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Did Nostradamus Predict the Apocalypse in 2012?


Who was Nostradamus?

Not knowing much about Nostradamus, I first researched a bit in Wikipedia on the Internet. That is a good source to get started. Here is a bit from their article on him as a start:

Michel de Nostredame (14 December 1503 or 21 December 1503 – 2 July 1566), usually Latinized to Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book Les Propheties (The Prophecies), the first edition of which appeared in 1555. Since the publication of this book, which has rarely been out of print since his death, Nostradamus has attracted an enthusiastic following who, along with the popular press, credits him with predicting many major world events.

In contrast, most academic sources maintain that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus's quatrains are largely the result of misinterpretations or mistranslations (sometimes deliberate) or else are so tenuous as to render them useless as evidence of any genuine predictive power.

Moreover, none of the sources listed offers any evidence that anyone has ever interpreted any of Nostradamus's quatrains specifically enough to allow a clear identification of any event in advance.

Nevertheless, interest in the work of this prominent figure of the French Renaissance is still considerable, especially in the media and in popular culture , and the prophecies have in some cases been assimilated to the results of applying the alleged Bible Code, as well as to other purported prophetic works.

A bit later, the Wikipedia entry comments the methodology that Nostradamus employed in writing about the future:

Nostradamus claimed to base his published predictions on judicial astrology — the astrological assessment of the 'quality' of expected future developments — but was heavily criticized by professional astrologers of the day such as Laurens Videl for incompetence and for assuming that "comparative horoscopy" (the comparison of future planetary configurations with those accompanying known past events) could predict what would happen in the future.

Recent research suggests that much of his prophetic work paraphrases collections of ancient end-of-the-world prophecies (mainly Bible-based), supplemented with references to historical events and anthologies of omen reports, and then projects those into the future in part with the aid of comparative horoscopy.

Consider When he Lived

First, reflect on the historical period in which he lived. We should try to understand people in the context of their social and cultural circumstances – especially when they needed to avoid trouble with political and religious authorities who had the power to impoverish, imprison, torture and execute anyone perceived as different. The Inquisition was very much alive and at work in the Roman Catholic areas where he lived and traveled. Little freedom of speech and religion existed especially in southern France and Italy back then. Holland, leaning toward Protestantism, was more open and less restricted. Many artists, craftsmen, scientists and Jewish bankers settled in that country, which helped to make it very prosperous.

Throughout Europe, new universities formed during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Charles V. Many towns had become free towns, which meant they were exempt from direct taxation by the nobility and had a little freedom to arrange their own affairs like universities. Town dwellers paid their taxes to the mayor or burgomaster, who then negotiated payments to the church and political overlord. Towns were surrounded with walls for defense, but they often had to pay a regional noble for his bodyguards and general protection. The regional rulers in turn had obligations to the bigger fish on up to the imperial family.

IAlso, check out the Little Ice Age, a global hot topic today, that took place over 300 years with the coldest times being about 1650, 1770 and 1850. Here just another clue that the climate is not always even on earth with known cycles. Even today we do not even question true scientific facts presented in the Bible, a 4,000-year old history book of mankind, for these variances. Instead, they postulate unscientific evolution biased fairytales exclusively taught in most universities. That will never solve the controversy of global warming.

Nostradamus was a pharmacist and lived during the Middle Ages engaged in mixing plants for all kind of diseases and remedies against the Black Death or Plague so prevalent throughout Europe. Most scientific inquiries were met with suspicion and anyone doing such work was constantly under surveillance by the Catholic establishment. Like Galileo was silenced, any idea bordering on science might get you in trouble or possibly being tortured to get a “confession” so as to justify loss of property or even death by burning in the market place.

Heinrich der Hexenhammer was famous for burning many women at the stake because he was a frustrated homosexual who served the Catholic establishment oppressing the poor lowest classes. Many European museums have the horrible torture instruments made from iron on display. These instruments of torture were very expensive to build but very effective in making people compliant to church doctrine.

In my opinion, Nostradamus' experiences should be understood in this context. People lived and felt an oppression, which could not be openly vented without endangering life. Sometimes artists covered up their rebellion against the establishment by fooling the local Bishop, who had to approve what was painted, sculpted, written or anything else open to the public.

As an example, there is a famous and huge picture I saw in some museum or church. In it there is a market place scene with Jesus and disciples talking in the forefront indicating Sunday. In the background, people were working, which was then forbidden on Sunday. The artist made fun of the establishment by showing a big rhinoceros walking in the street of a European town. Very unnatural! That could not be censured but shows an attempt to be different within the limits of official tolerance in order to avoid being tortured.

I suggest that we understand him as an intelligent pharmacist-scientist ticked off at the establishment and had to be careful in what he published. He wrote a book the local Bishop could not figure it out as it was written in the style like Scripture but poked fun at them to make them think. I believe his style of writing borrowed many symbols from astrology and the Bible, mixing it up to make you think. That could pass the Bishop’s test.

Perhaps, Nostradamus believed that the process of thinking instead of coercion would thaw the ice and eventually break the prevailing ignorance, which would in turn change the world to be more tolerant. Nostradamus succeeded beyond his wildest dreams as thousands read his book and started to think as witnessed by the many TV programs in modern times. It also created a big book business for gullible people still immersed in ignorance who will never know that Nostradamus wrote the way he did in order to break the bondage keeping science locked up.

Unfortunately, popular TV producers like National Geographic and Nova cannot come up with good factual TV presentations based on true science as they are very biased in an evolution religion that distorts facts. Without the technical assistance of the graphic department they could not have a program because their content lacks substance.

It is obvious that our universities have reverted back to the old Catholic tactics of censuring everything not permitted by an atheistic priesthood. The modern priests of academia control universities not allowing open debate. Thousands of scientists are silenced just like in the Middle Ages. They are not permitted to present their papers based on Judeo-Christian principles in an open university forum.

Analyzing Nostradamus’ Predications

Part of the mystery of Nostradamus lies in the fact that he was an intelligent individual ticked off at the establishment yet dependant upon them for his income. He had to be careful about what you published. The local Bishop could not figure out what he wrote because it was purposely written in an obscure style. As the Wikipedia article states, he borrowed from many sources without quoting them, which was fairly normal back then. He did not claim to be a prophet but a collector and analyst of prophecies.

Nostradamus was correct to believe that the past is the key to the future. He thought that the historical patterns of the stars’ movements as recorded and used in astrology could be projected to provide insights and warnings about the future. He was not a good astrologer and preferred to work with the birth charts created by professional astrologers. His specialty was in analyzing the history of the celestial movements and projecting them forward.

Whether Nostradamus accessed occult sources of information is debated and beyond this brief answer. Obviously, he did not have the advantages of what we know now about antiquity, the nature of time and astrophysics or scientific methodology in general. His historical perspective was shortened because he did not live at the end of this second civilization as we do now, which gives us a longer perspective of history. In his day, astrology and astronomy were still one and the same thing. Today, most people do not understand why astrology still commands such broad public acceptance and devotion. There is a power behind it that you can read about elsewhere.

Critically important, Nostradamus did not subject all of his studies to a final biblical authority. Probably, he confused the authority of God’s Word with the bishops’ authority, although the two are very different in nature and power. Regardless of why, the fact is that he did not throw out questionable material. Neither did he restrict his projections into the future to events that produced two or three Bible-science-mathematical witnesses.

For the above reasons alone, the authority of his writings about prophecy should be rejected. Unlike fulfilled Bible prophecy, which proves its reliable authority to predict the future because it the written Word of the ONE who dwells in eternity, Nostradamus’ predictions are so vague as to defy the objective testing of its accuracy – past or future. As the Wikipedia entry noted:

In contrast, most academic sources maintain that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus's quatrains are largely the result of misinterpretations or mistranslations (sometimes deliberate) or else are so tenuous as to render them useless as evidence of any genuine predictive power.

Nonetheless, even in his lifetime Nostradamus became wealthy from publishing his writings and obtaining royal clients. He could never have foreseen how often his books have been published since his death. That level of success was way beyond his wildest dreams. Thousands have read his writings and started to think. The process of thinking we call logic breaks the religious bondage that kept science locked away from public discussion.

Why do we revert back to obsolete methods today that caused the Dark Ages? Why do we have a Dark Age descending again on our civilization believing atheistic evolution fairytale dressed up in scientific sounding opinions enforced by lawyers? School administrators decide what is religion or science in our schools by rejecting truth although they are not even educated in science. That is reflected in our TV shows for the masses to keep them stupid and politically compliant like it was in Nostradamus’ time.

Today, most universities have reverted back to the same spirit of control, and sometimes even similar tactics that typified how Catholic authorities censured everything not allowed by the College of Cardinals. Modern academia is bullied by an atheistic priesthood that controls and limits open debate of scientific models in university classrooms and campus forums. Just mentioning intelligent design could make you lose your job. In 2008, I remember seeing an interview by Larry King of a popular schoolteacher fired from his job for explaining science.

If you want to know about the future, read my Babushka books. I am not a prophet, but I have analyzed historical cycles – sourced in the Bible as well as in other cultures - forward and subjected them to stringent requirements of biblical witnesses. Therefore, they have a much higher probability of being correct, though of course limited by my normal potential for human error.

Apocalypse Prophesied

Four years ago many Bible prediction where written in my first two Babushka books with a date 2008-2015 on the cover. They where censured by many Christian churches and seminars exposing a false rapture dogma cherished but invented by a little girl in England a hundred years ago.

Those published dates were offensive to Christians but can never be undone as they have started to become true watching TV in December 2008 as now our global economy is in a tailspin and will get worse if you want to be informed. The apocalyptic rider and the first horse prophesied in Revelation chapter 6 have left the barn.

That was not noticed as much about nothing is produced on TV of an obscure individual Nostradamus projecting a future but scientific facts from the Bible presented today are totally ignored even if the projection become true at this very moment. I wrote a letter to the Mayor of New Orleans you can read on the internet and announced his town will be judged by God who is grossly offended by his behavior making fun of Jesus Christ.

Check out that town on the TV news seven months later and see the answer of God’s judgment published in my letter. When prophecy becomes true, some credibility should be achieved. This was a much more specific prediction than any of the more popular and hazy predictions of Nostradamus. Truth can never get publicity from an atheistic TV establishment designed for gullible people.

Modern science has given us the tools to encipher the past to find out that the ancient knew more of the future we would not give them credit. The 7-year Apocalypse has started. We can read what was published four years ago and now see it happening on global TV.

Global warming will never be solved if science only from an evolutionary perspective as they are not based on scientific observation only on opinions of overpaid university PhDs writing magazine articles of scientific fairytales because they cannot get a job in industry. But we all must tolerate their opinion as they have the money for lawyers paying off atheistic senators to prevent true science from being taught in our schools. That will end in the next seven years. They have left God out in that equation. Big mistake!

If you want to be better informed from that time and compare it what we see on Geographic Magazine’s TV productions, read it free on the Internet. Here is a quick example from newly discovered science reported in Chapter 9 of my third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Bible Prophecy. In that book, I discussed a mystery clock tower in Prague dating from the 1500s. The Prague Orloj is a popular tourist attraction, now deciphered .

The ancient Prague clock has a very strange design, and it exhibits similarities in design with the five Aztec pyramids built one on top of each other located at the outdoor museum in Mexico City. The Aztecs started a calendar with stone skull heads, which aligned with a different technology thousands of miles away. A thousand years later, Hellenistic scientists devised a calendar mechanism run by bronze gears. The Antikythera Mechanism was found at the bottom of the Mediterranean about 1900 and is usually dated to 80 BC we can see in the Athens museum.

Many scientists could not figure it out, yet they all tell the same story. For hundreds of years, ancient clocks have collected dust in many museums. Some are very heavy weighing over hundred pounds since they were made from pure gold. Why spend a fortune on useless objects?

“Think” Nostradamus advises. Other ancient calendar clocks were made from huge standing stones or precisely designed and constructed pyramids built thousands of years earlier. They all testify of an ancient wobble in the earth’s axis of rotation, which is why so much study of the stars, invested money and energy were devoted to predicting the beginnings of seasons.

Look up and see the proof on top of the large pyramid in Giza where we see the effect of a recent flood 2288 BC not washed out by wobble tidal waves with the original skin leftover as the flood level was below clearly seen. That testimony from ancient times is not mentioned like so many hundred other to demystify evolution falsified so called facts. All those verifiable evidences presented could fill dozens of interesting TV shows based on true geological and archeological proof if you are educated to think logically and not as taught in our schools.

Belief in an atheistic evolution religion prevents many scholars from understanding ancient archaeological artifacts. No one seems to really know why ancient cultures spent fortunes on what must have been very important to their survival. I recently discovered why they were built and discuss several examples in Asteroid Answers as well as relating them to the biblical history and prophecy. They do not conform to the mold – be different like a

Michel de Nostredame 2008.

Projecting the Apocalypse from the Bible and science information from a dual railroad track perspective:

21 December 2008 – 21 December 2015

World Cuckoo Clock

Mainz 1455 (Printing press) Freiburg1457, Basel 1459, Ingolstadt 1472, Trier 1473, Tubingen 1477 .


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