Pearl #134 -

The Key to Understanding
the Prophecies of Zechariah


Please read alongside the whole book of Zechariah’s discourse in the Old Testament to get familiar with the text as there are so many details you should dig out yourself. I can only give you a roadmap to help a little along avoiding theological confusion by putting it next to a World Bible calendar for a better understanding.

We will use some helpful Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) tools which uses a tele-lens system aligning a near-vision with a far-vision like Daleth to Heh dimension which like mountain picks looking identical. But between those mountain peaks, it represents a time cycle stretched out over an embedded future history valley that can be dated by using a near-vision event, which is always mirrored in the far-vision events as the mountaintop look alike.

Historically we can study prophecy and are interested when certain events will happened must become aware that the Bible many times uses a hieroglyphic form of language which is a mirror image of the present time.  Those wide valleys from the past to the future can be accurately dated now if you know something about the ancient clock system used around Daniel’s or other prophetic times. God’s Plan for mankind is like a railroad schedule with stations all planned. When we get to a particular station and look out the window we can see that the buildings look familiar like a previous station but may have different color. That tells me I have arrived in the future and to crosscheck it with timetable of the schedule.

Looking at the near-vision of the tele-lens, we find a number of prophets who will tell us about their people in a particular century as God’s Plan for Mankind like a railroad schedule was laid out and was recorded by Jews God appointed. So let’s focus on what is close to the heart of the main player, Israel, where most prophecy is centered. It is colored a little bit from a different century - the time the prophet lived. Daniel and John lived 684 years apart under different government systems but wrote the same prophecy, having the same schedule given by God. Looking through a tele-lens, we can identify the same player, Israel, because it incorporates all the reasons for mankind’s existence and purpose.

Studying the history of Israel makes a future forecast possible as God revealed his revelation for mankind over a time span of 1600 years. The Hebrews were told to write down what God said as applicable for all nations, which eventually became the Bible.

God gave special consideration to Israel with a covenant of unconditional blessing - regardless of Israel as a nation failing. God’s plan will materialize in a future time climaxing in the final birthing of Israel permanently positioned among the nations, no longer in exile, but on top of the pyramid basking in God’s favor.

Around Zechariah’s time period, the Jewish people were aliens in a foreign country being punished for having forsaken the covenant to suffer in missing God’s blessing, surrounded by heathen cultures far away from home and their temple of worship, which had been destroyed. We recognize it historically at the end of 70 years Babylonian exile linked to Daniel.

The near vision of Zechariah was meant to encourage Israel to go back home and rebuild the Temple and reconnect to God for blessings guaranteed by the covenant. Some people followed Daniel’s advice. They got home to be confronted with ruins, weeds grown over what used to be a flourishing civilization with priests and a king. Rebuilding the walls of the city, they established a worship center. Incredibly, all was done by hand without modern machinery and bulldozers.

Discouragement was a constant ghost, never missing an opportunity, and needed a prophet connected to the Lord to get up in the morning. Israel lived amidst hostile neighbors who did not like Israel returning to reclaim their property after 70 years. Between growing food, fighting angry neighbors and building walls and streets, they taught the God’s laws to a new generation.

God saw Zechariah’s heart and appointed him to encourage the people with God’s Plan for Mankind embedded in the Torah. We have the privilege now looking back around the world with Israel facing again similar circumstance again, can see the nearsighted events, mirrored, and compare them with the schedule of God’s planning reflected in the far vision reported by a prophet. We are positioned in a second restoration project of Israel now called back to the Promised Land after 2000 years of exile like a mirror image from the past.

All events are identical, hostile Islamic neighbors fighting and disputing with the previous owner having a letter of the covenant, to perhaps rebuild a new Temple (2009) and ruined again (2015) in turbulent times climaxing in Jacob’s Trouble. Armies assembled with only with one intent - to annihilate all Jews surrounded by an Islam religion bent on exterminating an ancient people with a covenant of the eternal God, which is not a good match being ignorant and only following Satan lying and cheating enforcing his Islamic religion with the sword for total submission ending in total destruction.  

Read the prophecies which recorded for us the outcome of the conflict revealed by God and notice what will happen laid out on a railroad schedule of God’s train cannot be changed. Watch out when you mess with the eternal God! Read the prophecies.

Introduction Guidelines

In 518 BC, Daniel as an old man questioned God, “What is next?” He understood God’s promises from other prophets to end their predicament in a foreign country. God said previously that 70 years of exile would end as a new generation had grown up honoring God again according the terms of covenant. Read the Ester story in the Bible. 

Those 70 Years became a gear in God’s calendar clock to be repeated in the far-vision tele-lens with similar circumstances to encourage a future generation to be faithful and study the ancient Torah from the near vision perspective. That would give confidence in the blueprint for mankind when circumstances will seem hopeless, surrounded with death and destruction, a world gone insane bent on getting rid of Israel forever, as seen in the far vision tele-lens. God, having a covenant, will intervene again, but this time he will end this evil civilization screwing up genetically God’s creation like in Noah’s days. He told us the outcome ahead, what will happen in the far vision perspective. I will highlight for you following the ancient text now 2500 years old.

When you read the Bible, take a yellow pencil and start underlining some important information not obvious to theologians. Then when you glance over to sum it up, you can recognize where we are going to get a panoramic view of events enfolding from 2012-2015 extending further out as it takes time to rebuild the last Ezekiel Temple.

Notice at the end we see the phrase –“on that day” (14) fourteen times. There are two oracles mentioned one for the near-vision the other far-vision and embedded 14 times –“on that day”. We will check out later. (12:4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13:1, 2, 4, 14:1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 20)

Fourteen times reminds me of the Aztec calendar counting system still in practice during Daniel’s time, which has a constant of 14.305678 years for each cycle. I deduct from that that it must have been a daily usage at that time not having clock like we do.

Zechariah’s prophecy talks of a future restoration of Israel and a new Temple, which extends beyond the Apocalypse checking out the far-vision. Therefore dating the Apocalypse would let us know the other surrounding events all connected linked to the tiny nation of Israel. Now let’s put that in perspective and test it with Daniel’s calendar time cycles (times-time-½T) which we determined previously in Pearl #103 to be 182 weeks multiplied with an ancient wobble calendar constant gives us the exact time to a day from the 9 Av 588 BC Temple destruction to another Temple in the future on 9 Av 2015 destruction potential. When you apply NASA calibrated calendar spin-axis solstice time cycles we can project ancient history exactly to a day and hour using modern computer since prophecies are designed with a mirror image or like a railroad schedule. Even my three-buck pocket calculator does it to a day.

Between those 9th of Av dates a whole Jewish holy day system is calibrated to moon cycles which repeat every 19 years and must be corrected to solstice position of our earth axis, even the NASA calendar must match solar positions to measure time. Zechariah’s prophecy fits those two calendars the ancients used at Daniel’s time, cross referenced and converted to one now used by NASA which must figure space travel to be accurate by the second. That new calendar is now celebrated against atoms decaying aligning with solar position to be accurate.

That time is applied to the two Oracles of near and far-vision which can be known to an exact day, which corrects a wobble of an axis spin experienced in ancient times Daniel was familiar with. Many proofs of dating the Apocalypse come from different quarters of science are freely available on the Internet in my Babushka books.

The text make it clear that first Oracles is dated after the first gear of 70 years (588 BC <> 518 BC) Babylonian captivity and if you check it out and overlay it against the 7000-year Human History Table. The second oracle becomes the second 70-gear year (1948 AD <> 2018 AD) on that calendar scale. Therefore, we must delineate when the prophet refers to what gear to place his prophecy in the proper sequence. Reading his book then becomes with his prophecies in a historical perspective and a date.

Zechariah gives hope to the exiles not living in Israel with a temple destroyed looking in parallel at the far vision with similar condition around the Apocalypse time just started in 2008. Again in the far vision notice temple equipment being built (perhaps 2009?) and destroyed again  (2015 on 9 Av) similar circumstances once more dashing all hope for a future.

Therefore Zechariah’s prophecies come on the scene with what will happen in 2015 linked to a new Temple (Ezekiel) to encourage his people. At that juncture we witness transition of a new beginning, which will end the 70-year cycle shortly like a gear in God’s calendar scheduled in about 2018, which started from 1948 then add the 70 years. Thereafter, a new Temple will be built to last a thousand years with the foundation cornerstone placed in 2018 AD according to Daniel’s projection of 2300 days, becomes the second witness. Please check it out.

That must be put in perspective according to prophecy that two third living presently in the land of Israel will perish and only 144,000 males will survive; where sealed and separated by God and told to take care and marry (7) widowed-women-family units combined in an emergency with their children. That total will be no more than two million out of a six (6) million population surviving the holocaust that ends Jacob’s Trouble forever.

God promised that Israel to continue as a nation into the next new civilization, but then Israel will lead all nations, multiplying exceedingly like the stars in heaven as promised to Abram, finally to become a reality, prophecy fulfilled.

Check it out better explained in Pearl #120, How Many will be Left in the Land of Israel after the Tribulation. After that comes the last gathering of all Jews around the globe growing to a mighty nation too numerous to count.

Overlay with Revelation

Starting with chapter one cross referenced with Revelation as the seven seal are broken opening with four riders in the far vision which Zechariah sees among the myrtle trees in the near vision the same sent to patrol the earth. (Zech. 1:9) Then the question will be raised but now placed in the far-vision, which is answered in Verse 14. An Angel gives assurance for Israel that God is very gracious and comforting never forgot Israel during those 70 years in captivity. Then it is repeated again in Verse 17 becomes the far-vision and needed a second witness confirmed again that the house of the Lord will be built.

Take your Bible along and read it as I can only give you a roadmap to understand what the prophet tells us on the far-vision overlay. In verse 20 we have the beast system explained by Daniel four horns from the black smith’s shop, which scattered Israel as horns means political power of the Anti-Christ–UN-EU system.

Chapter two indicates the end of Jacob’s Trouble from the near vision but moves along the far vision as it is identical projecting hope. The angel said to the young Zechariah who is Daniel’s friend run and tell my people to be gathered home from the north and four winds of heaven says the Lord. Applying the far-vision perspective warning is given to Russia to flee from the land (Zech. 2:6) who plundered and touches the eyes of Jehovah. Read the next verse the consequences and promises.

Then in the third chapter 3 a view is given in the Heh dimension that will be executed on the Daleth dimension a high priest washed and put on clean cloth. That dated it with Satan still around in the Heh dimension of the Beast-earth system of the beginning Apocalypse 2008. Than we have an introduction to the “Branch”. (Zech. 3:8)  

He is a seven-faced, cut diamond stone (Jesus Christ) very precious as payment for the guild of the polluted land and is made in a single day which will become festival days enjoyed by everyone placed seven years later on the calendar. The second half of the Apocalypse will play out the Two Witnesses appearing in Jerusalem for a period of 1260 Daniel’s days overlaid and match. (Zech. 4:2) That seven-faced stone becomes the top of the pyramid (Zech. 4:7) which becomes the foundation of the Fourth Temple Ezekiel told about. It ends with the two witnesses killed in the Third Temple 9 Av 2015.

Now in chapter 5 we see a flying scroll 10x20=200. That Hebrew number 200 means insufficient which is the Apocalypse of seven years a curse that goes out over the whole land. (v3) The Beast system is basically characterized as theft and swears falsely. Existing laws means nothing anymore contracts are broken and lying and cheating rampant in government and society - all in the name of religion. It is like putting their hand on the Bible based on an old practice of Western culture to camouflage their corruption like lying with a straight face.

Now the beast European system is compared to a storage vessel with a lid on it. Looking inside is a woman full of iniquity. That is the capital system referred to a city NYC of the Sea-Beast system. Then two other women more wicked come and pick up that vessel with the woman inside and fly away to the land of Shinar. The two women are the two-beast system coming out of the sea (2008-2012) and earth (2013-2015) two cycles within the Apocalypse. Ancient Shinar is the Tower of Babel where people and nation wanted to unite like the beast system one Satan-computer controlled atheistic political-financial trading system controlled by the G7 gang or seven kings.

Now in chapter 6 we have a near vision again because the Branch-person is introduced (v12) but is extended to the far vision the Branch will build the Fourth Temple and shall bear royal honor and sit and rule upon his throne. Israel’s future after the Apocalypse will be a monarchy again Jesus genetically historically from David will rule over all nations in the Kingdom of God. His eternal crown will be displayed in the last Temple of the Lord. The chapter is ending with both near and far vision, people coming from far helping on the construction of the new Temple both vision identical.

Chapter 7 describes the near vision and gives advice what to do. Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy each to his brother, do not oppress widows, the fatherless, the sojourner, or the poor; and let none of you devise evil against his brother in your heart. Not doing that caused desolation and got scattered among the foreign nations.

Chapter 8 Chet a new beginning God outlines a return of Zion and gives again a far-vision of Jerusalem with again old people in security the streets full of boy and girls playing. (v5)  Behold I will save my people from the East to the West Country and will bring them in the midst of Jerusalem; and they will be my people and will be their God in faithfulness and righteousness. (7) After so many good advises and reflection of missed behavior it ends that the last Fast days in 2015 will be the last sad days as from thereon they will change into happy feast days.

The First Oracle  

In chapter 9 we have a near vision ending in about 35 AD. After the Babylonian exile of 70 years the prophet tell the exiled Jews return and forecast is given what will happen to its neighbors. Verse 9 makes reference to Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem 35 AD announces that his dominion will be from sea to sea, and from River to the ends on earth and as for you Israel because of the covenant I will set your captives free from the waterless pit.

Notice how accurately he predicted the riding on a colt the foal of an ass. A king usually would ride on a horse but Jesus came as a suffering servant Messiah Ben Joseph but proclaimed by the Roman government a sign over his cross “The King of Jews” testifying in three languages needed three witnesses what the religious establishment wanted to deny. That would make it clear Jesus was rejected by the Hebrew-religion, the Latin world of politics, and the Greek-science with philosophy still done today ending in a total atheistic satanic system destroyed by God’s Wrath pored out 17 September 2015 check out the calendar and Jewish holiday cycles.   

The Chapter ten; on that day the only verse mention in that first oracle guarantees the saving of the flock, the season of rain to grow food to save the house of Judah and the house of Joseph. Still always pointing to the far-vision where they will be gathered from Egypt and Assyria bring them to the land of Gilead and Lebanon.

Chapter eleven the Shepherd Jesus being rejected as a Messiah (v7) became the Shepherd doomed to be slain for those who traffic in sheep meaning the religious establishment controlling the faithful. Than God announced, “What is to die, let it die; what is to be destroyed, let it be destroyed; and let those that devour the flesh of one another – annulling the covenant which I had made with the people.” (v9)

“And they weighted out as my wages thirty shekels of silver and cast it into the treasury in the house of the Lord–the lordly price at which I was paid off by them.” (v13) That happened historical by Jesus’ disciple, Judas Iscariot. Check out what was written 500 years before it happened.  Then, it warned the Jewish religious establishment, “Woe” to my worthless shepherds,” and read the consequences.

The Second Oracle

We read (chapter 12) the word concerning Israel, 14 times “On that Day” which must be important. It is placed on the Hebrew world calendar toward the ending of the Apocalypse and we have come up with a date 2035AD by multiplying Daniel’s prophecy clock, which is 18 years later from 2015 after the ending of the Apocalypse.

(120 + 182) x 14.305678 = 4319 - 2287 + 2 = 2035 AD counting from Noah’s days. Clock gears tell me that Christ died in 35 AD and two Heh years later (2000 Daleth) His crown of thorns is exchanged for a seven layered crown of gold and is put in the rebuilt 4th Temple.

Why mention “on that day” 14 times? It must be something very unusual embedded in many calendars. The Aztecs and Revelation the last book in the Bible projected an asteroid coming, read my second Babushka concept book. That Asteroid caused unheard disasters, tectonic plates moved large landmasses, half America under water check out the gravity pictures made in 2007 Popular Science magazine front page and Jerusalem moved to a wide valley with one end raised to a high mountain.

All those prophecies make not sense now but ask any scientist educated what a major 52 km rock in space will do, forgotten in orbit 825 days around the sun and you will get some answers matching prophecies. That asteroid was projected to hit the earth 2020, but a Russian scientist and Bible calendar confirmed an earlier entry date 17 September 2015. Therefore, the second oracle starts out with an assurance that the earth will continue guaranteed by the creator.

Jerusalem was the hotspot and powder keg where all nations conspired to exterminate Israel perceived and believing a twisted worldview that the Jews are major troublemakers and in the way of doing business with an Islamic world block festering for centuries decided to end it. Their solution was to copy what Hitler did aided with high technology to reach their goal much faster with twice ten thousand time ten thousand assembled army marching to exterminate every single Jew. (Rev. 9:16)

But the equation was made without God who has an eternal covenant with Israel forgotten in history. God’s finger was already in orbit, ignored by a totally atheistic society only thinking making money by hook and crook, lying and cheating at any price, stirred up by an Islamic frenzy only thinking of destruction involving most nations on the globe. They do not recognize that God controls the affairs of mankind and called them to one place to judge them altogether in one pot to stirred them up with God’s Wrath reversing the energy spend for self destruction.

That will end our civilization like in Noah’s days prophesied by Jesus now returning as King of Kings to start a godly civilization no more wars and prosperous for all nations surviving.

Now check out the “On that day” to get a clearer picture what will happen during last days of the Apocalypse before that great day and ending with a new Temple in 2035 AD, which was prophesied by Ezekiel and Daniel’s calendar. Thus, “on that day” is like a hammer sounding on the blacksmith anvil. It can be heard from a long distance, so pay attention if you want to know what will happen in the last days of our civilization. 

“On that day” (v4) so many soldiers assembled with one purpose to exterminate the Jews God’s answer:

“On that day” (v6) again we will see 6 Israeli soldiers pitted against 200 terrorizing Muslim mob and will prevail once more against incredible odds check out the Six-Day War in history, another repeated example.

“On that day” (v8) even the feeblest among them will be like David if you remember history killing the giants Israel became victorious with the invisible Angel of the Lord ahead of them.

“On that day” (9) all the nations assembled with their armies will totally be destroyed. That will reveal to Israel their Messiah who they have pierced 35 AD and shall mourn for their mistakes and in supplication ask for forgiveness and weep bitterly of the missed opportunity to get to know him better.

“On that day” (v11) every family will mourn as family relations from ancient time will appear now identified because the King of kings, the victorious Messiah is coming for His bride Jerusalem the place of atonement to give Israel the final peace guaranteed for a thousand years.

“On that day” (13) the final atonement Jewish holy day (18-21 September 2015) will cause rejoicing now forgiven by God and encouraging the survivor that they are his favor forever not to worry any more.

“On that day” (v2) no more religion will exist on all the earth every single one destroyed by the asteroid –God’s Wrath pored out, and never will be remembered again as all churches, religious Vatican businesses, mosque and Hebrew synagogue buildings where leveled to the ground disappearing for ever, never to be remembered again in the future generation when Satan’s religion was mixed with God’s oracles.

“On that day” (v4) there will no longer be theologians preaching false doctrines about God in church and synagogues no longer allowed benefiting and get fat from the system now being terrible ashamed. The world and Israel will be looking again at Jesus clearly displayed for all to see what God suffered in 35 AD still shows embedded the marks on his back of criss-crossed brutal Roman whips with metal on the ends for maximum damage to the body. God-Jesus will be showing and exposing his back to millions of the people now recognizing too shocking seen disfigured what torture did to a body. In addition still showing the impact of big rusty nails on the hands and foot forever that visibly demonstrates God’s love poured out for mankind.

To realize how terrible Jesus mutilated body was displayed even aroused a seasoned soldiers-general seeing much sufferings cried out loud in disgust seeing the mess his soldiers did to Jesus and wondering how could he still stand there being alive seeing his flesh hanging lose on his  bones like dirty bloody rags separated from the bones should have been dead. “Behold the man” he cried out lout to create sympathy but only heard in response a screaming crowd furiously shouting in frenzy, “Crucify, crucify, crucify, and crucify over and over in an emotion of hatred never experienced by a religious mob that prided themselves of being a favored people of some God in heaven unknown to Romans.

The prophet shocked at seeing what happened, responded, “Strike the shepherd that the sheep may be scattered. The whole land–two thirds shall be cut off, and only one third left alive. That one will be put in the fire to be refined as one refines silver separating the dross, as gold is tested to be purified.

Then they will call on my name and answer them: They are My People and they will say, “The Lord is my God.” What love demonstrated!

“On that day” (14:1) the Lord is coming after all the nation had gathered for Israel’s destruction to plunder and ravish their women to experience when God will fight for his chosen people. 

“On that day” (v4) Jesus will stand on the east of the highest mountain raise on the edge of Jerusalem the historic Mount of Olive again before his trial for the highest court to be condemned now coming back as a conquering King from the Heh dimension. That splitting of the mountain becomes a refuge remembered for the remnant family forever to survive and see Jesus with the seven layered crown with the host of the Saints appearing just at the right time for Israel surviving with their enemies all dead, like the Egyptian pharaoh’s army buried in the sea, none left over as experienced once before.

“On that day” (v6) shall be not cold before the winter comes and nor frost and daytime around the world from a light coming from heaven brilliant illuminating the nightly sky with brilliant cosmic light seen around the earth.

“On that day” (v8) Tectonics plates will be activated and shaking in a seven-day earthquake never recorded in the history of mankind. That causes now wonders of wonders a huge river flowing from the top of the raised olive mountain going half to the eastern, half to the western side of the land. It will give water for the future continually not depending on the season like summer-winter so plentiful to fill up the lowest salty sea with fresh water 350 feet higher to sea levels with fresh, clean water for fish to gather with nets. Check out other prophets for more details, cross referenced with the schedule of the 7000-year calendar embedded with gears, which give mathematically matching dates.

“On that day” (v9) the Lord of heaven will become “King of all the earth” and be known only by “one” name, as he is only “one” God. The land shall be inhabited in the boundaries promised to Abraham, and the enemies of Israel will experience their eyeballs rotting out of their sockets while they are still alive now totally judged by God genetically changing his creation that caused horrendous diseases backfiring on the scientists who genetically screwed up the food for the next generation. 

“On that day” (v13) will be a great panic around the world, seven days earthquake and confusion among the nations coming together for the destruction of Israel. They will kill each other to the last remnant all the while Israel watching like in a 360° movie projection surrounded with complete destruction. Then, the remnant Israel will collect the wealth brought from many nations lying around as all where killed by viruses created by genetics backfired, having spliced out the policeman on the cell level protecting mankind for thousands of years. Screwing up genetically all food became poison, created by greedy global corporations, aided by corruption on the highest government level. God will end it all to have normal human being living on this earth again for thousand years now science controlled by the Saints.

Then in Zech. 14:16 normal times will be again be enjoyed by many which come from far away to honor the King of Kings in New Jerusalem with a new Temple #4 at the center of the United Nations where they will be directed how to live together without greed, corruption, and how to exist in peace supervised by the resurrected Saints watching and snuffing out any evil germ in the bud.

The last “On that day” #14 tells of the new temple that will be holy, no longer be a business like so many churches remembered in history. It will be a true blessing for those who worship the only one true God now visible living among men. Many pots and tourist items will be sold nearby to take home and share in the blessing linked with God’s favor overflowing.

It was interested for me to notice that Daniel’s calendar count ended in 2035 AD going back 2000 years or two Heh days overlays with Jesus Christ in the Temple AD 35 on the cross and at the same time of his death the ancient curtain in the temple was rendered from top to the bottom now revealing the inner holy of holiest, giving everybody unhindered access to the Throne of God.

Then in Zechariah’s near vision, check out history as Cyrus, King of Persia made a proclamation to build a house of prayer in Jerusalem. He asked the Jews go back in your country and build rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and thereafter rebuild the temple.

That happened 18 years later which is a perfect overlay 2015 with 18 years later, a new Temple was build according to the layout of Ezekiel.

Daniel prophesied the foundation will be laid with the cornerstone set which was connected with date from 4 January 2011 in the beginning of the Earth Beast system of the Apocalypse counting 2300 days later ending in 2018.  That matches a calendar again from different prophets laying the foundation of a 4th Temple. That took some time with many nations helping to build the last Temple and I believe 18 years later 2035 must be a special day linked like the near vision-far vision matching perfectly.

Using Daniel’s calendars in prophecy opened many events in Revelation. They are much better aligned and perfectly matching. I marvel at the precision of God’s Plan for Mankind, all matching to a day once you coordinate God’s ancient calendar to our NASA calendar. All prophecies perfectly align no longer mysteries confusing theologians. Check out the other Babushka concept books to widen your horizons. It will take some time to understand the system but does not cost much as they are free to be evaluated by the experts or will give you a roadmap how to become a Saint, a much better wiser choice.  

7 Years of the Apocalypse









Fractional year not completed, I added 2 years - Noah’s Tu b’Shevat 2287 BC  / Daniel’s 9 Av 588 BC


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