Pearl #108 -

The Saints and the Second Resurrection


On the surface, Christianity is perceived by many as having a good living now with some added with some guarantees for the afterlife. Most pastors teach modified situation ethics: one just needs to live a moral life and believe that you are saved when life ends. That’s all one needs to know.

Let’s get some additional thoughts not usually preached in church to end some of the theological confusion among Christians that comes from rejecting biblical information on topics other than Jesus died for our sins. The big picture of God’s Plan for Humanity presented in the Babushka books challenges some popular dogmas of the traditional Christian belief system sermonized in many churches that could be wrong. It also addresses some rational objections postulated by non-believers.

Rereading some new discoveries in the Bible, I wanted to continue a bit more on the confusion among theologians on who the Saints really are. The Saints are people who live with a strong desire to be invited to the inner circle of friends surrounding Jesus Christ. Sainthood is not given by an autocratic Catholic authority, which is a false concept from the Middle Ages.

Protestant churches teach that every Christian is a Saint. They confuse being born again with sainthood. Logic tells me that it is not possible for everybody to sit on the Lord’s table and have dinner with Jesus like the Disciples did on the last day of his life. I am sure his table now is going to be a little larger, but those being selected for the wedding party must have the same invitation requirements to be called a Saint.

We have learned that the wise ones coming out of the Apocalypse is a special group of people linked to the throne of the Heh dimension heaven. (Daniel 12:10; Revelation 6:9) They are destined to govern the Yod universe according to God’s Plan for Humanity. The Babushka books describe the how, why, when and what is needed to get there.

We should ask the question, “Who deserves to belong to the inner circle of Jesus Christ?” Those who do are called Saints. That perspective should become clearer by reflecting on your private, inner life of real intensions and priorities as lived during this life.

Perhaps you think, “I am saved. Why worry about those new ideas?” I hope to show you here that a Christians is not automatically promoted to be a Saint. Only the Holy Spirit can open a person’s understanding: theological education or anything else under human control other than humble submission and prayerful request are of no avail. Understanding of this point and others in God’s Word should give us assurance of being potentially selected for the First Resurrection. I think it is possible that some Christians will bypass the First Resurrection and be put together with all the others appearing at the last resurrection before the White Throne Judgment. To hear that would disturb many Christians

Others might then feel left behind when the false rapture teaching does not take place, as the Apocalypse has already begun. The revelation that there seems to be some extra qualification needed how to become a Saint is probably a confusing surprise so late in the game that might stimulate some urgent questions. I will try to answer some of them in this New Research Pearl Forum.

Uncommon Biblical Teaching

Most Christians are ill prepared to accept that some major events of the Apocalypse may be dated. That is a great disadvantage, which might play a role in whether one is a part of the First Resurrection at Jesus’ Second Coming, or if you miss that occasion, surely at the Second Resurrection event that comes at the end of the time dimension in 3018. The Bible teaches some unusual concepts not often preached in church, but basically a Saint is a person special designed and meant to rule the Yod dimension heaven over the angelic empire. Not all Christians will automatically fulfill that job description or may not be interested in that job.

Eternal life is freely given and offered for everybody and comes in many variations. The Bible states that vessels are molded for honor being made from gold or silver, and some are less honorable being fabricated from clay. All have a special purpose embedded in their mortal lives, but being personally set aside by Jesus Christ to be a Saint is very different, a special calling that is appointed by God.

Christians believe that inheriting Eternal life through Christ is the same as being a Saint, but my rule is that we must have 5 Bible verses as witnesses to raise it to the level of doctrine. I hope you can find those five Bible verses for your opinions about God’s Plan for Humanity and apply them to yourself. Please do not depend on my opinion or any other opinionated theologian or pastor. Each of us must answer to God directly and personally with no other mediator, and we should be able to provide at least three witnesses.

Not automatically being a Saint of the First Resurrection may come as a shock or surprise for many! Even pastors and Popes, who think they have enough oil, may not be included in the First Resurrection either. Many Christians have ignored the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25:1-13.

The Bible is very plain that there will be more than one resurrection and that the First Resurrection is for the elect. It will be small in comparison with the Second Resurrection. Although perhaps 90% of all people will die in the Apocalypse, many mortals will survive to begin the next civilization. The New Age needs mortal children to continue the human race and that could include some healthy Christians, too. Surprise!

That idea would be new to many because most Christians do not believe in the Apocalypse and those who do are waiting to be raptured away before it starts. I understand the desire to escape from the great troubles ahead, but the idea is not solidly biblical as taught. Many will still be waiting for the Rapture when they are surrounded by the events of the Apocalypse. Elsewhere I discuss how the Rapture Theory came about. The key is to understand God’s Plan for Humanity, which is not preached in church but found in my books – especially Apocalypse Prophesied.

At some point, I think it will become obvious that the First Resurrection was only meant for some very special people like five virgins who knew the time the bridegroom was to arrive. Not knowing the time may be an indication you do not belong to the First Resurrection Saints. Perhaps their interests focus on the material cares of this Daleth life existence, which is not much better than how the atheistic world lives?

Saints are Persecuted

Defining what a Saint is needs a closer look. My wife is usually good in pointing out some of the un-saintly features in my life as God is not finished with his product. I am glad as a husband desiring to be appointed a Saint does not depend on mortals, or my wife one notch higher, as it really cannot be answered by science either. Sainthood belongs to the Heh dimension control-room of one’s inner being linked to an invisible, close personal relationship with the Creator God.

But we can recognize it in some fashion looking at the environment living in our Daleth dimension culture. A Saint is easily recognized by the world not having any trouble to identify one.

For an example, a Saint is immediately discovered in any party as he always talks about the Bible and must smell bad as everybody avoids him even with drink in his hand. A Saint no matter what the subject is, will always come around telling about the Lord not allowed anymore in our American society, not even in a party.

Islamic-Buddhist societies spot a Saint right away by some mysterious reason. He or she is considered a threat to their evil religion invented by Satan, a murderer from the beginning. Most Saints usually end up being beaten up or even killed. Their property is confiscated or destroyed as Satan hates those who belong to the eternal Creator God.

In Israel, many Jews are proud of having the God-given Torah, but an elite arrogance prevails among some. However, a Saint in that society is quickly found out, too. He or she is just as persecuted in Israel as elsewhere - being beat up or having their business destroyed for just mentioning the name of Yeshua. Talking about a historic, crucified Messiah is not allowed in public. Mentioning any ancient prophecy pointing to the Messiah Yeshua as witness brings trouble even if you show them hundred verses written in their Hebrew scripture.

History and scripture is still rejected by the Jewish religion and government matching their close-minded tradition no different like their Islamic neighbors expressing their intolerance. Religious Jews deceived by Satan have no trouble pointing out a Saint as they are living according to an ancient curse that keeps their understanding of Scripture veiled and so rejecting their Messiah. What a shame not being motivated to examine what was written to get their eyesight back.

That will all change when the Beast system starts to exterminate all Jews - first in Jerusalem then spreading all over during the latter half of the Apocalypse. It will only end when the rightful Messiah, Yeshua King of Kings, returns just in time. He is coming from space with cosmic splendor to rescue his brothers with his army. According to prophecy in Zechariah, he will touch his foot on the ancient Mount of Olives to save a remnant of Abraham’s seed. I discovered a likely date for this with three witnesses - 23 September 2015, a Jewish holiday celebrating Atonement embedded in HANS and the Bible and (+one) witnesses.

Most Saints can quickly be found out even in a Christian church or synagogue like in an example shown on Los Angels TV where an important well-known Rabbi was physically thrown out by a police force from the synagogue he founded for just sharing from the pulpit that he now sees Yeshua/Jesus foretold in the prophets as based on history. I experienced the same must be a Saint passing on an Apocalypse warning to the pastor in my Forster City Bible Church in California, which I helped to found. Yes, I was also disrespectfully shown the door; my letters never answered.

History is full of how the Saints were persecuted starting all the way from Adam. Many Old Testament Saints and prophets were killed, and this continued with the New Testament Saints with 11 Apostles executed. In the Middle Ages, Jan Hus was burned in Prague, and Wycliffe executed in England. It continues into modern times with the gulags in Russia and Germany’s unending procession of thousand saintly martyrs. However, the end of the Daleth dimension was planned to flow into the Yod dimension, which will last forever. Jesus said if the seed does not die it cannot produce fruit. That is a different story not so pleasant and popular as told in church.

The Saints will then see why they suffered so much as they must be exposed to much more evil, which is needed to rule in God’s kingdom to guarantee that God will never experience a rebellion again. He desires especially wise and experienced people, surrounded by billions of angels, to prevent another rebellion. God designed it that way to gather evil experience even the Son of Man was tortured, falsely accused, brutally beaten and crucified, which is no different for a resurrected Saints. He will mold vessels after his image and likeness for a future purpose through suffering and experiencing victory overcoming the fear of death.

Resurrection to Life

The Second Resurrection

So think about it. A Christian desiring to become a qualified Saint should not mind to suffer greatly, but neither should he or she seek martyrdom – only to serve God faithfully. Investigate further Jesus’ story of ten virgins where only 5 making it to the wedding. That is 50% missing the coronation party, which leaves some absent from the First Resurrection, though they may still saved through the Apocalypse to arrive a little later at the Second Resurrection.

Your belief system must match God’s Plan for Humanity. Do not mistakenly think that God owes you or me a special favor because we go to church, stay out of trouble and perhaps do a lot of good works. That does not qualify a Christian to be a Saint. Many non-Christians have done similar good works throughout history; therefore, there must be other qualifications.

It compares to the five virgins who had the lasting oil of the Holy Spirit and were waiting for the bridegroom. That tells me that the first group must have a special purpose as the other remaining 5 virgins group will receive their disposition a little later during the Second Resurrection a the White Throne Judgment with the rest being rewarded for good or bad behavior - some will receive Eternal Life just a little delayed.

Check it out what if you want to qualify to be a special Saint called to suffer and do not trust the theologians. There is too much at stake between you and God as you must foster a unique relationship experiencing much pain now in the Daleth dimension to qualify for an exceptional place in the Yod dimension. The Yod dimension will still have people of privilege - not all equal as God chooses a closer inner circle of friends, like Jesus chose his disciples and apostles.

I call it Jesus’ entourage. They accompany him when he travels to different places in the universe being surrounded with his closer friends. If you want to belong to the Saints, which “is” a privilege position and the reason for the First Resurrection, get informed and read more about the Plan for Humanity now revealed in the Babushka concept books.

Monorail theology has produced thousands of speculative books going nowhere. Opinionated experts in seminars have invented many denominations and church dogmas. Though most are not educated in science, they proclaim their confusion - something different on every corner of my town. They forgot that you need 5 witnesses Bible verses to elevate an opinion to doctrine. If they cannot quote you even two (+one) Bible verses, do not believe them as their motive is aimed at a higher standard of living for themselves being so religious to avoid suffering.

Understanding God’s Plan for Humanity selects only those who are motivated to search diligently to do His will. God looks at the intent of your innermost being and not at your status or having a PhD in theology. Becoming a Saint does not depend on knowledge of the Bible, but God wants to see if you’re motivated on the inside of your innermost being. God wants to see our priorities. Do we do God’s business with a little extra love in our hearts, obeying his instructions not enforced by laws or tradition of a particular denomination.

Being wise is not identical with being a Christian, but a Christian can become wise. Become personally involved with a desire to please the Lord in everything. That might lead to a reward in belonging to the Saints.

If you are a theologian, do not be offended but become a Saint. Check out and match what you believe with the logic of newly discovered facts presented from a Bible perspective. Look for the needed two [+one] witnesses to accept it as truth. That is the system I did not invent but must accept. The authority embedded in the Bible makes up the rules and not us. My advice is to not accept opinions from important theologians postulated in expensive books to make some money. Rather, check out what is free on the Internet, insisting on the five witness requirement needed to establish truth. If God’s Word is not proclaimed free, watch out.

God has now revealed what will happen in the near future. It is more clearly stated as the time has arrived. Just as the angel said to Daniel in 12:10, “The wise will know.” Studying the embedded clock cycles will help many to comprehend prophecy for the first time.

More Practical Applications

Young Christians living within a Christian family face some big decisions that their parents cannot make for them. Let me explain. Think about what can happen from believing in the Rapture. Most Christians think that getting out of the burning apocalypse house by being raptured is a perfect escape mechanism. That means better option than going through terrible time. As the rapture has not happened, many still cling to it and will do so even in the midst of the Apocalypse. Some blind theologians will still preach it.

But some will survive the Apocalypse and meet Jesus, though entering his kingdom as a mortals not being raptured. They will be blessed to participate in God’s promise of an age of peace. There will no longer be hunger, thirst and sickness for the next 1,000 years on earth. Everybody will have a garden, perhaps a vineyard to make wine, and even a hot tub to enjoy life. People will work hard but get to enjoy the fruits of their labor as God will pour out unending blessings. It will become truly heaven on earth as money will no longer go for armaments and instruments of war. That will leave much to be used for nature parks and zoos, children’s play areas and good housing for a growing population. This time around God will not tolerate evil. Just spell the word “evil” backwards to discover the change. Satan’s school to teach evil will be exchanged for the saintly teacher from the Jod dimension.

If you survive the Apocalypse, God will give you a choice just like Adam and Eve, only in reverse. Would you stay a little longer as a mortal not being resurrected and stay in the Daleth dimension? You will still get a new body later at the Second Resurrection that will be adapted to the Yod dimension.

I think some Christians may opt for the first choice and ask not to be resurrected if we take the story of 10 virgins seriously; therefore, theology must have more options for mankind. That is only my opinion, and it needs more witnesses. You should study the scriptures yourself to be very certain. You must make it your own priority and understanding because it is so important.

Think that through. It is an interesting idea. Picture a young person emerging from an underground cellar who sees everything destroyed. All houses are gone like a typhoon has obliterated everything. A young surviving person will have to make a decision when he sees the bright light in the sky. He will know that the Lord of Lords is coming with ten thousands of his angels. His parents may have just said goodbye and were transformed, but some of their children are left behind for good reasons. They will decide which way they want to go.

One can choose to follow his or her parents and receive the Yod body, or stay put. That means as a mortal you will become a future parent, too. You will have children born and be blessed with many grandchildren in the 1,000-year reign of peace. Later, you will be resurrected to receive the same Yod body your parents have. But the difference is that you will have human children in the meantime, too.

Remember the Apocalypse. Escape is no longer an issue as you survived; therefore, you will have a choice not taught in seminars. To have children in a blessed time would be a good choice - especially with no wars. It will be something unusually special. Even I, as an old Christian, might be tempted to forgo a resurrection. Perhaps I might be tempted with another choice if God would give me that option again. A younger body would be a good if I could combine it with what I learned in my old body. I think that I could do much better than in my previous life as I am now much better educated than the first time around. I no longer need Satan’s school to learn about evil either, having had enough experience.

If you really want to become a Saint, read about the requirements in the other Pearls.


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