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Two Future Jewish Temples

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There will be two future Temples built in Jerusalem according to the 1+4=5 Hebrew hand rule. The first one is in the Heh dimension described in Revelation; the other four are in the Daleth dimension.

The first Jerusalem Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians on the 9th of Av 588 BC. Note: the date is corrected by two years since the earth axis wobble was still moving according to the 2:1:½ clock ratio revealed in the book of Daniel. The Romans destroyed the Second Temple in AD 70.

Become aware of Bible mathematics embedded in a calendar. There are 70 years from the First Temple destruction date to 518 BC, which is the center of the Hebrew calendar. In a mirror reflection, there are 70 years going back from Jesus’ birthday at the BC/AD center to the year of the Second Temple destruction.

But the book of Daniel projects two more temple destructions: one on 9 Av 2015 and a second one in 3015. Time and history are cyclical, which makes it possible to project the dates of other key prophetic events or to point out faulty dating. Recent science discoveries mentioned in my 7th Babushka book may correct our calendar once more to 35 AD to finalize to our modern NASA calendar; however, a future prophesied asteroid after 2015 AD could again cause an earth axis wobble again changing our calendar.

Two Temples Prophesied

The next two temples will be totally different from each other: none of the four temples look alike. The large, Islamic Al Aqsa Mosque, other mosques and the Dome of the Rock monument occupy the existing Jerusalem Temple Mount. Removing any of the major Islamic sites would create an explosive world war. Israel cannot win against 2 billion enraged Moslems avenging their holy place being desecrated by Jews or infidels.

Instead, prophecy indicates a 7-year peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians, exchanging real estate. One section of Jerusalem will be set aside for a capital of a newly formed Palestinian State in exchange for a little sliver of real-estate next door to the Dome of the Rock for build a Jewish temple separated by a 20-foot concrete wall. Since the Jewish temple is not dead-centered and cannot move, the Jews will build a temporary Tabernacle as in Moses’ time.

Checking out the Bible, the fascinating, Sinai desert Tabernacle, or “tent of meeting” is described.  Its measurements are given in a cubit, which raises the question, “How big is a cubit?”

GiantsSeeing human skeletons of 6 – 35-foot giants could raise questions about the mean average size based on the elbow to fingertip standard. Theologians will fight about their theories without knowing science. I have concluded that a biblical cubit is 24 inches as used in the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Exodus 36 describes the Tabernacle in the desert, which was a temporary structure, like the soon to be built Jewish Temple. It is an interesting assembly of carpets and curtains put together with metal rings and clamps. The tent-like structure is not too big being 12 x 10 x 30 cubits or 24’ wide x 20’ high x 60 feet long.

The Tabernacle in the Desert was made from 11 tent pieces each 8’ x 60’ tough goat hair cloth (Exodus 36:14) put together with 5 tent cloth sheets laying underneath and linked together with 6 tent cloth sheets on top. It was bound tightly together looking like a cloth tube 60’ long, if the tent poles are placed on the inside.

The tent poles are made from 50 acacia wood panels 20’ long x 3’ wide and placed on the inside of the tenting creating a box by assembling panel by panel on either side total dimensions being 20 panels on the South, 20 panels on the North, 8 panels West and one panel on each corner East, which is the front. The box tent walls become tight by placing two silver foot blocks under each panel as the bottom (3 sheets) and wall (2 sheets and a section) with ceiling is all connected. The upper two edge corners divide a sheet giving 11 sheets all laid together in an odd number.

The tent box is stabilized by 4 decorated pillars standing outside in front and 5 pillars on the inside dividing the rectangular space into two rooms 20 x 24 x 20 for the inner Holy of the Holies. The outside four (4) pillars link to the larger room to symbolize the Daleth Dimension and the five (5) Pillars separating the inner holiest place indicate the Heh Dimension as explained in Apocalypse Prophesied.

The bigger room, 24’ wide x 20’ high x 40’ long, has 5 wooden beams spaced and mounted on its walls to become the holder of a light weight blue purple and scarlet double-walled curtains that hang on two beams mounted on one wall and two beams on the opposite wall. A 24’ center crossbeam on the inside ceiling holds a folded-over double curtain to divide the inside smaller room of 24’ wide x 20’ long. A double-walled curtain hanging over the beams on each side has a different color to signify a sinful life tainted scarlet on the outside that must be atoned for to become blue and purple on the inside.

The inside of the curtain is beautifully decorated with embroidered cherubim angels made of linen sheets 8’ wide sheets x 56’ long and totaling 10 sheets. Five sheets are stitched together in parallel and jointly overlay the side beams now become a doubled wall.

But the room is 40’ long so the curtain is folded and bends 90° along the crossbeam in the center to create a curtain to separate two rooms being a little short 6’ on the end. (58’-40’ 18’ leftover to reach across to 24’ = 6’ short). But the other side curtain is also bent 90° to the other side, leaving a 6’ opening. That design makes a hidden entrance for a person to go sideways between two curtains into the inner room without anyone seeing anything that is secret or sacred. Thus, it is a double curtain with a side entrance.

The rear and front have thick carpets with skins on top to keep the rain out. I wonder, no mention is made of additional decoration for the holiest room? It seems unfinished not decorated or painted? Could it testify that God’s holiness is not yet finished as Jesus the LOGOS has not yet appeared to start God’s Kingdom on earth? Or that God’s glory is incomparable and needs no other decoration? At present, there is only a temporary structure, probably with the SHECHINAH cloud or pillar of fire, as used in ancient times prior to the establishment of Israel as a kingdom.

The future Third Tabernacle/Temple will be destroyed and totally disassembled by an Islamic mob on the 9th of Av (25 July 2015) when Jacobs’s trouble will be in full bloom. Jesus warned the Jews in the Gospels to leave Jerusalem in a hurry and not even stop to pick up something, as time will have run out for another holocaust. Read my pearls and the second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, to be informed.

How Long was a Cubit in Ancient Times?
(Ezekiel 40:5)

Bible scholars say one cubit equals 18 English inches; however, if we calculate it from Egyptian pyramid cubits, then one cubit equals 24 English inches. Israel was always been buffered between two mighty empires: Egypt on the south and Babylon-Persia on the north. They adapted cultural features from both areas. Egyptians were more advanced in architectural mathematics; therefore, I favor the Egyptian side for determining the cubit used by the Hebrews.

Great Pyramid, GizaI believe the Hebrew reed or rod in Ezekiel’s time is 1/5th of the Giza Great pyramid base. The Great Giza Pyramid build before Noah is not exactly square being 759.45 x 751.35 English feet. The ratio between the width and breath is (759.45 / 751.35 = 1.0178) meaning the Egyptian inch is a little larger than the English inch 12 x 1.0178 = 12.213 inches, or nearly a quarter inch longer than one foot. The Sun Pyramid near Mexico City has the same footprint. How did the Aztecs know that?

The future Ezekiel Temple dimensions are mostly in multiples of five (5) indicating the Heh dimension given from Heaven. We convert it to our Daleth dimension usually measured by English speakers in inches. Therefore, one Hebrew cubit-reed equals 1/5th of the pyramid dimension in feet plus a correction factor of one hand width added to the ratio. If:

And Ezekiel’s angelic measuring rod or reed is 6 cubits + one hand width, then 148.45-144 = 4.45 inches left to equal to one hand width if we assume 12 x 12 = 144 inches, which checks out with my hand.

Deduct a 4.45 inch hand width from 148.45, and we have one cubit /English = 12 x 12, or 6 cubits. Therefore, one cubit is 24 English inches (6 x 24 = 144) converted from the Egyptian pyramid base. This result conflicts with scholarly estimation of 18 inches using the elbow to finger tip mean average human body size, which is perhaps not a very good standard comparing it to fossil human skeletons recently discovered in a Turkish grave.

Egyptian mathematics embedded in pyramids is more accurate. The same measurements are also found in the Aztec pyramids near Mexico City. The great Teotihuacan pyramid has a very close base dimension, within inches, as the one in Egypt with identical ratio (.08% variation that would be the same if we cleared a few inches of dirt off the base).

This approach gives me a more creditable assumption based on imbedded mathematics like “The Seven Royal Numbers” and the “Five Master Equations” of the Giza” pyramid. All of these calculations conform to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System with its 7-month – 5-month holiday division. Therefore, the future dimensions of Ezekiel’s Temple as given in the Nelson Study Bible should be corrected because the actual size is a little larger.

Is the Ezekiel Temple a Pyramid?

What will the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel look like?

Most Christian scholars believe that Jerusalem’s future fourth Temple as described in Ezekiel 40-48 will be similar to Israel’s historical temples. The First Temple built by Solomon and the Second Temple, begun by Zerubbabel and renovated by Herod the Great, are often pictured in Bibles or discussed in popular TV documentaries. If you have read some of my previous books, you should already be alerted to my alternate perspective. Analyzing the biblical text with the keys provided by the Hebrew Alphabet Number System reveals a prophetic picture that differs from most Christian theologians.

When I read the Bible’s book of Revelation, I understand it to describe a huge satellite in the shape of a pyramid floating above the earth. John gives us many details about this pyramid as discussed in my earlier Babushka books. He describes the heavenly satellite-city as being built with a square wall foundation like a square donut with 12 gates. This design is similar to Hilton hotel structures built the size of city square. The hotel rooms rise up all around the square with an open courtyard roof in the center, which functions as a lobby and landscaped restaurant area.

Imagine that there is a pyramid in the center of the hotel. It would look something like what I saw in Las Vegas, where the main entrance to a large hotel imitates an Egyptian pyramid similar to the lobby of the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Temple described at the end of the book of Ezekiel looks incredible to me, as read with the eyes of Ayin (Hebrew Alphabet Number System) that monorail theologians are not familiar with. I believe that Israel’s last and future temple must be a mirror image [Daleth-Heh] of that heavenly, pyramid-shaped satellite-city.

Notice that the outside facade in Ezekiel 41:3 is three stories high square circumference and lined with 30 chambers on the north and south side like a three story hotel with 90 big window doors with walls 5 cubits (10 feet) thick. A pyramid rises from within the inside square at the center of that building. It says in verse 41:7 that the inside chamber walls do not touch the freestanding 100-cubit wide square structure. (Ezekiel 40:47) Then it is stated that the next 30 chambers sit on top for each ascending floor, being inclined toward the center like steps but not touching the building walls.

In the Mexican City outdoor museum, we see five pyramids built on top of each other and not touching walls either. What is the significance of and why is there a hand’s breadth of airspace between walls? This makes for a difficult building to construct.

God tells us that the inside structure is separated from the outside structure, like the holy Heh dimension is separated from the Daleth dimension belonging to our natural world. If an ascending wall is inclining toward its center then the walls are not vertical but tilted. A tilted wall could end up in a pyramid shape if it is square all around.

Later it mentions that the 100-cubit base dimension has a reduced width on the third floor, measured by the angel at 70 cubits. (41:12) This means that from the center we have a reduction in tilt of fifteen 15 cubits on one side going up a total of 36 cubits or 3 rods high. If we calculate the incline from the edge of the base where the diagonal line comes together on top of the pyramid we get an angle of 22.62 or a total 45˚ angle with a height of 120 cubits still with the airspace of an handbreadth (4½ inches) in between the square donut building following the inclined wall of the emerging pyramid on the inside of 240 feet having a 45˚ for the top apex.

The 36-cubit height is measured from below the ground surface level at the bottom of the concrete-stone pyramid foundation basement, which is 150 cubits squared above to the 100-cubit wide section at ground floor. The heavy three-story high, solid block basement line above the inside 100-cubit wide floor line is necessary to hold the weight of the pyramid since it is placed over several springs that produce a new river of healing waters. The temple ground lies outside the present Jerusalem. It will be lifted up to a high mountain plateau by the asteroid strikes and massive series of earthquakes of 10-17 September 2015. I believe that the whole area will probably be a slightly unstable geologic formation for several centuries.

So from an architectural perspective, I understand the air space separation functionally as an accommodation for small stress shifts of the outer three-story donut building as the new geological formation settles. These tectonic plate adjustments could continue for several centuries, and the Temple structure is prophesied to last a 1,000 years.

What is extraordinary is that the ratio of 15 cubits (width difference) to 36 cubits heights difference is a ratio of .416666. That is identical to the Hebrew Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio or 7/12 = .41666 the same. This tells me that I am right on in tracking down the structure of the mystery temple described 500 years before Christ. The 45˚ angle is factored as 9x5, which in Hebrew thinking is the other Heh side (5) now in the Teth (9) age of new life during the 1,000 years of Jesus’ reign of justice and peace. Many other descriptions of Ezekiel’s dimension now make more sense, but it would take another book to describe it all. If you want to write that book, take it from here.

An aerial view of the Most Holy place calculated from a corrected cubic measurement perspective gives us the dimensions of 25,000 x 25,000 cubits or about 9.4 miles square. It is divided into three oblong sections. The Most Holy section is 10,000 x 25,000 cubits about 9.4 miles long times 3.8 miles wide. The priestly section is the same with the remaining 5,000 x 25,000 wide cubits equaling 1.9 miles wide x 9.4 miles long, belonging to the public domain.

This structure divides the 826-acre parcel on either side into two major parcels with a nearly two mile wide roadway in the middle. The Temple section is surrounded by an arched chambered fence and on the corner kitchen (bathrooms for the thousand visitors, about 1.13 miles squared (500 rods). There is no furniture on the inside of this pyramid as God’s Spirit, the Shekinah Glory, will enter and light the inside brilliantly like the sun. The brilliant light to last for a thousand years will be seen through the 90 windows on either sides and front door as visitors from the top of surrounding wall will then recognize God’s visible presence among mortals. Any mortals entering the front door to be in God’s presence without a personal invitation would instantly die.

God’s Holiness will be as bright as the sun and visible to visitors from the top of the walls surrounding the Temple. Only the priests administering the daily sacrifices will be allowed to get close to the altar located in front of the entrance. Only the resurrected Saints will have access to the interior because they are no longer mortal. It would be instant death for mortals. The resurrected Saints will be impervious to God’s burning glory like the angel sent to Daniel’s friends in King Nebuchadnezzar’s famous fiery furnace. They belong to the Jod dimension, which supersedes the natural laws of physics in the same way that the resurrected Jesus walked through solid walls.

I think Ezekiel’s pyramid Temple may be a meeting place for the Saints and function like an invisible Heh-elevator to transport them to the upper levels of the heavenly city. Like Jacob’s ladder of ascending and descending angels, the Saints will no longer be subject to the material time and space laws of the Daleth dimension (this time in this age). They will enjoy intimate fellowship with God in the Jod dimension. If you want to learn more about eternal matters, read all the Babushka books free on the Internet.

Summing it Up

Two major pyramids exist in God’s future kingdom on earth. The Egyptian great pyramid signifies the Daleth dimension of material time and space. Inside it sits an open red stone polished coffin that symbolizes the coming resurrection, which will be experienced by everyone born mortal.

But the future Israelite Pyramid Temple signifies the altar mentioned by the prophets, representing the Saints destined for the Jod dimension of eternity in the New Heavens and New Earth. The current heavenly Heh dimension is described in Revelation with angels coming forth with fire from an altar. That fire on earth is a representation that God’s presence has moved from heaven to live on to rule over all mortals as King of Kings from a fiery 4th Temple brightly lit seen through 90 windows.

Remember, the Heh dimension will also close down in preparation for the Jod dimension, which will be a new beginning for the entire cosmos. What we see a billion galaxies in space that will implode into a timeless Dot, a reversed Big Bang. Every electron levitated around the nucleus will collapse when the ∞-energy current emanating from the Elohim source is turned off. 

You can learn about a new atom physics model reading the 7th Babushka concept book. The Bible tells that mortals will be changed to immortals. A new earth - new heaven is prepared for them, which will be placed in the Jod dimension. No one can even imagine what that will be, but it will be a great surprise - delightful for those bought with the price of Golgotha, the center of our calendar and the present earth.

The Great Apocalypse
4 January 2012 – 25 July 2015

God’s Wrath
Starting 7th month of the 12th cycle exploding
Asteroid Impact

Plus 7 day long earth quakes ending with another calendar earth axis wobble

Three birthday parties:
Jesus Christ
The Saints
Israel Reborn
Feast of Tabernacles
a Sun-Moon eclipse
after 1 Tishri 5778

Starting the Third Civilization
28 September 2017




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