Pearl #258, Part 2 -

Why is the Jewish Calendar Off by 244 Years?


Pearl #258 (2-17-16) described why the Hebrew calendar is off 244 years, but it needs another calendar adjustment that became clear when investigating the five world calendars a little closer. Why not put it all together into one Grand Calendar to get some order to settle general knowledge to date precise Bible prophecy?  

NASA has no interest to prove the Bible; hence, only Babushka eggs could reveal forgotten history linked to suppressed science now better understood from a metaphysical perspective to make logical sense to what is no longer taught in global universities. Perhaps both theologians and atheistic scholars should no longer ignore Jonah-II globally standing alone, facing a hostile crowd condemning newly discovered science facts that even turned off theologians by exposing their denominational false dogmas. It is like a fireman screaming inside a burning apartment house, “Fire, get out!” who is answered, “Shut up and let us sleep.”

Checking my Babushka concept eggs dating the 12 o’clock position for God’s Wrath, it still has a problem for most and needs another witness from science department to correct a simple math equation based on history. That motivated me to once more check out what was postulated.

I did not expect anything from the establishment when truth is still suppressed, but for me projecting an Apocalypse date and the return of Yeshua-Jesus affects our destiny. I was concerned about your life. I keep an eye on the world NEWS by watching TV in California, which seemed too quiet, everyone expecting a bigger noise; thus, I got another urge to double check the five world calendars that should have been consolidated. I suspect that the dating of God’s Wrath linked to prophecy checked with science and history needs a little adjusting by one solstice year? Being on the same fast sinking Titanic dating the Apocalypse blinded many with Schadenfreude.

However, the Key is 2288 BC, which is Noah’s reported worldwide Flood that changed to a different calendar. The Flood was caused by an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC that also shifted the earth’s axis affecting every calendar marking seasons by the movement of the sun, moon and zodiac constellations in the sky. There are a hundred proofs collected in 14 Babushka egg concept books, but many pearls were added like a stone thrown in a pond creating many waves to demonstrate a cause, which proves Newton’s laws still work. Reading Daniel 2:34, you will understand it on notch higher.

The Torah Genesis generation who lived after Noah 2288 BC experienced a radical change in their ancient calendar, which was different from the one used by 10 generations before the Flood. Reading the ages of the patriarchs to count years, they made a list and noted when a first son was born and died. But checking history, we find out that the ancient solstice years are not 365.24 days long. The earth axis came to rest only recently on 21 December 2012, as measured by NASA six years ago. They calculated with G.R.A.C.E. an axis wobble still moving a little 14 hours / year which proves what the Babushka eggs postulated.  

The new calendar crossover date was 2288 BC with ten generations before and after. That is the key to discover why the Hebrew calendar is off by 244 years, though nobody seems to care.

Comparing the mean averages of the pre- and post-Flood sets of patriarchs (10 generations each) will demonstrate different Solstice-moon calendar systems due to the drastic change in the earth’s axis at the Flood. A little math revealed that the begat and death cycles exponentially declined when compared to each other. The downhill exponential time curve needs to be closely investigated if you want to find out why the Hebrew calendar is a paradox.   

One group of Rabbis or Hebrew scholars contested that the Hebrew year 5776 (2016) became the 120th Jubilee. A Jubilee is 50 years long and multiplied by 120 will get us to about 4004 BC. It corresponded with Adam and Eve being kicked out of the Garden Eden. That same date is confirmed by a second witness, checking Jesus’ genealogy described in the Gospels. The genealogy of Jesus was reported in 14 cycles of an ancient clock calendar which is matching the Aztec clock in Mexico City. Why are there 14 tourist stations in Jerusalem going up to Golgotha hill? Maybe 14 Babushka eggs could fit the pattern dealing with science and the Torah-Bible. In modern time we have a third witness, Professor Hull - The Wall Chart of World History.

When the dials of ancient clocks were decoded, a small circle within a big circle, they measured solstice years. It is similar to a cuckoo clock with a small and a big hand and numbers on the dial. The ancient Genesis clockmaker counted seven solstices for one grand turn around the sun. But “One” turnaround was not like 12 O’clock but like the small hand moving around the dial, which is now 13 O’clock position or (12+1=13) for one solstice grand turn.

But a seven (7+1=8) solstice system measured in the Aztec clock Mexico City calculated sunrise cycles when the North Pole pointed to the sun. It took seven turns for a Grand Turn around the sun (360 days). The sun would rise in the West 26 days and reverse 26 days but now rising from the East for one solstice. But seven turns around a sun is an odd number now with the South Pole pointing to the sun. It needed a + one, indicated by the small dial, or two cycles (2x7) to count to be “even” again. Thus, we have a 14-cycle system explaining the mystery in Jerusalem tourist stations or check Babushka Book #3 to widen knowledge horizons.        

Now we are ready to decipher the base-7 Hebrew calendar decoding the paradox of a 244-year difference measured with the Gregorian calendar. Let’s do the math again and count back from 2017 AD, which is the Hebrew year 5777 = 3760 BC. To calculate the 244 solstice-year difference, count (4004 BC minus 3760=244). But we the Hebrew scholars made a mistake because they did not know that an asteroid hit the earth on 5 February 2287 BC, which caused earth axis-wobbles that changed the Genesis calendar. The 244 year difference, multiplied by seven mini-solstice like (7 x 244) = 1708 years. Now compare the dating of (4004 BC-2288 BC) = 1715 years (Julian). The difference of (7) seven old Genesis Calendar years is converted to “one” year Julian, proving the time base theory dovetailing and confirming the date 2288 BC. 

Thus, the time before the 2288 BC Flood is an unusual calendar of 12,005 mini-solstices (1715x7) not differentiated by scholars. An asteroid hit the earth severely, which caused an axis wobble. That totally changed the Atlantis civilization, a world collapsing with nature in turmoil never experienced before. The earth began to wobble, which changed the Genesis Age calendar and also ripped apart continents, lifted huge mountain ranges, caused horrendous earthquakes, and created huge lakes and ocean waves for a worldwide Flood. Why is it denied by universities no longer teaching science? It changed a tropical climate and many events postulated in the Babushka books to convert skeptics. Only a few events can be mentioned here, not possible to cover in two pages.

Because the earth axis before the Flood was oriented horizontally, a solstice came every 52 days as proven by the Aztec calendar used in Mexico. Their priests were greatly confused. At first they did not know that the calendar had changed. Perplexed, they built (5) five pyramids on top of each other in Mexico City. Archeologists found seven (7) inside the Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico correcting a zodiac position. Later they invented a little cheaper counting system by fashioning 105 stone skull heads like bowling balls lined up on the wall that measured 14.30-year cycles as verified by Daniel and the Antikythera bronze clock with longer fraction 14.305789. It is now 14 Cycles.  

Summary: before Noah the earth North Pole turned seven (7) “winter” solstices in one Grand Orbit around the sun, which is now 365.24 days/year @ 21 December 2012. The Jewish scholars still count solstices but before the Flood 2288 BC the ancients counted seven shorter, mini solstice cycles for one of today’s. Get it?

Think this through. The sun would rise in the West 26 days and reverse 26 days to rise in the East. That created a climate different from what we have today. The Bible reports that before Noah it did not rain or snow. It was tropical worldwide. Plant cells grew bigger in abundant profusion like larger animals, too. Fossil bones, huge petrified trees and coal deposits show a tropical climate over the northern permafrost region. Vegetation produced twice as much oxygen content in the air as seen in Bernstein air bubbles.

Eventually the atmosphere collapsed with the oxygen combining with the residual hydrogen left over from the seven-day creation period being lighter than air now creating extra water for the Flood.  It was formed when the burning asteroid ignited the mixed two gases. The gases exploded in billion thunder chain-reactions horrendously raining buckets for 40 days as recorded by Noah.

A number of earth axis wobbles caused this worldwide flood with unspeakable earthquakes, collapsed the ancient atmosphere. A massive amount of air turbulence let in zero, Kelvin cold space, which froze the water into three miles thick ice at the poles. Frozen Tundra elephants prove it. Originally, I compared it to the Aztec pyramid calendars and stone clock dial (7+1=8) in Mexico City that resulted in 7500 year Babushka egg calendar matching the 25,625-year zodiac projection that postulated that the precession needed to be divided into Hebrew cycle calendar.

Counting BC/AD is a little weird, like we have 11 fingers; just count 10-9-8-7-6 one hand, plus 1-2-3-4-5 =11 fingers (6+5=11).

Now we have one year extra in a crossover counting 4004 BC-2288 BC) will be matching later the 120th Jubilee ending in a Seventh Shemitah 2015 linked to Tetra Blood Moons and sun eclipse. In addition we have an ancient impact dating (17 September) to consider, which probably was continued making the previous Genesis Age Hebrew calendar off being 9 Moon cycles different. A new calendar was calculated by Moses used on this side of the 5 February 2287 BC asteroid impact (Julian date). Many prophecy cycles were later confirmed on a higher metaphysic level.  

The verified 4004 BC dating linked to Jesus’ 14-cycle genealogy matched a solstice calendar system connected to Adam and linked to an Aztec stone clock. That should convince ignorant theologians. Most universities do not know this. It is not found in their libraries. Many ancient clock artifacts in museums or outdoor sites will tell the same story as postulated in Babushka eggs if you want to widen knowledge horizons. That extra “ONE” year or (9) nine moon month difference from an even solstice can be transferred to 2016 Gregorian counting from 1 Tishri 5777 Hebrew with expanded Moons to the very end of 30 Elul 5777.

The prophesied appearing of Yeshua-Jesus can be dated by UN Resolution #181 [29 November 1947], or the public celebration five months later [14 May 1948] for the same event. It announced a re-born nation ISRAEL to be a state again after 2500 years fulfilling prophecy. We should take seriously what Yeshua-Jesus said, “One generation (70 years) I will return to earth.” That date was postulated as 2017 AD Gregorian (5777) and is still the cornerstone designed for a 7000-year Hebrew Babushka egg calendar centered on 2018 AD (Gregorian). It did not change the crossover when looking back at the many birth pangs of the (7) seven years APOCALYPSE 2008-2015 accelerating world events never experienced on earth ending in God’s Wrath, once more repeated many times like Sodom and Gomorrah.  

God’s Wrath will end this evil atheistic world system to start God’s Kingdom within this or the next year, depending how we count ancient calendars. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) designed certain holidays, defined by Moses in 1400 BC to convert Hebrew to Jewish culture. A king is always crowned on 1 Tishri, which is also a New Year in the Jewish calendar. It will start the remaining 20 Jubilee cycles (like 2x70=140) depending on which calendar clock we use.

When John was called to heaven, he described a number of dates, but do not assume that the clock in heaven is the same on earth. It is now discovered to be the same as the ancient Genesis calendar, which needed to be divided by seven (7), and so will be shorter on our earthly clock. Thus (5) five months of demon possession on earth (Rev. 9) will be (5x30 =150 days divided by (7) = 21 days. Satan cast to earth is so dangerous. He would destroy the whole earth given more time. Much has been collected from true science to explain the Kosmos system described in Babushka eggs and pearls like a voice of one crying in the wilderness:

“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert a highway for our God. (Isaiah 40:3 NKJV)

1 Tishri 5777 (Sept. 2016)

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