Pearl #110 -

Are Only Christians Saved?

Amended, Passover 4/10/2017.
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That is a good question many have asked. We must look at that question from a 360° perspective to include all of mankind since ancient times now across 6000 year old history as the Gospel of the Saints in Revelation came a little late only recently. Let’s look at Matt. 22 where Jesus tells a story of a wedding. A king invites his friends to a special wedding but most have an excuse saying I am too busy, business demanding priorities on top family problems or have no time heard everywhere.

The king kept sending more invitations but now special messengers. When they arrived many where mostly ignored many killed. That caused the king to be angry being rebuffed and send his army destroyed many cities causing famine to wake them up come to the party prepared with a special wedding to honor the king.

However the king being very gracious tells his servants go out in the byways and invite all the good or bad. Now the room filled with good and bad people but sees one dirty man not being cleaned up dressed with a soiled shirt. Then we read about the consequence when confronted now speechless person who cannot answer “why are you so dirty?” Take him out bound on hand and feet send him to the outer darkness loneliest place. The story ends with a statement, “Many are called but few are chosen.”  

The king’s friends are the children of Israel who got the first invitation call for a special wedding. But as we look back in history of Israel they rebelled, ignored and did not listen to the prophets God send, even today they still reject Gods oracles collected in the Bible. Then God send out to invite everybody not being Jewish come to the wedding of the king the good and bad and notice the bad too.

But there is a difference between bad and dirty not having a wedding dress or clean shirt. Many think they are invited and chosen, but never question or pay much attention why the king is so angry about?

That statement tells of Gods infinite grace that even the bad are allowed at the wedding to enjoy some free food not deserved. Throughout the centuries every person was inoculated with a good dose of evil that is was destined for the other butterfly domain side like the Jod dimension New-heaven & New-earth designed for mankind’s future existence. It was meant to recognize its consequence to qualify and react like an immune system to snuff-out evil in the bud. Thus wickedness will never germinate again for a destruction of a peaceful community happy living together and no longer allowed.

A vital inoculation process is a requirement designed for every mortal to be embedded in a new life lived on the other butterfly side. Thus, the Creator ELOHIM will never see a rebellion again perpetrated like Lucifer-Satan did and his bunch of 200 million demons dated in Babushka egg concepts around 4488 BC. Many came to the party to get free blessings but many turned up unwashed with their dirty clothing not respecting the Kings and did not care, perhaps only to crash his festive party.

Their old life style was intended only to cause disturbance and division and to keep ignoring the gracious King to respectful honor him. In defiance challenged God’s grace insisting that they earned to be at the party like everybody else accusing God you own me, I am good regardless of the king’s standard.

It is obvious those enjoying the party that evil people were not invited blending in with the bad people would only crash the party at the next opportunity, but cannot fool the king. The king gave orders to bind them with hands and foot and send to outer darkness to be forgotten awaiting judgment.

Therefore at the party you will meet someone who maybe a special hidden Saint looking no different mingled with those who where righteous or bad but need to be forgiven by a gracious Kings all were allowed to dine with the king in his party. If you want to become a special Saint must be a very close friend of the King.

Why not check further described in Babushka egg book or read the very first two words of Genesis and the very last two words of Revelation, which expose the whole mystery story of the Plan for Mankind in just four words.

God created - the Saints. (Rev. 22:21)

Then there is another Bible verse we hear about like Matt. 25 told by Yeshua emphasized ten virgin all waiting for the bridegroom. But the prophecy time clock seems to indicate that the groom may be delayed according to his unknown schedule? The World Clock could tell his arrival either before or after midnight 12 o’clock? However some people will know when the call “he is coming” to get ready for the bridegroom to start shortly his party. But five virgin to their horror found out that they had no more oil in their lamp and scrambled to find some more, but too late and missed the bus or airplane.

Coming later to the door and crying loudly, “Lord open the door we are here.” Only to hear the voice, “Go away; I do not know you.” (Matt 25:41-46) But Lord, we sung in church did pay the pastor much money and never missed a church meeting, to no avail the doors kept close.

Many Christians will be very surprised having missed the party and found later standing in front of the White Throne next to righteous or bad person previously avoided and found out that they could not be promoted to be a Saint. I am sure will be very disappointed, perhaps your pastor standing next to question him what is happening here, I was not told?

That privilege to become intimately involved with the inner circle of the king stipulates a special prerequisite you can find out reading Babushka books not preached in church. Many theologians are ignorant in true science thus will be confused by denominational dogmas only interested in tradition and missed to understand God’s total Word. Becoming a Saint is not automatic going to church, being nice to people or just plain being good. You may not be invited lamenting later, “Lord we have preached in your name, sung songs in church and in public prayed lofty prayers to hear now ‘away I do not know you’?” Guaranteed very disappointing.

Just being born in a time of God’s full Revelation and a Christian country and going every Sunday to church does not qualify automatically for special privilege no difference than those who have lived in ancient times thousands of years ago. They never heard the Gospel or God’s Plan for Mankind since Adam’s time, but many Christians will be surprised that some were promoted to Sainthood.  Remember, God will reward the good you have done, but also you could sit next to a bad person invited by the king to also enjoy the party as both good and bad are under God’s undivided grace of blessings being let into the party at the Second Resurrection Judgment test to receive Mercy onto Life or mercy unto Death.

But being a Saint is another matter, as only God appoints those who will rule the universe a government position of high esteem and honor with authority. Being invited or being saved does not routinely qualify to be a Saint but must be one notch higher, which may cost you something. It does not come cheap. A pastor or bishop, already rewarded with a high salary and benefits from a good job on earth, may not qualify to be a Saint in heaven.

Do not be surprised at this ignored statement not preached in church and resented by many theologians who think that they are special privileged with degrees in Theology and therefore earned to be seated on the King’s table. Big mistake you will find out later. Check Jonah-II Warnings. (Pearl #200)

Becoming a Saint cost something, not free as you must ask and show to the king why you desire to become a Saint, as others are also saved at the party - the good and the bad. Check it out in Babushka egg concept books and discover something theologians do not want you to hear about rejecting Babushka egg concepts fearing revenue loss jeopardizing easy salaries linked with privilege.

God’s Plan for Mankind is discovered in the Hebrew Alphabet Number system (HANS), which rearranged the mixed up pages of Revelation to give us a better picture of the puzzle stated in the first two and last two words of the Hebrew Torah-Bible. You must find out first if you want to belong to the special group called “The Saints”. The Torah-Bible starts with:

God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning… (Gen. 1:1) 

However, it ends with the last words in the Bible:

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the Saints. Amen.

Added, Passover 4/10/2017.

Going back to the Garden of Eden at the end of my life I learned that mankind must choose based on an embedded “Good and Evil”. The Bible was not available for untold billions as the knowledge curtain was only lifted 2000 years ago when the ELOHIM became visible paying the price for a Kosmos trespass to restore YHWH holiness in Yeshua-Jesus the Christ.

In short, when “sin” entered heaven and earth, only the Creator could cause restoration, thus he needed to create a new Jod dimension linked to a Resurrection better explained in Babushka eggs and many Pearls. Therefore, the ELOHIM paid for every EVIL transgression now introduced on a Roman cross “Eternal Death”, a great blessing for many, as angels and mankind were created to live forever.

Consequently, Life is a privilege and must align to Kosmos Laws. Even God cannot change as explained in his ancient Bible book for those who want to know. Yeshua-Jesus taught that wide is the gate leading to outer darkness/death and only a few will enter a small gate to live forever. The fallen angels who rebelled have no recourse, thus they will end when the heaven and earth elements melt in a fiery sea. Only mankind was given a chance to choose, but we must pass a test like Adam and Eve.

Do I trust the Creator, or is my Will more important? Since Adam, half the population died as a child or were enslaved one way another exploited by evil. They never saw the daylight of a good life. All were inoculated with a good dose of evil that was spelled out like in the US Constitution never experienced before.

On the last global frontier many immigrants came from various cultures being religiously oppressed for 6000 years, but many remembered that millions died choosing righteousness going back to the root of mankind. Many Christians and Jews are now taught they are privileged because they have a copy of history recorded by ELOHIM, but they use it for their own benefit being ignorant of YHWH’s holiness, disregarding to warn their relatives or neighbors.

My last Pearl #279 explains that every transgression was paid fully by Yeshua-Jesus on a foretold cross but will be judged please notice by the last INTENT still future. Thus, most mankind will not know when the caterpillar is transformed to a butterfly like the two dates on any tombstone not controlled by the owner. Every mortal will be evaluated without exception on a divine balance for Good or Evil, which will cause an outcry in Christian-Jewish circles being deceived. Many assigned angels assisting prophets wrote warnings:

(Ezekiel 3:17, Jeremiah 23, Matthew 25:32-42)

All Yeshua’s friends were executed among billions who died for their faithfulness in history now to be rewarded. Watch the sky for when he returns with his army angels - Solstice 2017.

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