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Ophiuchus : The 13th Sign of the Zodiac


Solar Signs of the Zodiac

1. Capricorn - January 20 to February 16

2. Aquarius - February 16 to March 11

3. Pisces - March 11 to April 18

4. Aries - April 19 to May 13

5. Taurus - May 14 to June 19

6. Gemini - June 20 to July 20

7. Cancer - July 21 to August 9

8. Leo - August 10 to September 15

9. Virgo - September 16 to October 30

10. Libra - October 31 to November 22

11. Scorpius - November 23 to November 29

12. Ophiuchus - November 29 to December 17

13. Sagittarius - December 18 to January 18

Precession of PolesAccording to traditional western astrology, the sun travels from the constellation of Scorpius directly into the sign of Sagittarius. Due to the constant motion of the cosmos, the sun actually enters, for a few days of the year, the constellation of Ophiuchus before reaching Sagittarius from Scorpius, thus creating the astrological birth of a thirteenth sign of the Zodiac named Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder, which chronologically comes twelfth in the annual progression according to the secular calendar year.

The planet Pluto was found in Ophiuchus until the end of 2003, after which it passed into Serpens Cauda, the Serpent's Tail. The Centaur object, the minor planetoid Chiron, was visible against the stars of Ophiuchus until November 2001, after which it passed over the border into Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury can be found in Ophiuchus for a time each year.

Notice that the new 13th sign of Ophiuchus is squeezed in between the traditionally ordered 11th Scorpius and 12th Sagittarius, stealing weeks from Scorpius in the process. That is symbolic of the prophesied apocalypse squeezed in at the end of the 6,000th year of the biblical/Hebrew calendar, which also has 12 cycles plus one special 13th period inserted.

That Bible calendar tells us that the Serpent will appear in our civilization. Much of the story is given in Revelation the last book of the Bible. It prophesies that Satan is losing the war in heaven and will be morphed into a human being on earth called the Antichrist. He becomes mortal in the material Daleth dimension, one step lower according to second entropy laws of physics that can never be reversed.

The number “13” in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) means “Judgment” and is linked to a Serpent appearing on earth associated with the Mayan-Aztec calendar ending on 21 December 2012. This short time period inserted as the 13th station in world history now becomes visible as the Apocalypse, which I have identified as the Chet Age - 2008-2015.

The total 7,000-year Hebrew timeline for human history is a Time Dimension designed for mortals composed of 14 stations. The Serpent-Satan becoming mortal has a mirror image embedded in ancient times for us to understand it better, which is explained in the next paragraph. I have described this phenomenon as a Bible telescope showing near and far vision projected or explained in another Babushka concept book.

The New York papers have astronomical projections section for its readers matching Zodiac signs assigned by your birthday. It becomes a mantra for business to watch out for omens or go back to bed if you do not like it. But the newspaper has a problem with the Zodiac prophets as some want to adapt to the 13th sign of Ophiuchus now appearing in the sky.

The other camp will stick with the old version of 12 Zodiac signs. Those fights are not over yet as it sells newspapers, but could be ended with NASA in the middle due to satellites in space like GRACE and the Hubble telescope. The result could be a Solomon-like decision from checking out the earth-axis movement that should come to a stop on 21 December 2012.

Ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in various museums are now deciphered in Babushka concept books that describe how an asteroid hit the earth around 5 February 2287 BC and caused Noah’s flood. This same asteroid strike also triggered an earth axis-wobble which came to rest at today’s 23½°.

Atheistic scientists dated that event 60 million years ago causing dinosaurs to disappear believing in an evolution religion’s postulated billions of years without demonstrating scientific facts. They have painted their imaginations on the walls of every science museum for kids. Paint is cheap as visitors are mostly children not yet able to think logically.

However, a painter’s imagination is carried over as adults still stuck on a child education level; therefore, they become easy victims of an political correctness World View invented by German philosophers Hegel and Marx now morphed into modern brand of liberal-socialism-capitalism-hybrid.

This accepted doctrine is now enforced by the atheistic priesthood of the Supreme Court controlling our government and universities by falsifying history and exchanging a 200-year old American Constitution for a “third point” option. They have rejected 6,000-year old Bible wisdom to delineate “evil” from “good” and changed it for a destructive “Third Point” politics where crimes committed are now “relative” and acceptable.

That has caused a rejection of every Bible truth for evolution fantasies with no credible evidence and resulted in a trail of ecological disasters. No longer being educated to think logically, humans degenerate to a lower evolution monkey level and have difficulties to delineate fairytales from real science, which resulted in rewriting history to make a third point believable.

This politically correct bias now even suppresses and rejects old-fashioned science such as that compiled and published by Professor Dr. Edward Hull M.A, L.L.D., F.R.S. in England. He created a wall chart [2 ft x 14 ft] and needed a large space to fill the many detailed dates of thousand historic events of kings, emperors and their wars across the whole human history spectrum which needed to be folded and stretched out in a Wall Chart of World History. It was published folded up and sold globally in any Barnes & Noble book store and check it out on the Internet. Why does the establishment forbid it? It is a treasure of professional human endeavor.

Study that World History Chart. Notice that Julius Caesar was slain in the Senate 44 BC but became famous changed a wobble calendar and tried to correct it with 62 days by adding two extra months July and August. Augustus was his favored adopted son.

But the earth-axis kept moving, and it needed another correction of 14 days in the Middle Ages by Pope Gregory XIII. But since the earth axis still kept going a little more, not yet at rest as proven recently by the changing weight of our Standard Platinum Kilogram and its 6 sisters. Manufactured 135 years ago, it is hidden in a steel vault in Paris. Now scientists find out that these platinum weights have become obese.

If Isaac Newton would have been around, he could have told our scientists why the standard IPS has changed. Or better, check out Babushka concept books postulating a new Donut-Atom theory as scientists can only smash atoms in ever bigger cyclotrons and still do not know what makes an atom tick after 40 years.

They do not know where energy comes from when you pass a magnet through a copper wire loop to create a pulse of electricity everywhere fuelling our modern civilization. Asked the question, “What is gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong force balanced with weak force?” You cannot find it in schoolbooks.

Why not check out what is revealed from the metaphysics I collected in the Babushka concept books written for the level of my grandchildren. But why do our ignorant, brainwashed scientists who will not consider it? Because it conflicts with atheistic fairytales invented 100 years ago reject it. I think they fear that the flow of money to their pockets would be stopped.

Looking at the near vision in the bible telescope at the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is the only Zodiac sign linked to a real man. This man lived in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BC, and his name was Imhotep. The attributes of Imhotep can also be found in the Biblical Hebrew man Joseph, son of Jacob linked to the metaphysics records. Imhotep is credited with many accomplishments including the knowledge and use of medicine. It is said of Imhotep that he brought the art of healing to mankind.

The symbol of a serpent, which is still widely used today to represent the medical profession, was used to represent Imhotep. Imhotep was known as Aesclepius to the ancient Greeks noted on the World History Chart.
During Moses’ time, an incident of judgment was recorded where the Israelites were told to make a bronze snake hung on a pole. Whoever looked on it was healed from the poison bites from snake appearing suddenly by the hundreds in the camp. God would not only give Israel a lesson but was really meant for our time as modern science lies a lot and needs prophecy to balance what is forbidden in our times.

In a nutshell, the far vision Bible telescope forecasts that Satan will be replaced as Lord over this World-System. The earth will be healed as Jesus on the cross took our place and will replace Satan’s Kingdom on earth. Most people anticipate Jesus to appear anytime as our world is close to totally destroying itself. The masses have become comatose. An utterly evil generation is destroying much of the environment - by changing the genetics of our food, for example.

The prophesied Antichrist to appear in the next few years will be a very popular person propelled as a global leader and advertized in the media with attributes that describe the sign of OPHIUCHUS. But remember, Satan disguised his real historic personality not to scare his mortals. Therefore, he adapts to be legitimatized and cover up his lies. If you believe that a star constellation OPHIUCHUS can influence your mind or surrounding events, the newspaper prophet defines it for you, but read it with a cup of coffee.

OPHIUCHUS is an interpreter of dreams, premonitions and attracts good luck. A serpent holder, doctor of medicine or science to add, increase, join or gather together poetical, inventive nature, expanding seeks higher education overseer, supervisor of work fame –

Either grand or completely misunderstood longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man architect, builder, and reaches for the stars, tax assessor or levees taxes, astrological talents, intuitive large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young.

The number twelve holds great significance foresight to benefit from hard times has secret enemies in family or close associations many jealous of this subject notable father, apple of father's eye when young high position in life expected highest fame and legend comes after death how ever feelings of granular, wise, likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors receives the favor of those in charge.

If you understand that, use some logic and another cup of coffee before you go to work. But if you are scientifically inclined and like to read something that makes sense and is truly scientific, then check out the seven Babushka concept books free on our web site and gain the metaphysical Bible perspective designed to expand your horizons to a 360° perspective forbidden by the establishment.

The third Babushka concept book: Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries: Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Prophecy.

The sixth Babushka concept book: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story - How the Universe was Created.

The seventh Babushka concept book: The Time Dimension: An Invisible Galactic-Atomic Force Connecting Gravity with Magnetism linked to the Strong - Weak force.


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