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What does YHWH Mean?


Babushka Pearls were designed to supplement what was previously written as knowledge is expanded. The “wise” in prophecy of Daniel 12:10 are promised to know. Many books have been written to define God, and I am no exception. Read some of my first Babushka books. But I keep learning in a process that will never stop. When an idea shows up, I must quickly report it as otherwise it will be lost again in the Bible Ocean.
YHWH is the Tetragrammaton that the Wycliffe Encyclopedic Bible Dictionary states was used over 6,800 times in the original Hebrew text of the Torah. But was it intentionally removed from the translated text to conceal the Blessed Name? Why?

In lawful terms it is like erasing the many initialized, short signatures on every page and paragraph of a legal sales contract identifying the owners’ wishes in order to prevent tampering with its terms. Why was YHWH removed?

The HANS system has many applications and can overlay many concepts now seen from a full rounded perspective like a movie in the round. God to us is still the greatest mystery, and the more concepts exposed the better.

Theologians will point out many names for God, which needs some order in our thinking. Many names are just attributes looking from a different perspective like describe to me an ocean with all the possibilities. I just limit myself what I learned from HANS as the 7:5 ration just gives me 12 important attributes we could check out.

The Hebrew thinking is reverse to our western thinking as we usually start with seven in the Daleth dimension, but the ending is the beginning which cannot be determined in a circle unless you put a mark somewhere and say that is the start of the time dimension. A time dimension philosophy makes only sense when we compare it with our mortality as the universe is so much bigger unending which gets us a concept of infinite. So the infinite circle is artificially marked with my life existing counting solstice years on top of a circle with a better NASA calendar, which expressed my existence the smaller “I AM”. After that when my mortal life has ended the infinite dimension will start over again.

God is not different to us as we are made in his image but one day the caterpillar will emerge like a butterfly, which will reflect the great I AM. Looking at my mortal carbon copy not finished yet we can postulate the real picture what it might be and compare it what I collected in seven names and 5 according to HANS’s ratio and found it in the Bible in no particular order as they are attributes of God as many still need to be discovered.

In the Daleth dimension perspective we see:

  1. Jehovah-jireh: The Lord will provide Gen. 22:14
  2. Jehovah-nissi: The Lord is my banner Ex. 17:15
  3. Jehovah-shalom: The Lord is peace Judges 6:24
  4. Jehovah-shammah: The Lord is there Ezek. 48:35
  5. Jehovah-tsidkenu: The Lord is our righteousness Jer.23:6  
  6. Jehovah-maccaddeshcan: The Lord the sanctifier
  7. Emmanuel: God with us: Luke 1:23, Matt. 1:23
  8. The Word: John 1:1

Now we have some Heh dimension names:

  1. El-Elyon: The Most High: Gen. 12:22
  2. El-Olam: The Everlasting God: Gen. 21:33
  3. El-Shaddai: Almighty God: Gen. 17:1
  4. Yahovah-Yahovih: Ex. 3:14
  5. I am That I am = YHWH: Ex. 3:14

All together translated sometimes referred to as:

World Cuckoo Clock








Now let's look at my cuckoo clock diagram and see where we find God illustrated in the Plan for Mankind.

The Hebrew letters have imbedded a numerical number math relationship that reveals concepts on a higher level. Like a dual railroad is better balanced we just accept it as facts riding on a train but underlie physics usually assumed not always explained.

YHWH = 10-5-6-5

Learn about the Hebrew letter meaning exposed in Babushka books for a better understanding Bible hieroglyph now much better understood overlaying it with HANS. My first book shows a cuckoo clock diagram, which came to me by intuition, but now after so many HANS facts expose keeps expanding a godly philosophy not invented by me - just finding it not even looking for it.

Intuition cannot be controlled by an individual as it is timed by someone outside our reference circle. Let’s look at that strange clock design again explaining history from Satan’s and Mankind’s perspective across a time dimension. It has God’s name imbedded in a concept I just discovered four years later. Notice on top we have Alpha א0 the number 10=Yod symbol which represent a duality mathematic and or symbols of mankind’s first language to communicate concepts to be linked to each other. God the infinite Alpha could be mathematically expressed:

Aleph Sequence  


Then we see the Alpha-Omega a Greek letter later expanded on each side of the square diamond as we have now science added to knowledge from the old Hebrews faithfully recorded which the language of science is like a dual railroad for a better balance.

But those Greek letters express Jesus-Yeshua a Godhead with attributes explained in the 7:5 ratio of HANS. Jesus, the Creator God, is Alpha = Beginning stretched across the time dimension to enclose it with Omega now seen on the clock diagram on either side bridging a time dimension to end it in Taw [1-4-40-400] if you understand the Hebrew name of Adam and Eve embedded in Hebrew signature. Amazingly, I discovered the full circle of the Bible telling the whole story from Genesis to Revelation in shorthand of God’s Plan for mankind finalized across 7000-year Hebrew cycles.

Take the first two first words in Genesis combined with the very last words in Revelation spells out why Adam and Eve were created to express the purpose in the Daleth dimension; the YHWH has chosen to represent God’s Plan for mankind into one total concept:

“God created the Saints.”

Both actors Satan and Mankind have a purpose in the time dimension: suspended like a hummock on two nails, Jesus in the beginning of time and ending across the diamond pictogram each diamond point from Greek converted to Hebrew is Heh-Heh dimension part of the name Y-Heh-Heh. But below is the missing W, which means “hook” or connect. The hook means purpose now inserted in the name between Heh-W-Heh, which now represents a new plan of reconciliation and redemption in our Daleth dimension universe all expressed in:


However, checking out the W-letter philosophy, it is expanded to be a new creation act where the infinite God concept is inserted in the time dimension as expressed in a calendar clock. It should read new discoveries written in Babushka books, which must have purpose.  If there is no “hook” = W “purpose” expressed in the God name, we have no time dimension. My clock shows the W = connect with a half moon as it is only a portion half of the time dimension Daleth restricted by Satan’s purposed not executed yet for his crime but needs to be a instructor to teach evil to the other half of the moon cycle which mankind’s dual life cycle like a caterpillar after the cocoon emerges into a butterfly to be prepared for the Sainthood on the Jod site dimension.

There ends full circle God’s Plan for Mankind in the ten–Jod on top of my clock design apex where God is the beginning of everything. The number nine you see on the other side means “New Life”, but it is really a 6 = W upside down, the same inside the circle which means connect. Like an ancient calendar can turn the smaller dial clock, it will measure time or a small pointer in a modern clock. We are the only ones in God’s creation affected by time. If you do not believe me, ask any monkey in the zoo about time. He is believed by some smart PhD atheists to be their grandfather.

 A YHWH concept now embedded in a Hebrew letter diagram was revealed and is not an invention from a puny mortal perspective and needs studying many more Babushka concepts to understand it more fully. Wait for the full moon, which starts another cycle until the Omega-Yeshua ends:




The Time Dimension - Mem.


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