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Letter Written to the Israel Knesset (11-11-11)

This Letter was sent together with a copy of my Letter to President Obama published in the
9th Babushka egg concept book dated (11-11-11). (Pearl #199) Nicola Tesla’s Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine

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It is now July 2016. Why not compare recent politics worldwide as predicted by this scientist assigned to be a Jonah-II to warn global governments and universities that ATHEISM will be over.

As a retired inventor-scientist living on my vineyard in California, I recently discovered an inexplicable Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which looks like a code but works as a template for analysis of science from a biblical perspective.

My research included answers to questions raised by the last book of the Bible written about 98 AD known as John’s Revelation. HANS indicates that the pages of Revelation may have been mixed up, perhaps by a monk in the 4th century. This book has confused many theologians and opened the way for hundreds of Christian sects. HANS also corrected the Jewish calendar since Moses time compared to a number of ancient stone-bronze-gold clock/calendars exhibited globally in various museums.

My investigations with HANS ended with this last Babushka concept book revealing the Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE) gravity motor that can extract infinite electrical energy from GRAVITY and OCEAN-WATER. The core concept gifted to Israel can potentially produce many patents worth billions. Electricity is already a major energy source, but the UREE will provide it much cheaper. Humanity will no longer need power generators that poison the environment. The UREE motor makes nuclear-coal power obsolete.

This free energy will change our civilization over the next 1,000 years according to Jewish prophecy.  But it comes with a heavy burden to manage and requires someone who will survive the prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015, now under way in condensed fulfillment following the exponentially parabolic curvature of time revealed by HANS analysis.

Being familiar with metaphysical laws of nature, I recognize recent modern science in what was written thousands years ago. It can now be better checked out with HANS, a powerful tool proving the atheistic evolution religion taught globally in schools to be unscientific. This methodology has expanded into nine Babushka egg concept books where I share the modern science I found embedded in the Torah.

These scientific discoveries directed by an internal force realizing only lately that God had appointed me to be a modern Jonah with a big fish story - the UREE. When the inspired Torah, the first book of mankind’s history is connected with the last Bible book of Revelation, HANS reveals mathematically a ∞ creation loop crystallizing the purpose of mankind.

It starts in Genesis with Elohim revealing his plan of a future mankind encircled with a cosmos expressed in Heh-Daleth dimensions (heaven-earth) that bridge two immortal-mortal life echelons. It opens with the LOGOS revealing a human language linked to a ∞ MIND that communicates with each other in a miniature replica of the One who said, “Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1:26)

The “us” expresses the One God encircled with different dimensions expanding an eternal MIND articulated outwardly with the LOGOS now possible to communicate with the Adam he created. The miracle is that the infinite Creator ELOHIM from the Jod-dimension (Genesis 1:1), where angels live, became visible to our eyes and clothed himself in mortality in the Daleth dimension (John 1:1) in order to reveal his final Plan for Mankind in the middle crossover of the BC-AD Time Dimension of past and future.

God’s lesson intend is also revealed in NATURE as the crossover of the ancient math symbol signifies a cosmic resurrection principle like embedded in seeds, which must die to be resurrected into trees, or in caterpillars transformed through death-like cocoons to become butterflies.

Therefore, the ∞ infinite domain is bridged by a crossover point in time, a special mystery person expressed as LOGOS-Yeshua. He is the incarnate, eternal essence of ELOHIM but outwardly abided within the Daleth dimension constraints of physics, appointed to communicate God’s will to mankind.  God used prophecy to provide proof for skeptics, which is a paradox by writing history in advance. Hopefully, would convince us of the many invisible realities planned as the eternal purpose for mankind. Historically, only one person in the past qualified to connect the Heh to Daleth dimensions, as proven with the resurrection principle.

For an example, two thousand years ago, the learned lawyers and scribes in ancient Jerusalem approached Jesus preaching in the countryside. Judea was surrounded with so many laws, regulations and contradictorily cultured traditions, just like today. They questioned Jesus’ authority, “What is the first law on the top of the others?” Jesus quoted Deuteronomy 6:4-6 but added to the law a new concept of “MIND”.

Jesus answered, the first is,‘Hear O Israel: YHWH IS God, the YHWH is one; You shall love YHWH your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. (Mark 12:29)

A misconception exists among Christians and Jews that the eternal God only spoke once and is never allowed to speak again. However, we can witness further revelation of God speaking stretching across 6000 years because God appointed numerous writers to reveal further knowledge to explain his message. Like the prophet Isaiah records:

Whom will he teach knowledge? And to whom will he explain the message? –
For it is precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little. (Isaiah 18:1)

But usually ignorant traditions burden a culture. Applied to Israel, a 2000-year-old VEIL still hangs collectively over most who consider themselves to be real Jews, not using the spiritual MIND Jesus referred to when quoting Deuteronomy. Not acquiring the spiritual MIND prevents one from being linked to the ∞ spirit as the innate physics of a sinful nature avoids intellectual to be connected to a ∞God. That also means ignorance of how God in Jod-dimension could transpose himself into the LOGOS from the invisible Heh-dimension to communicate to mortals in the Daleth-dimension once visible from the ∞ side. "

If we follow logic, only someone from the other side can edit the Law given to Moses; therefore, he is allowed to expand the laws of God to be better understood because of a blinding VEIL surrounding the priesthood establishment still around even in our times. It greatly perplexed the lawyers and scribes to hear Jesus say that he was before Abraham. The proof that Jesus came from the Heh-dimension, as all his life-events demonstrated, were pre-announced hundreds of years before and confirmed with the historic fact of a resurrection for billions people to witness ever since and cannot be wrong.

A resurrection into the Jod-dimension is essential for all creation, but it can only be proven by an invisible SPIRIT embedded in mankind. It can only be defined outwardly by metaphysical laws or HANS. The blinding Jewish and Christian VEIL of not understanding God’s purpose for mankind as demonstrated in history could be compared to an old-fashioned record of a famous composer: if one groove is damaged, it can no longer play the rest of the music embedded, as the stuck groove is now repeated over and over. Pretty soon people forget that there is music on the other side.

Only reading the first five books of Moses like stuck on one groove becomes a veil to avoid using a MIND generated from a “reborn” spirit Jesus recommended. The reborn concept is a resurrection principle seen everywhere duplicated in nature as Nicodemus a member of the inner council found out talking secretly with Jesus. (John 3:1-21)

When the Torah is read in the synagogue, could it be possible that there is music on the other side? So many ancient prophets wrote about the Messiah Yeshua’s coming first (Son of Joseph) to atone for sin and then being crowned as future rightful King (Son of David), like the Dead Sea scroll found foretelling it.

Fake imitation messiahs will always be around but cannot confirm the written evidence in the Bible and show an unbroken genealogy historic record all the way to David to establish royalty and to Adam to ascertain that he was also human but still linked beyond to ∞ LOGOS. Why deny prophetic history written in advance? Notice the names come in groups of 14 like the ancient Aztec clock calendar or the 14 stations in Jerusalem of Jesus walk to the cross.

Rather, it is better to prepare for a BIG PROBLEM facing Jacob’s travail prophesied in the near future for Israel’s, which started to roll in 2008 if you understand HANS. Another Jewish genocide is in the making on a grand scale, but will end victoriously with a King of Kings coming just in time to save his people.

It is the same person well known globally who was previously crucified to atone for the sin of Adam infecting all of mankind. The two different prophesied Messiah(s) really merged into one person like a ∞ loop:  A suffering Messiah bearing the sin of the whole world and therefore acquired the prerogative to be a Messiah crowned as a King of Kings ruling over the world. Jesus returns to rule as King of Kings on his birthday, 28 September 2015 (as dated by HANS), during the Feast of Tabernacles. So begins God’s Kingdom on earth [Revelation 11:15].

The Land of ISRAEL, even in the best of times, never had over six million persons, but Abraham was promised, if you can count the stars, your descendants will be billions and become the head of nations globally with the UN building in the middle of a newly raised Jerusalem after the asteroid impact calculated from science, HANS and Hebrew Holidays overlay. The date dovetailed with many witnesses, 17 September 2015, verified with sun-moon eclipse aligned to cosmic-galaxy mathematics combined as aired on TV.

Investigating the bad and good news sworn personally by God to Abraham comes with a promise to Israel of an unimaginable fantastic future. It started with the rebirth of Israel against great odds in 1948. What the Knesset does not know is that 70 (Ayin) years later, in 2018 AD according to HANS, the Ezekiel Temple foundation stone will be set according to Daniel’s 2300-day prophecy to honor the Alpha/LOGOS linked ∞ with a temple bridge named Yeshua/Jesus.

A Warning to the Knesset

Babushka books attempt to repair the stuck groove with HANS and lift a 2000-year-old VEIL so that people can hear once more the creation music from the ELOHIM composer from the other side of the grove. It will end with an indispensable Apocalypse as Israel was appointed to be the spark in the powder keg accelerating to a whirlpool of Jacobs’s big time trouble prophesied in order to save humanity from self-destruction and the annihilation of mankind.

Therefore, the Knesset of Israel is now warned to repent from willful ignorance and remove the VEIL like the message of a historic Methuselah telling Noah of an impeding disaster. The first Atlantis civilization was terminated by an asteroid in 2288 BC, judged by God who caused it, and should question why do we not find Noah’s relative in the boat?

They did not believe the warning from Methuselah as Enoch named his son “when he dies it will happen”. Poor Methuselah, all his life he must have been the butt of every joke always kidding, “Meth what will happen”? Why would God destroy a whole civilization of the ancient world and cause God’s WRATH billion people disappearing with their high technology without a trace?

The Bible beginning in the Torah gives us the answer overlaid with HANS. When mankind again reaches the level of high technology like in ancient times, assaulting God’s creation with genetic-nuclear technology, it grossly breaches the laws of nature and physically attacks the foundation that was created for mankind’s benefit. It violates God’s contract made with Adam and ratified with Noah by a rainbow.  

God’s laws are being desecrated again in conflict with the same misapplied high technology that caused Noah’s civilization to become totally evil and degenerate like Sodom and Gomorrah. You can read the result in the Torah, and the most ancient books by Enoch and Noah, children of Methuselah. Three witnesses will testify in any court of law to prove violations of God’s supreme cosmic laws. 

Worldwide, a global Monsanto cartel aided by the FDA in America is splicing out the original reproductive intelligence codes removed from every cell destroying the many immune genomes that make gene transfer possible and protect us against salmonella, E-coli and many more deadly bacteria.

Worse, these companies have genetically embedded deadly herbicide-pesticides in every modified food cell now causing many diseases the medical profession is wondering about. It is causing the global death of honeybees and insects pollinating our food on a global scale leading into extinction and will end food pollination forever in the next generation, guaranteed.

In addition, notice that most plants in nurseries are reproduced through cloning, all for greedy obscene profit. If the cartel would go bankrupt, like large banks and the stock market recently witnessed in 2008 to start the apocalypse right on schedule, the seeds to grow food will no longer be available. They are controlled by a cartel most farmers depend on.

Assuredly, this will have consequences. Look at our environment. Already billions of people are starving. There is a glimmer of hope after the apocalypse the surviving nations will open the Norwegian underground seed bank, happy to start over again with original seed.  

Everybody should read the Torah to find out that God the Creator never changes. He, therefore, will respond once more when his handiwork is assaulted in such a gross way. The future of mankind is at great risk with the food chain collapsing. If you are not educated and want to know, read the fourth Babushka concept book Genetic Modification Exposed. 

The detailed account of major events that will happen in Jerusalem can be read in the Bible, available in any bookstore. Just turn to Mathew chapters 24-25. The same person, Jesus very accurately forecasted the 70 AD Temple destruction, literally fulfilled as confirmed by history, not one stone was left of a massive stone fortress Temple, ripped apart to get to the molten gold from burning timbers.

Therefore, we should listen once more to Jesus’ warnings projected by HANS in the next 42 months, if you want to survive the last Jewish holocaust. The ancient prophecy roadmap describing the apocalypse, now overlaid with HANS, ended in a special report free on the Internet, Mystery of Tammuz 17.

It unfolds Daniel’s prophecy along an exponentially parabolic curve in time ending with Jacob’s Trouble, all detailed and dated. Even Jesus mentioned it and gave information about how to survive the coming ethnic cleansing by an Islamic mob gone amok.

Israel will be completely abandoned and hated by a world now terrible exposed even by the UN that conspires to exterminate Israel totally by starting the last war near Armageddon. Satan’s followers of Islamic tradition linked to Western atheistic evolution religion, both evils in God’s sight, will be terminated forever according to prophecy. In addition God will make an end to this environmentally destructive, computerized hi-tech civilization enslaving all mankind into one antichrist, global dictatorship. He will stop extinctions caused by lethal genetic modification to save his creation.

A greatly angered ELOHIM will destroy once more evil and judge the world system just like Noah’s Atlantis civilization which ended with an asteroid will be repeated once more dated with HANS. A 52 km asteroid in 825-day orbit and a number of science witnesses point to 17 September 2017 hitting the earth once more. (Rev. 6:12)

It is calibrated to our Gregorian calendar coinciding and overlaid with 17 September on the ancient Aztec calendar and projects 21 December 2012 as the day when the current earth wobble will come to rest, all detailed if you want to survive. (Revelation 16:17)

ISRAEL will be purified through much suffering and made truly kosher as God will separate his sheep to enter his kingdom and the goats for slaughter exposed to his WRATH. (Mathew 25:32) That will exchange the Knesset for a Monarchy. Try investigating HANS overlaid with Bible prophecy, expect sometimes to be a little off requiring some adjustment because a previous earth axis wobble that changed calendars since Julius Cesar. Thousand year mysteries may need a little more time, being mortal to crosscheck it with science.

If you want proof, recognize two witnesses:

1) The big fish of Jonah’s story changed a military might and world power to repent overlaid with HANS now became a fact that God announced electricity for free fueling His Kingdom on earth with applications of UREE gravity motors, which comes with a testimony to all nations now revealed in nine Babushka concepts books just read. (Mathew 24:14)

2) Watch the signal for Jacob’s Trouble to start counting Daniel’s calendar along a Moses temporal tent temple structure allowed by UN to be erected next to the Islamic Mosque to squelch a Palestine riot.

From Eden to New Jerusalem:

Waw -> BC/AD -> Tet

It will be dated by HANS linked to the Torah-Bible prophecy ending with an uncontrollable Islamic riot starting the war at Armageddon ripping apart the Jewish Temple tent to the last screw. That will affect the WRATH of ELOHIM exploding shaking the earth with another axis wobble ending our atheistic civilization.

God’s Kingdom on earth will start with God’s footstool on earth, the last final permanent five cornered Ezekiel Temple, built no longer cubic but is totally different like the Enoch Great Pyramid in Gaza, constructed after 2018 AD with a new emerging society God’s Kingdom on Earth lasting 1000 years.

ISRAEL will be elevated as a leader of world-peace ahead of all the nations, then greatly honored and awakened to a Royal Monarchy that started with a King David and promised to be an everlasting Kingdom soon fulfilled. The future civilization will honor David’s last son, a resurrected Yeshua seen worldwide by millions coming in his Star of Bethlehem Satellite Golden City.

A resurrected Yeshua returned to earth will be ruling as King of Kings described with more detail in now 14 Babushka books that investigate the ancient Hebrew Alphabet Number System I did not invent. Projecting Israel’s future overlaid with the Torah-Bible is guaranteed. Check out New Research Pearl #158 and the first Babushka concept book #1: God’s Plan for Mankind.

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