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Proving the Proposed Earth Wobble

A Second Witness with Global Warming


Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, the third Babushka book, unlocks the secrets of ancient Aztec and Chinese calendar systems and deciphers ancient bronze-gold clocks hanging in museums around the world. Amazingly, these ancient systems separated by great distances of culture, time and geography indicate an ancient earth axis spin and subsequent wobble to the present rotation patterns after a major asteroid strike at the beginning of the biblical Flood.

Skeptics require additional witnesses, which is reasonable. Our school textbooks are silent and do not mentioned these catastrophes due to an evolutionary bias based in uniformitarianism. Evolution is taught with all the fervor of a religion under the control of an academic priesthood that prohibits any discussion in conflict with their religion. Most people do not give it a thought and think that our kitchen clock must have been the same for billions of years according to the evolution teachers’ fairytales.

Let’s look at the moon in a clear night. For centuries the moon has inspired love birds and poetry, movies and even motivated technology spending into the billions of dollars for a brief visit to its surface. Without question the astronauts on those moon trips were brave men, risking their lives.

Before the 2287 BC asteroid strike, the earth’s rotational axis horizontally pointed towards the sun instead of being at the present 23.5° tilt off the vertical. Furthermore, it spun horizontally as it orbited the sun so that 7 sets of solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox cycles were observed from the earth’s surface. Since each of these sequences was marked as a Hebrew year-cycle (shanah), pre-Flood biblical years were 1/7 th our present years, which explains the long ages of folks like Adam, Methuselah and Noah. The asteroid strike changed all of that, but it took some hundreds of years of earth wobble to get to relative stability around the time of Jesus. Today, there remains a very slight movement referred to as the 25,625.862-year precession cycle of the earth’s North Pole.

Aztec Witness

The Mayan-Aztec calendar predicts that the earth wobble will come to a final rest on 21 December 2012, which matches key events of the Apocalypse prophesied in the Bible. Investigating our world from a two rail perspective gives us sufficient data to calculate some projections now that thousands of years of earth history exist to test the prophetic clock gear cycles. Science provides insights that traditional theology cannot. Not educated in science, confused theologians could never discover these relationships between science and the Bible that make projection of the Bible’s prophesied events possible.

Let’s look at some interesting data and compare it with science to get a better understanding why the 2012 date is embedded in all ancient clocks, which gives us a witness about what happened 4,300 years ago when an asteroid changed the earth orbit around the sun in Noah’s age.

That asteroid strike influenced the moon’s movements, too. Investigating the moon more closely could provide a second witness to substantiate or prove the spin-axis theory to be right.

Noting the velocity difference between the earth and the moon shows some discrepancies we should examine further. My sixth Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, explains how gravity is produced. If you read this book, you will understand better what I write here. It is free to read and download on the Internet at

Gravity is an invisible force born out of infinite light and behaves like an ocean with water flowing everywhere forming elements categorized in our element table. I see it like a rubber band holding it all together and expanding or contracting the passing of time, which would show up as being delayed. Just like a train must conform to a schedule, its engineer accelerates or slows it down to arrive at the exact time. Ancient clocks inform us what the Creator did to tell us now is the time for the birthing of the Saints the train arriving at the 13th of the 14 stations of God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Humanity. When the train arrives at the last station, it is the end or Taw.

Before 2288 BC (Noah’s time), the structure of Aztec calendar demonstrates that the moon had 12 cycles of 30 days during one earth orbit around the sun, which makes a lunar year of 360 days (30x12). The Aztec calendar was not oriented to the moon but on the solstice cycles, which were shorter turning seven times in one 360-day year being faster seasonal cycles.

The sky did not look like our familiar zodiac star patterns as we look at the Milky Way today. The zodiac cycled through the cosmos universe carpet every 26 days. Because of the horizontal tilt of the earth’s axis, sunrise and sunset would switch every 26 days – one set rising in the east and the next rising in the west to complete a 52-day “annual” calendar. This means that one 360-day earth orbit around the sun would cycle the calendar year seven times. This same observation is made for many other ancient calendar clocks in the third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

After the Flood, the earth’s solstice cycles varied so much that many calendars focused on the moon at first and only later adjusted their calendars to recognize the solar year, too. This led to the present Hebrew calendar clock time that counts years even as it continues to use the moon cycles. The Hebrew scribes recorded time and all that God revealed in the Bible. Both the calendar and the Word express God’s Plan for Humanity and the revelation of the Saints, which was the purpose for the creation of a two phase human life cycle as illustrated by the caterpillar - butterfly analogy.

After the asteroid strike and Flood, the earth had a wobble, which drove the Aztec priests crazy building 7 and 5 pyramids one on top of each other in two places trying to measure it. This pattern also conforms to the Hebrew 7:5 ratio. Calculating wobble time was impossible to understand, so early on the priests determined the beginning of Hebrew calendar months on new moon observations. The moon, therefore, became the time marker used in conjunction with the solstices and equinoxes to count years until the wobble slowed enough to appear constant and make it simpler to keep track of a solar year by calculating it mathematically.

Gravity and the Asteroid

Thinking about it from the perspective of how gravity affects the moon’s orbit around the earth, I decided to check how ancient calendars recorded its orbit time. Because of the moon’s relatively large size and proximity to the earth, any changes of in the earth’s movements would affect those of the moon, and vice versa.

If one slows down, the other will too. They are connected by a rubber band of gravitational force, which delays the reaction to any disturbance like an asteroid strike so that it is indicated in the movements a little later. If ancient clocks tell us that the earth wobble will come to rest in 2012 that means the moon follows a little later in becoming totally synchronized to the earth’s new position. Unless disturbed again, prophecy and science together project another asteroid strike from a sizable rock already near in an orbit of 825 days. Its rendezvous with the earth is the Apocalypse’s prophesied end calculated to take place on 17 September 2015.

Why does the pre-Flood 17 September 2287 BC match to the day with 17 September 2015? The answer comes as the X-axis changed to a Y-axis comes to rest on 21 December 2012 at a 72° precession of the equinoxes. Only Bible prophecy gives a full answer to that overlay.

When the original asteroid plunged into the earth 2287 BC, it added mass plus energy to change the velocity and direction of our earth’s movements. In a rubber band gravity relationship, the moon is affected, too. That is proven in the 80 BC Greek Antikythera clock mechanism made with bronze gears based on a 13.368267 ratio reflecting the motions of the moon. If you check out the Aztec calendar, it started with a 14.30 ratio that got better with bronze gears calculated to 14.3056789 with more fractions. If we compare these three witnesses for a wobble, this is what I get:

As the moon has not come to rest, the fraction indicating our earth orbit is like a gravity rubber band. Notice also the smaller fraction in 2012/72°; therefore, the moon will catch up a little later. This calculation requires scientists more educated than me to figure it out. So observe that the moon orbit is still changing and must catch up to our earth cycles. How is that possible given the assumptions of evolution’s fairy tales?

Moon velocity cycles can be compared to a train. We all know the train (earth) now travels 365.24 days around the sun. But the moon is a little different when viewed from the velocity perspective. There we notice half the cycle the velocity will go faster relative to the sun and half the cycle, it slows down relative to the earth motion around the sun. It is like a long train and the passenger is the moon. He is not sitting on a bench but walks around going first the direction of the train is traveling and then turns around to go in the opposite direction to the train’s motion. Both actions affect the passenger’s relative velocity in regards to the destination or any reference point. In this case, the moon has been turning around endlessly for 4,300 years from the asteroid strike disturbance. Its motion is affected similar to how a clock pendulum is thrown off when it is knocked by a child.

From the velocity perspective, when we add it to the train speed, it goes faster. But turn around and walk opposite, it becomes slower making up the time lost. That is the clock still used by the Hebrew scribes except for the train’s speed change. Since we are inside the train without windows or like a closed elevator, we do not notice velocity changes, but if we have some reference points from history, we could use mathematics to determine it. This is what drove the Aztec priests crazy when they saw 260 days passing for a year and not what was originally measured in the calendar they inherited from before Noah’s Flood of 360 days.

It took centuries to get smart enough to make the bronze Antikythera clock mechanism with 32 gears. It was designed by a genius to measure flexible calendar clock time getting slower. Julius Caesar got smart and changed the calendar from 10 month to 12. Later, Pope Gregory added 14 days to correct it again. The Pope and Caesar were big shots who had the power to change the seasons and make farmers happy because it was easier to grow food and make a profit, which advanced civilization. Today, we believe in fairytales and need another one in authority to make some changes. That is why I trust the Bible to explain scientific facts more than what is printed in school books edited by an atheistic evolution religion.

The spin of our earth orbit is mean average of 30.5 days compared to the moon’s 28.5 days. The difference is 2 days and acts like a rubber band dragging behind what it should have been. The earth slowed down 5.24 days by the added mass and energy from the asteroid. That caused a delayed reaction of the moon as influenced by the earth’s gravity.

While modern science can measure the earth’s and moon’s gravitational forces and orbits, it could not figure out ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums. This is because they believe in evolution fairytales. Probably, they will not measure the changing moon cycles to test my theory either. They could use positioned satellite instruments to prove my point, but my ideas incorporate the Bible, so this idea is not tolerated by evolutionists.

The moon cycles vary in a flexible calendar and only recently can be more mathematically determined but must know about the wobble calendar. Otherwise any assumption is faulty.

A (+ONE) Witness

Let’s re-look at how the slowing earth axis wobble influenced the slowing down of the earth’s orbit velocity around the sun by 5.24 days since ancient times and its implications. We have some reference points recorded for us from ancient times and embedded in geology to overlay with modern applied physics.

Earlier, I stated that the scientists measured the moon’s gravity pull on the earth. They discovered that it is changing due to a slowly increasing distance (about 2 inches/year) from the earth, which also means the moon is taking a bit longer to orbit around the earth. It is as if we become one potato chip lighter every year.

If the earth’s velocity was significantly slowed, it would eventually get sucked into the sun. On the other hand, if it circled faster, centrifugal forces would push it further away from the sun. Changing the earth’s distance from the sun would cause horrendous climate changes. If it gets too close, all the snow and ice would melt because temperatures would increase. If it was further away, then ice would form miles deep on the poles and reach toward the equator.

History reports and science verifies that in ancient times the Polar Regions would be miles deep in layers of ice. The physics model above tells me that the earth experienced a velocity change. That is proven historically by the changes in calendars around the world. Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory had the power to change a calendar even if the priestly establishment was against it. That is not always the case. Just ask some Orthodox Catholic Monks from Russia. That split is even not settled yet. They have two calendars in parallel but must now be forced together by NASA research better equipped with computers and modern instruments not possible during the Middle Ages.

But science today believes in many evolution religion fairy tales that are enforced by an academic priesthood controlling the universities. This oppression of open discussion causes horrible confusion and bitter in-fighting over issues like global warming that could end if we look at nature and the Bible from a dual rail perspective logically allowing all the facts on the table.

The moon’s increasing distance from the earth in its expanding orbit tells me some things about global warming from another perspective. Think of the moon and the earth as one unit, as all forces add up and become a mixture of the two. Let’s see what happens to the pair when something happens to one of them.

As a kid, I had a slingshot, which taught me physics. If I had a longer string, the inertia would be bigger. Inertia is influenced by a mass (my stone) kept in motion (velocity). If the mass is the same, the inertia would change when the velocity changed: my slingshot stone circling faster. A change in velocity produces less or more force even if the mass (stone) is the same. At higher velocity, the stone would fly further, but think, if my string would be a rubber band, what would happen? The same inertia would be present, but now we have introduced a time dimension, which would take a little longer to get the mass going (my stone). The basic laws still apply as in the example of my slingshot, but the reaction itself is spread out and delayed a little.

In this analogy, the rubber band is gravity. That is the model of the moon being pulled by the speed of the earth, which slowed from 360 to 365.24 days to complete on orbit around the sun in about 4,300 years. In 2288 BC the earth experienced an asteroid strike that decelerated its inertia and caused a rotational wobble. Ice formed miles deep on its poles, but the moon connected with rubber band gravity stretched a little more to compensate. Due to this inertia, the moon runs a little behind (2 days), which explains the change in its rotation patter when compared to the earth.

Read the first witness again and compare it to the rubber band sling shot gravity relationship. When the earth slowed down, it would shift to orbit a little closer around the sun as the change in velocity was influenced by inertia. That change will melt the ice caps from two mile thick to one mile thick in about 4,300 years as the earth decelerated to add those extra 5.24 days a year. It did not happen all at once. You have already noticed an ancient cause for global warming. Check out the physics and play with a rubber band slingshot to get a feeling of what happened.

Global warming should also be studied from this new perspective. Have you ever wondered about why the earth travels in an elongated ellipse and not in a circle around the sun?

Other planets have perfect circles, so I conclude there must have been a cause for such effect. Then it occurred to me. The circular path must have been disturbed by the asteroid strike in 2287 BC. Do not assume that the orbital path is fixed and that it comes back to the same spot as in the rubber band slingshot analogy.

Every 400 years, we gain one more day and correct the calendar. Originally, I thought the tilt axis change caused global warming. That could occur if the axis pointed to the North Star - Polaris, then 100 years later it pointed 90° in a different direction. Over time would have kept turning through the 360° in 400 years. That is how we gain one more day in our calendar, too. We never measured such small angular movements, and the matter is still left open for discussion.

It seems that every 400 years we notice a historic climate change like the mini-ice age reported in Europe that caused huge starvation and a population reduction. But it also could be caused by an oscillating eccentric orbit. That could also cause climate change as there is a cyclic repetition between cold and hot cycles as the earth got closer or further away from the sun. This theory could be put to the test.

As a boy, I had some fun with eggs. If you mark on your garage door a 3x3 feet window frame with some tape and start an experiment. This will teach a little more then a slingshot if you do not mind the mess it creates. This time take a dozen raw eggs if you feel like a baseball player and throw an egg toward the center as fast as you can and aim at your marked window frame 20 feet away. Try it and discover if you ever hit the window as the egg will be all over but not where you pointed. That teaches physics, but it might get you in trouble with someone seeing eggs splattered all over the garage door. Why didn’t the eggs hit the center of such a large target?

The inside of the egg is liquid, which will be offset by the velocity acceleration. Similarly, the earth is liquid, too, as one can see spectacular volcanic eruptions occasionally shown on TV. The earth original orbit path will never come back to be exactly the same even over hundreds of years. That is what my egg experiment taught me.

We must put that into the equation, too but I am not that smart. I need someone from NASA to insert my egg experience into a computer program to get a better picture. An elliptical orbit with a wobble in a rubber band to mimic gravity acceleration will always be cyclic. Rubber band gravity also slows down like a flywheel loses inertia and will therefore vary in temperature being closer or further away from the sun-oven. That is proven by data for 2012. Check out the ancient clocks and the witnesses in the Bible.

I have proof of my theory. In going to church in Comtche, California - a tiny community of only one store and a firehouse large enough to have a party, sometimes people are more interested to study science than to listen to the Pastor. Sitting on the end of the pew, I noticed and investigated the rings of the wood left behind. The bench was made from solid redwood with 3 x 24 inch side boards. The rings across are very visible showing some seasons as fat and some as lean – based on the rainfall for that year.

This end piece of the bench represented about 300 years if I count the rings and allow one year per ring. What I noticed was that some rings were very fat - about 1/16 inch wide and others were much thinner - so small like one paper sheet thick and barely visible. From fat going to thin to fat, the rings were about 60-90 bands counted. Even from fat to fat varied in size. One would be 3 inches wide while another was doubled. That indicates a climate change in my neighborhood.

The Anderson valley is now covered with vineyards where 100 years ago only apple trees grew. Some apple dryer sheds are still around as a tourist attractions. Now wine tasting is fashionable. Grapes could not grow here if it was too wet and cold as verified my observation of the redwood pew boards in church.

This story is never ending as it is like a mini Babushka egg or an iceberg that is mostly underwater. This kind of study could reveal more about global warming. The sun and earth and moon relationships are absolutely critical, and their changes match the discoveries written in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. You should read it.

The sun represents God in type. It is the infinite gravity energy center that attracts and propels the proton (earth) around and around like a proton inside a donut atom. But the moon (neutrino) is interacting like a regulating pendulum of a clock, or as I mentioned, inside the moving train walking up and down the isle.

The moon, similar to the pendulum of a clock like parallel in a nuclear station controlling an energy conversion, has the function of dominating the time dimension. They overlay perfectly the donut atom system theory, which tells me only a divine architect could have invented it. The same intelligence model embedded in the donut atom forming elements also describes the earth-sun-moon system that expands to fill a universe – all galaxies with the same laws modeled and replicated as systems.

The moon, therefore, becomes the control mechanism for the biological energy emanating from the sun, doled out in increments. It became the basis for calendar clocks used by cultures around the world since ancient times. Without the moon controlling the earth cycle, life would not be possible, even connected to a woman becoming pregnant.

Just as the human monthly cycle is not a solar one but a lunar one, so Eve came out of Adam. That reveals the purpose in God’s Plan for Humanity and explains why we have such a complex system so fine-tuned to the second. The (+one) force like the sun is confined and regulated by a moon surrounded would illustrate God’s command to bring forth seed and multiply filling the earth. It ends with the Saints embedded in God’s design for mankind. His handiwork is replicated wherever I look, seeing it with a dual rail perspective that gives a 360° vision of what the Bible proclaims. Check it out and have some fun discovering more on a new science-perspective journey.

I used 28.5 = the mean average of a 27.5545 anomalistic month and a 29.5358 synodic month since they do not synchronize anciently from 2288 BC in a declining wobble calendar. The range for this clock is 2288 BC to BC/AD. There is another parallel on the last paragraph as we measure today the moon synodic month not synchronized with the anomalistic month. If we dived the 29.5358 / 27.5545 we get 1.03; therefore, from the BC/AD time frame, we see a progression from 1.07 to 1.03 to 1.01 we should have another look but needs a computer model to really capture it. I am only a philosopher not a math guy.

The range for Earth orbit days from 2288 BC to 2012 were not constant. See the early chapters of the third Babushka book. Today, the earth takes a mean average of 365.24 to orbit the sun, which was not the same before the Flood.

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