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Possible Dates for New York’s Destruction



Sometimes in your books and on your web site you mention 5 February 2009 as the projected date for the destruction of New York City and sometimes 9 February 2009, 9 February 2012 or 5 February 2015. Why the discrepancy?

Dating prophetic events became more of an exact science with my scientific approach to solving prophetic problems, but it still requires a measure of interpretation. This is particularly true for events that take place outside of Israel and apart from the Temple. When first starting my research, I used patterned overlays that inevitably provided only partial answers and caused some errors. They were eventually corrected as I became more familiar with analyzing the data within the cultural systems reflected in the calendar-clocks, which is very good. I have not found too many errors since then. In short, applying an improved methodology makes 9 February 2009 a better date than 5 February 2015.

The Temple in Jerusalem historically provided a geographical link between the spiritual and material dimensions of the universe. Jerusalem’s historical temples of stone also provided potent teaching analogies regarding God’s Plan for Humanity; therefore, events prophesied to take place regarding the people of Israel and the Temple are redundantly positioned in the chronological gears of history and prophecy. Most things prophesied for other nations are mentioned only once and commonly with brevity, which makes coming up with multiple witnesses to verify dates more difficult.

As you will read repeatedly, I require two to three witnesses minimally to establish a matter and five witnesses to be dogmatic about a biblical teaching. I make this requirement of myself as well as others. Frankly, I have two witnesses for each of the dates above, and I have a witness that places the destruction of New York City as the “ Babylon” merchant capital of the world in Revelation 18 on 5 February 2015, too. Read on to learn how I resolve this issue.

Vital Characteristics of Prophetic Chronology

  1. Time is curved and slowing along as witnessed by a slowing speed of light
  2. Hebrew, Aztec and other ancient cultures built their calendars on observable changes in the skies including those of the sun, moon, planets and stars. A year was not based on an exact count of (254, 360 or 365) days but the completion (or turning, Hebrew shanah) of a solar solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox cycle and/or a lunar cycle of 12-13 months. (Genesis 1:14)
  3. Due to the variables found in ancient chronological-calendar-clock systems, my methodology converts all dates to the astronomical, atomic clock system used by NASA. Only then can the events of history and prophecy, which occur at intersects of time cycles in aligned patterns, be properly calibrated and placed within our modern framework of time.
  4. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) provides an interpretive template required to analyze the significance of various alignments/overlays and intersections of time cycles (or gears) in the fulfillment of, or progress in, God’s Plan for Humanity.
  5. Finally, the Bible provides some “big picture” guidance on what to expect at each stage of God’s Plan for Humanity. Much of that plan has already come to pass as human history and some of it is yet to take place - prophecy. For example, in Matthew 24:37 Jesus taught that the last days of this present age leading up to the Apocalypse would be “like Noah’s day.” Fulfilled prophecy and bible history help us understand the nature of prophetic messages with their multiple types or fulfillments. Applying the above four characteristics makes it possible to project prophetic expectations greater detail in regards to both the timing and description of what will happen, when and involving whom in the future.

Parabolas of Time

Brief Discussion of the Above Characteristics

Now let’s have a look at the Infinite Time chart, which attempts to define “time” a little differently from what you may have ever seen before. I constructed it this way to analyze what the mystery clocks and calendars were measuring. This chart provides important context to the spin-axis hypothesis.

I use the expression “time” in comparison with the 7,000-year history cycles of humanity. I had noticed that the monthly progression of cycles or years of ancient calendars behave as if they possess relative values compared to the absolute and fixed system of the modern Gregorian calendar. This observation is very important as it demonstrates the possibility for a different monthly count within a year of the earth’s orbit of the sun during the ages of earliest human history.

The Bible states that Jesus appeared at the fullness of time; therefore Gregorian calendar timelines flow from either side of his birth, which is where the BC/AD line is drawn. Jesus’ birth is the apex of human existence from a Christian biblical perspective. Scientifically, inserted the heavenly, Heh, dimension within the fleshly body of Jesus in order to dynamically restore God’s undiluted presence on earth, which had been missing since the Garden of Eden. This is why Paul referred to Jesus as the Second Adam. (1Corinthians 15:47)

The chart itself displays a set of logarithmic parabolic curves. It begins at an infinite left side and curves to an infinite future on the right. The apex of the parabola touches a horizontal line at BC/AD. Afterwards, two options open up. One may travel into infinite along the line of Eternal Life into the Jod Dimension, or one can travel the downward curve to the White Throne Judgment ending material time and space that the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) identifies as the Daleth Dimension, which end is symbolized with Taw, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

As a clockmaker, I attempted to straighten out this exponential curve along a horizontal line to better depict the passage of human history from the BC to AD perspective. Any attempt to reinterpret a curved structure using linear language and models, such as our everyday concepts of time, runs into problems and potential inaccuracies or errors. Thus, my method of projecting Bible prophecy attempts to linearly describe the cyclically curved structure of forward and past time and space. Small deviations can result in scaled misplacement of an event in its proper chronological context, which is one potential source of error in my research into dating the future events prophesied by the Bible. The harmonic alignment of calendar-clock cycles also explains the phenomenon of prophetic fore types and historical echoes for key biblical themes.

Finally, note the special crossover point in time measures or divides our calendar with Jesus Christ. He is the fulcrum of our existence connecting us with the past infinite time to an infinite future time. If you are interested in “God’s plan for humanity” from another perspective never preached in church or just curious about a new Biblical Rosetta Stone discovery, check out my book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries on the Internet.

Different Lengths of Years

Another difficulty arises from the fact that the numerical relationships between the cycles as described by HANS treat all observed year sequences of solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox as if they were the same length in solar days, which they are not. In the patterned cycles of history and prophecy, ancient “short” years may be paralleled by today’s “normal” or solar years as measured by one complete earth’s orbit around the sun. In other words, 1,000 “years” of time passing before the Flood carries equal interpretive weight in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System as does 1,000 of today’s years, although the pre-Flood years only equate to about 142 of our present 365-day years.

This concept could boggle your mind for a bit, but the issue is really one of flexible perspective. To the ancients who lived in a comparatively simple paradise on earth, what mattered was the pattern of planting, growing and harvest seasons. There is no magical importance to one’s “year” being 365 days or 52 days. The key factors related to a culture’s shared experience translated into a perception of marking time’s passage in order to align their calendar system with the “signs in the skies.” Once this was accomplished, the ancients were able to mark the passage of time by the movements and conjunctions of the sun, moon, planets and stars, which made it possible to project and plan when to plant and harvest agriculturally significant crops. Most cultures marked the agricultural cycles by religious festivals.

My research consistently employs the calibration of various ancient calendars and histories with our modern secular-Gregorian calendar. Having a consistent length of year and historical reference points commonly used becomes important when one attempts to relate material evidence of artifacts and architectural remains from history-archaeology with the future history or prophetic events described in the Bible and/or other ancient history books. It also becomes important when one wants to correlate the histories of different cultures because they used different calendar-clock systems, and I have been constantly amazed by how cultures separated by time and geography aligned with the Bible’s story of mankind and the future for all nations predicted in the Bible.

Specific Application to Dating the Destruction of New York City

New York City is the nerve center for an economic and financial octopus that reaches into every aspect of our global civilization. It represents a modern resurrection of ancient Babylon in many ways – so much so that I believe its destruction is described in Revelation 18. Timing the date of New York City’s destruction with certainty remains a challenge not entirely satisfied. We have already seen it two times recently on TV like 9/11. The Bible describes a world power seaport, the city with the greatest harbor on earth, that will be destroyed in one hour. Technically, such destruction is only possible with nuclear bombs. The following represents my latest thinking on the matter.

First, my recommendation continues to be that those living in and around New York City should take a vacation in early February 2009 – one that includes both the 5th and 9th of that month. That way, you escape the devastation if I am correct, and no one is personally out too much financially if I am wrong.

My books have demonstrated in detail how the major Apocalypse cycles connect with Jewish holidays and fast days. I believe that the minor special days in the Jewish religious year possess special meanings embedded in their calendar position. I am discovering that the New Year for Trees, TU (15th) B'Shevat, seems to correlate with the prophecies concerning the destruction of the modern day great city of Babylon, which is part of God’s plan to eliminate the Babylonian religious and economic system of government from the earth. TU B’Shevat is followed by the better known Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim is the annual celebration of the events recorded in the book of Esther where the Jewish were saved from a worldwide destruction in ancient Persia or Iran.

These holiday cycles connect together like Daleth-Heh system and seem to fit exactly to a day, so I focused on these days with a closer look hoping to discover dating parallels we should consider in regards to dating the destruction of New York City. The demise of the modern Beast system is mentioned in Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s vision recorded in Daniel chapter 4. In this vision, a cut down tree [Daleth] symbolized the Beast system featured in the book of Revelation [Heh].

If you follow my advice and get out of town in time, then you will celebrate Purim 30 days later with the Jewish people. It overlays with a witness date embedded in Genesis 7 that mentions the breaking up of the fountains of the deep (great earthquakes) and massive downpours of rain on the 17 th day of the second month. That’s when “all hell broke loose” in Noah’s day.

The Apocalypse in Noah’s day started on a solstice, 21 December 2288 BC. Since Jesus said in Matthew 24:37 that the prophesied Apocalypse will be like Noah’s day, the Apocalypse also starts on a solstice – 21 December 2008. I put two and two together and reason that hell will again break loose in the far prophetic vision, as counted 47 days from that solstice day, which was 5 February 2287 BC for the Flood Apocalypse Noah warned about and by overlay comes to 5 February 2009 for the Apocalypse Jesus spoke about. This time the initial deluge will be a limited nuclear fire storm destroying New York City as prophesied in the Bible and mentioned in the Aztec calendar, too. Check it out by reading Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

When counting from 21 December 2008, the same 47 days following a solstice, we come to a Jewish tree holyday TU B’Shevat as the next special day in the Jewish religious calendar. It could represent and connect with the far vision prophesied as the biggest tree of Nebuchadnezzar’s third dream in Daniel 4. The Beast system is further explained in Daniel’s interpretation of other dreams that could align with a collapsing New York. In my scenario, New York’s demise is followed by a regrouping of political power and money in Europe using a different world currency under an emerging savior-technocrat known commonly as Antichrist.

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth. (Genesis 17:11)

So my projected date fits 47 days [one month+17 days] from a solstice date that cannot be moved around to a different day in a calendar at will. The counting hits a target – TU B’Shevat, the Jewish tree holiday, but it is still only one witness. Throughout my books, I count forward, backwards and often from the middle as a check on the system. Let’s count backwards in time, using universal calendar averages, from using 6 o'clock evening Jerusalem time on 9 February to 9 January 2009 [one month] plus 8 January to 21 December 2008 midnight [17 days]. This established my warning:

9 February 2009

TU B'Shevat 5769

Watch New York

The Jewish moon cycle calendar must be calibrated to the Georgian corrected world NASA calendar. Notice that Jewish holidays sometimes shift more than 30 days by an insertion of an extra month II Adar. The Jewish calendar also corrects so many days every 19 years and is different from year to year. The 15th (=TU) B’Shevat falls on a different day every year but only exactly matches the Genesis 7 Torah day projection in 2009 at the start the Apocalypse, or on 5 February 2015 at the end of it. In other words, New York City will probably be destroyed in one blow on 9 February 2009. It kicks off the process of destroying the whole Babylonian Beast system, which finalizes in part on 5 February 2015, never to be rebuilt.

Why? Since two possibilities still exist, we must further isolate events of prophecy in accordance with the rule of prophecy lenses that project both near and far vision in fulfillment. Events with a possible date matching New York’s destruction require more contextual information or additional witnesses. The mighty tree cut down is only one witness at this moment.

The 15th of Shevat 5775, which correlated to our NASA calendar 5 February 2015, is therefore very significant as it matches a much deeper interpretation coinciding to an exact day in my world prophetic clock. In ancient times, an asteroid ended Noah’s (commonly called) Atlantis civilization. This asteroid strike impacted earth so hard that our planet’s axis shifted in a wobble that created a major change in climate zones and altered ancient calendars on 5 February 2287 BC by changing how the sun and stars moved in the skies. In playing back the planetary sky of the ancient Aztec calendar, I found that its numeric structure matches in the far vision Bible lens projection of the final days of the “Beast coming out of the Earth” system in Revelation 13:11 that that indicate another asteroid strike on 5 February AD 2015. [Read Mystery of Tammuz 17 Chapter 2.]

If we link this calendar alignment with the tree cut down in Daniel’s vision as a prophetic type for the destruction our present civilization, we identify its beginning on 15 Shevat 5769 [9 February 2009]. Events beginning on 15 Shevat 5775 [5 February 2015] rapidly build to a climax cutting short the destructive forces unleashed in the Apocalypse on 17 September 2015. The Daniel 4 vision left only a bound tree stump chained with iron chains to represent Satan bound in the abyss recorded in Revelation 20:1-3. The capitalistic money system now controlled by evil bankers will end and never be allowed to grow again to enslave mankind and pay for wars around the globe.

For scientific support for the idea of asteroids playing pivotal destruction roles in upcoming prophecies, read the articles on asteroids near misses in popular science magazines. One article mentioned that another asteroid is already in an 825-day orbit projected by scientists to plunge into our earth in 2020.

Consider an average 30.4 days per month applied to the corrected Gregorian calendar. A new day starts in the evening, so we add one day and do not count the 31 st ending a month because ancient Bible months were 29 or 30 days long.

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