Pearl #142 -

Why the Jewish Calendar will be Incorrect in 2008-2009

(Amended May 2022.) Print a pdf of this updated Pearl that also includes further discussion.


Part 1 - A Sequel to the Jewish Calendar

A red Moon will be shining again to indicate the last amended pearl found diving in the Torah-Bible Ocean? Looking at modern Jewish calendar is really odd, which was designed to avoid the Messiah Yeshua-Jesus. It adjusts the calendar every 19 years by adding a leap year of one month - Adar-II (13th) every three (3) years, now 28 days on an 11th year - 5768 (2008). Thus unfortunately inserted a rigid Judaic tradition not rooted in Solstice cycles. If Passover is kept at the first opportunity on or after the spring equinox why disregard a shifting Solstice, which causes a defective Jewish calendar? Thus, I wrote fifteen Babushka Egg Concept Books and Pearls with fake science, but failed to date prophecy. (Pearl #237)

The next seven (7) religious Hebrew Holidays will begin with an Equinox of equal day or night cycles each year (21 March); hence I employed a Solstice (21 December) positioned on a fake Jewish calendar. Thus dating the 2008 equinox could be in conflict with the customary first religious month and should not be changed by adding an Adar - II every three (3) years. Either trusts a stipulation of Judaism to approve a late date on 14 Nisan -19th April, or could calculate a future Apocalypse and predict the fall equinox based on a summer Solstice? I remember a bestseller book, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962). Consequently I recently checked my garden to witness the disappearance of all Life (Pearl #127), which is explained in the Noah story. (Gen. 8:14)   

Thus verifying history will reveal the reason why the Sun is slowing down from Moses’ time causing many Solstice changes (365.24 days/year). Therefore, they no longer match the first visible Moon crescent to start the seven Holy Days of YHWH. (Pearl #249) When Abib occurs late in the springtime, some will wonder if a simpler Jewish calendar could have been invented. Maybe there is a reason not to adjust their calendar because Jewish Oral Law is faithfully observed. They are saying that anyone is allowed to keep the Hebrew Holy Days whenever it is convenient. It should be pointed out that leap years of the Jewish calendar like an Adar-II cycles are NOT Biblical unless divinely advised. (Lev.  23)


In my studies of Bible prophecy I used an ancient date of a solstice (21 December 2012) to project back to the beginning of Noah’s Flood that overlaid a judgment for future Mankind. As an inventor-scientist, I searched many historic prophecies in the Torah-Bible and nature worldwide. I discovered that the defective Jewish calendar didn’t match my dating method being educated in fake science, too. I enjoyed verifying history realized in Scripture based on many Bible witnesses. (Pearl #126)

Two vital tools were needed for this process: the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) linked to the Julian calendar. I learned that using the inaccurate Hebrew calendar made any alignment deficient. This became true for the year 2011 as an Adar-II month was added to correct solstice references. I was fortunate many times to date the future Apocalypse, now finally modified. Thus it became very difficult as Babushka Eggs and many Pearls were based on fake science. Hence it obscured recent knowledge or risks to my Life, as many scientists and professionals were murdered by criminal FED-IMF banker cartels. (Matt.24&25)

From the beginning, the Creator YWHW watched over me perhaps being on the right path, but I did not know that NASA generated counterfeit science. Fortunately I did not depend on faulty calculations of a fake Jewish calendar and could argue writing flawed theories, that God would not answer my prayer, so I received much grace. God will never disappoint anyone who puts Trust in Him, defined in Babushka Egg Concept Books and many Pearls.

The Torah-Bible records the life of the historic Noah, who chronicled the Flood. Raining 40 days & nights caused huge floodwaters by breaking up the deep fountains and opened the sky floodgates to collapse the global tropical atmosphere that violently resulted in a different Earth. (Gen. 7:4-11)

His calendar revealed 2nd month 27th day (Gen. 8:14), which exposed a future Apocalypse of seven days Wrath. Why is it three days short? Maybe is linked to the Death of Yeshua recorded in the Gospels. (Matt. 12:40, Luke 11:30,) It is also the greatest science mystery stated by John that a Roman government and Temple establishment examined the hardened wrapping, an empty shell of Yeshua? (John 19:38-42) How did the body disappear without any sign of cracks or fractures? But the story continues when a fisherman, Peter, was asked to “feed my sheep”.

At that encounter he caught 150+3 fishes? (John 21), which at that time the calendar had 150 days for a solstice year? Again “three days”? However, this parallel event was not enough for me to predict future dates for the Apocalypse. I did not want to remain silent or be responsible for a world judgment causing the Wrath of YHWH producing many deaths of wicked people of this Century. Hence I examined human history and gave many Warnings verified by various Bible references.

Years ago, I learned how scholars correlated Jewish holidays to the modern Gregorian calendar. Hence checking human history with HANS caused some questions linked to Noah’s Flood (9 February 2009) not fitting an option (Tu-Bi Shvat-New Year of Trees) not found in Deuteronomy. Maybe it is aligned with a fall equinox but was prophesied for the future Apocalypse to judge an atheistic evil Civilization perhaps after a summer Solstice 2022?  

Many Christian Churches will not support my opinion that the Wrath of YHWH is only (7) seven days long, which greatly condenses the judgement events in 18 Chapters of Revelation (not meant for true Christians). Therefore please check the divine Plan for Mankind matching the Apocalypse linked to HANS of many Bible verses, or get better choices. One exception may answer a question only given to me: investigating the Flood will I soon observe a nuclear destruction maybe is predicted on TV like New York City changed to the summer Solstice? 

That information could be useful if you live around NYC area, thus consider a vacation to avoid the risk of its destruction according to prophecy. (Rev. 18)   Perhaps if we repented, the Creator YHWH will show mercy again like the ancient city of Nineveh and postpone its desolation as recorded by Jonah.   

Hence, watchful Hebrew scholars will track the Jewish calendar to celebrate their annual Holidays that are delayed one month in the past year 2008?  It is explained why scientists follow fake science, while I tried to survey more Bible verses similar to Exodus 12:2, 13:3-4, 7-10 and Num. 9:2-3.

Again, let's add more details: The spring equinox occurs on March 20th at Jerusalem time - 7:50 AM. Inserting an extra Adar-II month erroneously dated the New Moon Jewish calendar instead with a spring equinox, thus is linked to a Pesach-Passover holiday with a 13th month every (3) three years.   

The result of this error is that the Jewish calendar is off by one month from March 2008 through March 2009. By making 5768 a leap year, they ignored the Torah-Bible command to observe a lunar schedule. Also, this error could interrupt the last feast of Sukkot -Tabernacles - close to the rainy season in Israel. For this cause we should not add or put an extra Abib after the equinox to the Jewish calendar. It needs consistency so seasonal crops will grow reliably each year in Israel. Passover leads other Jewish Holidays to begin the essential and annual agricultural cycle, hence the maturity of barley grain is important for the wave sheaf offering used as First Fruits. (Lev. 23:9-14) They should invent a new calendar confirmed by a summer Solstice? (Pearl  #230) 

The new Kingdom calendar will be balanced with two (2) Equinoxes (spring-fall) and two (2) Solar cycles (winter-summer). Therefore a slowing down Sun will harmonize seven (7) Hebrew Holy Days to worship YHWH in a new Temple. (Ezek. 40)

The Creator wants assurance of the most important events of seven (7) Hebrew Holy Days introduced by Moses. The recent Jewish calendar concealed the historic Messiah Yeshua-Jesus, but his Death will be membered on a spring Equinox like a Passover holiday Pesach, which ends on the fall Equinox of Yeshua’s birthday - Rosh Hashanah (21 September). It is overlaid by the summer Solstice (21 June) dated with a 2nd month+27 days (Gen. 8:14) matching Noah’s judgements. [+30 +30 +27 days]  

Thus the new Jewish calendar of seven Holy Days will show a Blood Moon on Sukkot-Tabernacles past the fall Equinox of Rosh Hashanah - Day of Judgment, or Chag haAsif (Festival of Ingathering).

Therefore we might calculate the final prophesied Apocalypse after the summer Solstice of 2022?  It could start the Kingdom of Yeshua as countless predicted dates were amended many times in all Babushka Egg Concept Books & Pearls revealing more information. (Pearls #889, #300) 

Fake calendars are difficult to correct, hence look for more detailed explanation. Please read the amended Pearl #901 – Heavenly Proclamation, which corrected the information about the birth of Yeshua’s Kingdom, now dated after Solstice 2022 using HANS and the Torah-Bible.

This article explains why most observant Jews and others following the Jewish calendar will be celebrating God's annual Holy Days one month late in 2008.

In trying to follow Exodus 12:2, Exodus 13:3-4, 7-10, and Numbers 9:2-3, Judaism says that Passover, which they celebrate on Nisan 15 rather than on Nisan 14, must not fall before the northern hemisphere spring equinox (Tekufot Nisan). The spring equinox currently occurs each year on March 20th or 21st and is that time when day and night are of approximately equal length. The spring equinox establishes the first day of spring. It is a solar, not a lunar, phenomenon.

But current Jewish calendar procedures periodically conflict with the use of the equinox to establish the first month of the religious year:

In 2008, Nisan 14 (Passover) can fall on March 21, the first opportunity for the 14th day of a month to occur after the equinox. But the Jewish calendar sets Nisan 14 at April 19th. Why? Because the Jewish year 5768 (the spring months of 2008 fall within the Jewish year 5768) happens to be the 11th year of the 19-year calendar cycle and is then, by Judaic definition, a leap year (the 13th month must be added). This forces the first month to begin one month later than it normally would. Unfortunately, their calendar leap year tradition is so rigid that they fail to follow what we agree is the correct interpretation of the scriptures listed above, that God gave them, which strongly imply that the Passover must be kept at the first opportunity on or after the spring equinox.

What allows them to ignore their own calendar rules? One reason they feel free to adjust the calendar to their liking is because Leviticus 23:2 and 4 are interpreted by Jewish Oral Law as saying that the people are allowed to keep the Holy Days on whatever day is most convenient.

It should be pointed out that the Jewish calendar leap year designations are NOT Biblical.

Let's add a little more detail: The spring equinox occurs on March 20th at 7:50 AM, Jerusalem time. The Jewish calendar calculates the new moon of Adar II (the 13th month of the previous religious calendar year) to be at 8:50 AM on March 7th and, due to the one-day postponement of the previous Tishri 1, March 8th as the first day of the month. Either day will place the 14th day of Adar II on or after the spring equinox and thus the month should be Nisan (Abib), not Adar II.

The result of this error is that the Jewish calendar is ONE MONTH LATE from March 2008 through March 2009! By making 5768 a leap year, they ignore the fact that, by their own interpretation of the Torah, Passover must be observed at the first opportunity on or after the spring equinox. This is the way the lunar calendar is kept synchronized with the solar calendar, and is an essential part in keeping the Passover (and every other Holy Day) in its season.

But some may wonder why it matters when Abib occurs, as long as it is in the spring. One of the major justifications why Abib should be assigned to the first qualifying month relative to the spring equinox is that there needs to be a consistency between years so that crops will be in approximately the same stage of development at the same time each year. The importance of the maturity of grain for the wave-sheaf offering (Lev. 23:9-14) is obvious. Another reason is that the one month delay will push the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) too late and too close to the Israeli fall rainy season.

For this reason we should avoid delaying Abib until the second month after the equinox as the Jewish calendar does in 2008. It is peculiar how the spring equinox is called "Tekufot Nisan", but when a conflict with the designated leap year occurs, the equinox is forced to fall in Adar II, not Nisan...That places Abib 1 on March 8th and Tishri 1 on August 31st. The result of all this is that in 2008 the Jewish calendar will keep the holy days one lunar month late.

For more detailed explanation of the calendar read " The Original Calendar For Our Day."

Why the Jewish Calendar will be Incorrect in 2008, by Wayne Bedwell, January 2006

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