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IPK: Why Has The Kilogram Standard Changed Weight?


IPKInternational Bureau of Weights and Measures, located in Sevres, France, keeps the standard weights and measures authorized by the Metre Convention of May 20, 1875. Read the extensive quotes at the end of this Pearl taken from the Wikipedia page titled “Kilogram.”

The proof that light is slowing down can now be demonstrated by the IPK in Sevres, France. A Donut Atom Nuclear Story free to read and download on the Internet explains how gravity is manufactured within an atom nucleus for the first time. This process also affects light, specifically influencing its speed - known to be approximately 186,000 miles/second in 2008. The witness to that unheard of heresy can no longer be denied as it is as solid as platinum-iridium weights in so many vaults.

The many sister IPK kilogram standards, similarly stored under protected conditions in major trading nations around the world, provide additional witnesses to help unravel the mystery of magnetism, electricity and even how life is embedded within an atom. The key to this better understanding likes in how these world standards change weight.

These changes were not expected in some scientific quarters, and it could even change how we think about the galaxies in the universe. Atomic structure and how the universe works is all connected by physical laws that cry out for another model. The world of science is in pandemonium because it cannot explain what is happening using its current grasp of physics. Present models of the universe are experiencing free fall. A proper resolution of these natural mysteries will make thousands of school books obsolete and reveal that the atom smasher cyclotron in Switzerland was an unnecessary financial boondoggle.

The world’s perfect kilogram standard is stored in France secure in an extreme climate controlled vault safeguarded for every weight measurement in the world. This small metal cylinder is made of a shiny platinum-iridium alloy. It is the standard used to calibrate all other kilogram weights stored in various countries around the world.

The first one was made in 1879 as the world’s official standard of mass. Read a current article written by Dava Sobel in the Discovery Magazine, March 2009: Field Notes-Within a secure, climate-controlled vault in France, the perfect kilogram watches over every weight measurement in the world.

The author concludes in describing the panic that arose in the scientific world when they discovered that IPK’s weight had gone on a diet and lost some weight - about 30 micrograms or 30 billionths of a kilogram over a hundred years as measured against its IKP sisters. It is like losing 30 cents out of a $10 million stack of pennies. This weight loss came despite the greater potential for some miniscule weight gains due to air particles sticking to its surface despite the protected conditions of its storage. See the Wikipedia quotes following my comments.

What Happened?

What could cause the IPK made out of an alloy that does not corrode or chemically oxidize to lose weight as measured against its IPK sisters? Remember, this metal cylinder is stored in an ultra secure environment where it is not possible for someone to mess around with it.

The proof that light is slowing down can be demonstrated by the IPK in Sevres, France. In my book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, l explained how gravity affects light, specifically its speed - known to be approximately 186,000 miles/second in 2008.

This alarming show of instability is driving global scientific efforts to redefine the kilogram so that the official standard of mass does not need depend on the safety or stability of some manufactured item stored in a safe place. But before governments spend more billions dollars to elite scientists who will just report that they don’t know yet but need more money, read my Donut Atom book instead.

My book redefines how an atom really works. In this case, the platinum and iridium metals contain atoms like all elements. In it I explain how light is affected by gravity, which can bend the direction that light travels and slow down it speed as discovered by Dr. Albert Einstein. His largely proven theories redefined gravity, which will alter weight. It bends light’s path through space.

Gravity is a force we all can test. Just jump off your computer chair. A change in gravity can change your weight. For example, as the moon moves further away from earth’s surface (2 inches/year), lengthening its distance of rotation from it, its gravitational pull is reduced. This causes a very small loss of weight - about a potato chip’s worth in one year.

However, when gravity loses some force on one side (Moon) while the other side gains (IPK), many educated scientists are fooled. They need to recalculate their energy equations based upon a static speed of light. Think through the facts just presented. They expose a faulty evolutionary theory. The speed of light not being constant necessitates some changes in astrophysics, specifically concerning the Big Bang Theory and how we think about atomic structures. It all connects with the small to large scale dynamics of the universe, which remains an unsolved puzzle even without asking how life, as we know it, came about. Life’s appearance cannot be explained by an atheistic evolution religion called science that denies entropy and other scientific laws in order to defend their godlessness.

The material discrepancies now being measured in France naturally lead to other questioning by those possessing open, inquiring minds. Another way to express the problem is that over a hundred years the IPK lost some weight - worth 30 cents as measured against the obese sister IPKs who gained some weight. This additional paradox is confusing the whole scientific community. It will prove additionally troubling for those educated in an evolution religion that prohibits open scientific discussion in universities because the secular high priests fear mention of Intelligent Design or the Bible.

Anyway, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, How the universe was Created is the sixth book in my Babushka concept series of facts assembled from another perspective. It is free to read on the Internet as part of our efforts to educate those interested in science from a biblical perspective.

From Wikipedia:

Many units in the SI system are defined relative to the kilogram so its stability is important. After the International Prototype Kilogram had been found to vary in mass over time, the International Committee for Weights and Measures (known also by its French-language initials CIPM) recommended in 2005 that the kilogram be redefined in terms of a fundamental constant of nature. No final decision is expected before 2011.

The IPK and its six sister copies are stored at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (known by its French-language initials BIPM) in an environmentally monitored safe in the lower vault located in the basement of the BIPM’s House of Breteuil in Sèvres on the outskirts of Paris (see External images, below for photographs). Three independently controlled keys are required to open the vault. Official copies of the IPK were made available to other nations to serve as their national standards. These are compared to the IPK roughly every 50 years.

Because the first forty official copies are made of the same alloy as the IPK and are stored under similar conditions, periodic verifications using a large number of replicas—especially the national primary standards, which are rarely used—can convincingly demonstrate the stability of the IPK. What has become clear after the third periodic verification performed between 1988 and 1992 is that masses of the entire worldwide ensemble of prototypes have been slowly but inexorably diverging from each other. It is also clear that the mass of the IPK lost perhaps 50 µg over the last century, and possibly significantly more, in comparison to its official copies.

The reason for this drift has eluded physicists who have dedicated their careers to the SI unit of mass. No plausible mechanism has been proposed to explain either a steady decrease in the mass of the IPK, or an increase in that of its replicas dispersed throughout the world. This relative nature of the changes amongst the world’s kilogram prototypes is often misreported in the popular press, and even some notable scientific magazines, which often state that the IPK simply “lost 50 µg” measured against its sister IPKs and omit the very important caveat of “in comparison to its official copies.”

Moreover, there are no technical means available to determine whether or not the entire worldwide ensemble of prototypes suffers from even greater long-term trends upwards or downwards because their mass “relative to an invariant of nature is unknown at a level below 1000 µg over a period of 100 or even 50 years.” Given the lack of data identifying which of the world’s kilogram prototypes has been most stable in absolute terms, it is equally as valid to state that the first batch of replicas has, as a group, gained an average of about 25 µg over one hundred years in comparison to the IPK.

Denmark's IPK Kilogram K48 [here to the left] came from the second batch of kilogram replicas to be produced. It was delivered to Denmark in 1949 with an official mass of 1 kg+81 µg. Like all other replicas, it is stored under two nested bell jars virtually all the time. Still, its mass and that of the IPK diverged markedly in only 40 years; the mass of K48 was certified as 1 kg+112 µg during the 1988–1992 periodic verification.

The stability of the IPK is crucial because the kilogram underpins much of the SI system of measurement as it is currently defined and structured. For instance, the newton is defined as the force necessary to accelerate one kilogram at one meter per second squared. If the mass of the IPK were to change slightly, so too must the newton by a proportional degree. In turn, the pascal, the SI unit of pressure, is defined in terms of the newton. This chain of dependency follows to many other SI units of measure. For instance, the joule, the SI unit of energy, is defined as that expended when a force of one newton acts through one meter. Next to be affected is the SI unit of power, the watt, which is one joule per second. The ampere too is defined relative to the newton, and ultimately, the kilogram. With the magnitude of the primary units of electricity thus determined by the kilogram, so too follow many others; namely, the coulomb, volt, tesla, and weber. Even units used in the measure of light would be affected; the candela—following the change in the watt—would in turn affect the lumen and lux. [End of Wikipedia quotation.]


A Donut Atom Nuclear Story Babushka concept book presents the only model that explains what happened. That little booklet has been published free on the Internet for over a year. The IPK dilemma becomes a witness substantiating what I wrote in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story . Those educated in science will recognize the many scientific principles used in my model even though my conclusions conflict with what is commonly taught in universities. Instead of science fairytales postulated by an atheistic priesthood controlling the academic political agenda, we now have an explanation from a dual rail perspective that presents a much better balanced story.

Unfortunately, expenses incurred for correction were not included in the massive global bailout budget needed in 2009 caused by corrupt politicians, CEOs and scientists who put extra money in their pockets. We do not have to look far wasted money even in the science department. Just look at the biggest billion dollar boondoggle bonanza – the underground 17 mile long cyclotron constructed in Switzerland! Smashing matter with higher energy will never tell how galaxies were formed. Obliterating mass will not reveal what the universe is made of. Investigating splattered residue on the walls of the Nebelkammer is akin to examining manure on the walls of a dairy farm, which cannot tell the purpose of the structure or how much milk was produced.

Check out Dr. Albert Einstein’s teeter-totter relationship of light slowing down as gravity increases to keep the lights on in the universe. That could even drive astrologers crazy as they try to calculate a universe equation in more than four dimensions.

These changes in IPK weight have many implications when compared to the sister standards kept in other countries. The K48 weights gained from 81 to 112 micrograms as the original in France has also increased but cannot be measured because it is invisible to us. It needs another standard to be measured against or another median like the speed of light in 2009 contrasted to previous measurements. In either case, it must be measured from space not slowed down by air molecules of a changing polluted atmosphere and/or by a changing moon position linked to a changing wobble calendar coming to rest in 2012 the most scientists know nothing about.

It could explain global warming, too. Data taken since three hundred years ago would verify that light has changed too just another witness if you trust your computer printout and ancient witnesses in geology. Harmonizing it together proves the teeter-totter gravity principle, which tells us that, when light speeds up, gravity energy must go up. In this case it changed the IPK weights. To have the same universe energy equation measured against Kelvin to be equal in the Daleth dimension of the material space-time universe. Otherwise the parabolic time dimension would not end in Taw throwing out thousands of observation data points.

The IPK facts cannot be silenced by an atheistic establishment as other facts presented in Babushka books can no longer be ignored either for reason linked to the Bible. Watch the news. The Apocalypse has started as it is prophetic history written in advance by ancient clocks and calendars. At the end, the four thousand year old Bible will outshine any atheistic postulation. Just check it out to widen the tunnel vision to a balanced scientific horizon of 360°. How? By including the Bible as a source of information even though it is not a science text book.

The third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks confirm 21December 2012 in Bible Prophecy.


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