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Who are the Saints?


Is Christianity only about personal salvation now?

Most pastors teach that being saved and living a moral life within society is all one needs to know. Let’s get some additional ideas not usually preached in church to end some of the confusion among Christians that comes from rejecting biblical information on topics other than salvation.

The big picture of God’s Plan for Humanity challenges many points of traditional Christian belief popular in society. It also answers some of the common objections rational non-believers have to what is usually presented as the gospel.

People have been programmed to have two birthdays one in the Daleth (=4) dimension in this present age of time in the scientifically measurable physical universe. The second birthday will occur in the Jod (=10) dimension of eternity, which is at a level of existence beyond being measured by humans senses or scientific instruments.

To illustrate this concept, I use the butterfly story. Butterflies have a two stage lifecycle. In stage one this insect is a worm-like caterpillar. This stage ends in a death-like cocoon, which separates and provides the transition to life as a butterfly.

Because all life comes from God, the seeds of the spiritual Heh [the other side] dimension are already within us. The second stage develops out of the first stage. God’s Breath activates the inner spiritual side of our being, which is the data center where all the records of good and bad deeds are kept. Both dimensions are real. Our daily decisions provide a simultaneous intersect between the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Human existence began in 4004 BC, since then many people have come and gone on earth in a life lived spiritual education system that will eventually end about AD 3018 according to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which was designed in heaven from the beginning to last 7,000 Hebrew calendar year cycles.

Each of us must first live in the mortal phase analogous to the caterpillar stage. We all start natural life with God’s Breath, similar to the “Life” originally breathed into Adam. God’s Breath in the Daleth dimension is now a mixture of good and evil due to Adam and Eve’s choice of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Jesus was conceived within the womb of the Virgin Mary being impregnated with the Jod dimension of life, the purely good Holy Spirit, because He is the Second Adam. Jesus did not sin. His sinless life was a choice for good only and not good and evil; therefore, He is the One Mediator of the Jod dimension life for every person who will be born into the butterfly stage of eternal life with God.

Therefore, aborting a fetus-baby is a crime because it terminates the life cycle of God’s Plan. The breath of mortal life is only borrowed. It is time-bound being embedded within the Daleth dimension. As part of the natural system, it temporarily empowers and records the mortal life of each person like a spiritual data bank. At death it returns to its source in the Heh dimension.

Jesus’ resurrection foreshadows each person’s potential. His resurrection revealed the butterfly stage of life to us. In nature, this mystery is illustrated when a caterpillar is transformed (resurrected) into a butterfly, which is a much higher stage of life, like passing into a higher (Jod) dimension. Jesus’ resurrection demonstrated this new dimension when he said to John, “Behold, I make all things new - a new heaven, a new earth.” (Revelation 21:5, 1)

Hebrew Alphabet Overlay

A Hebrew alphabet overlay of life’s second stage (2=Beth) in the Jod (=10) dimension makes the equation 2+10=12. Beth (literally translated) means house and symbolizes duality. Jod means a “resting hand.”

As a concept equation, the equation sum of 12 means “perfect government” or a “perfect life system” of a new world order at a higher level. In Hebrew, 12 is not a single letter: it is always expressed as 10+2 (Jod-Beth). Scripture reveals two resurrections like a butterfly system. The numeric structure of 12 indicates that purpose, which must be connected to all that is transferred to the new Jod system.

Our first caterpillar birthday was involuntary. No one chooses to be born, and life is difficult. This is also part of the plan because humans only learn deeply from experience, and we must experience a certain amount of evil to become immunized against it from suffering its consequences. But God has promised to give another birthday to the humble who obey Him in faith, living by His Word, the Bible. After the cocoon of our mortal death comes the second or butterfly stage in God’s plan. Social traditions usually record Daleth dates for the birth and death of person on cemetery tombstones, but no note is made concerning the second birthday linked to the Jod dimension.

For the Saints, mortal life leads immediately to an eternal resurrection, which follows the butterfly analogy exactly. The Bible calls this the “Better” or “First” Resurrection.

The second birthday for most people will be a little different. The Bible does not give many details, but there will be a judgment process after being resurrected in presumably mortal bodies ready to be transformed if God determines that we choose to continue on the other side by choosing life values identical to how Jesus lived. Each person will have two options: “Mercy unto Life” or “Mercy onto Death” is how I have expressed these two possibilities. Those who choose “mercy unto Death” will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire.

Divine Judgment: Justice and Mercy

Although God is the giver and taker of life, He will always respect each person’s freedom of decision by presented him or her with a choice. We must have a desire and ask for that free gift of eternal life, which means conforming to His will and submitting to His governance. Any other answer equates to an immediate request to “terminate my existence: I had enough in my previous life.” The Bible refers to this as the Second Death. (Read Revelation 20 to learn about these resurrections and last judgment for yourself.)

If you chose the second butterfly stage of life, God promises no more pain, evil or sickness. Even death is eliminated. No one hungers for food. All the good things come together in a way that I cannot even express. God is fair in meeting our expectations within His balance of righteous judgment and unconditional love. In many places and manners, the Bible describes the new life in the Jod dimension as different - heavenly with no more tears and pain.

However, the Bible also describes an absence of evil on the other side. It is not allowed anymore and all unsettled issues between God and each of us must be removed beforehand. Only God’s definition of evil can be accepted. People in the Jod dimension must be washed from all the dirt and filthiness of the Daleth dimension. All sins against a holy God must be paid, whatever is owed. Only then can we be transformed to inherit the new land of possibilities where all good dreams come true.

Many people have committed untold crimes and hurt others. In God’s Kingdom, the law must rule supreme. God does not tolerate one broken incident or wrongful deed. How dreadful is really one transgression in Gods eye? Could he look the other way and ignore it a little? Not such luck. He gave us an illustration how terrible “one” sin is, and we have done so many.

Picture a brutal flogging by the Romans where most of your skin on your total body is shredded, then nailed naked on a piece of wood-beam and raised on a pole slowly to die, then you stand before that person who took your place and explain to him why you transgressed the law. Perhaps one has forgotten his or her many evil or unpleasant deeds. There memory and reality will also be resurrected in the White Throne Judgment since they were recorded in God’s computer.

The White Throne books record all our failures in detail and expose them in the spiritual Heh dimension with nothing to hide. In the resurrection to judgment, a person will come face-to-face with each infraction in vivid detail. That will cause a lot of fearful sweat, anguished feelings with no place to hide. Somehow an informed and free, not forced, decision must be made: “Mercy unto Death” or “Mercy unto life.”

A debt must be paid. That is the law, one way another, as the accounting must even out to start a new butterfly life over again. As mortals we must either being forgiven and cleaned up by Jesus, or pay our own debt in a painful, fiery death appropriate for the evils committed. You can read about this more in Chapter 6 of Apocalypse Prophesied, my first babushka book.

We will find out that God’s judgment is always very fair to both the mortal and the Judge. There are many issues where much evil was done historically by someone. Each must be paid. That is the requirement of the system. If you cannot pay, then you must go before God who represents the law and ask for “Mercy unto Life,” which means choosing to live His way. Through Jesus, God will decide to pay your debt as all must be cleaned up before entering the Jod stage of life.

Some people have been so evil in this mortal existence that they could not be fairly judged by other fallible men. They need an impartial, divine ruling as only God is able to give. God is still merciful to an unrepentant sinner or horrible criminal. After paying the debt in hellish suffering, one can ask for “Mercy unto Death.” This remaining option is the merciful end to suffering that terminates existence in the time dimension, which is the only escape from Hell. For such persons, the butterfly stage option will not exist. Life is shut down forever according to the law’s demand.

If you want to be sure of God’s forgiveness, read the last pages of the Bible found in any western hotel room drawer. There are many who doubt and leave this important decision to chance. Others have trouble understanding the Bible and applying it in their lives. God is flexible, but He must apply the same laws equally. We see this in such statements like, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” (Luke 19:26)

We do not have to wait until that time arrives as the Bible offers a possibility where we can decide now and be sure of merciful judgment unto life through repentance towards God’s ways and faith in Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. This is how one opts for eternal life. It is not magic, and it cannot be faked or simply mouthed. God’s way of life requires daily decisions to choose His ways over our own, though we may think out ways are better.

It is really simple: all you need to do is ask Jesus to please forgive your sins. Something like, “I accept your death on the cross to pay for the penalties of my sins. Let my old ways die with you. Help me through your Spirit to live as you, Jesus, lived.” This statement and act of faith makes atonement.

Agreeing with the Creator means being now forgiven. It relieves us from guilt and fear of the judgment seat because meeting God face-to-face could now mean rewards for the good things you have done, which only count once the debt is paid. It works a bit like a currency exchange system. The good deeds in the Daleth dimension can be exchanged for rewards in the Jod dimension.

What are Saints?

Life will be fuller on the other side, and being specially honored is worth an early start. We learned the number 12 means perfect government. Life in the Jod dimension is similar to what we know from the Daleth dimension, but it operates on a higher level without evil. Satan and his friends will not be there because they will have been executed for their crimes and become forgotten. In a perfect government there are jobs to keep us busy. Life will not be boring. Activity requires organization. Even parties need someone to be in charge!

Therefore, we have a special group called the Saints who will govern a future universe. They were raised for that purpose in the First Resurrection. That First Resurrection is special as those in leadership will be raised first. The rest of humankind must wait a little longer for the Second and final Resurrection. You may even see your pastor there! Do not be surprised if he is there with all those other biggies of the church we thought were special.

It would surprise many, I am sure, to see once important Popes dressed simply like everybody else. God’s standard does not judge if you had previous privilege in the caterpillar stage, which does not count in the Jod dimension. “The first will be last and the last first.” as Jesus said.

Many, of course, may not be interested in a Jod government job. They would choose living a normal life with friends. Notice, I said there are the Saints plus the others. God plans for two groups in the Jod dimension, but all belonged to the Zayin cycle 4004 BC - AD 2015.

That concept is seldom preached as most theologians only teach from an unbalanced and confused monorail perspective. The upper Zayin stage will be a gathering place where a lot of people congregate with different life experiences and interests. They will be rewarded richly or modestly depending on the investments in spiritual living they have made while living as mortals.

Collectively, they all have been redeemed no more debts. Jesus Christ paid every outstanding issue with His death on the cross, which made the new Jod, resurrected butterfly stage of life one without any worry of the past.

However, names are recorded in the golden “Book of Life,” which is different from the other books opened at that last judgment day before the White Throne. Who are the ones recorded in that book, and what and why are they different?

We can read about this special group here and there throughout the Bible, but some of these references are not understood well by theologians due to their ignorance of the Hebrew code expressed in HANS. The first three words in Genesis and the last two words in Revelation from the original text can be put together in one sentence that tells us what the Bible is about:

“In the beginning, God Created…the Saints”

Parable of the 10 Virgins

Jesus gave a parable about the other side. He said it is like 10 virgins, but only 5 will enter the wedding. That sounds a little scary. The wedding application must be a special group - only 50% of those going to the same church. It is possible that even a pastor would not have enough oil as he got rewarded already on earth with a good life and high salaries. Therefore the five virgin entering the wedding must have another application we should investigate.

In the Jod administration, John reported 24 elders wearing golden crowns around the Throne. (Revelation 4) I think these 24 elders represent the 12 Apostles of the New Covenant and 12 Prophets for the old covenant. The next circle around the Throne is filled with the Saints of the First Resurrection. The outer ring is populated with the redeemed nations from the Second Resurrection - uncountable multitudes dressed all in white.

Focusing on the second circle around God’s Throne, the Saints will make up the inner administration of God’s Kingdom. Each one has been chosen for a special purpose. They are identified in the Daleth dimension by what they do. Their actions demonstrate priority interest in God’s business on earth. These are the ones who work mostly without compensation of high salaries for their effort, are often persecuted - sometimes suffering much, and they do not permit their suffering to become a barrier to their service, patiently enduring hostility. Their faithfulness and love for God will not stop at death but continues into the Jod dimension where they will serve as members of God’s future government for the benefit of others.

I ask, “What is the source of their motivation?” Is it getting rich benefits? Prestige? High acclaim and fame with big titles and honor in front of the church or mass media? Or are these the ones who quietly, almost invisibly, go about the Lord’s business of suffering preaching the Gospel and being scorned by the public for that?

Read the many examples recorded in Acts, and follow the story of the Apostle Paul. You might ask your pastor why only five virgins enter the banquet and then compare his answer with the following. Let me continue on a subject that might be controversial in church, but check it out yourself.

Think, why do all 10 virgins have lamps with oil, singing songs of praise, perhaps involved in church and being active in the community. Only at the judgment seat will we know the real reasons why someone is a Saint and another is not. Being busy for God in church may not qualify because of the motivation question.

Many pastors and theologians receive high salaries and prestige. Most think of them as Saints, but that may not necessarily be so. Would missionary family living in a primitive culture qualify? They might endure indescribable sufferings, living a Spartan lifestyle giving of their time and money for the work of God, but even that does not guarantee a qualifying motivation, though it is more likely. In my church I see a number of families struggling to put bread on the table. They do not have much money, but they freely talk about the Lord and still give from the limited funds they have.

Once a travelling missionary came to church. He talked about the Lord’s business, too. Then he asked for our financial support, but he already has a guaranteed salary 10 times higher than the average income of the neighborhood. He also has the benefits of servants to cook their meals, clean the house and take care of the gardens. They also enjoy free trips travelling about to raise money. I wonder who is a real Saint. It could be either example, or even neither. That is why God must judge and not me, but I ask myself about it a bit.

Ten Virgins Parable Explained

Jesus told the story to illustrate a false notion preached in many churches. These 10 virgin were invited for a special wedding, but notice, only half had oil in their Heh dimension bank account. That gave them permission to enter the special feast and be considered members of Jesus’ entourage to become high officials in God’s Jod administration.

Only the Saints qualify to enter that special business meeting. Many pastors, bishops and popes will sit outside not belonging to the assembly of the Saints, but perhaps still able to be saved like the rest of redeemed humanity passing the White Throne test. This thought invites the question, “Will only the Saints take part in the First Resurrection set aside for a special “purpose” not preached in church? It is clear that all others will be included in the Second Resurrection at the end of time to determine who will enter into the Jod dimension.

As a group, the ten virgins are all saved because they all have oil and have their debt paid by the atonement of Jesus’ blood on the cross. That new contract or covenant of God covers all 10 virgins. Since all have oil, it means that they all have the Holy Spirit, which guarantees entrance into the Everlasting Life of the Jod dimension or new heaven and new earth.

Again, we must look from the perspective of God’s purpose from the beginning of creation and not at that of the rewards for being a Saint. Being focused on God’s business means a Daleth dimension dedication to acquiring more oil in one’s lamp – enough to last beyond the midnight hour.

Midnight is the Apocalypse. Most pastors resent the idea that the church will experience the Apocalypse. They teach a faulty doctrine of a divinely orchestrated exit to escape from the great physical trials soon to come upon all nations. This idea is very popular for obvious reasons: no one enjoys the prospect of suffering.

I think this is one of the main reasons why the Christian religious establishment ignores the warnings of the impending last days. It is not just because of an unfamiliar date. Donations are higher when a false hope is delivered from the pulpit. The truth is that we were all “left behind” until the right moment for the First Resurrection arrives. Then the Saints rise, and the rest of the believers art left behind to populate the millennial age and take care of the many orphans left over from Satan’s fury.

Jesus said only 5 virgins made provisions for a lasting oil supply, which is 50% if you do the math. The Zayin Age will close down on 21 December 2015 as measured by the HANS clock. At that point in the time dimension, the First Resurrection will take place at the Lord’s appearance to all as King of Kings.

Aspiring Saints need further education in God’s Word and how to apply it to daily life. This is how one qualifies to rule on God’s behalf being a “king” in the Jod dimension government. Once Satan is put away and God’s government over the earth is established, mankind will start over from scratch. A new civilization without evil will arise under the rule of Jesus and the Saints. During the 1,000-year millennium peace on earth Teth Age, they will acquire some practice. At the end of the Daleth dimension, the government will be transferred to a new earth somewhere in a new universe.

Recently, I spend a few days vacation in the California High Sierra Mountains. My vacation included time spent on a training camp for musicians of world orchestra status. For the first time I appreciated composers from the classics and watched music being dissected to expose a little of the greatness that lay buried within it and needing to be brought out by a conductor. It opened my horizons that God is a conductor, too. He tells me as an aspiring Saint about how to play my instrument. Life today is preparation for when our civilization will start over again after the Apocalypse 2008-2015. It will be like the first pioneers coming from Europe on a sailboat to worship God without the interference of brutal kings.

Listening to classical music is an experience that seems to come from another planet. My feelings melted in heavenly bliss as I listened to a solo violin floating with the orchestra. Repeated on the next day during another solo piano concert, I felt so close to God at that moment and would not mind to ask, “Please make those people Saints.”

We need to teach our future children real music again and not what Satan has produced for us to hear daily on the TV and radio. We cannot even sit down in the morning for a cup of coffee in the restaurant without overloud, raucous music being blared out - teenagers screaming in a night club, entertainment noise that they today call music.

I am an old man now and still remember the old paintings no longer on display before they got screwed up by Picasso. The same kind of thing has happened to wonderful music written 200 years ago. It is now destroyed by a godless generation grown up void of any culture.

I would ask the Lord for a flourishing civilization once again, where science can be discovered without the controlling prejudice of an evil atheistic evolutionary priesthood. Scientists need to be Saints, too. I am sure that some will be included as real science must be taught again respecting what God has created.

Our food has been screwed up genetically, and preserved heirloom seeds will need to be reintroduced to save what God originally created. That kind of work would be in the Saint qualification category.

It was God’s plan all along that only the Saints would be selectively educated to qualify for the Jod government positions as replacements for the many rebellious angels. Governing a universe is a specialized job and requires being very loyal and trustworthy servants.

The Saints represent the inner entourage being tested in various trials, overcoming evil and appointed to be seated around God’s government table in a close proximity to the Creator. Not everybody being saved and sharing eternal life is invited for those teaching positions; therefore, not everybody is automatically a Saint.

If you want to be a Saint and belong to the kingly government family, you will also endure much suffering in the Daleth dimension. That is part of the qualification process. Having experienced and being much tested with evil and lived through its cause-and-effect interactions gives one experience of how God’s ways work best.

Nothing short will do as much more is required to meet the responsibility to govern people and angels in the Jod dimension, but it is worthy to ask God to be included in the inner circle and have fellowship with the eternal God to work out His plan for the universe. That can only be attained by being appointed as a Saint possessing everlasting oil.

Therefore, the First Resurrection may only be for a small, exclusive group of suffering servants – the Saints. This concept gives the First Resurrection a purpose not taught in church, which has mostly reduced it to an escape mechanism from the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse will surely come in 2008-2015 to end God’s Plan for Humanity exactly as set according to the cycles of His world cuckoo clock.

Become a Saint!


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