic toy suspending a little ball in midair pushed by a magnet hidden in the base.

Alternatively, in another science experiment example seeing a living frog levitating surrounded with magnetism. Better yet, visit Germany and watch the levitated high-speed train passing by. All examples are demonstrating an anti-gravity force we can understand perhaps could include rockets, hot balloon or UFOs.

Each has its own peculiar application but must be conforming to the laws of physics even if not known at that time like in Las Vegas as some remain a puzzle. An afterthought not visible shown on TV perhaps could explain an invisible nylon string connected high up to a helium balloon as everybody is fooled looking only at this young man’s feet.

Hopefully we have not turned off our MIND reading the first Bible verse explaining metaphysic science definitely not fooled but learned how we can manipulate the forces of nature linked to perpetual motion which will give us benefit in form of electrical energy which can be extracted totally free from GRAVITY, WATER and AIR with a new UREE invention. Therefore Gravity is always linked to an ANTIGRAVITY force like in Chinese yin-yang explained in ancient clocks captured in the third Babushkas egg concept book, which is much fun to read.

Repeating once more, when we mounted a big magnet thousand times bigger in the ceiling imitating a galaxy in the sky, a magnetic weight will not hit the ground on the same time according to conventional gravity. The magnet weight has build in an ANTI-GRAVITY force affecting Gravity depending how much Herbert's Magnetic Gravity was exchanged for Newton's Gravity converted to electricity in a UREE totally free to future mankind. 

Read the whole story in the Third Edition 9th Babushka egg concept book. It has how to drive your car without gasoline and for the big boy's fueling a Concord Jet with free ELECTRICITY gained by 18 new UREE inventions upsetting the global energy cartel. No wonder it is suppressed by most universities being paid off by the cartel, which is now exposing a conflict of a postulated unscientific evolution theory. The universities enforce an illogical religion invented by a minority well-financed atheistic priesthood controlling illegal fiat money. If discarded as obsolete. One can read the Bible again and become better educated in the metaphysics one notch higher. Then they could harvest non-polluting energy for the next 1000 years totally FREE.   

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