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Was Jesus Born on the Day of Atonement?

Jesus to Appear on 23 September 2015 – 10 Tishri 5776


The 4th & 5th Jewish Fast Days Changed to be Joyful Feast Days

Pearls are designed to look a little deeper what is buried in the Bible Ocean. We started from the first Tree holiday TU B’Shevat (15 Shevat), and we have come to the last two Jewish Fast holidays in 2015, which is positioned in the 12th Hebrew Apocalypse cycle. That will be the last time mankind will see suffering as the 7-year Apocalypse, Cheth Age, ends. God will herd mankind into the Teth Age of peace and prosperity and close the gate to Cheth on 21 December 2015.

Thus, the judgment time will be shortened, as Jesus said, in order to save more people. I found a possible date for Jesus’ return to earth. It is the Day of Atonement, 23 September 2015, will illustrate this principle perfectly. The Jewish calendar dates are doubly proven by parallel dates in the Aztec and other ancient gold-bronze clock calendars that measured the ancient axis wobble since the 2287 BC asteroid strike, providing the three witnesses needed.

The Coming of the King of Kings: the Day of Atonement

I have discovered many prophetic event days that intersect across multiple cultures and calendars. The HANS system provides the key to sorting out the importance of these alignments as well as validating them. The historic Jewish Fourth Fast or Day of Atonement on 23 September 2015 (Yom Kippur 10 Tishri 5776) will start with a holyday procession from the Heh dimension heaven as Jesus Christ - Emanuel, the Redeemer-Messiah - returns to earth in majestic glory and unimaginable cosmic splendor.

Jesus will return to earth on a precise, Jewish holiday schedule like clock gears mesh exactly to the hour, and I believe that Yom Kippur commemorates that day. The Day of Atonement is found in the Torah. It is the only time each year that the High priest has permission to enter the inner chamber of the Holy of Holies in the Jerusalem Temple. He does so with the blood sacrifice of a lamb to be sprinkled on the golden mercy seat, symbolic presence of the eternal God. That ritual would guarantee God’s grace and remind Israelites of the covenant.

The Fast of Atonement foreshadows Yeshua’s own sacrificial death for the eternal forgiveness of sins and subsequent resurrection as the High Priest of Melchizedek 2,000 years ago. After his resurrection, Yeshua/Jesus was accepted in the heavenly Heh Temple certifying the atoning value of his blood sacrifice. He continues ever since to make atonement for all people of the earth as symbolized by the Temple’s earthly curtain door to the Holy of Holies being split open from the top to the bottom as reported in the Gospels. Access to God is no longer restricted to the Aaronic High Priest once a year. The Levitical priestly system is now obsolete.

Jesus, our new High priest, changed it so that the Saints take over that function still living on earth. Believers now have daily access to God’s grace through prayer and supplication. Through faith in personally accepting in Jesus’ sacrifice, anyone may come into the presence of God. Now the moment in history has come when the last days’ forecasting shadow and symbolism built into the Jewish fast and feast days is becoming manifest realty on earth in the material Daleth dimension of time and space.

On Yom Kippur 10 Tishri 5776 Jesus will return dressed in full splendor from the heavenly Heh dimension Temple to appear before the nation of Israel who at that moment will be in desperate need of salvation. A 200 million man army will have been gathered by the Beast system in order to exterminate all Jews on this planet. This classic ethnic cleansing will be seen as the final solution necessary to establish world peace. As this army assembles to march toward Jerusalem, all the forces of hell will rally against the tiny remnant of a nation that has survived from antiquity as a living proclamation proving the existence of the everlasting eternal God.

At that moment, the veil of the Daleth dimension blindness will be removed from every Jewish eye from top to bottom in Israel. They will see clearly what was behind that curtain and recognize the Messiah Yeshua as their own arriving on earth with the gathered Saints and heavenly host by the billions.

It will be an unimaginable spectacle, a long procession from space. Since it is the most important day of the universe, they will be assembled in a march of indescribable splendor beyond any imagination of its magnitude. It will even be a bigger shock than seeing the millions gathered against Israeli remnant, worn to their final destruction allowing no one to escape.

Foreshadowed by Joseph

Jesus’ arrival in cosmic splendor is reflected in the near vision Bible-telescope and was told ahead in detail in the Genesis story of Joseph. It was acted out to teach us eternal mirror events beforehand all planned with Joseph’s brothers who wanted to kill Joseph-Jesus, who had been sold to Gentiles for 30 silver coins.

Joseph became the highest ruler of Egypt under Pharaoh. Then he met his brothers after many years had passed. They were in desperate need of food to survive. Joseph identified himself as their brother. They were shocked to see their brother now revealed in majestic royal splendor even as he told them not to worry because he had forgiven them. Joseph promised to use his absolute power over Egypt to meet all their needs. Please read the story in Genesis 37 to catch the drama and emotion of that encounter.

Yeshua will soon come, appearing like Joseph in the far vision Bible-telescope from his Heh dimension country. He will come as King of kings riding a white horse, no longer a lowly donkey, with unimaginable majesty surrounded by a angelic army and glorified friends.

What a spectacle that will be! Jesus’ return to earth will match his birthday to a day. That statement must surprise many theologians as it surprised me when I discovered it. All important days linked to the Son of Man conform to the Jewish holy day system as overlaid with HANS.

Festival of Lights

We need a second witness to determine Jesus’ birthday. Notice: Yeshua/Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection and return to rule follows exactly the pattern of the Jewish holy days and human history cycles. In celebrating Christmas around the world, even atheists cannot deny it.

I often wondered if Jesus was really born at Christmas and got an unexpected different source of proof by examining everything connected with Jesus. His birthday does connect with Jewish fast and feast days like schedule cycles of a clock, but I observed the math and noted the alignment of his coming in splendor precisely dated being connected like two pairs of eyes seeing with 20/20 vision precisely focused.

When was Jesus Born?

I discovered the date of Jesus’ birthday by aligning the calendar days recorded in the gospel by using the birth of John the Baptist, whose father was a priest named Zachariah. Zachariah served in the 8th rotation of Abijah. (Luke 1:5-25) When Zachariah’s term arrived to serve the Temple, an angel appeared and announced that he was going to have a son in his old age. That date can be determined in history from secular sources and by reading the gospel account. Zachariah did not believe the angel and therefore lost his speech until John was born.

Doing the math linked to Zachariah’s service, which is connected to the birth of Jesus, I deduced that the Christmas holiday coincides with Mary’s conception by the Holy Spirit, which means that Jesus was born during the fall holy day season in the month of Tishri, which is usually in September. An article written by Michael Schneider also supports this approach.

Note also that December 25 overlays 25 Kislev – Hanukkah or 10 Tevet, the 5th Fast day, which now coincides with the end of the great Apocalypse on 22 December 2015. Useful tables of the 12th Period of the Great Apocalypse are found on page 520 of Mystery of Tammuz 17 or in the Tables Directory on the Internet.

In short, I think that 25 December, celebrated as a birth of Jesus around the world, more accurately commemorates Jesus’ conception by the Holy Spirit rather than his physical birth or visible appearance in the Daleth dimension. We have a witness of Mary’s conception embedded like Daleth=4 from Mary and Heh=5 God joined together to become a human baby, we get Teth=9 meaning in Hebrew “New Life” [4+5 = 9]. This line of reasoning confirms the birth of Jesus from another perspective.

From Mary’s conception dated to 25 Kislev or 10 Tevet in December, Jesus’ [physical birth follows 9 months later. I think it took place on Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement or 4th Fast Day, and date of the First Resurrection, too.

(+one) HANS Witness

The Teth (9) Age (Mary 4-Daleth + Holy Spirit 5-Heh = 9) starts after 22 December 2015. The number 9 means New Life, a meaning that confirms the concepts of birth and resurrection thus becoming the third witness [+one]. The Apocalypse Chet (8) Age is followed by Teth Age when the eternal God visibly rules the earth.

Jesus’ Second Coming is visible to all just as his physical birth made God manifest in the flesh. God’s self revelation to mortals is the center of God’s Plan for Humanity because he provides tangible access to everyone to become a part of his eternal family. The birthday of Jesus as the firstborn Son of God is paralleled with the First Resurrection, the birthday of the Saints into the Jod/Yod dimension. The Saints are often referred to as the first fruits of God’s saving work.

Jesus conception, birth and the Saints resurrection all align precisely with the Jewish holidays. It connects the 4th and 5th fast days just as HANS adds 4 to 5 to get 9 for the new age of Teth, starting off with the birth of the Saints to immortality at the First Resurrection. This is much more than a coincidence!

In HANS Teth=9 appears as the 9 cycles shown in the 7,000-year Table of Human History. There are 9 x 490-year cycles from the first asteroid impact in 2287 BC to the next asteroid impact, also in the 9th cycle, which is the same Aztec calendar date, 17 September 2015.

The incubation period for a new life human being is 9 months – true to the HANS correlation of meaning. It is linked to the genealogy of Jesus which is [9 x7=] 63 Hebrew cycles. If we add one more begat cycle, it refers to the generation of Jesus’ spiritual children, the Saints, who will be born on the same day but in the 64 th gear, which appears in many ancient clocks.

The Saints’ Resurrection & Lucifer’s Rebellion

The birth of the baby Jesus as well as the birth of the Kingdom of God with the resurrection of Saints were originally planned at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion (4488 BC). It is the solution for the restitution and reconciliation of the Heh dimension angel world gone in the wrong direction not sanctioned by the Creator. Adam and Jesus, the Second Adam, are both vital parts of God’s redemptive solution to rectify what went wrong with Lucifer-Satan’s rebellion in the Waw Age before the time dimension.

The new baby of God’s kingdom on earth is born as Lucifer’s is discarded. That Kingdom has been incubated over the last 6,000 years of the Zayin (7) Age divided into 9 cycles like a birth event, the 7-years birth pang trials of the Chet (8) Age.

The Apocalypse Chet Age is only 7 years compared to 7,000 years of human history table. Chet means 8 signifying a new beginning in a fenced-in environment. It is an enclosed place where God’s Wrath is encountered as a birthing process with the bloody evil placenta Beast system discarded. It is a transfer enclosure between two doors that open and close at God’s command and not any human’s. The end of Cheth opens the gate to the Teth (9) Age.

The Bible describes what will actually happen with plain words and needs no dressing up. Jesus as conquering Messiah comes from the Jod/Yod dimension in majestic power to rule the earth for 1,000 of the Teth Age. He is no longer clad in mortality but clothed in the brilliant light of eternal royalty with a golden seven-layered crown on his head riding on a white horse with ten thousands of ten thousands of his angels.

Jesus will be accompanied by the Saints resurrected from past centuries since Adam. It will be a long procession from outer space witnessed globally by all survivors. It all takes place at the last or 7th Trumpet as part of the 7th seal announced in Revelation.

That Day of the Lord ends God’s Wrath a huge global earthquake. He will destroy all evil with a brilliant supernatural light, accompanied by thunders and lightening around the earth. The night will be brighter than the sun to end the battle of Armageddon and shut down Satan.

Jesus’ birthday, dated with three witnesses to the 4th Hebrew Fast day Yom Kippur, links to Sukkot, together representing the millennial Teth Age. The fast days become joyful feasts as prophesied by Zechariah 8:19. Jesus’ birth coincides with the date of his return to the earth to establish Kingdom of God over Israel and all nations at the First Resurrection of the immortal Saints to rule under him. (Revelation 20:4-6)

23 September 2015

Jesus birthday - The Saints’ Resurrection
Teth - New Life

7,000-year Table of Human History


Israel Today, December 2008, Was Jesus Born on Sukkot? By Michael Schneider.

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