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What Happened on 21 December 2008?


Many have asked what happened on 21 December 2008 thinking that the published start date of the Apocalypse was a non-event. The materials on this web site are not materially corrected, which means that all “errors” after the fact will remain. The methodology discovered and employed by Herbert Stollorz is more important than his resulting analysis; therefore, all materials remain as originally written. Any updates or additional comments are found on in the New Research Pearls from the Bible Ocean page.

Meshed Gears do not Stop

The clock gears of Bible prophecy started to count out the 7 years beginning with the winter solstice 21 December 2008. Our research did not uncover any prophesied event to align with this date so nothing publicly noticeable really happened on that day. We do not know what may have happened behind closed doors. The first test event is some terrible disruption to destruction of New York City on 9 February 2009. If you check the New Research Pearls, Mr. Stollorz discusses this date in some depth and how it could work out to be something else. Matching the cycles is a process of analysis subject to human error.

The 21 December 2008 date itself is reached by counting backwards. The winter solstice seems to have been the New Year date for most if not all ancient calendars dating to the Flood - the Chinese and Lapps come to mind right now as historic to current examples. Many others started with the Spring Equinox to coincide with planting, the beginning of the agricultural year. Since much of antiquity had a variable length of year, the determination of the Spring Equinox for planting was hugely important. For this reason, we see massive pyramids or standing stone calendars everywhere around the world to determine the solstices and equinoxes as described in detail in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

In summary, what should one expect to see as the early years of the Apocalypse unfold? Events are taking place in a way that are not immediately recognizable as apocalyptic: they are not unquestionably identified as fulfilled Bible prophecy by those who do not have the spiritual discernment to recognize what is happening in this present material dimension of time and space. Astute observers have already speculated on the United States of America’s decline in economic and political power or influence in the world. We should see global political, economic and environmental problems and crises - like the financial mess recently – irregularly increase in both intensity and scope of impact. Mr. Stollorz’s books do not expect hopelessness to set in until after 21 December 2012. In the meantime, pride and rebellion will increase until people reach the point that they will hide themselves, refuse to repent and curse Jesus when He appears to all - plain to see, as is mentioned in Revelation 6:12-17; 9:20-21; 16:21.

Does “Cut short” also mean “Start Early”?

Matthew 24:22 states:

Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

Conforming to this verse, Herbert Stollorz’ research sets the formal end of the Apocalypse Gear at 21 December 2015 – 7 years after it started on 21 December 2008. However, the intense violence of the Mini-Apocalypse ends by 17 September 2015 with indications (only) that Jesus will return and the First Resurrection of the Saints takes place on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement – 23 September 2015. See the 11th - 12th Periods Table of the Great Apocalypse.

So, the logical question is, “Does ‘cut short’ also mean ‘start early’?” If the activity related to Apocalypse ends in Tishri 2015, did it begin with a sneak attack in Tishri 2008? Given how the present Jewish calendar is calculated and not observed in order to facilitate religious observation, the precise correlation with the cosmic gears will vary a bit, so I included the day after Yom Kippur. The gear correlations calculated by Mr. Stollorz often use fractions beyond his pocket calculator in determining modern Gregorian calendar dates.

Looking back at the intensification of the global financial system’s crisis, I note that the Dow Jones Industrial Average index fell from 10,850.66 to 8,451.19 from 1/2 Tishri to 11 Tishri (from the end of September 30 to October 10). Look at the graph on any financial news service: it is one long smooth drop, unforeseen. It was the final tightening of a snare that caught almost everyone. With that drop, the financial resources of pensions and retirement accounts tumbled to anywhere from 30-50% and have not really recovered since.

A long-time favorite book on the financial aspects of the last days has been Wilfred Hahn’s book, The Endtime Money Snare: How to Live Free. You should read it. If you want, you can buy it through our Amazon bookstore easily it is on the first page. Here are a few quotes from the book.

Commenting on Daniel 8:23-25, Mr. Hahn writes the following on pages 54-55:

The whole world order is unlike any power structure that ever existed. It will be very different. We recall that Daniel was mystified by its form. Above all, we must remember that the main characteristics of this time is one of deception, untruth, and strangeness…an era in which “…deceit will prosper.”

In short, the Endtime Money Snare that this book proposes to reveal depends on a grand diabolical enterprise of deception and surprise. After all it is revealed as a system that will crush and destroy the entire earth. It cannot be allowed to be easily evident to the world nor to Christians who are deeply engaged in its cares…

You may be surprised to learn that a modern-day boom of false wealth is foreshadowed by his words. While Daniel couldn’t have used the terminology that we are familiar with today, he certainly predicted the types of conditions that are currently giving rise to a boom in wealth and world-wide materialism, an endtime phenomenon that ultimately comes to a sorry end. Many people will be snared into slavery and complicity with this system, lured by promises of financial security, prosperity and modernity, unable to escape the destruction that follows.

Financial systems may control their lives through investments, debt or the love of money. Others may simply be involved in this system by misplacing their faith. Though they may be good stewards, avoiding some of the more obvious worldly traps, they may still place their hope in other gods beside the true God.

Of course, the problem is that to live day-to-day most of us cannot escape the use of money or some kind of savings. Similarly, no one, including Christians, will be able to escape going through the Apocalypse or Great Tribulation. Wilfred Hahn reveals this vulnerability with excellent spiritual insight mixed with the industry understanding he acquired from years of working as a top executive in the investment world. He gives some very general advice at the end of the book on how to reduce some of the risks. There is no escape from the Apocalypse. In Luke 21:36, Jesus tells us to:

But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man

Trust in God

Mr. Stollorz is very confident in the research that went into the Babushka books and this web site; however, from the beginning of his research he has stated that some analyses may prove to be in error or off a bit. The alignment of historical and prophetic cycles requires numerous witnesses or cross-checks because human social experience is cyclical in nature as noted by many secular historians. The best human efforts – even the collective ones of established and respected educational, scientific or theological intuitions – are incomplete when it comes to grasping and explaining God’s Plan for Humanity and his creation. According, our own mistakes, misunderstandings or errors do not detract from the power and accuracy of God’s Word or from the surety of his big promises to those who trust him in faith. The only true salvation and effective preparation is spiritual.

Thus, the Bible is sure, and Jesus is coming soon! We need to humble ourselves and be guided by His Word, the Bible, and sensitive to the prompting of His Spirit in how to prepare physically. We hope this note has been helpful. Also, do not forget to use the internal search engine to locate key words or subjects of interest, questions, etc.

22 December 2008

Christopher J. Patton



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