Pearl #104 -

Gedaliah - The Third Jewish Fast Day September 16, 2015 – 3 Tishri 5776


Reference: Revelation 4 & 14


The Fast of Gedaliah is a little-known historically-based Jewish fast day where something bad is commemorated. Gedaliah was the Jewish governor left in charge of the Jewish remnant not taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar after the destruction of the First Temple in about 588 BC.

The Jewish calendar memorializes the most serious threats to the existence of the children of Israel with fast days, but in the future these days will also memorialize key events soon to take place as part of the Great Tribulation or, Jacob’s Trouble, after which the nation of Israel’s survival will never again be threatened.

Until you understand my methodology based on historical-prophetic cycles, these strange Bible interpretations about the Apocalypse correlated with the Jewish feast and fast days can be confusing. I suggest that you refer to the Twelfth Period of the Apocalypse Tables found online. What God has set in motion will come to pass.

The Apocalypse is the apex of our universe. It was planned before the Earth was populated and intended for the birthing event of the Saints in the Jod dimension that will soon appear. It was planned as the visible establishment of God’s kingdom on Earth in the Daleth dimension and conforms to the creation cycle of 6 (Waw) days.

On the seventh day of rest (Zayin), 6,000 years of human history under the tutorship of Satan’s school will end, and a 1,000 years of peaceful living under God’s direction (the millennium) will begin. It is designated as Teth age. Israel will be the servant leader of all nations, headquartered in the New Jerusalem under the Creator God.

The old Jerusalem was totally destroyed and completely erased. All of the religious buildings infested with Satan’s religion were reduced to dust. No sacred buildings will be immune to the seismic destruction caused by the impact from an asteroid, which will cause a major shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates.

Prophecy predicts that the ancient city of Jerusalem will split into a wide valley with one end raised up to a high mountain. From the top of that mountain will spring a big river that will flow into the salty sea filling it with sweet water. There shall be an abundance of fish to be harvested with nets.

Above the overflowing spring, the 4th Temple will be erected in the shape of a pyramid. This pyramid shape may be a surprise to theologians, but the 4 th Temple is totally different. It is a copy of the Heh dimension’s Heavenly City described in Revelation.

The New Jerusalem is God’s roaming satellite vehicle traveling around the universe made of diamond that sparkles with brilliant light. With five sides, like Heh, it is pointed like a rocket for high speed. It can be nothing but a pyramid. The New Jerusalem Temple was copied from the Heavenly City and scaled down like a Babushka egg. The same picture patterns will last 1,000 years on Earth. It was prophesied in Ezekiel and scaled like Babushka eggs from the big pyramid. We can calculate our measurements at the same time with the HANS ratio.

Plenty of prophecy was written to give us a better alignment of events by rearranging the storyline of Revelation. Until recently that information was scrambled but with new information, when compared with the ancient calendars, matches a HANS’s code. These facts should aid theologians in putting together the puzzle of all the events of God’s Plan for Humanity as prophesied in the Bible. It must fit together in a logical and chronological order. This model does away with the many denominations derived from faulty interpretations originating in the Middle Ages that are not compatible with modern science.

We are compelled to contribute money to our churches. The belief has become that the more majestic the house of worship is the more holy it is. There is no doubt that churches and church organizations want your money. The result is that materialism obscures the truth. This will certainly end with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It will be the end of all false denominations, all churches, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues of every color, taste and variation.

Every religion ever devised by man around the world will be removed by God from his planet forever. Satan’s school to teach lies will be closed down permanently. Only the Ten Commandments will be allowed as the eternal law of all the Earth beginning with the first commandment that states that no other idol-gods are allowed. None of these concepts are my invention. Read it and inform yourself. Discover the relationship between these statements and history with the help of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS].

The Fast of Gedaliah Earthquake

The fast on 3 Tishri 5776 remembering Gedaliah’s assassination, will be joyfully celebrated with a new Jewish calendar feast for future generations. It will reach around the world and will be memorialized and celebrated for a thousand years.

An ancient prophet foretold that this day, as well as the other Jewish fast days, will no longer be days of sorrow and mourning but become days of great rejoicing.

Thus says the LORD of hosts, “The fast of the fourth, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh and the fast of the tenth months will become joy, gladness, and cheerful feasts for the house of Judah; so love truth and peace.” (Zechariah 8:18-20)

Many prophecies announce that the historic enemies of Israel will be totally wiped out are linked to this Jewish fast day on September 16, 2015. It will be remembered as the greatest worldwide calamity in history.

This is a time when God intervenes to stop the intended ethnic cleansing, the planned systematic extermination of Israel by the United Nations and Islamic nations including Russia from the North. They will conspire to completely wipe out the tiny nation of Israel from the planet, which causes the earth’s last great battle of God’s Wrath known as Armageddon. His wrath will be experienced as a global shaking of the Earth similar to Noah’s time when an asteroid struck Earth. What will follow will be a shuddering of gigantic and massive earthquakes lasting for seven continuous days. Read my Babushka books in order to become educated in what the Bible tells us will happen.

This gigantic earthquake will destroy the last remnant of our civilization. Every skyscraper, every house, huge hydro-electric dams and whatever high technology has built of any size or any shape around the globe. All will vanish like the Atlantis Civilization because our corrupt civilization has really angered God so that His wrath will cover the Earth.

Not only will God’s Wrath cause worldwide tectonic dislocations but it will release four Death Angels from the depths of Hell who were prepared before the foundation of Earth for the very occasion to insure the death of every person on this planet who harbors resentment against any Jew. Even those who have the smallest spark of prejudice against God’s chosen will be executed without mercy by the four powerful Death Angels from the underworld Heh. They will stalk the entire Earth.

Israel will experience a repeat of history similar to the slaying of the Egyptians 3,500 years ago that totally wiped out all of the enemies of Israel but this time the Egyptian Pharaoh-Satan will be powerless to prevent his total loss. Satan’s demonic army will be decimated, gone with nothing left. This will finally open the way for Israel’s freedom from bondage and usher their way into the final Promised Land of Abraham. They will multiply like the stars of Heaven. It’s still an unfulfilled prophecy that will be realized during the next thousand years of the Teth age.

However, the atheistic World Beast System controlled by Satan will experience God’s Wrath again like in Noah’s days. In those days, Satan messed around with the Creator forgetting that Israel’s special covenant has remained unchanged forever. He promised a seed to Eve who now appears as the victorious Yeshua-Savior, soon to be crowned as the King of Kings from Heaven, the Heh dimension. He will be accompanied with millions of Saints from past centuries in order to witness the final solution to the Earth’s problems. They will finally crush Satan’s head and stripped of all power. He will be bound in the underworld prison to await execution.

If you are still alive at that time and do not accept God’s Word, then you are an enemy of the cross, which is like telling God that he is a liar exactly like Satan. Therefore, the last page in Revelation proclaims and states very clearly that outside are the liars, and they will have no position in God’s Kingdom on Earth or in Heaven and will consequently be meeting one of the four the Angels of Death. Of this I am certain.

If you would like to know by what criteria the four Angels of Death will execute one third of the world population read my second Babushka book Mystery Tammuz 17. It has never been preached in any church and can be found free on the Internet where you will find a summary of what Jesus said, “The law says... but I say” - a notch higher. Therefore, hear what he said and connect the dots with the four Angels of Death coming from the underworld.

In ancient Jewish history, an Angel of Death was documented as selectively killing all Egyptian first born children on what became one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays - Passover. Because the population of the world has increased and spread, this time God has ordained four Angels of Death to do the same. This, of course, will again create another Jewish holiday of celebration that will certainly be commemorated throughout the following thousand years of peace.

It matches with the Hebrew hand rule 1+4=5 where we have five Angels of Death linked to five days of fasting. Tammuz 17 like all other prophecy needs three witnesses for proof of validity. By overlaying the seven-year Apocalypse with this, it reminds us of God’s judgments programmed from the five/Heh = 5th dimension.

The Mini-Apocalypse ends on September 17, 2015. Six days later Yom Kippur will be celebrated. The fourth Fast day, the 10 th Tishri 5776, will be perpetually remembered as the greatest atonement day for Israel and all nations because Satan’s armies and religion are destroyed forever. Israel will be forgiven for forsaking God’s covenant with them by supporting an atheistic world system.

Jesus will arrive with the Saints and as the King of Kings - the long promised, glorious and no longer suffering Messiah for the Jews. He will reign over a New World Order that includes all nations in the eternal covenant promises of prosperity and redemption through his sacrifice and role as divine Mediator. It will be God’ Kingdom manifested on Earth. All of the Bible’s prophecies about these last days will be consummated making most of the Biblical predictions obsolete.

That special Gedaliah holiday will teach the new generations yet to be born in the restored earth about how and why God’s Wrath was necessary to save humanity physically from the greed-driven genetic modifications set in motion by our modern corporate elite. If let unchecked, the genetic modification of the world’s agricultural plants and animals would destroy God’s creation just like in Noah’s days. God’s Plan ends with His Wrath extinguished and the extermination of an atheistic society that teaches and lives Satan’s lies. Those lies ignore the Creator and create hatred for the chosen people, the children of Israel.

In the future, war will never again raise its ugly head. God’s Ten Commandments will be taught on a worldwide scale to every following generation, whether Jew or Gentile, by the administration of Saints who will be resurrected from the Jod dimension. This New World Order will be controlled from the other side this time and will not be able to become perverted again thereby guarantying peace that will last 1,000 years.

In the quest to find future prophecy dates, we must look at God’s schedule as revealed in scripture. It is available in 66 Bible books and summed up by God’s oracles across 1,600 years of human history. I believe there will be 3 more Bible books written in the future to make the Bible complete at 70 books. God’s plan for Humanity stipulated that number of books as Ayin = 70 . Another calendar axis tilt change is anticipated after September 17, 2015 when I project that the Earth will get hit by another asteroid.

Science has told us about this asteroid already. It is in an 825-day orbit around the sun as reported in popular magazines in 2006. Scientists have predicted the asteroid to pass Earth by in 2020, but HANS and Bible information is much more accurate in projecting a more immediate date. Russian scientists have confirmed that Bible date and also discovered that the hot side of the asteroid facing the sun has and continues to turn the massive object slightly altering its orbit and changing the original projection.

The Threat of Genetic Modification

The most ancient book of Enoch is becoming more popular these days. It was written by the seventh from Adam before the time of Noah and should have been included in the canon of the Bible making it the 67 th sacred Hebrew book.

Enoch records the reason for the end of the First (Atlantis) Civilization. God ended it with a flood in order to save mankind from genetic modification blunders and to reestablish what was originally created unpolluted. It had to end before the next civilization could enjoy the food and animals originally created and placed on Noah’s boat for safe keeping as a gift for the next generation.

In just the last 10 years, science has discovered genetic modification procedures that reveal what popes and theologians could never understand - the importance of the ancient book of Enoch. They have never understood Enoch because nothing was known in centuries past about how genetic technologies can modify living organisms in ways that can threaten the entire earth.

Grocery stores are packed today with fruits and vegetables embedded with genetic modifications, yet they are unlabeled, unmarked. They appear in supermarkets as food altered by a forbidden, previously unknown GMO technology. These foods are not labeled in order hide the genetic changes made to create more profit for global corporations.

People still do not understand the difference between deadly genetic modified fruits and vegetables and the purely organic. The altered foods have caused massive insects die-offs in species like honeybees.

The food grows larger and faster. It is easier to harvest and ship to the consumer but are almost tasteless. They have much higher water content when compared to organically grown food. Naturally grown plants and animals are genetically different and have survived for thousands of years. Fruits, vegetables and meat products are now set for extinction. These changes cannot be seen by the naked eye but is embedded invisibly at the cell level.

Eventually, when we see people dying by the thousands from E-coli, salmonella and other strange diseases, then we may finally notice that something must be wrong. By then, it will be too late as the original food will be gone. Only God can save what he created. Therefore watch for God’s finger in the sky in September of 2015.

The book of Enoch describes a gene technology that was realized before 2288 BC. It explains images of genetic modification that are seen on the walls of tombs and monuments including the Sphinx. Images depicting half animal-half humans, like mermaids that we are all familiar with, are created with artistic creativity.

However, when considering that these images may become real through genetic manipulation, hi-tech genetic modification represents an insane violation against God’s creation and needs to be stopped. Creating crossbreeds in any of God’s flora or fauna is an affront to God. It is the reason he destroyed the atheistic Atlantis civilization and a major reason for soon to take place the fiery apocalypse ending our present civilization.

God is once more forced by a rebellious humanity to save his creation by destroying an atheistic gene technology and end the world system that supports gene technicians to mix and match foreign genes from different species for corporate profit. They also pervert our food supply by inserting terminator genes into seeds that prevent their germination in the future.

Question: Why are fish genes embedded in tomatoes? Do we really want our grand children to subsist on artificially manufactured chemicals?

If we continue on the path the big corporations have chosen for us the science fiction vision of meals as little green pills will very soon not be fiction. You can find much more information about this subject for free on the Internet, Genetic Modification Exposed!, to further widen your horizons.

Finding a Date in the [+one] Witness Clock Calendar

Revelation 4

Still on a trail to find dates applicable to New York City’s destruction, we must continue to look further to find more pearls in the ocean called the Bible, God’s inspired Word. In order to confirm essential information, two witnesses [+one] are required to verify facts extracted from the Holy Scriptures.

If sufficient verification is not found, then at the least, God’s forgiveness must be found quickly in order to be assured of Eternal Life, which will make you a Saint to appear with Christ at his return and witness all that is prophesied.

It will be somewhat like observing from the heights of space but with a much more interesting perspective. It will expose even more of what the Bible teaches. All of this must seem very unusual to many theologians who are not educated in science, ancient calendar wobbles and HANS. So now let’s return from my little detour and follow the dating trail which makes logical sense.

Scripture divides the Apocalypse into two parts. Those parts are not equally taught in most Christian churches, but they must conform to the Hebrew clock and calendar and remain calibrated to our NASA clock if you want to be accurate.

The texts inform us of two beasts: one coming from the sea and the other from the earth. Both are controlled by the two heads without the horns of the dragon in the Heh dimension. This means they belong to the Daleth dimension, our Earth.

Chapter 14 of Revelation functions as a preface to chapter 4 just like a smaller egg hidden inside a larger egg. Read those chapters first. If you switch back and forth, you can decipher the hieroglyphic like sign language of symbols in Revelation that confuse most scholars.

If you are a theologian and believe that you have read this before, I am convinced that you will find something concealed and much deeper than anything preached in traditional churches. For example, notice that chapter 14 describes two halves of the Beast system as well as three angels. Each defines what will take place in the Heh and Daleth dimensions from two separate perspectives.

Revelation is a Jewish Oracle Clock

Viewing chapter 4 of Revelation from all perspectives, you will notice seven sealed scrolls with the first four seals opened (like a Tammuz, 4-is-the-middle-of-7, overlay). It ends with the 7 monthly cycles of the Beast emerging from theSea, which is like 7 o’clock located at the top of the Hebrew clock dial.

The Hebrew day starts at 6 pm. You can visualize this perspective by rotating our western clock so that the number 6 is on the top with the number seven next on the dial, slightly off center at the one o’clock position of our conventional kitchen clock. Continue by adding 5 more hours and end at the bottom again for another revolution of a full 12 hour cycle. This is upside down according to our western way of thinking with evening sunset on the bottom and the number one connecting with the seventh hour on top. Midnight, our 1 o’clock position, ends the cycle. In the middle, only a little bit off, there are two sections: one section has 49 months and the other has 35 months. It is like a HANS ratio of 7:5 of a total 84 months, which is the 7 years of the Apocalypse.

What follows begins with a new cycle, Chet = 8 number (one digit past the one o’clock position equaling the two o’clock position) with 5 more cycles to complete a 12 hour cycle. It follows a strange 7:5 ratio division and not the 6:6 dial division that we use in western clocks.

However, that design feature matches a smaller Babushka egg identical to the larger egg, in the Cosmos calendar of 12 cycles, which are divided in a 7:5 ratio also but a thousand times larger, stretching across 7,000 years of human history. Therefore, a clock dial of 12 hours can be used to overlay the 7-year Apocalypse if we divide 7 years into 7 x 12-month cycles. This makes the comparison easy because they also match the 12 annual Jewish feast and fast days.

When I compared Jewish history cycles with hieroglyphic Bible pictures, they looked to me like they were matching a clock design that would align prophecy events along the Apocalypse axis and matching the same clock time cycles. This analytic method could predict events to the exact day like scaled Babushka eggs that have the identical picture pattern on each egg.

Therefore, Daniel’s far vision would be across 3.5 thousand years (times-time-½T) and matches John’s near vision in Revelation (times-time-½) equaling 3½ years. This is only scaled according to the near-far vision perspective. It is the brilliantly designed system that could only be possible through divine means. The system matches everything in the Bible with a related Hebrew clock system but scaled to different sizes according to the near-far vision, again just like scaled Babushka eggs that have the same pattern.

Notice also that the Hebrew clock is not designed symmetrically. It was created by God and is unusual for us because it uses odd numbers to make a perfect overlay. This could confuse the mathematics of the skeptics as the Plan for Mankind is based on an odd “sevens” system. You would have to be genius mathematician if you are counting time with Gregorian kitchen clock calendar cycles using even numbers.

Remember that if we compare prophetic time cycles we must use the Hebrew clock divided into 7 and 5 cycles because it is a Jewish book. Another observation that we as western educated people must not forget is that the Hebrew 12-hour dial is also divided according to the Hebrew Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5 for the needed second witness.

This means that the center of a 12 hour clock is seven (7) one number over [+one] and not six (6) in the middle on top of the dial indicating midnight. That system is a little different from the western kitchen clock background but I found out that it overlays perfectly deciphering all of the Mysteries of the Bible prophecy.

6 Angels [+one] = 7

The Beast system in Revelation is a dual system and it starts with a Sea–Beast of 7x7 monthly cycles from 2008 - 2012 using the 7:5 ratio. Then there is a change in color like a chameleon with another cycle more intense than the last but a little shorter from the Chet, the 8 th Hebrew cycle, where the Chinese dragon in year 2013 turns into a serpent. It ends on September 17, 2015 and becomes a lamb year.

This forecasts the coming of Jesus at that time as he was and is the Lamb of God. This overlays with the Lamb of God appearing as the transformed King of Kings with a seven layered crown from the Heh perspective.

From Chet we count five more cycles, the Earth–Beast period, which match the three leftover seals. They will be opened with the seven broken seals in the heavenly scroll dated 2013 - 2015. It is better explained matching the 12 Jewish holidays if you read my second Babushka book.

In Chapter 14 we notice six angels, three belonging to the Heh dimension (V14) and three belonging to the Daleth dimension (V6). Stretching them out where they belong in a circle graph allows them to be marked with three “dots” on the periphery according to the 7:5 ratio.

So the first angel range begins from the left side of our graph (the Sea Beast) coming from the Throne in Heaven, the Heh dimension, for the 1st cycle. But it is followed with the Earth Beast system and becomes the 2 nd cycle. It ends on a White Cloud Daleth dimension with the 12 th cycle signifying it with the Alpha-Omega sitting on a cloud which is the [+one] of 6 angels appearing.

The 7-year Apocalypse is framed by one person who appears on one side of the Lord clothed in eternity on God’s Throne at the beginning of the Heh dimension. On the other side, the same person is seen as the [+one] similar to the Angel of the LORD, who is God clothed in the time dimension ending with a sickle that controls what will happen after 7 years. He will also be seated on the White Cloud, depending on which perspective you are viewing these events.

The Daleth White Cloud or Heh-White Throne room dimension sites the same person. So the two half-moon diagram circles is a very good graphic illustration showing a time frame across the seven Apocalypse years beginning with a Throne in Heaven across the half circle placed above. This signifies Heh.

Below the horizontal line, the Daleth dimension ends on the right side with a horizontal line running through the circle and a White Cloud and one sitting on it. Both are elevated above the Earth as the same person. It is the eternal God himself, but from both dimensions.

Wold cuckoo Clock

Sea Beast 2008-2012

Revelation 4

The first cycle of the Apocalypse starts with the Beast coming out of the Sea (2008–2012). It consists of seven cycles of seven months [49 months or 3½ years] with the fulcrum ending on December 21, 2012. It will even be broadcast on television. Aztec and Chinese calendars as well as ancient bronze-gold clocks found in museums such as Antikythera all concur and end in 2012. Is there any other explanation?

In HANS, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, it is expressed that the hieroglyphic signature “sea”, Mem - 40 “water”, has the connotation of nations spread around the globe like an undefined ocean. It has an endless horizon of water but is still defined with purpose and involves most nations. It is politically and globally united into one controlled capitalistic computer beast trading system.

All of this translates into a gathering of all nations into one global free-trade-zone with agreements aligning religion and politics like in ancient times. This is similar to the building of a tower of Babel that reaches into Heaven in order to make a name for ourselves and proving we are united.

God has now been totally left out. He is never mentioned in either in the United Nations or the European Union. The Bible has been removed from all schools, courtrooms and historic institutions in America just like Hitler did in Germany in 1938. Think about the following seven years of destruction in Germany as an example. It is a perfect preview of what will come.

A recent and profound example is a 2008 law enforced by the military but not passed by a congress ruled by the 200 year-old constitution. It required the removal of any trace of Christianity from our civil consciousness. The American Navy has now forbid military chaplains to pray “in Jesus’ name” while in uniform.

It began with 86 chaplains losing their jobs, court-martialed and the lose of their retirements due to the “terrible crime” of praying over the open grave of a fallen soldier who died for his country, paying the ultimate price for freedom “in Jesus’ name” – the traditional ending of the prayer for over a hundred years. The statement “in Jesus’ name” is now a crime. Many chaplains have been arrested and jailed for breaking the “in Jesus’ name” law.

One of the most important freedoms boasted by America is the “freedom OF religion.” It is quickly and quietly being altered to “freedom FROM religion.” This has not yet become obvious to the materialistic and preoccupied American general public but is witnessed and approved by “traditional” Christian churches with enthusiastic endorsement by President Bush, the Congress and the Senate.

As a potent example of this you need only to remember the opening prayer delivered in a Christian cathedral, broadcast on television, commemorating the victims of 9/11. The prayer was not delivered by a member of the Christian clergy but by a “Trojan Horse”, a cleric of Islam, a terrorist religion, one of Satan’s religions.

That gesture from the State Department, who appointed our enemy the honor of giving the opening prayer at an event commemorating the victims killed by their followers, was used to obscure the events and individuals who are ultimately responsible. The Iraqi war is virtually forgotten. It is no longer newsworthy. But for those with functioning eyes and ears it should prepare us for what will happen to New York City again after President Bush resigns from office in 2009. Watch TU-B’Shevat 15 in 2009.

Look for the other prophesies as they come true and are broadcast throughout the country. The dollar and the stock market will fall fast with massive bank and financial institution failures such as experienced in late 2008. Don’t forget to add those events to the massive amounts of oil money transferred to Islamic countries for years. Follow the money trail of the recent $700,000,000,000 corporate bailout. Will any of this huge pile of cash end up in the hands of a single deserving recipient? Or, will it go to pad the pockets of those who caused our financial disaster?

The Beast System is becoming established just as Daniel prophesied it would in 588 BC. Soon we will see Christians executed in America because they will not conform to the Beast FEMA dictatorship. There are 10 presidential decrees that confirm that this is coming. You can read about it in Tennessee Senator Larry Bates’ book. I have included and explained those new American laws in my first Babushka book.

This will be the new constitution for America replacing the former Constitution by 10 emergency commandments conceived and written by the Bush / Clinton / W. Bush unholy trinity and enforced by a FEMA emergency agreement. It will not be authorized by Congress and start the apocalyptic world beast system.

Christians, read the scripture and wake up! Get ready to pay a price for belonging to Christ. Remember that Jesus was also crucified and His disciples will not fare much better. But look toward Heaven and John’s descriptions in Revelation. The Saints are greatly rewarded for their faithfulness. It will be worth the sufferings of a martyr’s death.

If terrorists are willing to sacrifice their lives for Satan, why should we not do the same? Christians should not fear death when the Beast system kills Christians and Jews alike. Even American Christians are God’s people. It was prophesied.

Earth Beast 2013-2015

Revelation 14

The Earth Beast then follows after the Sea beast and begins another cycle more intense but a little shorter from the 8 th Hebrew Chet cycle. It matches the Chinese dragon year 2012 and turns into a serpent year in 2013 ending on September 17, 2015. With five more cycles, compare it to the three leftover seals which will then be opened. The scroll in heaven (Revelation 4) comes after the period ranging from 2013 – 2015, the second stage of the Apocalypse. You can confirm it by matching the 12 Jewish days in my book, Mystery of Tammuz 17.

In Chapter 14, we notice 3 angels belonging to the Heh dimension (v. 14) and three angels belonging to the Daleth dimension (v. 6) resulting in a total of six. Then stretch them out to where they belong in our half circle graph and mark them with three “dots” on the periphery according to the 7:5 ratio.

The time range for the appearance of the first two angels start from the left side of our graph (the Sea Beast) coming from God’s Throne in the Heh dimension and then ending on Earth with the White Cloud Daleth dimension during the 12 th cycle. That is why we see three angels for Heaven and three angels for the Earth.

After the completion of the first half of the Apocalypse two angels will start the 8 th cycle, Chet. Chet has the Hebrew meaning of “a new beginning” but slightly different. It can be classified with a “corralled-fenced in” environment. It also launches another cycle (Earth Beast) which ends with two angels holding a sickle. Add [+one] on the end with the one sitting on a “Cloud” and the third sickle to harvest and it creates a mathematical equation again:

6 Angels [+one] = 7

Or notice again, [2 angels 2008 + 2 angels 2012 + 2 angels 2015] + [+one] which controls what will happen in seven years by the one seated on the Throne [Heaven - Heh] or White Cloud [Earth-Daleth]. This all depends on whether the perspective used is from the Daleth or Heh dimension.

Interpretation of 6 Angels [+one] = 7

Revelation 14

I hope I am not wearing you out with strange Bible interpretations so much that it is difficult to follow my path, but the Biblical references must be read before it becomes clear.

1.) The first angel in verse 6 announces that the everlasting Gospel has been preached to all nations for the last time.

Fear God and repent because the hour of judgment has come.

The harvest of godly people known as the “Saints” gathered and for the “ungodly Sinners” the fire of the tar pits will be lit shortly. Those first three angels fit the SeaBeast range from December 21, 2008 to December 21, 2012.

2.) The second angel for the Daleth side announces “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great (New York City) who made all nations drink the wine of her impure passion.” This coincides and is further described in more detail in the 18 th chapter of Revelation. We have arrived at dates from 2009 at 2012 with New York City destroyed and ushering in the Sea-Beast system.

3.) Then during the Earth-Beast system, dating from 2012 - 2015, the second set of angels give us warning, “Do not receive the mark of the beast.” We must put that in the perspective of massive worldwide famine with multitudes of people starving to death or being executed if people don’t follow the politics of the beast to the letter. One way to make life a little easier is to apply for membership in a one-world political party, which comes with extra privileges and promised survival when the food stores are empty.

However, that membership gets you married into Satan’s One-World Beast System headed by the world leader from the European Union - United Nations, who was previously assassinated but then resurrected. He will advertise himself as a resurrected Christ. He will claim his revival from physical death to be the Second Coming as prophesied. He will promise the establishment of world peace. His resurrection and miraculous healing from assassination will be seen by the world on TV.

This is why we have warnings from the angel saying to disbelieve in this lie – even in the face of the resurrection of an assassinated president. This is so absolutely important because it will come with horrible consequences. It will prevent God’s grace from saving that soul for eternity. Satan’s claim will be marked on the forehead and right hand. A special prepaid visa card connected with privilege will demand that the holder’s soul belongs to Satan.

We now come to the middle of the Apocalypse 2012. It will continue with five more cycles lasting, according to Daniel, 1,260 days. This is stated in eight different Biblical prophecies. More detailed information on how they connect is given in the first two Babushka books.

At the end of the seven-year Apocalypse we see two angels with a harvest sickle who are placed on a 12 th cycle, again matching the Jewish holiday period cycles. The word Chet (Chet = 8) is translated as “new beginning”. If we start there with the Earth Beast’s appearance, which represents the hammer of the Apocalypse or “God’s Wrath”, we will see divine judgment unleashed on an atheistic civilization.

Mankind is destroying the Creator’s earth with nuclear poisons enhanced with GMO systemic poisons, which are embedded in every food cell with insecticide, herbicide toxins and biological virus-bacteria bomb contaminations. We are destroying our food chain through genetic modifications that are now causing extinctions on a massive scale.

Honeybees are disappearing. They are no longer pollinating most of our food. Soon this will set off worldwide food shortages. The totally insane and uncontrolled pollution is stressing the Earth far beyond the limit. God must save his Earth for future generations and cut out the cancer of our atheistic society to avoid total destruction.

Just like firefighters working to suppress a forest fire, God must fight fire with fire. In God’s case, it is on a larger scale. He must interfere before mankind under Satanic inspiration destroys his Earth. God will renew the nearly destroyed planet with the same cleansing cycle like in Noah’s time when the early Atlantis civilization vanished without a trace 4,300 years ago.

God will use fire from the sky in the form of an asteroid that breaks apart the tectonic plates that explode in many globally gigantic eruptions and earthquakes like a Fourth of July firework display - only it will be a million plus times larger!

This was all prophesied in detail. Read the Bible prophecy and check out the ancient Aztec prophecy that is linked to the serpent (Satan) painted on walls of Aztec architecture. It is explained further in my third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

It is now harvest time. This age will end with the Chet cycle. All of the Saints will be gathered and resurrected at the end of the Jewish holiday cycle in 2015 in order to continue with the Teth cycle.

Vanishing Without a Trace was recently broadcast on the Geographic Movie Channel on TV (Spring 2008). It investigated the question of what if all of mankind disappeared from the Earth, how long would evidence of our 21 st century civilization remain visible.

How long would it take for nature to reclaim corroding and unpainted iron, cement and other materials from our various cultures with no one present? They projected that it would take around 200 years at a maximum. By then, evidence of humanity would be totally erased. The TV production manager must have had a hunch about what lies ahead by creating a program to educate the public about this.

This should be even further contrasted with Noah’s flood with most traces washed out by horrendous Earth wobbles. Some evidence still remains however. One piece of proof sits 50 meters high atop the sphinx in Egypt. The massive amount of silt has been excavated. Also look to the top of the Great Pyramid in Gaza to clearly see watermarks left over from the great flood. The original tip of the pyramid, however, was not washed out by the flood. It is obviously very visible in every picture of the pyramid.

Evidence of an axis wobble can also be seen in my neighborhood. There are sections of Highway 80 heading East toward Truckee where strata deposited in rock-sand layers are clearly visible in cut-out areas of the Highway in the mountain passes; strata deposited by tidal waves.

Chapter 14 of Revelation is connected with the previous chapter as it discusses the Beast period. We will begin seeing the deadly effect of a new holocaust. Jewish people in the Heh dimension who die in the destruction of New York City will be linked and symbolized with the first Fruit Jewish holiday. As projected by God and written by John, they will be saved and placed at the front of God’s throne showering Him with their praise.

I wrote Pearl Forum #120 to explain what John saw in heaven. It matches the sequence of Jewish holiday cycles and describes a future vision of the First Fruit in which 144,000 redeemed Jewish believers gathered in Heaven. The believers gather in the front row of a meeting with Yeshua-Jesus with a golden crown on his head welcoming his Jewish brothers who died in the New York City nuclear attack by Islamic terrorists. (Revelation 14:1-5) Then God’s Wrath gains momentum by avenging the death of so many of his people. He gives the order to pour out the seven bowls prepared for the apocalyptic judgment following the Earth-Beast system.

John accounts that special day in Heaven, the Heh dimension in which 144,000 Jewish Saints who were numbered by the angel are now assembled before Yeshua. The Saints are overwhelmed to be at the very Throne of the universe – Praising God and in His presence. They are being presented and honored as a gift of First Fruit to a celebrating Holy God. Death is rewarded with eternal life and special recognition of being allowed near the Throne Room. The highest honor is awarded to them; the honor of being in the company or presence of the Creator of heaven and earth.

The other angel on the Daleth side will be busy calling out, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon, the prostitute of many nations.” (v. 8), which refers to the financial system headquartered in New York City. Fallen includes the 10 million who will die in the terrorist nuclear attack. They will be resurrected on a later date linked with the White Throne at the end of time - AD 3018.

The tree in Daniels dream interpretation, 15 TU-B’Shevat, will then be cut down; it will lie horizontally. The saw or ax was placed at the roots on the 1 st Beast cycle. This cycle overlays from both the near vision and far vision prophetic lenses perspective from “second month, 17 th day.” (Genesis 7:11)

It begins on December 21, 2008, a solstice date that can not be refuted. It aligns 46 days later on February 9, 2009. This date is the first projected warnings “repent” now dated. Read my TU-B’Shevat holiday description in Forum Pearl #101. That would be the date I pick and would suggest that those living in New York City take a vacation to celebrate Purim the following month as well.

During the Earth beast cycle after 2012, it will be nearly impossible to travel without government permission during Satan’s reign on Earth unless you are a member of the one-world political party. The act of restricting international travel will be initiated under the guise of controlling terrorism. It will be said that the terrorists are itching for another nuclear attack making it incredibly difficult to travel anywhere without obtaining the privileged member identification number which God warned us about.

When we focus on the last three angels (v. 15) with sickles in their hands it indicates that there will be an end in the form of a harvest for God that will occur between 2013 and 2015. It can be viewed from the perspective of the Earth beast system. It will be initiated by gathering the Saints from the Heh dimension.

People will mostly die from hunger with many facing a martyr’s death. This is never mentioned and is unpopular in churches that promote and teach belief in the deceptive “left behind” books. Those books are published and promoted by churches as a way to prevent an interruption of financial donations by gullible Christian congregations. The gold must be refined from the dross if you are to value it enough to last forever and be useful for the Master who invented the system’s use.

Eternal life as a Saint is a special privilege. Not all are appointed. Remember Jesus telling the story of ten virgins with oil and only 5 were approved to enter the wedding celebration? That does not mean that the other virgins are lost. Their fate will be decided during the White Throne Judgment at the end of time.

Why would Christians be treated any differently now from those who lived in the beginning of recorded church history? They were fed to the lions and burned alive as entertainment for the Roman elite. We are quickly being indoctrinated into a violence-as-entertainment culture. When will our fictional blood and gore fascination evolve into reality? Will capital punishment be the next big reality TV hit? What crime will be “capital”?

We will see a repeat of ancient Roman coliseum “games” near the end of the Apocalypse. Many Christians will be executed. An analogy to this is found in the late harvest Jewish holiday celebration when Jewish “Saints” show up in Heaven, the Heh dimension, praising God in a special meeting that John describes in Revelation.

The Saints waiting in Heaven for a resurrection day contrast with a harvest for God’s Wrath poured out to an evil generation on Earth. It ends with the dead in Hades awaiting the White Throne. It is distributed for the Second Death cycle and reserved for atheistic and rebellious people.

The Saints, on the other hand, are resurrected according to Hebrew holiday cycles exactly to a day. They emerge into a butterfly stage and are born with beautiful wings in order to fly into a meadow of paradise filled with colorful flowers in the Jod dimension. They are no longer suffering and experiencing deprivation and starvation or persecution. They will be separated from the suffering directed by an atheistic and evil world that is now destined for the hell-Daleth dimension. Jesus is the Judge. Investigate and become educated to join the Saints and live forever.

The destruction on Earth will be like a repeat of a pre-historic movie depicting an Egyptian pass-over angel. The angel kills the Egyptian who gave freedom to the people of the promised covenant. The second future movie of this far vision tele-lens has four pass-over Angels of Death. You can read about it in the Bible or in my explanation written in my second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, free on the Internet.

This time will be very difficult. Only God can save you. Only a few mortals who have been marked and sealed by God will survive the Apocalypse in order to restart civilization in the new age to come of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The survivors of the Angel of Death and of the asteroid impact are still mortals. Two [+one] belong to the Daleth dimension but are destined to survive. They are divinely protected and are assured safe passage through the Apocalypse. They will inherit the future 1,000 years of peace time called God’s Kingdom on Earth.

One must ignore Satan’s intimidations in order to read about the Beast system. He imitates God’s method of protecting certain people. Satan places his mark on the foreheads of his followers that indicates their allegiance to him. The mark allows various privileges.

The mark of the Beast also makes life worse for people by identifying them and making them susceptible to possession and torture by demons from the underworld. They will not be protected by God’s grace. Check it out if you have a strong stomach. I hope you become scared and avoid a huge mistake. If you are still interested and have the time to read more of another option dating the New York City disaster, then keep reading and follow the trail of my dissertation.

I favor the earlier date of February 9, 2009 for New York’s destruction. The reason for this earlier date can be found in the book of Revelation 14:1. It mentions the 144,000 Jewish people in Heaven. This indicates to me that New York City has not repented, and just like Sodom and Gomorrah, God has the first date chosen and programmed.

I could be wrong by suggesting that New Yorkers to get out of town that week, but if you do not want to take that chance, it’s better to be sorry and to live. I think that taking a short vacation and leaving NYC that week is a better choice than facing an early departure from this planet.


The New Economic Disorder – Our Economy in the End Times , by Larry Bates, Charisma House, 600 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, FL 32746.

Pearl #120 - How Many Men will be Left in the Land of Israel aafter the Tribulation?

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