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Can Genes be Reproduced for 900 Years as in Genesis?

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An E-mail from Jason Robillard (3-30-09)

Herbert I've read your Babushka books and can agree with most of your theories except when you discuss the age of the patriarchs. How do you reason that using that theory would make Enoch 9 years old when he became the father of Methuselah, and others age 9 as well?

Also, the books were written by Moses who lived well after the flood and surely would have made some mention that years were one 7th as long before the flood. It is much easier to believe that the uncorrupted genes and conditions before the flood, reduced radiation etc., would allow for such longevity. Or, would you think that they really had kids at age 9? Also, Adam would have had Seth at age 18 after he already had two kids (Cain and Able) who had already grown up and lived long enough to raise flocks and grow gardens and kill. What do you think?
Thank you for your astute question, Jason.

I think that there are other possibilities that could get to the bottom of the paradox of ancient humans living much longer lives or a larger recorded number of years. I do believe that it is possible that you may be right about the genes of the ancients as one explanation.

In my last book A Donut Atom Nuclear Story I discovered that when the speed-of-light is faster we can deduct that cell development is larger which can be observed in geology and the fossil records. The greater growth is caused by a higher Oxygen fuel availability measured in amber the juice air bubbles of three time’s larger trees. That drives a whole bio-system to mature faster like a powerful dynamic engine creating a much higher rate of reproduction. This could allow for a longer lifespan as we currently experience linking it with the speed-of-light at a much lower rate of 186,000 miles-per-second.

SkeletonsLet’s take a look at the bones from dinosaurs and human skeletons recently found in Turkey. Some of the human skeletons that were measured averaged three times taller than 6 ft. and could possibly be Noah’s children as the bones (found with their clothing) were discovered near the Noah’s Ark site in Turkey.

Also there are slabs of rock in Texas where dinosaur footprints were found embedded alongside human footprints. This is clear proof that the dinosaurs lived during the same time period as Adam which cannot be denied by the atheistic evolution religion crowd. Using the human population growth curve 2.3 going backwards on the computer we get no more than 7000 years to Adam which the Hebrew dating calendar indicates as 4004 BC. That date is verified by the Toltec’s and Aztec-Mayan calendar and now even deciphered embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks hanging in museums. It is also verified when viewed through a microscope we discover a bio-world with larger cell size structures. All information available should be put on the table and looked at to establish facts we can accept as true.

Trying to figure out old ages in ancient times we should take notice in the 7,000-year human history table it is illustrated that Adam and Eve were 64 years old when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Only after that did they have children. This raises the question of what calendar they used. There is a problem when applying an Aztec calendar seven solstices spin-axis theory because it does not match a Genesis account of their first born child using any known calendar logic.

Someone could possibly argue that the ancient paper-skin manuscripts assembled by Moses could have a washed out digit indicating Enoch son’s birthday. Maybe it was unseen and omitted from later translations. He would, therefore, be 164 like his father Jared. However we see the same problematic pattern of 9 other people after the flood.

We must never question the Bible truthfulness. Rather we need to adjust our opinions which, more often than not, lack many details. We can only postulate a theory by putting all of the facts on the table and refuse to ignore the paradoxes which challenge our intellects.
There is, therefore the important question we have left after examining Genesis. What was the first calendar of mankind during Adams time?

I have written about an Aztec calendar existing on the other side of our globe that indicates a 7 solstice-per-year cycle. Let’s not assume either that from 4004 BC to 2288 BC (1,715 years) time was measured the same as we do today. Ancient museum clocks refer us to the Asteroid collision which created a wobble in the ancient Earth’s rotation.

Genesis dates given in the Bible should not necessarily be counted the same as Gregorian calendar years as we do not even know if the Earth’s orbit around the sun has changed and come closer to the Aztec cycles recorded 1,715 years later. The shortening of the calendar as indicated in the Antikythera clock could have occurred for some other reason BEFORE the flood as well.

 Noah recorded all of the genealogy from Adam and 9 generations after him by the ages of the first-born sons that must have been somehow important. Eve received a promise from God that a future redeemer would be born from her seed to smash the serpent’s head. This was the serpent’s penalty for his lie to Eve leading the first couple to transgress Gods command. Mankind was then forced to live in the Zayin Age under the tutorship of Satan to learn all about evil compared to Gods oracles to build up an immune response system for a future eternal life.

The practice of recording all of the first born son’s ages was faithfully continued, as supervised by God, in order to have an unbroken connection all the way to Jesus Christ totaling 63 generations. The 64th generation is linked to Jesus having children too identified been born in the First Resurrection of the Saints. The Saints were prophesied to appear at the Messiah’s Second Coming matching the Hebrew Calendar after September 17, 2015 at the end of the Apocalypse. This was part of the Plan for Mankind stated by Daniel 12:10. The Angel mentioned that there will be some wise to recognize the Endtime of the Apocalypse now dated 2008-2015.

Adam must have used a God-given moon calendar because there is a moon calendar used in Moses’ time that presents all of the Jewish religious holidays specific to the children of Israel. Also it is reported that before the flood two separate lines of descendents branched from Adam, one that was Godly the other one Evil. The Evil bloodline later caused the flood because it violated God’s contract with man by using GMO technology, which exceedingly angered God.

Investigate my other Babushka egg concept books and discover one of the things that causes God’s wrath. Ask what the Monsanto Global Seed Corporation or so many others such as ProdiGene are doing by destroying the worldwide food chain and worse inserted terminator genes in all seeds. That put in danger future generations not to be able to grow a crop if the American Corporation has disappeared like so many financial institution in 2008/2009 as no longer an option exist to find unmodified seeds anywhere around the globe which will germinate like it did for thousands of years. The crime against humanity is having spliced out the immune policemen on every cell level to make possible the various gene transfer. Now observe on television broadcasts and notice more frequently seen about outbreaks of many E-Coli and Salmonella deaths announced as well a rash of as-yet-unknown stomach diseases which cannot be treated with antibiotics. The terrible thing is that it is rarely-to-never reported that they all directly connect to gene modification and prophesied will cause million death as the apocalyptic rider in Revelation have left the barn.

God is angered again about our corporate evil breaking the covenant made with Noah never to change genetically his creation. It again will trigger a worldwide Apocalypse that began in 2008 and will continue until 2015 in order to save his world for future generation and finish off Evil. God is now judging a world which is violating his GMO contract again and will punish it in the same method by using an asteroid like he did in Noah’s days repeating history.

How did the Ancients Measure Time?

We can attempt to explain the longer life spans using other ideas but it is a problem if we divide them using the 7 Aztec clock cycles. If an Aztec calendar is applied to the problem just look into the evening sky. How would people know when the seventh solstice arrived? It is the Grand Z-Axis that matches a true orbit around the sun. Let’s reason this through.

In the book of Genesis it appears that the Hebrews counted 12 moon cycles [12x30=360] for each year orbiting around the sun accumulating in a full Z-axis turn. But the moon cycle needs to be corrected to the solstice as the moon does not orbit the Z-axis in consistently even cycles as calculated in modern times.

The 7 Solstice Aztec cycle was simpler to measure and became perhaps another way to count time. All it took in pre-Flood times was to observe the west-east and east-west sunrise that alternated every 52-day cycle. It always ended in a solstice position and needed seven in order to equal one Gregorian year.

Therefore they must have used two different calendars. One documents 30 days and the other 52 days for each cycle. It is very similar to what we have today in the Hebrew culture that uses a civil and a religious calendar in tandem.

I think that being born and related to Adam on the Godly line during Noah’s time frame must have been linked to a religious experience which started with Adam and was counted with the true Hebrew calendar. It counted the moon cycle method but needed occasionally to be corrected by a seventh solstice - one true orbit around the sun.

However, for practical everyday use, the civil calendar may have been easier to use and may have been utilized by the ungodly line of descendants. They would have recorded the death of that person to be a much higher priority and would indicate much longer ages counting 7-1 for every true solstice. So now there is only one possibility. The 12th moon - 30 day cycle aligns only one time on the seventh solstice indicating one orbit around the sun. Maybe the two calendar possibility could solve the birth age puzzle as it is posed in the book of Genesis.

However I believe that Noah was a God fearing man and would continue the Hebrew, Adam-moon calendar after the flood - even with the altered solstice cycles created by an Earth wobble. The same wobble that confused the Aztecs when building their two pyramids. One of the pyramids has 5 and the other with 7 on top of each other. Check it out in Mexico City’s outdoor museum.

Noah was known to be a faithful person and would continue as always whatever God ordained even when the solstice was altered after the flood. The Hebrew calendar has a 7,000 year range but with the Aztec calendar 52,000 cycles must be converted by a seven spin axis matching the range of 7,490 years. But with only one 490 Hebrew cycles more (4488 B.C.) it becomes the calendar of the serpent’s 13th cycle [7000+490]. Check out my cuckoo clock with two dials which match an Aztec clock with two dials.

Therefore as a scientist, I’m not overly happy having found a logical answer. However it is only an opinion until we find more corresponding proof that the very long ages are perhaps linked to an ancient calendar. Can it be that a higher speed-of-light was the cause of longer genetic life span for each generation before the flood? Or is the answer a two calendar counting method which matches the Aztec calendar? This doesn’t make my clock Babushka egg concept book obsolete but it is brought more into focus by a new Donut Atom Theory that fills in the gaps. More facts can be found in my Babushka book, Reflections on Global Warming, which explains and explores ancient calendars.

Some Proof?

When I recently investigated a Web-reference about the moon going in elliptical cycles around the Earth I noticed a mathematical discrepancy. I wrote previously that the force of gravity is not a constant, and this fact has been confirmed by the Platinum/Iridium Kilogram, the original basis for the world weight standard.

Scientists who believe in the religion of evolution are baffled with the discovery that gravity has changed in the last 100 years. I reveal the cause and link it to the variations in the speed-of-light in my Babushka book which also provides the answer to why we have Global Warming. It relates to the collision of the asteroid with Earth in 2287 BC.

The first proof of this is the fact that Earth’s moon is now 2 days behind where it should be in order to be synchronized to the Earth. I explain it in physics like the moon behaves like a passenger inside a windowless train orbiting around the Earth. It conforms to my slingshot gravity analogy travelling in an elliptical orbit around the Sun. The passenger (the Moon) walks up and down the isles inside the train but at a different velocity! My Babushka concept books explain this from a Biblical perspective based upon accurate dating from the Jewish moon calendar. I also point out that in some cases the dating system in the Jewish scholar’s moon calendar need some correction in order to equate with the solstice. The error was recently found when comparing it to an historic flexible world calendar. To correct it we should take into consideration the ancient clocks we find in various museums to modify and even out the calendar equation.

Even more information can be found by comparing the ancient wobble data with a pivotal date, “9th Av” or July 25, 2015. From the 7,000 year mankind table spectrum range it becomes a special calibration marker that can be used to adjust to a solstice crossover juncture on December 21, 2015. This data conforms to Daniel’s prophecy. All other calendar moon cycles, for some mysterious reason, will fine-tune to that point. It is also connected to the Third Temple in Jerusalem on a Jewish holiday that was established by Moses. This would be a major scientific discovery for many scientists if they were educated enough to realize it.

So now we can use the ancient wobble constant (14.3050789 factor) multiplied by thousands years and arrive at the July 25, 2015 date. We will arrive at that date by calculating either forward or backwards in time to pinpoint the exact Jerusalem hour. What a coincidence! It agrees exactly with the Daniel 11:45 prophecy of Armageddon.

(9th Av 588 BC > 9th Av AD 2015 < 9th Av AD 3017)

Check out Pearls 103, 112, 123, 111, 135 and 137 together with the first three Babushkas books to find many other dates that cross-reference other important dates in the Hebrew Biblical calendar system of 490 year-7000 year tables.

The influence of Enoch can be found throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament

We can learn more about The “Revealed” calendar from Enoch’s Book of the Luminaries, one of the books in I Enoch, sets a pattern that persists from quarter to quarter and from year to year. The first day of the month is always on a solar event. It is either an equinox or a solstice. The first day of the month always starts at sunset and is the fourth day of the week. Each month is thirty days long, and an extra day is added as the 31st day of the third month. After the flood there are exactly fifty-two weeks in each year and consistent with the instructions found in the book of Genesis and which is reversed in the Aztec calendar.

The weekly Sabbaths are always on the same days of each quarter and the same days of the year. This means that if we know on what day of the month a weekly Sabbath occurs, then we can relate that to a position on the Revealed calendar. For example, if we read that a Sabbath is on the 16th day of a month, we know that would be the second month of the quarter. As noted, all quarters follow the same pattern.

Some More Proof

I need to mention another point about longer life prophesied in the Bible. Again it could follow the impact of an asteroid with the Earth on or before September 17, 2015 at the end of the Apocalypse. John’s Revelation prophesied and mentioned an asteroid which could again cause the calendar cycles to be changed. A drastic modification can be expected judging by what the last asteroid did on 5th February 2287BC. Perhaps the climate will even accelerate again towards a more tropical temperature if the spin axis is relocated again. The Bible prophesied what will occur during the 1,000 year restoration of God’s Kingdom on Earth which is just about around the corner. If the imbalance of our earth is offset again, the Earth’s axis tilt of 23.5° once more could straighten out to the previously balanced position as indicated in the Aztecs times causing the massive tectonic changes also mentioned in ancient history. The Prophet Amos, Joel and Zechariah make it clear as an example and would read the whole chapter to get a feeling what will be.

On that day, says the Lord God, I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in broad daylight. (Amos 8:9)

The time is surely coming, says the Lord, when the one who plows shall overtake the one who reaps, and the treader of grapes the one who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it. (Amos. 9:13)

It is prophesied that Jerusalem will be lifted up to the top of a high mountain with a river flowing out of deep fault line. We can read early reports of this even today with examples of “sweet” water filling up the salt sea and mentions of fishermen catching massive fish in their nets. It also reveals that elderly people in the rebuilt Jerusalem will be getting much older again to the extent of a 100-year-old person being considered “young.”

Thus says the Lord of hosts: Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with staff in hand because of their great age. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets. (Zech.8:4)

I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and delight in my people; no more shall the sound of weeping be heard in it, or the cry of distress. No more shall there be in it an infant that lives but a few days, or an old person who does not live out a lifetime; for one who dies at a hundred years will be considered a youth, and one who falls short of a hundred will be considered accursed. (Isaiah 65:18-25)

The Parabolic Time Dimension Curve

What happen scientifically according to the BC/AD parabolic time dimension curve if time is crossing over into the negative or could it reverse in another direction? The Hebrew Alphabet Number System code shows two possibilities one is Jod the other Taw. Both time events have embedded fundamentals we see in nature and looking at the universe with telescopes. God’s creation simultaneously either is linked into the negative along our mortality ending as planed in the Second Death for evil mankind or with the righteous Saints resurrected into the Jod dimension; or another option it could revert back to allow the speed-of-light to become faster again causing a climate change. That in physics would affect also an increase the oxygen energy intensity consistent with the former pre-Flood time levels. That would encourage a quicker restoration of the bio-system destroyed during the Apocalypse, as God can manipulate the neutrinos energy level of infinite light that originates from the rainbow above Gods Throne. (Revelation 4)

If you are interested in the new Donut Atom Theory it could widen your horizon by further understanding our world from the science linked to the Heh dimension. Check out my last Babushka book written for the layman. It is all written there.

Parabolas of TimePresently we measure the speed-of-light at 186,000 miles-per-second and the oxygen levels were documented only recently but we do not know what it was around BC/AD. One thing is sure that amber air bubbles from ancient times show twice the oxygen content.

Seeing the IPK changing gravity, which is connected to the speed of light, could be the proof we need to give us enough data for a postulation or a math equation applied to the parabolic time curve. The exponential time dimension curve illustrates that time behaves in a teeter-totter fashion to light and light changing gravity the same way I explained it in my Babushka books. It actually elevates Dr. Albert Einstein’s theory one notch higher.

Please notice, putting a theory into practice, that every human generation since BC/AD is growing larger, why? Doorways in all of the ancient buildings and castles as found in the old world of Europe are so much shorter that the average visitor now has to duck when passing through. Looking around and observing old artifacts most of us could never fit into the armor worn by Middle Age knights. And as a personal examination, I am a full head taller than my father. Also global warming matches the parabolic time dimension curve theory using sinus and cosine function if you are educated from the Biblical perspective. This is also laid out in my Global Warming Babushka book.

Food production also matches the population curve. It even surprises scientists and politicians who still have no clue as to what drives the green revolution. Don’t be conceded and think that technology is the only thing that drives our sudden interest in the Green movements. And never forget what promotes the life force within a cell structure that is dependent totally on the conversion of light.

The almost bankrupt Social Security adminis-tration informs congress that there will not be enough money to meet payout levels soon because, like an inverted pyramid, people are living longer. There are more people living into their 90’s and beyond than at any time in modern history. People like Billy Graham (90+) and many people who I see in my neighborhood are living longer and lead much more productive and healthy lives. Where will the payments come from when the majority of the population is retired and collecting (and depending on) their Social Security checks and the minority are working to supply those Social Security checks? The math doesn’t come close to working there.

More proof: we have IPK changing 30 micro-kilograms in 50 years, which would mean 12% in two thousand years. But that amount could be doubled as the standard IPK in France would grow as well. Therefore it would be 24% of that difference.

Compare this to the castle doorframes being 5.5 ft tall while now, some 2,000 years later, we use 7 ft. high doorways. This is a 24% taller doorframe and matches the percentage linked to the parabolic time dimension in a teeter-totter relationship to the speed-of-light. So the speed-of-light could also be changing by 24% as well from 141,360 miles-per-second in the BC/AD period to the 186,000 miles-per-second in 2009 we measure it at today.

So if that theory is proven we can compare the parabolic time curve to project the future which matches the Biblical prophecy and overlay it with the time frame right after Noah, dated at 2288 BC and transpose it to the other leg of the curve 100 years from now dated AD 2022. In this way we could postulate and explain scientifically by comparing Isaiah’s and Zechariah’s prophecies which forecast longer life spans again for humans who live in the next thousand years during God’s Kingdom on Earth. They could actually live as long as those from Tera/Abraham’s time with Abraham living 175 years and Tera to a ripe old age of 275 years.

So we see that the calendar would again change either by an asteroid strike already in orbit as reported by science magazines in 2006 or link it to the speed of light. Perhaps we could revert to the flexible exponential declining Antikythera clock design again for a future kitchen clock!

We have learned from fossils cell structures that the reproductions of genes react to the speed of light, as they are much larger we see today. If cell seize increases again by a changing in higher oxygen fuel availability it will cause longer lives for mankind. Many different facts linked to Biblical observations have never been proposed in the halls of education. Perhaps in time could explain more fully the paradox in Genesis reported by eye witnesses.

Consequently let’s keep digging together to decipher the age-old mystery to its logical conclusion as new facts come daily to the surface. We must constantly revise our newest opinions as well as tightly held old opinions to allow our minds to perceive and be flexible to understand all of our conclusions provided they are logical and not based on an atheistic evolution religion of unscientific speculations and opinions. Seeing science from a 360° view point perspective and using the Bible becomes balanced like a two railroad system.

If you want to wake up understanding a population curve applied to THE REALITY OF ISLAM and how it is spreading around the world, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO! . The Apocalypse prophesied 2008-2015 is our only hope.

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9th Av = 25 July, 2015

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