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The Apocalypse has Started

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I am truly amazed that many do not realize the Apocalypse 2008-2015 has started – even many Christians going to church and watching Christian TV programs seem undisturbed. They cannot read the signs of the times and think it will get better. In the meantime, the US economy gets worse. Thousands have lost their jobs as well as billions of dollars in savings and retirement accounts. Banks fail almost weekly, and huge corporations are disappearing as state and local governments face possible bankruptcy.

Some experts project the imminent collapse of the US dollar that is prophesied. Read my Babushka books for more details. I too wondered and expected a big bang in New York, but only our pockets were affected as many financial institutions were wiped out. The government is printing oceans of money from thin air to bail out big bankers and everybody who wants a new car or house. If that is not an apocalypse, tell me what is.

Like with the prophet Jonah at Nineveh, God sent me home with egg on my face. He quietly left town as the city was spared for the moment, but its ultimate destruction was only delayed a little. After February 9, 2009, God pointed me in a direction and said have another look at Daniel's 7:5 ratio: you missed something. And truly, I found another discovery, which will explain why the Apocalypse did not start with a mushroom cloud in NYC. If you want to survive the Apocalypse, it is still reality, and you should listen to the warnings found on these free Internet pages. Now they are even better dated with more witnesses to challenge the skeptics.

God’s Wrath now better dated with the tools of science and HANS is very certain as the birth bangs predicted four years ago are right on time. Jesus warns us and points to Noah’s days, as everybody in his church and theologian alike all perished. It looks to me another repeat watching TV ignoring God's warning us again. Methuselah was a witness in Noah’s days everybody knew there was an asteroid coming as his name means: When he dies it will happen.

He died 21 December 2288 BC. One month and on the 17th day later, it happened as the earth violently shook up in a wobble causing a flood and ice-time on the poles. But only Noah’s family was saved in the boat. Again God gives warning once more but this time without a boat. God’s Word tells us how we could survive check out some Forum Pearls. Therefore be warned and find out how to stay alive as the dating is very accurate from science now discovered 70 eyewitnesses as solid like a Methuselah witness.

My first two books written four years ago have so many dates on tables to tell us that the Apocalypse is 7 years long. Now I got redirected to investigate when Jesus said time will be shortened and pointed me to Daniel’s 7:5 ratio which means (5) five years instead of seven. I discovered that the time is not linear 7 years but exponential too which seems shorten. That is good news as we have a little more time to prepare getting exponentially worse after 2010. In the meantime four more witnesses showed up to make it totaled 70 which means in Hebrew Ayin=eyes or “the sum total of this world”.

These witnesses have the dates embedded in the zodiac sky, which cannot be massaged by theologians or scientists as they are fixed in space and set permanently the dates of the Apocalypse by God. If this does not convince the skeptic could visit museums and study ancient bronze-gold which tell us a lot in conflict with an atheistic evolution religion. All ancient clocks in museums tell us of an earth axis calendar wobble linked Bible prophecy projects that our civilization will perish 17 September 2015 verified by 70 witnesses.

I urge you to become a member in Daniel's Wise-Club (Daniel 12:10) and be prepared as the horrible time will be coming globally all explained in six Babushka books to become much better educated.

A Third Witness for the Return of Jesus Christ - September 28, 2015

Sid Roth’s TV show, It’s supernatural, aired Thursday, June 18, 2009. Sid interviewed with Mark Blitz who wrote the book, Feasts of the Lord.
Online at

He checked out solar and moon eclipses matching Jewish feast days since Moses’ time using the modern NASA corrected calendar.

Mark Blitz predicted the return of the Lord Jesus at the end of the Sabbatical year 2014-2015 overlaying it with the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles. This date also ends the Apocalypse as projected in Babushka books and starts the 1000 years of God's Kingdom on earth. It has 2 solar and 4 lunar eclipses only seen in this century.

He noticed a total sun-moon eclipse only matching a Jewish Holiday in this century period:

No other eclipses are seen matching Jewish holidays 1800, 1700, 1600 and 1500 AD.


The 4 lunar eclipses will be on:

His conclusion is that the Lord will come back: September 28, 2015.

Four years ago in the first two Babushka concept books, the same dates where projected but from a different math system!

Babushka concept books predicted a date of September 23, 2015, overlaying with Yom Kippur linked to the equinox [9/21]. Five days later will start with Atonement and end with a Tabernacle holiday fun for kids for as 5 days to 7 days could link again with a wobble calendar corrected to NASA, like a 7:5 ratio of a mini egg HANS overlay. Using Daniel's Rosetta Stone revealed many dates collected in Babushka concept book Mystery of Tammuz 17, page 518.

There is indicated on last 12thcycle of the Apocalypse Table a marked pivotal date of the First Woe dated 15 Nissan 5775 which starts 5 month (150 days) with a demon possession resurrected from hell caused by the 5thAngle which opens the underworld with a key. The resurrected demons enter into mortals, which have the beast number on their forehead. 

April 4, 2015, Passover

That date is the same as indicated above matching a total red lunar eclipse. Babushka books are very detailed oriented check out like a demon resurrection never preached in church and be informed of Satan’s shock troops followed by the (4) four Death Angels the Second Woe and ending with an asteroid-earthquake event the Third Woe all dated ending on:

September 17, 2015.

The last Passover next to Tabernacles Jewish holiday period in 2015 ends the seven trumpets in heaven, which according to cause–effect laws become the 3 woes linked to 7 bowls = 10 a full measure ending with the Apex of the Apocalypse and the reason for the Plan of Mankind the birthing of the Saints on a Jewish holiday. That coincides with Jesus’ birthday calculated from Mary’s conception on 25 December celebrated wrongfully by Christendom not knowing calendars of ancient times.

It is a triple overlay as it also starts with Israel now becomes a monarchy born under a new King arriving from the Heh-Jod dimension on 28 September 2015 the last sun–moon eclipse matching a Jewish holiday the only date seen on a NASA calendar for hundreds of years backward and forwards Mark Blitz discovered.

A Fourth Witness for the Return of Jesus Christ - September 28, 2015

For those who want to understand the Bible a little better I discovered three perspective systems as each can be cross referenced logical to reveal another viewpoint. Like in a round about 360° movie projection we can only see one third what is in front of us and need to turn right or left or around expanding our vision. Therefore, looking around in a total circle will see more as the whole of God's Plan for Humanity was designed like a cuckoo clock analogy previously mentioned in my first Babushka book.

It has embedded many historic cycles collected in the Bible but should now be measured against a parabolic time dimension recently discovered connecting the Heh dimension with the Daleth dimension. But that new discovery must have minimum three witnesses again to testify to its truthfulness for dating historic or prophecy events: Here are three witnesses from the Bible and three witnesses from science and later a (+One) now 7 a divine number again.

  1. Jewish Holiday cycles: 7 Feast & 5 Fast days.
  2. The Rosetta Stone (HANS) 7:5 ratio Hebrew Alphabet Number System
  3. The Hebrew hand Rule 1 + 4 = 5

But since we live on the Daleth side can apply physics which will add more information to our knowledge pool understanding the history of mankind a little better even projecting Apocalypse dates planed before the foundation of our earth was laid out explained later:

  1. Ancient Antikythera bronze clock in Athens museum gear ratio [1:½:¼]
  2. Daniel's Prophecy week Calendar clock [Times:time:½time] = (2:1:½)
  3. Genesis Wobble Calendar [2.0: 1.0: .457]

These double three witnesses testify to the Heh and Daleth relationship conforming to physics which will prove my dating method of the Apocalypse which behave like three temperature scales Fahrenheit-Centigrade-Kelvin. They all connect even if they measure a different range for diverse application just like my 6 Babushka books. If you understand a little of physics and learn about those three Bible perspectives integrated in harmony can now better understand what is God’s Plan for Humanity and the purpose why you and I exist.

I collected 66 Witnesses in my second Babushka concept Book, Mystery of Tammuz 17. The Rosetta Stone found in Daniel's book revealed the relationship that prophecy of the Bible is described on two levels Heh-Daleth dimension which has a ratio 7:5. That resulted in a Hebrew calendar projection 7000 Hebrew cycles. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) discovered revealed that the pages in Revelation were mixed up causing many false theological interpretations. Now much better understood rearranging the text a new concept emerged describing God’s Plan for Mankind more fully never preached in any church and cannot find books either. In it found that the Jewish holidays instigated since Moses time have a prophetic overlay matching many dates corrected on a NASA calendar to exact day. Jesus for example was born 28 September BC/AD, a Jewish Holyday Feast of Tabernacles, died on Passover, resurrected three days later celebrated on Yom Kippur-Feast of Atonement on Tishri were the Jewish calendar year starts counting too and also is numbering the years of a king reigning. Therefore Jesus must show up if he is a king at the proper Jewish Feast holiday date and I am sure he will.

There is another discovery the Hebrew Hand rule if you are math inclined. It proves many overlays to give it approval when we postulate many concepts not known by theologians not educated in the Daniel's ratio system. It is just another witness as we must have (5) five if you want to create a doctrine taught in church. Many theologians do not apply procedures from any court system and think they get away with false opinion preached without the witness requirement. Check out these witnesses collected in many tables not one date placed in the wrong place with events matching the Plan for Mankind.

To be better educated read my Forum Pearls more elaborated as there exist so much confusion in every denomination and churches around the corner; each has another spin what the Bible has to say. Become educated on a two rail system much better balanced and include true science which must match the laws of physics.

Babushka5 Babushka Eggs
1 + 4 = 5
Alpha (+one) Force
[7 years @ 7 cycles @ 7 months @ 7 days]


One large egg embedded scaled into smaller egg downward to a smaller egg looks the same pattern alike.

The Hebrew Hand rule 1+4=5. 

The Apocalypse was planed from the Heh dimension=5 but executed on the 4=Daleth dimension conforming to the Hebrew Hand rule. The Apocalypse prophesied according to Daniel is seven year long. But Jesus coming 600 years later said it will be shortened. How short I ask? Check Forum Pearls more detailed explained. Summed up in a math equation proven in Forum Pearls only here stated to point out there is more. 

(+One) Alpha Force + [7 years @ 7 cycles @ 7 months @ 7 days]

Those fixed date overlaid mentioned in my previous books looks like an exponential parabolic time dimension. We find it previously embedded like a bigger egg in ancient time recorded in Genesis describing an earth axis wobble expanded into a cosmos model of Donut Atoms forming a universe with galaxies indicating a previous rebellion caused by Lucifer. It is ending in God's Wrath on the Heh dimension level now repeated but this time in the Daleth dimension. Both dimensions where united in a Grand Plan continued in another universe Jod dimension with the original blueprint revealed in God’s Plan for Mankind just another cycle copied from the Heh dimension...

...closing in a climax of GOD’S-WRATH again on the Daleth dimension level and ending with a seven (7) day earthquake. God’s Wrath can also be mathematically expressed in same parabolic time dimension all designed to match again three witnesses:

  1. Ancient Antikythera bronze clock in Athens museum gear ratio [1:½:¼]
  2. Daniel's Prophecy week Calendar clock [Times:time:½time] = (2:1:½)
  3. Genesis Wobble Calendar [2.0: 1.0: .457]

These three witnesses mathematically have the same ratio to establish facts, save for Apocalypse events played out  as an exponential time curve all told in six Babushka books more elaborated. The exponential curve has 4 Daleth points well designed and all dated with a pattern laid out in 6 Babushka books of many tables which will take some time to understand God’s Plan for Mankind a little better.

If we look at 7 years Apocalypse period and apply the (2:1:½:0) ratio we will quickly see overlaid 4 Daleth dates either counting forwards or backwards from the 2008-2015 date and will not mater just like the 7:5 to 5:7 ratio, as all the dates overlay specific cosmic days which cannot be massaged by theologians.  


Here are the dates matching the exponential data stretched out over the Apocalypse of seven years subdivided in 12 Periods previously published in the Great Apocalypse Table more explained on page 51, Mystery of Tammuz 17. Please check my math to be convinced that those years with fraction and using the NASA and Gregorian corrected calendar mysteriously matching the many solstice–equinox dates and ask the question but think logical?

Counting either back or forward the exponential ratio reveals dates of the Apocalypse which cannot be altered linked to our earth orbit.  These are cosmic dates preset by the earth going around the sun. There are 4 solstice 21 December positions in the middle of the Apocalypse indicating they belong to the Daleth side timing markers of a major world upheaval never before encountered. (2010-2014) as all those dates linked to events mentioned in my first two books like a roadmap and that my dear reader was mentioned four years ago not changed the mathematics you can check out in the Babushka book.

  1. (0)       21 December  2008 = Northern Solstice
  2. (1.75)  21 September 2010 = Winter Equinox 
  3. (3.5)    21 June 2011 = Southern Solstice
  4. (5.25)  21 March 2013 = Spring  Equinox 
  5. (7)       21 December 2015 = Northern Solstice

Therefore the Apocalypse is exponential shortened upfront by (1.75 yrs.) or 1 year 9 month and at the end 3 month totaled two (2) years all linked to equinox-solstice cycles. Please check out my math. Remember these are the same four (4) pointers on the exponential graph embedded in ancient clocks, Genesis and Daniel's prophecy never known by any theologian or scientist guaranteed only divinely revealed on the end of our time as Daniel was assured that at the Endtime some would be wise to understand God's clock explained with an exponential curve (times-time-½T).

Daniel’s clock must crossover the equinoxes-solstices so many times to elevate it to a comic level geared like a previous cuckoo clock cycles explained in the first book and can not be massaged by puny mortals because the cuckoo clock gears are fixed. How much more proof do we want?  The spring equinox 2013 overlays on one hand with the Chinese calendar–the Snake cycle where Satan became mortal and has very little time left which increases the oppression no one can buy/sell without the beast number. The other hand matches the Hebrew Calendar–Av always historically meant big calamities for Jews.

Check out about “Av” a special Forum Pearl. Israel is occupied by NATO no longer a democratic country in the midst of dictatorships. The Apocalypse gains speed in the severity under a one world tyrannical government. The world is heading toward Armageddon ending with the Second and Third Woe.  

At the appointed time for God's Wrath will be ending on 17 September 2015 with so many witnesses testifying as I have stopped counting. It sets the date for the skeptic aligns many Prophesy Bible verses telling us of a firestorm and earthquake coming which is even forecast by the Aztec culture matching the Revelation prediction. Like in Noah’s days Jesus said will be identical and will finalize our civilization with a big noisy bang too, concluding the Mini-Apocalypse now dated 10.September 2015 with an asteroid already in orbit 825 days and 52 km in size reported by Science Magazine in 2006.

Jesus has no pleasure judging the atheistic world and stretching the birth pangs by seven years but interrupted a normal pregnancy cycle and made them shorter by accelerating his train schedule by two (2) years exponentially heating up to just 7 months, the 12th cycle on my table climaxed in still shorter cycles exploding with seven days (10. September 2015) God’s Wrath poured out. It will be a comic event accompanied with brilliant light flashing bigger than a hundred New Years fireworks celebration put together all around the globe from the Heh dimension. Now the earth will be shaking in gigantic earthquakes and people screaming terrified:

When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and there came a great earthquake; the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree drops its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. The sky vanished like a scroll rolling itself up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

Then the kings of the earth and the magnates and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” (Revelation 6:12-17)

Again double check the third witness what Mark Blitz explained in his book seen on TV (It’s-Supernatural-Sid Roth) revealing that this last cosmic events is matching the only sun-moon eclipse demonstrated in the sky corresponding to an important Jewish holiday exactly to the hour previously mentioned in this conclusion. It is also in addition directly linked to Jesus Birthday coinciding with the Resurrection of the Saints from the Daleth and Heh dimension.

Therefore suffering caused by God's Wrath pored out is shortened by a 7:5 exponential ratio or two (2) years discovered in HANS in line with God's Mercy and character. The number (5) five Heh for Daniel's 70th week conforms to his Rosetta Stone prophecy which is actually now five (5) years perfectly matching the HANS structure. Read Babushka book much more detailed to be better informed before you make up your mind. Please play it save and do not mess with your creator when he offers you a way out even will make you a Saint, a very special privilege to belong to Jesus entourage, the creator of the universe as even his divine energy Holy Spirit is embedded in every Donut Atom the (Alpha (+One) force to give it Gestalt. Check it out.

The Fourth Witness is most powerful should finally convince comatose theologian checking from the science department and ask the question why would ancient Antikythera clock 100 BC with 32 bronze gears on three dials link to Hebrew Daniel's Prophecy 600 BC and align with the oldest manuscript of mankind–Genesis 2287 BC, and the Aztec-Chinese-Hebrew calendar 3500 BC matching the Apocalypse date in the future thousands years later on an exact cosmic day five times in a full circle around of our earth now with stabilized earth axis 23.5° which was different had a wobble in ancient times?

This is a mathematical probability number too immensely large to fandom. That is a miracle for me as I am speechless cannot explain it as a scientist-inventor with our Daleth instrument only the Heh dimension can design a divine schedule for mankind to arrive at the exact day. I hope lastly with 70 witnesses is enough or go back to the stone age and start over again to be educated in God’s Plan for Mankind, now for the first time better illustrated with true science and an corrected NASA calendar now the dating very accurate. If you refuse such information will perish like Noah’s friends and relative, guaranteed.

Great Apocalypse
Mini- Apocalypse
4 January 2012 – 25 July 2015
God’s Wrath
Starting 7th month of the 12th cycle exploding
An asteroid 10 September 2015
Plus 7 days ending with violent earth quakes
17 September 2015
Three birthday parties:
Jesus Christ
The Saints
Israel reborn with a new King

God’s Plan For Humanity
7,000-years of human history
7-year Apocalypse
7 Periods
7 Months
7 Days
God’s Wrath
17 September 2015

God’s Love

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have Eternal Life.
Starting the Third Civilization
Feast of Tabernacle a Sun-Moon eclipse
15 Tishri 5776
28 September 2015

6 Babushka books have now accumulated 70 witnesses.

Christmas is Mary’s conception calculated 9 months later matching a Jewish holiday.

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