Pearl #254 -

The History of the Kosmos


When a civilization has reached the highest level and tolerates total EVIL, it is stopped and judged by God-ELOHIM watching the boundary of Satan who has ruled the world since Adam. A pattern is seen in history as recorded in the ancient Hebrew Bible, or look at the last 1000 years in Europe.

YouTube is helpful. Many researchers point out that our earth occasionally had massive fire eruptions of poisonous smoke and ash clouds moving across conti­nents with devastating results killing millions, or check when a deadly plague broke out decimating a population. Increased earthquakes, draught or floods like Katarina will demonstrate to scientist trained to understand the metaphysics, a common connection. When a society tolerates the excesses of evil, plundering and murdering a minority of innocent people on religious grounds, it will experience unusually deadly events either from nature or another devastating war. Looking at recent TV NEWS from around the globe, every ­time Christians and Jews are murdered, I could make the link like when Israel is violated was punished within days. The last US presidents and even many Israeli Prime Ministers make decisions to hurt Israel, thus touching the eyeball of ELOHIM. The revealed the consequences on YouTube will amaze you.

Horrible persecution of Christian and Jews is always noted by the Creator ELOHIM, as Satan is permitted to kill anyone like the10 sons of Job. In the Gospels he attempted to kill even Yeshua only to be frustrated. God will increase the population somewhere else with periods of unusual blessings of peace and prosperity.

In the grand play of Kosmos Law first given to mortals {Good and Evil}, both sides want to win pleading or enticing mortals to choose a side. Satan offers wealth, prestige and ultimate political power to anyone choosing him. God, the Creator, empowers wisdom, knowledge of the other side where ultimately all of mankind will end. Again we can decide what shelter will be favored, like the body or the Mind. For my grandkid, I use an illustration from nature everybody has seen: a caterpillar must enter the cocoon to become a butterfly. Check bees or ants, which are organized around a system of royalty.

The Torah-Bible is the only book on earth describing who God is, why he created an angel domain on the other side Heh dimension. Something happened there that caused a rebellion in God’s administration, so it is now vacant and waiting for restoration-restitution to be completed, which is linked to a new Jod dimension creation for those who pass the test. The Creator ELOHIM fashioned the Daleth dimension described in the Torah. If you are educated in science, you will be very surprised at how much information is concentrated on just the first page of the Bible forbidden in schools.

The very first sentence revealed a math structure on a seven base system that created the first language for mankind. Much science is embedded and symbolized in five point pyramid as the four base corners represents the Daleth dimension and on top, an eye signifying intelligence similar to our Minds being created to live forever.

All of nature [physic-metaphysics] is replicated in that model a hundred times. If you are interested, check out Enoch the architect of the Great Pyramid in Giza collected in some Babushka pearls.

World Cuckoo clockAncient writings have letters with a fourfold connotation [alphabet-math-music-science] that in shorthand are conveyed in symbols and function like traffic signs. Some look like hierog­lyphs. Investigating ancient history will add to a well-rounded knowledge horizon collected in Babushka concept Pearls, published on the free Web not yet controlled by the establishment.

The first-page sentence in the Torah indicates how new dimensions were created; all being fueled with infinite energy mistranslated as light, controlled by extra terrestrial intelligence. It becomes visible to mankind in the time dimension creating billions of galaxies ending on an incubator earth the only place where life can flourish.

That reveals the purpose of why Heaven and Earth appeared as described in the first book, Genesis, pages and the last book, Revelation, pages as projected back to the Kosmos, the third dimension JOD. It informs us in detail about what changed in the time dimension following entropy laws, now mirror imaged on the other coin side, which is related to the Plan for Mankind. As a scientist, I was interested in suppressed science and discovered a lot in the Bible prophecy not understood by many theologians. It is really the architectural blueprint design meant for mankind. I was not surprised. It is four-sided and based on physics-metaphysics with a time base to indicate the past-future like a caterpillar ending in a cocoon to continue as a butterfly, as explained for my grandkid. 

But the Torah further reveals that Evil in the Heh dimension had to be dealt with because God could no longer trust any angels. Lucifer the light bearer became corrupt and was renamed Satan. He caused a gigantic rebellion that was immediately snuffed out in the bud. That required a solution: the Creator needed to add something in heaven now divided into two, like Beth the first letter of the creation report. Those loyal to the Creator fearfully asked God about what was next. They had witnessed how rebellious angels degenerated to demons were put into outer darkness to live forever, forever, forever, no longer connected to Life-forever. “How terrible, God- forever?”

Examining history, God’s attribute is absolute LOVE. He will not cause suffering forever. He now instituted a new cosmic LAW and required lessons to be learned dealing with grand forgiveness and restoration, removing permanently the source of Evil. The Kosmos needed a system of protection so that Evil would never germinate again - “ever” to upset the angel community, or later transfer it to benefit mankind being inoculated against another rebellion.

Those in outer darkness were not created robots but fashioned to live forever with free Will. Having choice, they made a big mistake upset­ting and violating the KOSMOS Order. God’s mercy gave another option. It revealed that the Creator cares by offering an alternative exit to end the horrible predicament of those in outer dark­ness. That is why he fashioned another dimension known in his Torah-writings as DALETH. To better explain God’s Plan for Mankind, an Alphabet Number System (HANS) was introduced to clarify the symbols in the Hebrew language as extra information captured within letters. Theologians could learn about that system as explained in free Babushka egg concept books as long the Internet is still around.

The last book, Revelation, revealed God’s final Kosmos plan ending in the New Heaven & New Earth with a different structure to make it impossible to hide saboteurs to cause Evil again. The Creator will destroy the Heh-Daleth universe resembling a fire-lake seen in a gigantic atomic explosion with all elements melting, reversing back to the infinite energy as the Time dimension is replaced with the new Jod dimension. The future tenants will live secure in are stored universe to replicate a billion times the Adam-Garden-of-Eden story eating the fruit of the Tree of Life and populating an expanding Kosmos space.

How to Become a SAINT?

Most Christians have no idea what a “Saint” is. They are not taught in church and corrupted by every Pope. The Torah-Bible starts with the first Hebrew letter Beth- duality followed by the first word create-bara linked the very last word in the Bible-Revelation -The Saints. Put it together in a sentence: Create-God-Saints will symbolize this special appointment from the population pool of Mankind.

This new concept is revealed from a divine metaphysic perspec­tive symbolized by a pyramid with an eye on top and anchored on all sides with a four square foundation. Applying the HANS philosophy reveals more of God’s Plan for Mankind. Choose one side going up to the apex (God) down back to the opposite corner of the foundation to represent Satan’s history. Now duplicated on the other corner is meant for Mankind.

Again, go over the same pyramid apex down to the foundation, and the whole pyramid structure will symbolize the Kosmos. The eye seen on a US dollar bill means the system is being watched by the Creator, as explained by Enoch, the architect of the Great Pyramid in Giza built before Noah’s time. His science concepts can be understood from the metaphysics collected in Babushka eggs from a divine perspective.

To resolve this big Kosmos problem, God in his absolute Love created mortals, another life form similar to angels. However, Life is now demonstrated on a lower entropy level being programmed with the same infinite Mind. We can do the same in science confirming facts. First use a Petri dish incubator and watch the result in the time dimension. From the start we select and insert the good outcome in the existing environment for the benefit of a society.

Mankind is now replicated and multiplying in a Petri dish; therefore, each person was designed with special DNA. All are linked to a common purpose and those who pass the incubator test are offered a great reward. Because EVIL now exists, the Daleth dimension was designed as the place for restitution applicable to both dimensions, which needed another Jod-dimension to continue the Kosmos, but revolutionized into something totally different.

No robots exist in God’s creation. All living beings have a choice, but now in addition get an embedded immune system, explained in science where everybody is inoculated with deadly bacteria as a child now applied to control Evil on the metaphysical level. Thus Nature reveals how to build up resistance against evil as meant for the Jod dimension. The Creator has permanently fixed the Kosmos. It will never be upset again to trouble God’s creation, disturbing the balance of future communities to enjoy Eternal Life.

But it came with a great price for the Creator. Because he is absolute Love, he decided, still a great mystery, to experience Evil on the lowest level of his creation, ending in a horrible crucifixion. Thereafter, he visited three earth days in the underworld prison to complete his mission, return and announce the new Jod-dimension as demonstrated by his Resurrection. It was witnessed by the highest religious Temple establishment together with the political Roman government and observed by over 500 of his friends.

From a science perspective the divine infinite essence shaped every atom fueled with ∞ energy bathed in Kelvin cold vacuum and controlled by intelligence. His creation is directed by Kosmos laws as nothing can exist inside or outside of the Divine Essence: all must be under his oversight. Think that through. It is so fundamental to science as applied to better understand the creation report on the first Torah page linked to HANS not taught in church or synagogues.

Every mortal is inoculated with a good dose of (evil) like deadly bacteria, which will develop an immunization never to get sick again. God inserted that process now introduced to Adam and Eve as the law of Good and Evil because the Heh dimension was corrupted by Satan, and God needed to restore the Kosmos.

Thus, the Torah-Bible reveals why I was born, where I go after death, and so many more questions linked to Satan’s fall. He was given to rule over mortals to test them with evil and derail the only hope of divine purpose for the future of mankind. Satan was given the ultimate power to rule over mankind, thus he will kill anyone or cause confusion in a mortal Mind. (Read about the 10 sons of Job and billions in world wars.)

He aims to deprive anyone searching to find God. He offered much money, prestige, and power to control every existing institution, economy or the ultimate political power to rule every nation during men’s short lifespan. It is plainly described in the Bible. God made sure his word is globally spread, thus it has been translated into a thousand languages, still the best-seller. However, to dine with the King on his royal table is by appointment only. That is not understood by most theologians. Why?

That privilege should have been known by any Christian, but many pastors and priests opted for money and prestige, choosing a temporal reward sold by Satan. Only in the Daleth dimension do we have a choice and decide what our future will be. It is taught in Nature without exception and cannot be violated in the Kosmos. That was proven 2000 years ago when the ELOHIM deity shrouded in mortality was born a commoner on the lowest level of his creation to suffer and experience pain, horribly tortured, nailed on a cross, but Satan could not kill the One who gave LIFE in all the Kosmos. A Roman soldier saw many die but never encountered anyone in control nailed to wood who shouted out, “Father into thy hands I commit my Sprit,” (Luke 23:46-47) which ended his mortal shrouded life. Amazing how the salvation report is so detailed.

My friend, consider your option to make the right decision what Yeshua-Jesus offered. It is now better explained from a science perspective collected in Babushka concept Eggs to stop theological confusion. Many untried pastors became corrupt by distorting Holy Scripture mired in denominational dogmas not changed from the Middle Ages. It got worse being mixed with atheistic evolution theories enforced by politicians who pervert and suppress Truth.

It became very difficult for anyone to understand what “God’s Plan for Mankind” really is and why we have two different resurrections. One is connected to the “Kingdom of God ”meant for the Daleth dimension; the other will end in a new heaven-earth purposed for a Jod dimension. It is better explained in a Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) to open the Mind for Christians.

Misled theologians believe they are privileged and invented a rapture story, which made them a lot of money and gave many the hopes that they will go to heaven escaping when suffering comes around fulfilling prophecy. They teach a mistaken dogma that after death they are favored by the Creator ELOHIM to dine with him on his table. Many TV pastors exploit when God healed someone for a reason: they use a miracle to sell healing sickness for profit, which is a big ticket on their agenda. They want to imitate his power and misuse his name only to gain personal prestige controlled by Satan. Countless are deceived seeking spiritual and physical help, thus the teachers damaged their faith causing more confusion and destroying their Hope.

Why not examine what Jesus said in the Gospels. Heaven dated his return back to earth, not allowed in church. It was calculated by a scientist investigating what Jesus said verbatim, who compared it to accumulated history and knowledge. It explains why the new Kingdom now arriving on earth is linked to decoded prophecy ending a major stage of God’s Plan.

The key is the story of the rich young man who came to Jesus with the desire to get the ultimate reward. Yeshua gave him a hidden proposal he would not accept. The disciples kept wondering, later asking more questions applied to eternal Life, “How is it possible for camel to squeeze through a needle’s eye?”(Mark 10:17-31)

Any culture is no different today. Many seek promotion to high office similar to when Jesus was asked by the wife of Zebedee. She wanted her boys to be appointed on either side when Yeshua rules as king. (Matt. 20:20) But he countered her request with a wider vision linked to the Plan for Mankind. Now the question is answered, “What is the purpose of two resurrections?” One is a mini-event, which is an exception as one day later will be the Great Resurrection of all the Dead linked to the metaphysical math equation a thousand years in a Daleth dimension is one-day in the Heh dimension. (Ps.40:4)

Reading Matthew’s story, we have two types of people: those who are resurrected earlier exempt from the Great Resurrection designed for all mortals. It will be like how some are privileged for government positions, and others remain taxpayers. In the heavenly mirror image, God will divide the sheep from the goats grazing together. They will be separated as announced 70 times by four Old Testament prophets “On That Day”. Now books are opened to choose those who belong to the Saints being further educated, thus pre-resurrected for a special purpose on earth. Nobody will be resurrected to heaven as taught in church, not understanding the Bible.

But notice, only “some” of those mini-resurrected will be exempt from the Law (whosoever has sinned will die). The Apostle Paul describe a mystery, which got grossly perverted by many Christians for reasons stated earlier. If we translate his text correctly as described in my Pearls, we could delineate two groups of mortals- each resurrected for a different purpose.

Yeshua-Jesus tells the story how ten virgins were selected, but only five passed the test and were appointed for a special relationship selected from millions. Of course, theologians perverted it to make money by selling it to Christians coming to church to be entertained with lies, told they were privileged rewarded. The mystery is found when a camel went through the eye of the needle compared to the Kingdom on earth.

However, let’s reason a little and check Adam’s story. Billions have been born on this earth and will continue to a total of 7000 Hebrew years revealed in the seven base HANS system. It was projected to end in a general Great Resurrection, all lined up for some to get a Jod-dimension body. Like the ten virgins, only some were selected from a majority pool of billions with limited oral revelation, which is no different from sleeping in a church teaching a distorted Gospel about how to be saved. Theologians teach many lies. They are perhaps lost and raptured to...?

God created mankind as Good and Evil becomes a filter to sort out if you are appointed for Eternal Life, which is decided before the White Throne with an inoculation test to see how an immune system was applied. Everyone is evaluated as symbolized by a balance held by an angel of justice on top of most Court buildings. God the Almighty knew all along when Satan rebelled and let him continue evil exercising his free Will, thus created a division to expose those who are loyal to the Creator or sitting on the fence now forced to decide. It purged the discord in the angel society, now separated out and removed, which linked to mortals being split, too.

Evil became visible but is turned into an opportunity that will balance Kosmos, re-started in a new Jod-dimension creation. Redemption and restitution was needed to be inserted first, which became the Grand plan for mankind to offer mortals on a lower entropy level the greatest honor to supervise an angel world which no longer could be trusted.

The powerful Lucifer, the light-bearer renamed Satan, was removed from the highest government administration when he corrupted millions of angels, and he was placed now in outer darkness (Rev. 9:1), which started a new plan to restore the Kosmos. The upper government became vacant. It is still empty and needs to be replaced. But this time God the Creator used another innovation to make sure that Evil never would appear again - ever - and restored the Kosmos to a higher level.

Now read the Torah-Bible from another perspective to understand why evil exists, so terrible as we all have experienced. Some­times I am totally bewildered in pain, shut up in total darkness can no longer believe that God is Love overcome by Evil surrounded without hope. Then, as a Christian, perhaps for help I should watch the famous movie of Mel Gibson about the crucifixion of Yeshua-Jesus, unbelievably cruel and bloody but done for me.

The order to flog was misun­derstood and meant to kill, but could not succeed because the one who gives Life cannot be killed without his permission. That was very well demonstrated reported by many Roman witnesses recorded falsified by a Jewish religious establishment still do the same in our time to deny the greatest story ever told translated in a thousand languages.

Anyone who is visibly confronted why a Eternal God who created the Kosmos, how could he lower himself to be so horribly mistreated, spat on, unjustly accused, deserted by his friends, forgotten that thousands were healed of every disease, given free food by multitudes, and dead people were resurrected to live a little longer. Worse he was blamed for every evil in all creation, thus hung, nailed and left alone by his heavenly father, which broke his heart and caused his death


His Resurrection foretold by over 200 prophecies revealing the Kosmos Plan from the other side. It is now presented to Mankind with the full weight describing the nature of Evil, the history how it started, and the conclusion to restore a Kosmos. Giving us a choice later to be confronted with Mercy onto Life or Mercy onto Death.

But an exception is made for a few who will be on either side of Christ, like Zebedee mother desired. In any kingdom there are some who are privileged to serve the king. The majority will live happy if ruled by righteousness. That exception is now better explained as similar to White House counselors staffed only by appointment of the president. It is not decided by theologians, thank heaven, teaching corrupted dogmas perverted by Satan.

According to the creation plan, it took a seven day cycle, but the last 7th day is special blessed, for that is when God will rest before he starts another Jod-dimension cycle. The formula in math is (6+1=7), thus 6,000 mortal Daleth years will end with a big bang as Satan is bound in hell and all his demons executed by the pre-assigned 4+1 Death Angels found in Rev. 9. It will end again a corrupted civilization, but this time is unique. No more evil demons will exist; the underworld will then be empty.

Revealed in Babushka egg science, I believe that Adam’s body was three times bigger in size. By analogy, if a 6ft. tall man is compared to an elephant, take the same ratio of Adam to a dinosaur, which was much bigger. Fossil bones in many graves prove that. The heartbeat of a mouse life cycle is the same as an elephant. The mouse lives only 3 years because it beats so much faster than the elephant of 70 years.

We have been programmed in atheistic lies and cannot see the evidence found in ancient artifacts. Adam’s extraordinary, brilliant Mind was able to talk to the Creator. His seventh grandson, Enoch, was a genius knowing everything about our earth’s position to constellations and his math was only recently discovered down to the golden rule reflected in architect designs. Many of his principles are found throughout the world in thousands buildings and cathedrals. On the third creation day we have well established all the vegetation on earth without the sunlight? The Sun showed up later - why?

The original light was higher in frequency, which made every­thing grow in profusion, much bigger as seen in coal deposits and fossil bones and petrified trees. Adam’s body too was different. Perhaps it was the same as angels and radiated like a 1000-watt light bulb being made in the image of ELOHIM.

We can see in a mirror reflection Revelation 4:3 to realize a different light exists linked to a rainbow around his Throne, which is similar to Adam’s radiant body but was turned “off” when he sinned hence became mortal. If he had eaten the fruit from the Tree of Life, he would have procreated children akin to the future SAINTS now transplanted in a detour not understood by untrained Christians.

God allowed Satan in the Garden of Eden to test free Will, which uncovered the consequences of Sin to propagate total evil ending again in God’s Wrath. SIN grew like a cancer throughout Kosmos creation and needed to be stopped on earth by a rugged CROSS!

Because God knows everything he planned a protected garden for Adam to make a predetermined choice that set the stage of a future drama played out only on earth 2000 years ago. The first Adam lost his dominion not trusting God. It was then given to Satan who had charge of the earth system. The poison of evil started in the Kosmos is now growing unstoppable in larger circles like a rock thrown in a pond. It will take its course, as nature is unforgiving like the pond-waves programmed to execute every embedded law.

Evil is now inoculated in every mortal designed to become immune to evil to be allowed to have fellowship with the Second Adam, Yeshua to live forever in his house. That was the Plan for Mankind, if you are educated in science. It will make a future rebellion to a Holy God impossible.

God’s laws are taught in Nature to have a well-balanced Kosmos again, instituting something totally new. It is demon­strated in (evil) bacteria like typhus or cholera, being inoculated as a child. Applied to the Jod dimension, God all along wanted to fill vacancies with a new administration because Satan’s rebellion was devastating, infiltrating throughout the Kosmos. But the newcomer replacement is a different species, as some will govern the Angel world, thus they must first get acquainted with Evil.

Mortal mankind was designed on a two-cycle system as explained to my grandkid with the caterpillar-butterfly story. After the cocoon experience, it will change into an eternal resurrected body full of light to match divine royalty walking among the Sons of God on a fiery stone pavement. Fully lit, bright people connected to royalty will be in his palatial heavenly White House, now added with the Saints.

I wrote several Babushka egg pearls on what a Saint is. They were ignored in Christian churches or synagogues, as theologian in wolf skins are more interested in money to keep the status quo and don’t care to investigate Truth. They do not love God but are in rebellion as documented by the Apostle’s letters to the Seven Churches in Asia, analyzed in Revelation, recorded and translated by John in heaven.

However, the bridegroom is coming. We are told to meet him at the appointed time. He is coming back for those he appointed to be his bride-maidens. Any church-going Christian will immediately respond, “No one knows the Time,” which makes it obvious who will miss the airplane.

The King will arrive in his brightly lit, golden space­ship described in Rev. 19, formerly known as the Star of Bethlehem, which is the “bride” that according to Revelation will appear only to those who are still alive after God’s Wrath has cleansed the earth from all corrupt evil. That includes most comatose Christians. Anyone who sinned will die.

Only some Saints and millions below the age of accountability will survive, selected like sheep from the goats and were not executed by the four Death Angels or died with the asteroid Dactyl. They will experience the mystery. It was revealed by the Apostle Paul grossly mistranslated by most pastors made into a business for profit.

The first WORD {became flesh} and the last WORD in the Bible can express a great Mystery: Let us create the SAINTS. (Genesis 1:2) pointing to

1 Tishri 5777 (3 October 2016)

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