Pearl #291-

A Big Surprise after 2018 (5779)

(Roman 1:18-32)

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The owner of this earth, YHWH, destined many nations to meet for a final showdown at Armageddon in Israel to harvest what was sown. The time has arrived for the Creator to thoroughly clean up his house and remove corrupted tenants to save his property. It was totally ransacked by a shadow government of psychopath FED bankers who financed destructive hi-tech science projects like Transgenetic-GMO’s, poisoning the environment to cause Life extinction. To give Mankind a Sabbath rest (Heb. 4:9), he will terminate the source of Evil, Satan, eradicate his demons and judge evil people to utterly perish once more like Sodom and Gomorrah. Foretold in many prophecies, a new divine kingdom system will be instituted, governed by a King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Yeshua-Jesus returning in great power with millions of extraterrestrial angels. To warn an apostate Christian Church, he sent a professional scientist-inventor under the penname Jonah-II dating the Apocalypse. Watch! It will end with (2) witnesses Elijah and Enoch from the heaven Heh dimension who have not died, soon returned to Jerusalem to powerfully restore perverted Truth. After 6 months they will surrender to finish their mortal Daleth destiny.

Many denominational Christian dogmas became fraudulent silencing Truth. (Rev. 3:15) It led many Christians to vote for atheistic leaders making them culpable partners of an evil system. That changed society worldwide, now repeating a Hitler history ending in a bigger WWIII. A bestseller movie of Jesus’ Crucifixion by Mel Gibson is now forgotten. It showed how the Sin-debt of mankind was paid in full to get back eternal Life. Worse, now new Bibles are printed where the Creator YHWH became nameless, modified to just “Lord”? Currently everybody in our generation is educated in fake science taught in every university, as big lies are well funded by huge grants from secret Illuminati FED bankers to politically control a New World Order. When Divine Truth departed, it silenced a Christian testimony, which biased high technology to evolve into a civilization of absolute Evil. Analyzing ten (10) denominational doctrine blunders tied to prophesy could widen knowledge horizons like forbidden YouTube videos:       

1) Ask your favored Christian church pastor, “Do you use an IRS tax rule IRC Sect. 501(c)3?” If answered “yes,” you have exposed an impostor paid to silence Truth to deceitful support an evil system resembling Judas Iscariot. The IRS is a private agent set up to give extra tax-free privileges especially to pastors, if they would suppress free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. Now Bibles are denied in schools, praying in public is forbidden, accepting abortion and ignoring many other fundamental Christian values. They succeeded to corrupt America bribing the White House to Congress and the legal system to achieve worldwide the destruction of Christianity to vanish like Fort Knox gold deposit. Yeshua summed it up: you cannot serve two masters.   

2) The telephone yellow pages advertise hundreds of Christian denominations. Will I find a church not confused by many Bible mistranslations or mixed with Satan’s deception? All claim to be foremost or closer to God, but many miss the best nuggets of the original text as revealed by the Apostles. The result is they are blind and uninformed about the Plan for Mankind. Why not be better educated and read some free Babushka eggs ending in Pearl #888.

3) Many assumed that Daniel prophesied a seven (7) year Apocalypse? Theologians will not investigate what calendar is used for Bible Prophecy. Perhaps the time dimension is different in heaven from earth? Many museums exhibit ancient bronze-gold clocks now merged in seven (7) calendars that could date God’s Wrath decoded in Babushka Egg Book #10 or Pearl #290.     

4) Some Christians wish they would be raptured in a pre or post tribulation. Many pastors still believe a deceitful distorted Cyrus Scofield Bible reference that some will not die raptured one notch higher of Yeshua-Jesus who died? Why ignore the fundamental edict given to Adam and Eve: Everyone who sins - shall die. A Kosmos law was not reduced to a paradox and no higher species was revealed. Rather, it supports the divine purpose where a few mortals will be pre-resurrected Saints. Whose choice will it be? Pearls #107, 109

The Rapture is a Lie - Hidden Truth

5) Many quote - No one knows the Time? They misread Yeshua’s prophesies similar to many believe they belong to the privileged virgins waiting for the bridegroom King. However if the chosen virgins are found sleeping will not know his arrival? Thus, dating the Apocalypse should be allowed. Pearl #276

6) Can the appearance of the bridegroom king be postponed or change the Plan for Mankind distorted in many denominational dogmas? Some pastors-TV theologians focus on a privileged spirituality of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues? Watch, it can be faked by demonic Spirits or examine the money trail to deceive a feeble mind trapped by a hidden donation deception. Pearl #666

7) The Creator YHWH gave mankind infinite free Energy stated in Genesis on the First-day. It was never discussed in any church but is now confirmed on many YouTube videos. It is still worldwide suppressed by governments willful ignored Babushka Egg Energy Book #9 sent Nov. 2011 to President Obama.

 8) Another abundant nonpolluting fuel is water H²+O that can be easily split into hydrogen used in cars, cooking, or heating a house. It is only permitted in rockets, but could benefit billions of people. (Pearls #240, #206, #228, #231)  

9) A recent World Economic Forum in Israel shocked the NEWS when a prominent atheist Prof. Harari lectured that the human species will cease to exist in few years due to the latest artificial intelligence technology. To achieve Transgenetic they successfully used artificial intelligence to modify genes of human, animals and plants to end in extinction as nature is programmed unforgiving. Now sold to governments will fulfill many prophecies? Pearl #270

10) To verify when atheists deny a Creator (Roman 1:18), YHWH will darken their Minds never to experience God’s grace. Eventually, the evolution religion will self-destruct. To save mankind, YHWH destined evil nations to meet at the Armageddon threshing floor to separate the chaff and beneficial seeds for the next civilization (Matt. 13:24), or read Jonah-II summarizing (4) four Prophets Warnings - Babushka Concept Egg #11- On That Day.


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