Pearl #290-Part 3 -

Rosh Hashanah … 5779? – Part 3

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Many controversial Torah-Bible prophecies were resolved in Babushka eggs and many Pearls from a true science perspective, thus I will not be persuaded that God’s Wrath is delayed to save mankind. A shadow Illuminati FED bankers succeeded in this century to control all of mankind in a murderous evil system financed with fiat money to deny the Creator, the owner of this earth, and suppressed historic knowledge converted to fake science. Hence, everybody was deceived to ignore Romans 1:18-32. Thus, YHWH will again settle “Evil” similar to Sodom and Gomorrah.  

But the Creator is not sleeping watching his Kosmos creation especially what mankind does to nature with computer technology causing massive extinction of many life-forms. A secret Global Elite altered the climate, modified every food seed in GMO, cloned and misused animal & plant genes into new aberration to end in extinction of that species. Worse a scientist-author Prof. Harari lectured recently in World Economic Forum Israel and shocked everybody postulating that the human species will terminate in a few years. Computer programs designed with artificial intelligence linked to Transgenetic is now sold to global governments. It will repeat history of a Noah’s Civilization again grossly abused physics and concealed metaphysics laws. But this time will end with the return of Yeshua from heaven with millions of his angels to stop absolute “Evil”. 

The hidden Beast-system corrupted the Christian Church losing the desire to be faithful thus approved many crimes perpetrated by atheists.  It affected a fundamental belief that God’s children will be rewarded to live one day in his royal golden City stated in Rev. 21:9. Therefore, only those promoted to Sainthood will be pre-resurrected for a future eternal job. Thus everyone seeking truth could be trained for a future eternal career. Like Abraham was chosen to record mankind’s history in a Torah book to educate many future nations. Similarly YHWH appointed another Jonah-II to warn an atheistic society and proved it with forbidden true science. For example, how does an inoculation of good & evil work related to Daniel’s dreams verifying prophecies linked to Revelation. Yeshua foretold that the history of Noah’s generation will be repeated again in the Endtime described in four Gospels (Matt.24-25) to culminate after 2018 with fire in the sky. (Rev. 6:12-17) He identified the last generation of 70 years corresponding to when Israel became a nation again in 1948 after 2500 years scattered all over the world. Thus for the first time, His return to rule in righteousness can be dated. 

But the Creator, who documented mankind’s life instructions, has the prerogative to change any schedule. Thus, He will always prove to any mortal searching for Truth that His Torah-Bible can be trusted. Hurry, soon the web is gone as many shadow governments want to enslave and prevent billion people from investigating free energy and the Plan for Mankind to receive free of charge Eternal Life explained in Babushka Egg Book #1.  

Yeshua-Jesus Kingdom Nuggets

Very few will survive the Apocalypse, thus if you’re curious, allow me to state @ 12 primary prophecy facts of the Torah-Bible about the coming Kingdom of Yeshua, or discover the priceless assurance gift - Eternal Life.   

 @1. The owner of the earth, YHWH, will finally terminate Satan and anyone replicating his Evil. Mankind will then be ruled by Yeshua and his staff of pre-resurrected Saints to carry out the universal10 Commandments. Therefore, religion will be worldwide terminated to bless mortals with a Sabbath rest missed since Adam and enjoy again fellowship of the Creator.

 @2. Yeshua’s Kingdom will be totally different. To restrict inherent Evil embedded in mortals will be govern by divine intelligence. Thus, a ruined nature is renovated to a former splendor yielding prolific Life for mankind. 

 @3. For example, when electricity was introduced, it changed society, but now its overuse is destructive as seen everywhere in nature. Looking at night from an airplane, you can see globally many bright lights, which are dangerous for millions of migrating birds or sea life, like turtles and many other critters. Bright lights will confuse their internal compass, thus they will perish becoming extinct. It can be simply resolved by turning off the city lights during the night from 9 pm to 5 am and by closing window curtains like during bombing raids in WW-II. We could see the stars again.

 @4. A future Yeshua economy will use forbidden “free energy” verified in Babushka egg # 9, or Dummies lesson #5 & #17. Used in a bicycle built with renewable bamboo wood and a little assist-motor will run free forever.

@5. Check how Kosmos energy laws will be used in hi-speed trains going faster than airplanes (Babushka Dummies Lesson #2) but need to pay attention to forgotten physics applying Murphy’s Law, saving lives.

 @6. The salty ocean water (H2O) can be split gaining hydrogen energy recombined now is sweet could grow plenty of vegetables in a warehouse.

 @7. A great danger, lethal to mankind, should not allow 5-G microwaves now enforced by Illuminati Bankers to enrich the telephone-TV cartels.

 @8. Suppressed deadly nuclear radiation could be removed globally as demonstrated by Moses and John’s Revelation, or read Pearl #244.

 @9. When the next generation of children is taught to love the Creator and obey his laws, they will live longer and more secure eliminating prisons.

@10. Yeshua will feed a future population ten times bigger; achieved by a restored nature that returned abundant Life to rivers, oceans and forests. 

@11. Very few will survive the Apocalypse as raptured sinless babies are fed again Manna from heaven will speak worldwide only “One” language.

@12. In the new world economy no one will be forced to work, as money is obsoleted. Yeshua will teach the First Born and the following generations to avoid polluting mass-production being replaced by many skilled hobbies.

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