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21 December 2008 – 21 December 2015

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Hi-tech inventor Herbert R. Stollorz has uncovered an ancient mathematical system and overlaid it with the Bible prophecy which discovered a date of the Apocalypse theologian got upset about. Pastors in church fearing revenue loss, advise their sheep do not read Babuschka books. Noah in 2288 BC had the same problem could not convince relative and friends get into the boat and be saved. The rest is history as only 8 people got rescued even when the Apocalypse was announced by the death of Methuselah who died on the 21December exactly according to the meaning of his name” When he dies it will happen”. It was a living advertisement warning given by his father who knew about what would happen which in modern time did not deter pastors of many churches ignoring Gods warning again.

As a previously hi-tech inventor of many computer products like the miniaturized flying magnetic disk head became the standard of the industry to give me some credibility but would hope not meet the same Methuselah fate announcing our modern Apocalypse. Inventor’s usually odd people think differently and  ventured to match an ancient the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS] code not to be confused with a Kabala. Overlaid it with the Bible prophecy and got the surprise of my life. That ended with 6 Babuschka books so much to tell of quite a number of discoveries upsetting theologians and exposes false science believed by many scientists. Discovered hidden in the Jewish holidays history cycles which looked like clock gears that interconnect with future prophecy align with ancient calendars now deciphered.

Two recent scientific discoveries will forever change how we understand the Bible and I do not care which church you got your education. What God has now revealed just in time when trouble starts will surpass anything ever postulated as God’s Plan for Mankind for the first time can clearly be understood without compromise from untrained theologian not educated in science. Because of the Bible Rosetta Stone now revealed future events prophesied in the Bible and confirm unknown date not speculation as  many ancient calendar-clock systems from around the world where recently decipher telling us that the kitchen clock Daniel used was different to ours therefore writing prophecy would not necessarily correspond to our time. That can now accurately projected and calibrated previous prophecy based on false premises now corrected to our modern Gregorian NASA calendar.

Much has been written about the coming Apocalypse as it is a popular topic for TV documentaries as well as a common movie theme. Most people intuitively feel that the time is at hand, though we may humanly hope that the apocalypse will be delayed further so that it does not take place in our own lifetimes.

Previously many pop theologians missed predictions were greeted with relief. Many even mocked God and the Bible because of human error. Today, most Christians avoid thinking about the coming seven years of severe trial by repeating in Schadenfreude a much misquoted Bible verse, “No one knows the time” should have said the hour as the earth keeps turning would be a problem on your 24 hr clock. But that was not the problem for Daniel who used his dial and said [time, times and half a time] it will happen. Find out his clock hanging in museums now deciphered. 

Reading Daniel in the Bible states that “those who have insight, the wise, will understand the counting of the days given to Daniel over 2,500 years ago. In my books, I give you my whole methodology as I discovered it. You can check each step out for yourself! For those who want a quick rundown, here are the dates I have discovered over a 4-year period of research. There is one for each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet which surprised me greatly not speculation as it can be backed up with science.

Two Rails Perspective: Science and the Bible

Institutionally acceptable science rejects the Bible. Theologians reject the application of science to solving Bible prophecy problems. Personally, I think that that these two perspectives should be merged with an open mind. That is what I have done, and the result is better insights and understanding of both the Bible and the natural world.

I refer to my viewpoint as one that rides on a two-railed track. It is more stable than the monorail approaches taken by too many Christian professionals and university scientists. Another way of looking at it is to think about riding a train along California’s Pacific Coast. If one is sitting on one side of the railcar, he or she would see the ocean. The other side views the mountains. It is not possible to see both sides unless a person rises above his or her present viewpoint to go up to the upper level seats covered by an observation dome set in the roof of the railcar. From that upper level (Heh dimension) one can see the whole picture. In short, that is God’s view of the universe: He sees everything.

Monorail perspectives lead to bad science and erroneous theology. Some scientists assume life started with a big explosion in space, and evolution took over from there taking billions upon billions of years. Many theologians do not think that Jesus will soon return to rule over the mortal nations of the earth. Most who do believe in the faulty Rapture Theory? Both issues are discussed on our web site.

We attempt to give you a 360° perspective along the 14 railroad stations of Bible history and prophecy spanning 7,000 Hebrew years. When one can see the world from a full rounded world viewpoint from ancient calendars and clocks to pyramids and old stories recorded in ancient languages, he starts to see what is missing from the most popular theories of science and theology. Also, dating the Apocalypse is then possible. The process is trustworthy and exciting like a ballgame. I use a familiar Russian Babushka nesting doll illustration where each doll has an identical pattern replicated on a different scale from the smallest to the largest. The scope of my books follows this pattern going from 7,000 years of world history and prophecy to 7 years of the same and then to topics of smaller scope, though also very important.

21 December 2012 - “Resurrection” of Antichrist

TV specials about the Bible code often come up with the date December 21, 2012, but the researchers do not know its significance. The Aztec-Mayan prophecies equate this date with the end of the world. What is its true significance?
What do inventor Herbert Stollorz’s discoveries reveal about this mysterious winter solstice? You can read about it for free at

Students of the Aztec-Mayan calendar system differ as to the significance of December 12, 2012. They do agree that it marks the end of the current Long Cycle and all ancient Meso-American calendars discovered so far. Most predict some kind of calamity will take place on that day. Some prophesy the end of the world. Others believe that it marks the transition to a new age. A few link it to some prophesied disruption on the planet Venus that will bring terrible consequences to planet Earth!

What does the Bible have to say about it? Since the Bible does not come right out and state a clear prophecy timetable, it must be reconstructed using scientific methodology. Theologians have been unable to do this because their training does not include natural science. As an inventor, Herbert R. Stollorz has spent a lifetime of looking at problems unconventionally. For solutions, he relied on his observations of nature and mathematical patterns. Many famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci solved problems using similar techniques.

My first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, describes God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity and explains why God will soon purge the earth with great trials – many of which we humans will bring upon ourselves! In chapters 2 and 9 of my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, discusses what will happen on this date. The book as a whole explains my research methods and describes the 7 years of the Apocalypse in detail – even providing a calendar dating key events mentioned in the Bible. So what will happen on December 12, 2012?

Time will tell, but my research of the Bible strongly indicates that this is the date of Antichrist’s “resurrection.” I may be wrong, but there are so many “coincidences” in the calendar of Apocalypse events that they can’t be merely “coincidences.” When you read my books, you will see what I mean for yourself! Antichrist will soon appear on the political scene. He will be very popular and present rational plans to stabilize the impending economic, political and military crises brought on by our collapsing civilization. Not only are we in for more severe hurricanes, earthquakes and pandemic disease plagues, we will see the collapse of the US economy within the next few years, if I am correct. In fact it will probably include the destruction of New York City some time after December 21, 2008 probably matching Jewish holidays.

Guilty Christians Destined for Judgment?

False dogmas preached in church like the Rapture Theory from a monorail theologian John Nelson in the last century have had devastating effects on the Christian church ever since. Just look back, for example, at what happened in America in past 50 years.
Many Christians no longer wanted to know about God’s Wrath. It is not popular in church and must be avoided: the Apocalypse is meant for others in distant time. God’s truth is exchanged it for a comfortable life style belief system. “Why worry?” say many pastors, who are watching their revenue rising. “We all will disappear being raptured before God’s Wrath is poured out.”

They forget that Christians have suffered throughout history and ignore the many living in anguish in Islamic countries. Many Christians ignore Revelation only picking what they like. They do not realize that the American church is being spit out by God as lukewarm and not cold or hot. Get ready for the Apocalypse fire that will cleanse the Saints through sufferings like pure gold is separated from the dross. 

That clever rapture lie from Satan lulled many Christians in complacency not watching to hold on what previous God-fearing generation believed, which opened the flood gates of hell. The Bible is no longer taught in schools, which results in filling up our prisons with young people. 50 million babies were killed in the mean time being inconvenient exceeding what Hitler and Stalin did.
Government officials, CEO’s and banking executives became totally corrupted, stealing billion of dollars. Even Congress’s billions of dollar to bail out failing banks and other corporations is not enough. They kept on stealing everybody’s retirement savings, which is causing global unemployment and a collapsing world trade system.

Why? Because Christians voted for atheistic corrupted senators in exchange for a promise of fat salaries, monster houses with 5 bedrooms and bigger cars. They no longer cared about being the salt in the system to preserve what the previous generations have passed on to us. By believing they will be rewarded by God and raptured to heaven to escape God’s Wrath, they allow Genetic Modification without resistance. They keep buying the corrupted food in the market to support a greedy, atheistic food industry that is destroying permanently our food for the next generation.

Comatose, sleeping comfortably in church, they support pastors making more money fuelled by building programs of bigger churches with tennis courts and swimming pools. They ignore the world being unaware of massive extinction of original seed with terminator genes embedded, honeybees and hundred other species like insect-bird, wild life and fish disappearing becoming extinct. Complaints and criticisms are not allowed in church as the members and leaders are mostly interested to make more money surrounded with nice friendly fellowship having a party like in Noah’s days. The majority probably voted for the Islamic Trojan horse in the White House and do not care anymore that Satan’s Islam religion murders hundreds of Christians on a daily basis. Their inaction will cause our constitution to collapse into a dictatorship in just a few years according to the cause-effect laws like in physics. Christians have sold out their birthright for a bowl of lentil soup like Esau. (Genesis 25:29) 

If you call yourself a Christian and voted for the extreme liberal Islam President Obama you will be guilty of all of the above. Like the five virgins behind the closed door, you will hear the voice of the bridegroom, ”Go away I never knew you.”

Because Obama was groomed by the enemy of the cross since his youth to be on the inside of world power primed for the coming Beast system dictatorship. Christians comatose to God’s oracles voted previously for so many atheist Senators and Representatives who have thrown out prayer from schools and public meetings, the Bible and even jail chaplains in the military who end their prayer, “In Jesus Name”  - now a crime to be court-martialed for and loose their retirement.  

Now God’s Wrath has started on the winter solstice day in 2008 as prophesied. No one can deny this because of many Christians failing big time. God has been left out of the equation. He alone is able to save mankind for a future generation.

The time of plenty, like the seven fat cows of Pharaoh’s dream in Joseph, is over. Soon Christians will be forcefully re-educated and change many false doctrines to what the Bible proclaims. Many will be suffering like we see globally in many Islamic countries in order to bring us back to God’s Plan for Humanity.

Many pastors and bishops will not meet God’s requirements to be in the First Resurrection. What a surprise it will be! Be wise and speedily repent. Do not lose your reward: become a Saint. Jesus is waiting to forgive all our trespasses. Therefore, Watch!



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