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Why is the UREE #16 Jet Engine so Powerful?


Anyone reading the Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (#16 UREE) much is still theory for a future jet application but my grandkid keep ask question is it really possible seems preposterous unbelieving standing in front of a German double jumbo jet being so huge?

Once more let's highlight some basic physics and do some simple math to prove the possibility with some uncomplicated visual analogies to widen a horizon for my grandkid.

My grandkid learned that two apples is worth more than one apple visiting recently a new automobile showroom investigating a big German hybrid electric-gas motor combination costing $68,000 Dollars which included lithium batteries $18,000 (Pearl 204-UREE #14) to give it a bigger range before refueling. But only one tiny generator-apple was seen no bigger then my beat-up 40 year old VW.

He ask why not a bigger apple and why not two apple-generators as the other shaft-end is not used. He reminded me that the racing boat seen on TV on the Lake Constant in Switzerland-Germany allowing only clean non-polluting electric motors but gets ten times better millage then diesel. Therefore, proving the possibilities of building better and more efficient cars if the automobile manufacturer would not be so corrupt and greedy to rip-off the consumer.  

The generator is just reversed motor with a heavy iron core that becomes magnetic surrounded with coils. But if we reverse the coil application flattened out on a printed board therefore inertia is lighter and using supermagnets passing a stronger magnetic field gets more profit proven with the other UREE models.

However bigger phenomena's showed up when the coil windings are biased gets larger pulse hence superior amplitude. And further when coils are aligned with a capacitor amplifies even more added to the next stage or motor section will run faster and must be controlled before the critical resonance frequency is reached or self destruct the apple generator like an atom.

That was discovered way back by a German scientist Fraunhofer analyzing spectral lines showing atoms becoming visible in the resonance frequency range from 4000-7000 Angstroms our eye are calibrated to.  

Now let's do the math for the skeptic hopefully has learned a little math in grammar school or use a cheap calculator from China to show how physics can amplify a force useful for obscene electrical profit.

One example is that magnetism when double is not two apples but four? Magnetism behaves like light take a flashlight and shine it through a slit and measure the length of the pulse on the other side. Use another flashlight identical shining through the same slit now measures four times the pulse.

A magnetic pulse is measured when a magnet passes a copper wire loop or vise versa and is expressed in volt (amplitude) and ampere how fat, summed up is watt the whole electrical cookie energy quantified.

Watt = Volt x Amperes

A magnetic pulse can be measured with that formula just adding more pulses. But when measured magnetism is four times the force passing a wire copper coil. 

Therefore the amount of coils and how fast they move through a magnetic field will give us electricity still a mystery to science unless you read about a new Donut atom theory in Babushka egg concept books not smashed like in CERN but found the new theory in the Bible, no kidding.

UREE #16 Output Calculation Assumptions (one motor section only)

Horizontal cup printed board has 6x10 winding loops both sides  = 120 loops

Vertical cup   = 120 loops

Total loops left side cup = 240 loops

         plus right side cup =  480 loops

For one minute (60x480)  = 28,800 loops

Running the generator at 3000 rpm which is 3000 revolution/minute (3000 x 28,800) = 86,400,000 loops

Running one hour to get watt/hour or Kw/hr.

(3000 x 60) /hr.    =   5,184,000,000 loop

Watt = Volt x Ampere

At this time I can only approximate what is possible. I would guess a mean averaged loop pulse could be =.01 watt (.2 volt x .05 amp) of power.

Super magnets Neodymium-Iron-Boron are extremely strong. Perhaps much more could be postulated. 

5,184,000,000 loops in one hour passing will yield electrical power (5,184,000,000 x .01 watt) = 51,840,000 Watt
or 51,840 KW/hr. (51,840,000/1000)                            

Expressed and converted in Ampere power = 471,270 Amp @110V/hr. (51,840,000 /110) 

For one 10-12" diameter double cupboard generator to get 51 thousand Kilowatts @ 110 Volt /hr is extraordinary.

If we converted it into horse power (@.746 Kw), we could be driving 193 cars/hr. (@200Hp for each car). Could that fly an airplane convincing my grandkid?

However, one more thought. We need to consider that the UREE #16 jet application uses a set of printed board-cups with six (6) rotating super magnets in the center for each pie-shaped section. That will generate six times more extra pulses and in addition will yield increased voltage from the biased loops linked to capacitors. That could be 311,040 Kw/hr. (6x51,840), and converted to horsepower, compares to a jet engine at 232,035 horsepower/hr. (311,040 x .746). 

A Rolls Olympus engine of 19,000 lb. thrust uses 25,000 Hp in an airplane or about a 1:1 ratio which could power nine (9) jet engines (232,035/25,000) at only one/hundreds of a watt per loop. No kidding.  If I overestimated the .01-watt per loop by a 10 times factor for one UREE motor section, it could still fly a jumbo jet by adding motor sections as described.

Can you prove me wrong?


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