Pearl #293-Part 2 -

Blood Moons – Solstice Eclipse, Part 2

(Rev. 12:1)

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Investigating Two Thermodynamic Laws to explain recent headliner has shocked me how much science was perverted to confuse future students.

Google -The first law, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of any isolated system always increases. WRONG - decreases, this is a lie in fake science.

Worldwide atheists willfully falsified historic knowledge misleading true physics. Now they added lies to the 32 subatomic faked particles at CERN to verify an outdated evolution religion. Satan is using a zillion dollars to pervert Truth to destroy all of mankind with many deceptions so believable that even the Elect were duped, which corrupted the Christian Church. Thus, if you are a disciple, remember what Yeshua said, “My sheep hear my voice,” hence a better choice! Very few are interested to know how an unforgiving nature works with laws set in motion by the Creator. But everybody is given a divine life preserver stated in the Torah-Bible that can be trusted when tested. Genesis started with a heaven Heh-dimension and earth Daleth-dimension now better explained in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) logic. Any other ideas are outright speculations, if they are funded by Illuminati FED bankers denying a Creator to enforce international atheism aimed to destroy this earth and mankind.

World’s Last Chance - Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!

A controlled media is brainwashing the public with many lies of a moon landing, converted light reflection to planets, satellite hanging on balloons and never tested astronauts inside a thermos of liquid air linked to space cold. Worse falsified history to deny a Creator who has a name YHWH erased in modern Bibles. The deceptive result is witnessed in a devastated nature of a fast collapsing environment ending suddenly like Sodom and Gomorrah in total extinction. Perhaps this time to save his creation YHWH will not hinder mankind to self-destruct, which is his Wrath, a paradox. A mortal Will is in tension to the Torah-Bible to accept or reject offered salvation and fellowship with the Creator linked to prophesied foreknowledge. (Ps. 33:18, Rom. 8:18-38) Hence true historic knowledge was gathered by a penname Jonah-II to expose huge horrible crimes of a trans-human hybrid Chet Age by a successful inventor-scientist explaining hidden Bible truth to counter absolute Evil.

Part-1 postulated an opinion that the dome is made from levitated frozen atoms to reflect zodiac star crystals in sunlight. The sun or earth must match every visible observation we examine in physics. Thus, a burning sun is like a transformer to collect ∞ infinite light from space converted to visible slower light 186,000 mile/sec. But the moon light is a reflection on the dome screen ceiling moving 28.5-day moon cycles in 30.5 cycles, thus being (2) days off. Watching alternating moon cycles is still a mystery: perhaps the dome is made with photosensitive material that will temporarily store light, hence delayed by 12 hours in the atmosphere similar to fireflies or phosphorescence products?

It is proven in temperatures of a full moon being cold and the image of a craters appearing concave curved seen from the flat-earth. Thus, it seems the moon is a reflected sun orbiting imprint, but is seen offset on the eastern night rise being closer to earth. The velocity cycle difference was calculated two days/month, solstice and watching moon eclipses works like two clock gears. Perhaps a tilted 23.5° sun axis is a pivot rotating a zodiac Polaris circle around the North Pole in a four (4) corner pattern N-W-S-E of 24/hr. over a flat-earth year of 365.24 days, while the Moon reflection dome is turning 37 days offsetting the sidereal 328 moon days. History revealed that the East-sun-rise was reversed a few times to West sunrise like viewing the zodiac stars turned 180°. Amazing how YHWH created nature as the hot sun will daily repair the frozen dome to prevent air to leak into space and restore the pressure of an air atmosphere from vegetation producing an oxygen fuel to every living cell. Perhaps the zodiac is rotating in precession 25,625 cycles as postulated in Babushka eggs?

Babushka egg book #3, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries

To conclude, a flat-earth theory will hopefully expose the deception of many atheistic evolution religion fairy tales with true science. (Pearl #224)

The Revelation Of The Pyramids Documentary (8-22-16)

The moon is a reflection of a gigantic earth, final proof!! (3-2-2018)

The Torah-Genesis creation report revealed two dimensions separated by Mem-purpose falsely translated - water. A dome has been proven by rocket cameras which suddenly stopped, balloons faked phantom satellites, worse NASA lies mocked-up a moon landing produced in Hollywood studios to destroy a Christian faith to blindly obey the evil New World Order policies. Thus, only God’s Word will expose many science mysteries that became my hobby of studying nature, starting first with Genesis. (Pearls #245, #239)  

  1. Genesis revealed two dimensions! Make a horizontal line and above is the First Thermodynamic Law and below the Second Law diminishing to a zero state. Checking a grand law of nature will behave like a teeter-totter.

∞ Energy = Zero Time  

  1. The creation report in Genesis 1{V1} will conform to the thermodynamic law above and below to distinguish two concept divisions. Above the line clearly identified Heaven and below is the Earth to differentiate two Heh-Daleth dimensions defined in Hebrew Alphabet Number System logic. It is similar to the sun above and moon below explained in philosophy, but true knowledge of a universe can only be revealed from the outside by the Creator YHWH.

  2. 3. Notice v. 3 above all is immersed in infinite light energy and below v. 14 light is slowed to 299792458 m/s made for mortals by the second energy entropy law linked to a math Time formula becoming “zero”. Yeshua defined the below horizontal line - outer darkness linked to the above metaphysic infinite Kosmos light demonstrated in true Bible science. The creation report has 7 cycles mistranslated as days, which confused a sun calendar that came on the fourth creation day? But v. 3 stated it was evening-morning, but on which clock? It revealed creation in the right order that mortality is reincarnated on the evening of a Time dimension to protect a restored Eternal Life now void of evil in a new Jod-dimension.

  3. V.14 established Time of a Hebrew 7000-year calendar, above is Heh-3 days, below Daleth-3 days. The 7th day is Yeshua’s kingdom and a new Jod dimension.

  4. Originally the Flat-earth turned seven times/yr. during the Adam-Methuselah Genesis Age, which exponentially slowed down as proven by ancient bronze-gold clocks shown in museums. Check some prehistoric solstice calendars of 360 days now advertised as 365.24 days @ 21 December 2012. Therefore, the Time Dimension is not constant as demonstrated by changing light linked to a recent Standard IPK Kilogram in Paris. (Pearl #125) Thus, “Time” started with Lucifer’s rebellion around 4488 BC but is cut “short” by Yeshua to save mankind from destroying itself by absolute Evil. (Mark 13:19-20)

  5. Genesis stated that a space vacuum above is immersed with ∞ energy of an unknown temperature – below is what a scientist Kelvin postulated Zero°K. Thus, a dome will protect warmer Air created by levitated atoms like Helium-Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen made from tropical vegetation neutralized with Nitrogen creating an atmosphere of 1[atm] calculated on the horizontal ocean level. Defined in physics below, infinite light passing the Fraunhofer spectral filter, atoms become solid and denser to establish a magnetic gravity force that polarized elements to stick together like magnets, defined in the Periodic Table.

  6. Above, the sun turns around the Polaris star (23.5°) that was different in ancient times and changed calendars by earth-axis wobbles. The evidence is found embedded in tropical prehistoric coal deposits and many geology diggings linked to a worldwide Noah’s Flood 2288 BC. It was caused by an asteroid which fractured tectonic the earth and ripped continents apart. It changed drastically a world climate when the leftover hydrogen from creation ignited with oxygen converted to water. It collapsed a higher air atmosphere after the flood and deposited three-mile thick ice on the North Pole now melted with glaciers disappearing. The next video collected wicked lies and fake science, which is the reason why YHWH is ending this atheistic society like Sodom and Gomorrah and summarized it with forbidden Truth to widen knowledge horizons:

The Truth May Scare You! (2018-2019 EVENTS)

Investigating worldwide a destroyed environment surrounded by enormous plastic garbage islands which poisoned the ocean coral nurseries, is causing now the greatest extinction of all Life. An atheistic world society is not concerned about nuclear radiation everywhere, do not care that many forest are dying from chemtrails, still allow oil-coal pollution to kill massive life and worse deny free energy to benefit a billion people. They ignore global starvation caused by patent GMO seeds no longer germinating, disregard record heat or huge ice hail in dessert, creating flood typhoons everywhere.

All is man-made caused by many hi-tech military industrial complex cartels and blame it on global warming to camouflage their lies preached in every fake media. Once more Evil will be judged in an Apocalypse and very few will survive recorded in the Torah-Bible. If a historic Hebrew 7000 year calendar is overlaid with the seven (7) creation cycles linked to five (5) major disastrous Kosmos events will harmonize with Hebrew holydays (7+5=12) to close a divine history with two warnings fulfilled next year. (Rev. 12:1-17)

The first Kosmos catastrophe (Ezek. 28:13-19) was instigated by Lucifer-Satan causing a rebellion (4488 BC) perhaps with 200-million demons kept in the netherworld (Rev. 9:1) to be terminated in the Second Woe. (v. 13) (Pearl # 276)

The second disaster occurred when Satan was cast to earth enticing Adam and Eve with the same Kosmos crime principle (4004 BC?). But God promised that Evil will be temporal ending in cocoon mortality. Thus Life was modified on a Daleth-dimension by Yeshua shrouded in mortality confirmed by an astounding Resurrection not understood by most mortals. The greatest mystery is still the suffering of Christ. Satan tried everything to make Yeshua-Jesus use his supernatural power for its own pleasure previously offered to test him. He reversed his tactics and used every imaginary evil means to cause pain of the worst torture. Betrayed by his friend, he was accused of many violations of the Mosaic Laws and falsely judged.

But love triumphed. He did not use his divine power to be exempt from the worst evil sufferings shared by many mortals. He could have eliminated the whole Kosmos and start over. No one would know. Satan did not discern that the Creator provided a secret immunity against evil to first inoculate all mortals with a large doze of Evil to never upset a future society again in a rebellion and continue Life on the end of Time to be permanently protected from Sin. Thus, Yeshua died to seal the new Law for a Jod-dimension.  

The third calamity was rooted again when Satan successful corrupted mankind (Gen. 6:11), which triggered Noah’s worldwide Flood to start 70 nations of different language-cultures and a new calendar in 2288 BC. (Pearl #112)

The fourth disaster is when a world civilization turned Evil again to perish in a 2nd Apocalypse (Rev. 6:3), which will restrict Evil by jailing Satan 5779?

The fifth catastrophe will end a Daleth-dimension in 3018 AD (JC).  It will be Satan’s last rebellion along with many of his victims, thus a Kosmos is restored from absolute Evil and terminated forever. The Plan for Mankind summarized in 12 Hebrew creation story cycles is now concluded with the Good News.

Just trust only Yeshua-Jesus to be made righteousness and rewarded to have close fellowship with the Creator YHWH who knows your name.  Why waste a divine personal favor and disregard the many warnings by a penname Jonah-II and a scientist Tom Horn explaining the recent reason of God’s Wrath linked to artificial intelligence altering trans-human biological codes. Therefor,e do not ignore a precious gift offered by a savior Yeshua, the assurance of a resurrected Eternal Life guaranteed before we all perish still dated after 5779.

Babushka egg concept book #1 – God’s Plan for Humanity

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