Pearl #112 - Updated 5-28-17

Hebrew Alphabet Number System Part 3


Hebrew Rosetta Stone Correlations with the
Spin-Axis Model of the Aztec Calendar
From the Christian Perspective


This pearl reviews and develops further the amazing discovery of how the calendars of three vastly different cultures that are continents apart, do not share languages but share a structural design connecting with the calendars embedded in Genesis and Bible prophecy. You be the judge if these “coincidences” are credible.

These inconceivable correlations reveal a design structure proves that the prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015 will arrive on schedule. The dated historic events embedded in ancient calendar cycles either exist by chance or were imbedded by an extraterrestrial intelligence because no human could have invented it. Serious thinkers and Bible students should become acquainted with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) used in my books.

HANS provides the keys to understanding the research methods and results presented in my six Babushka books. They will not make much sense to you otherwise. It is like Dr. Albert Einstein explaining mathematics to those who would rather go fishing. One must be interested to learn new things.

Dating the Apocalypse is resented by many Christians who would rather bury their heads in the sand like ostriches do. They would rather believe a wrong idea, like that no one can know the dates of the Apocalypse, than actually examine what the Bible verses that concept comes from actually say.

Please listen to this clockmaker who is familiar with time. It is like the story of the Titanic. The giant boat had a hole in its belly and someone in management should have understood boat dynamics better rather than believe in the false (religious) idea that the Titanic could not sink. They should have prepared more lifeboats. They should have known how much time was required for the luxury liner to sink and warned people to get ready for the lifeboats. Instead, social activities on board continued as if nothing had happened until it was too late, so many perished.

In conjunction with the Apocalypse, Jesus said “Watch.” The time to watch closely has come. Today, you have another Jonah-like witness coming into the town square to announce unpopular trouble - the Apocalypse of judgment for the world system of government, economics, science and religion. Those who pay attention have a chance to survive.

I never realized Jesus’ comments that the Apocalypse shall be like Noah’s days that He meant it literally to a day. Noah’s Flood was the First Apocalypse and what is coming is a second Apocalypse in overlapping cycles of time and asteroids in space as we will find out. This pearl comments further on foundational material covered in my first three books: Apocalypse Prophesied, Mystery of Tammuz 17 and Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

When I wrote them, I never comprehended that the X-axis revealed a date - 5 February 2287. I correlated it with the asteroid that had plunged into the earth to cause the Flood.

Comparing the two rails of my railroad analogy – in this case the Hebrew and Aztec calendars, I discovered that they are tied together in a design system that reveals the beginning date and end date of the Apocalypse using the Aztec spin-axis model X data. Among other things, this data tell us:

  1. Satan the Dragon is thrown out of the Heh dimension (heaven) to end the (long count) Aztec Calendar system on 21 December 2012.
  2. Satan the Serpent is thrown out of the Daleth dimension (earth) to be bound in hell for 1,000 years (short count) on 17 September 2015 or after Solstice 2017 - Pearl #276.

Like Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy, the Aztec calendar has a 69-week to day cycle embedded in their calendar. At the end of Daniel’s 69 weeks, the “Anointed 0ne” is cut off. Most Christian scholars are familiar with this verse.

Wobble Table

Recap of the 2.8 X-axis

If we remember the bicycle wheel lessons in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, we can historically follow the time path change of the X-axis and end up with a horizontal Y-axis orientation that provides the calendar stability we are familiar with in modern history. Overlaying the Y-axis from 2288 BC with the Jewish cycles up to our present (then future) time of the Apocalypse, we notice 9 Hebrew cycles. It is like a hammock needing two supporting nails where each nail equates to the end of a civilization.

You must read my book Mystery of Tammuz 17 to really understand this parallel overlay from the Hebrew viewpoint. The initial axis from the Flood of 2288 BC was 60% changed as measured over a time span of 350 years. (Noah died in 1938 BC.) Eyewitnesses gave us the life spans of the patriarchs who live before and after the Flood, and I graph them. Abraham’s birth marks the 2.8 on the Y-axis.

Genesis Patriarch Table

1.4 X-axis

When I found the 1.4 position on the X-axis (Abraham-Moses time), I noticed that it is a Tammuz position in the spectrum of nine (9) Hebrew cycles of 490 years each (2288 BC - AD 2018) see Figure A. This number is calculated from the mean average lifespans of four patriarchs (Abraham-Moses = 2288-1805 BC = 660 years/4 = 165 years). It indicates how many X-axis earth wobbles remained then. Plotting the points creates a change line that shows how the X-axis wobble ultimately merged with the Y-axis angle of rotation.

The temple painting in Teotihuacan Palace of Tepantitla is a visual record of the earliest Aztec religion predating Moses by a thousand years. The Hebrew Rosetta Stone unlocks the secrets of the Aztec temple painting in the Teotihuacan Palace of Tepantitla as it aligns with the Hebrew Genesis account. They indicate that the Hebrew Aztec and Chinese cultures have a common origin.

The beginning of Chinese history is reflected in the Chinese zodiac of 60 cycles that correlate with the dates embedded in the Aztec calendar. Through this Aztec correlation, the Chinese calendar also connects with the Hebrew Genesis account to confirm the three ancient cultures’ common origin.

From the ancient Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) overlay, I discovered a Rosetta Stone in the Bible as described in my book Mystery of Tammuz 17. The Hebrew Rosetta Stone ratio is 7 + 5 = 12 or 5:12, which also equals .41666. This latter ratio is found in the Aztec calendar spin-axis angle built into the 2 nd of the five successive pyramids in the Mexico City outdoor museum. It was probably built around 1937 BC, during which the Aztec priests still could use the old Aztec spin-axis calendar.

When I first became interested in using science to better understand Bible prophecy, I never had any notion that I would also find the same answers buried in the mathematical structure of the ancient Mayan-Aztec prophetic calendar. After I published my first two books, I thought that I could relax and take a vacation in Mexico, but God was not finished. He kept on revealing new ideas I had never studied before.

Now when I see strange Aztec artifacts or pictures embossed on temple walls or pyramid surfaces, I can interpret what they mean. Previously, I never studied archaeology or knew anything about the Aztec culture, but now I can point out logical mathematical relationships that make a lot of sense.

Exploring my spin-axis model for the earth’s movements before and after the Flood will give you much to ponder on. It is the place to start your own research to find how these ancient cultures connect at their source with one another even though they are separated by big oceans, by differing chronologies thousands of years apart as well as by different languages. I can now trace their influences, technologies and knowledge to the stories in Genesis.

The Rosetta Stone ratio in the Bible is 7:5. It can also be expressed as an equation where 7 is related to 12 as 5 is related 12. Before the Flood, I classify it as the 7th dimension and after the Flood it becomes the 5th dimension as in the overlay of the 7,000-year history of humanity to the 7-year Apocalypse as explained in Mystery of Tammuz 17.

The 60% reduction of the X-axis to the Y-axis from previous 7 turns is 2.9 = 41% and matches with the Rosetta Stone ratio (2.9 turns to 7 turns = .41), which correlates with the 5:12=.41 Rosetta Stone overlay. Overlaying Aztec calendar with the Hebrew cycle system shows that it is no longer useful. No more intelligible calculation can be made from celestial observations that can continue the old Aztec calendar system any more.

Therefore, I place the five pyramids exposed in Mexico City before the age of Abraham-Moses when a useful pattern of the old calendar system could still be used. This is important when dating Mayan artifacts or other periods of the ancient Mesoamerican culture. It becomes the point in history where ancient people must invent another calendar. These calendar changes took place at the same time that they changed from monotheistic religions to corrupt ones sacrificing humans. The famous Stonehenge monolithic calendar in England dates earlier than Abraham-Moses because it uses the same two-axis system as represented by the two circles.

Proving the Aztec Apocalypse 2012 with the Hebrew Rosetta Stone

The Aztec calendar has long and short period cycles. Like a railroad, they run in parallel alignment. One rail is a civil calendar, and one rail records the religious cycles. These two rails had to be synchronized, which was the job of the priests. They calculated crossover dates to appease the 20 sun gods in the Aztec religion.

The Aztec cycles are similar to the Jewish calendar, which also has parallel sequences of civil and religious monthly cycles. The Torah sanctifies a 7-month religious “year” starting in the spring (Nisan) and Passover. It ends in the fall (Tishri) with a high concentration of holy days including Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Sukkoth (the Feast of Tabernacles). The civil year begins on Tishri 1 running 12 or 13 months in parallel with the Torah’s festival year according to the visual observation of ancient moon-cycles. Both must be brought in alignment by a chief rabbi or priest by inserting a leap month (Adar II), for example.

The different calendars (Jewish-Aztec) behave somewhat like our two temperature scales of Fahrenheit and Centigrade. The two scale system often appears together on outdoor thermometers and come together at one point, -40°. The -40° equivalent for the Aztec clock calendar with God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Human History and Prophecy is its widely publicized termination on 21 December 2012.

We have learned that the Aztecs had a weird calendar of 260-day counts. They must have had a good reason to do so. We should not think of them as inferior because they lived in ancient times. The Aztec people possessed the same observation capabilities as moderns.

Their religion led them self-destruct their own culture when they could not figure out why their calendar no longer worked. They thought the reason why the calendar no longer followed the movements of the sun, moon and stars in the sky was that their 20 gods were angry and needed to be appeased with human sacrifices. So they went to war to capture prisoners to sacrifice at the top of their pyramids.

That was how they tried to correct the calendar so it would work properly. But it only got worse as my Y-axis theory bears out, so they build 5 consecutive pyramids in the center of Mexico City. Probably a new one was built every 176 years in an attempt to correct the alignment of the structural angles with the changes observes in the sky. It also resulted in more human victims being killed in a horrible way to appease their gods.

The five pyramids at the center of Mexico City were accidentally found by digging out the foundations for a future building. It has now become a public museum open for us to see.

Exponential Y-axis Curve Data

A Big Question

After reading my books Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17, someone recently asked, “If the Aztec spin-axis cycles before the Flood were shorter than the overlaying longer Hebrew cycles, could the original dating be wrong?” In other words, if the pre-Flood years were only 1/7 th as long as today’s years, then 6,000 years have not passed yet since Adam and the Apocalypse should take place much later so that a full 6,000 years of God’s 7,000-year plan could be counted, using Gregorian calendar years for the Hebrew 490-year cycles.

An Answer

Not really, it gets better. Through Daniel’s prophecy, I discovered the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio, which means that there are mathematical relationships in the cycles that God repeats over and over. I collected 12 mathematical proofs in my book. We only need two witnesses to establish truth, but God gave us 12. In my books, I describe a Hebrew Alphabet pattern and through it appeared a date. It came about from Daniel’s perspective, which I consider to equate to the seventh dimension or 7-based number system.

The Apocalypse is better described in Revelation where it is the fifth dimension of the Rosetta Stone relationship. The main feature or the Great Apocalypse of 7 years came from the Aztec calendar. In the overlay, the Mayan-Aztec 21 December 2012 matches the Hebrew cycles and the Chinese.

This late report discovered on my vacation in Mexico City overlays perfectly with John’s writings in the book of Revelation and matches cycles from the Aztec spin-axis theory. My book does not go into detail why the Aztec calendar ends in 2012 because I did not understand the scientific theory describing it. It is very convoluted to me but used their statements on faith.

This report is what I discovered that is never reported in any science literature I know of. Incredibly, it supports my book from a totally different perspective. The Rosetta Stone jumps off the page to tell me that what I discovered fits. Daniel’s prophecies viewed from the seventh dimension gives me the beginning date 21 December 2008 for the Grand Apocalypse. The secular scholars tell me that 21 December 2012 will end the Aztec calendar. I asked, why does it fall exactly on the 7th cycle, 7th period of the Hebrew overlay – as well as flawlessly matching with the Chinese?

Incredibly, the Aztec spin-axis model pinpoints the 3½-year Mini-Apocalypse, which is the hammer of God’s wrath poured out. By analogy, it starts when Noah went into the ark and God closed the door. Noah’s family had to wait inside until the impact came on the 2nd month 17th day and then it rained 40 days. (Genesis 7:11) That date has implications for the Second Apocalypse as New York will start the judgment of God against an evil world.

Jesus said that the second Apocalypse will be like Noah’s day, meaning if the 21 December 2012 is the first day of the 7th period with the removal of Satan from the Heh dimension- heaven to appear on earth [long count Aztec cycles], as counted from the second month as aligned with the time-table recorded for Noah (30+17=) 47 days. This correlation gives us the key event date of the Mini-Apocalypse, which will last 3-1/2 years. Winter solstice 2012 will unleash the big hammer of God’s wrath (Aztec short count). It coincides with the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon becoming the Year of the Serpent on 5 February 2013.

Analyzing Daniel’s prophecies using the short count cycles of Aztec spin-axis years, I found out the following. In the Hebrew cycles we arrived at a date by adding two times the 1,715-year cycle and over the detour 17 Tammuz 2018 arrived at the beginning date of the Apocalypse 21 December 2008. Now if we calculated it the same way but use the shortened version of Aztec spin-axis model, then we take the first cycle of 1,715 years before the Flood, which also was duplicated in Hebrew and Aztec ancient records. I divided it into 7-year X-axis cycles that got shorter from 1,715 to 245 present years (1,715/7 = 245).

Now we calculate just like my book explains, we add 245 years from before the Flood and add together the 1,715 years after the Flood to get (1,715+245=) 1,960 years which according to scripture can be converted to prophetic days. Counted back the same way previously, I still arrive at 2008 from 17 Tammuz 2018 but this time with the Aztec short cycle version of the eight cycles of the Apocalypse, which is the second month counting from the Hebrew 7th period 1st day, 21 December 2012.

This indicates a new beginning of intensity symbolized like rain falling in Noah’s day. The number 8 (Chet) in HANS signifies a new beginning in a fenced in environment. The Mini-Apocalypse Daniel prophesied also starts out with (8) eight identical but different Bible scripture verses of the same date. Check it out in my books on the Internet.

The Flood came on the 17th day of the second month mentioned in Genesis 7:11 and 8:4. Here we have the Aztec short count (second rail) analogy like the two temperature scales, which verifies the Apocalypse as a second witness. Can’t have it any better to make sure that that those predictions will happen since a second witness establishes truth.

Can the Date of the Asteroid Strike be Determined?

Yes! 5 February 2287 BC (Gregorian calendar day counting).

This incredible coexistence of the Aztec calendar with the Hebrew cycles climaxes in the dating of the asteroid that struck the earth and changed its rotational axes at the start of the biblical Flood. This ancient asteroid strike is the cause of the Aztec calendar confusion and multiple pyramid corrections. No sane person would claim it, and none have ever announced a date before, so you are the judge of coincidences.

I will attempt to expand on the spin-axis theory. Prophetically it seems to overlay with the destruction of New York on the 5 February 2009, as recorded in Revelation.

What I have presented in my books is like the smaller visible part of an iceberg - much more lies hidden from sight below the water’s surface. The more I read, the more I find that connects with the ancient Hebrew, Aztec, Chinese histories as built into their calendars. I have concluded that only extraterrestrial intelligence could come up with such a system.

My original books were published, then this Aztec calendar spin-axis theory came about one year later. All the Hebrew concepts explained in my first two books are enhanced by it, and it unifies into one powerful, logical conclusion that the Apocalypse will happen in the years 2008-2015.

The Aztec-Hebrew-Chinese roots of prehistoric times make it clear. God addresses our intellect. He intends that we take Him seriously. More than one scholar has written of the mathematical messages built into the Great Pyramid. I have discovered a similar vehicle and message. Through embedded mathematics, God built a warning into calendar cycles around the world, to us and all generations that the Apocalypse is coming. In fact, they tell us when it is coming.

Here is how I discovered the date of the first Apocalypse in Noah’s time. In Genesis 7:11 it says:

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.

“Second month, on the 17 th day” could mean after ([one month =] 30 days + 16 =) 46 days. Genesis records that the foundation of the earth was broken up - perhaps as evidenced in geological strata by a continental shift with accompanying uplift of mountains, relocations of oceans and the collapse of the atmospheric pressure to our presently calibrated air pressure of one atmosphere at sea level.

Our earth no longer has an even cycled spin-axis movement, which has come to rest at 23° rotational tilt angle. From that angle, we can mathematically go back in time like rewinding a sky movie at a planetarium show. We do have some information from the exponential curve of the patriarch’s ages that became linear at about 518 BC. The plotted line represents velocity changes connecting in one continuous motion going back to very first big bang. We have 360° in a circle, so we can start with 23°.

Since the Aztec and Hebrew calendar clocks run counterclockwise, I can add all the velocity points in Figure A together and see what happens. My idea was that the original seven spins per year slowed down and stopped at 23° or present angle of the earth’s axis of rotation.

In counting degrees backwards, we should arrive at when the earth’s movements were drastically changed, which must be reflected in subsequent changes in how ancient cultures marked the passage of time. Agricultural calendars were vital to the survival of all ancient cultures, and the earliest calendars found in archaeology all reflect that fact. They were all planting and harvest based.

So going counterclockwise from 23° is like the North Pole moving backwards, or 360°-23° = 337 °. So how many degrees is the velocity spin on my Y-axis plot on Figure A?


.7x360° = 252°

1.4x360° = 504°

2.87x360° =1033°

Total 2126/360 = 5.905 continuous turns where .905x360 = 325° ccw or 360-325 = 35° clockwise of a circle “X-axis = 35°
(Western thinking)

Applying the Hebrew Rail of 35°

The 35° corresponds to 35.3 days if we divide the 365.24 day year cycle into 360°. This gives a conversion factor of (365.24/360 =) 1.0145. The 360° zero position, like 12 o’clock on a clock, is equivalent to the 1st of January. If we count 35° to the right, or 35.5 days from 1st January to 31st January, which is 31 days, plus 4 days for a total of 35, or up to the day of

5 February 2287.

That is probable the date the Asteroid hit the earth. In Genesis, Noah entered the ark and had to wait one month (30 Hebrew days) and 17 days (the second month), then the asteroid hit the earth. So one month of 30 days and 16 days are 46 days total. So counting backwards from 5th February 2289 (from 35 degrees CCW minus 46 days) gets us to

21 December 2288 BC.

This date begins humanity’s First Apocalypse recorded to have happened on earth. If we want to contrast it with the prophesied Second Apocalypse, which was projected to start on 21 December 2008, then we find that they connect with a 9-cycle system of 490 Hebrew year-cycles and many other events that will be explained later.

Another way in looking at 35° is to present it as a portion of a 365.24-day cycle. We can express it as 356.24/360x35 = 35.5 days from a 360° circle and convert it in a one-year solstice winter cycle. Please do not forget that in counting with the Gregorian calendar we must correct it by one day every 400 years. Adding the years between the two Apocalypse dates together AD 2012+2288 BC = 4,300 years dividing by 400 years = 11 days, which must be added to 35+11 = 46 days to have a Gregorian calendar count. So counting backwards or CCW from 35° or 46 days, we again get to the big bang of the asteroid plunging into the earth on

5 February 2287 BC.

This is the second coincidence tying together a future prophesied Apocalypse Jesus mentioned with the same date but from two different perspectives. When we count 46 days back from 4th-5th February, the equivalent is one month plus 17th day the rain started and the foundations burst forth as mentioned in Genesis, we get:

21 December 2288 BC
the beginning of the First Apocalypse

As normal people of our times, we have absolutely no experience and no concept of the severity, earth shaking noise and global consequences that an asteroid impact might have had on earth. If a large asteroid were to strike the ocean, scientists say that it would cause water to shoot up as high as an airplane flying in the sky.

Just the noise generated by hydrogen combining with oxygen at that time would blow out the eardrums of anyone flying in a plane at 20,000 feet above ground. Mountains would lift up only to disappear into the ocean deep. Skyscraper high waves would roll over the countryside, which must have been a frightening experience for Noah’s family.

Hollywood already made a movie to scare us. Only divine intervention made it possible to survive in the ark, and only God could have designed such a vessel. The Bible records the plans, and Noah built it in (120/7=) 17 years.

When Jesus said that the Apocalypse would be like in Noah’s days, I had no idea he meant it so literally – even to an equivalent day. Since Noah, his children and their wives were the only living witnesses to testify about this event recorded in the Bible, all the discovered mathematical calculation points agree to exactly one date as described in my books with 12 proofs. This same agreement makes my proposed Aztec spin-axis model absolutely certain, too. I think that the Apocalypse will be on time in 2008-2015. You be the judge to check out my projections.

Finding 35° Using the Aztec Rail

Originally the Aztec calendar had 7 X-axis spin cycles. Each cycle had 4 quadrants indicating the seasons like winter-spring-summer-fall. They were also marked by two solstice and two equinox positions. So a 360° circle will start with 21 December at the zero (12 o’clock) position, then at 51.42° we have another 21 December, at 102.85° another 21 December and so forth around the circle at 154°, 206°, 257°, 308° and back at 360° seven times.

From winter solstice 21 December to the next 21 December, there are four seasons winter-spring-summer-fall marked by spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox, which become a mini-year cycle for one X-axis spin that replicates the current, long year we experience.

When we look at the 35° and compare it with the equivalent of 7 complete seasonal cycles in one 365-day year, we will notice that 35° fits into the first spin-axis of the seven mini-year cycles. Divide the first mini-year spin-axis cycle of 52 days into (4) four equal length seasons remembering the scale overlay. Notice that 51.42° x 1.0145 = 52.16 days for each mini-year cycle and 52/4 = 13 days for each mini-year season.

The season quadrants are at 13°-26°-40°-52° days. Observe that 40° is the end of the 3 rd quadrant meaning that there are 5 days missing to the end of 3 rd quadrant position (35+5 = 40), which is an equivalent of the 22 September equinox position for the ending of the third quadrant in any given year cycle.

With the 40° our example is 5 days short (40-5 = 35), which becomes the equivalent cycle overlay or alignment of the mini-year to our present year at (22-5=) 17 September. This date prophetically coincides with the ending of the Mini-Apocalypse on 17 September 2015.

The next day is the 18 September, which ends the Daniel 1,335-day prophecy and indicates blessings. So the 17 September overlay with the Hebrew prediction date and becomes the Aztec rail ending the Apocalypse, which Jesus prophesied to be shortened or short counted ending before 21 December 2015. Truly it becomes a second witness to establish prophetic schedules.

The Aztec calendar also has a 69 week-day cycle. This number is embedded in the Aztec calendar clock as it similarly appears in Daniel’s prophesy where the “Anointed 0ne” is cut off after the 69th week cycle, which Christian scholars are familiar with.

Genesis says that Noah’s Apocalypse started on the second month and 17th day. One month is assumed to be 30 days long, but it could be an Aztec month, too. A one month cycle in the Aztec calendar is 52 Gregorian days. When we literally add 17 Gregorian days to 52 Gregorian days we get 69 week/day cycles, which coincide with the Hebrew revelation in Daniel.

Bible prophecy is often dual in historical fulfillment with type-ante (before) type and/or type-anti (against) type, and it follows a two-rail track, too. In the Hebrew one rail version, the cut off Anointed One in Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy refers to Jesus Christ, but in the Aztec serpent calendar, it refers to Satan who is also an anointed one from the predawn history of the Heh dimension.

So two rails applied give us information about the plan for humanity on two rails. If we only look at one rail, we become a monorail theologian or monorail scientist. A monorail is not balanced as a system. To understand extraterrestrial information, we must apply both rails, or we remain ignorant. In business we understand and use future projections to become successful.

Knowing about a coming Apocalypse, I would leave New York because the multiple coincidences here are much greater than flipping a coin (50:50), for example. It is your survival at stake. The indicators are stronger that it could happen. True, it might not, but being prepared is much better than arguing to find fault with a theory and be wrong. Yes, we cannot be absolutely certain since nobody is around today who lived in Noah’s time, and we therefore must depend on the two eyewitnesses of Bible history and the logical mathematics of the Aztec calendar.

The beginning of the Chinese history with the Chinese zodiac of 60 cycles correlate with the dates embedded in the Aztec calendar which connect with the Hebrew Genesis account which matches the three ancient cultures to have one common origin.

When I came across ancient Chinese discovery as written in a technical journal, I was immensely impressed. I hope by now that you begin to understand how HANS and the Aztec calendar models, together with the wall pictures on the Mexican palaces from Aztec times, demonstrate a common origin, which the Bible very clearly records for us.

It is so clear that I am dumfounded that many so-called intelligent scientists reject it. Why are they bent on throwing out 200-year old American history? They have expunged it from our schools and public consciousness. This unrealistic hatred for the Bible must have another reason not connected with science and is a sure indicator of the Apocalypse.

There must be a future Apocalypse because it is the means by which God will save the world he created. No one should try to bring it on. That is God’s job, and he has left witnesses all over the globe that he will do so precisely at the proper time – the right time on schedule.

Even the 5,000-year old Chinese calendar preserved another aspect of measuring time by using star constellations that are fixed but appear cyclical as the earth revolves around the sun. The structure of the Chinese calendar clock also has 5 x 12 cycles, which reflect our Gregorian month cycles.

For example, there are five dragons with different characteristics. I write about them in my books. The water dragon is the one on 2012. Water in the Hebrew is the 40-Mem and indicates our time dimension with purpose. So when we cross-reference with the other rail then all the Chinese symbolism makes a lot sense. They align with the Hebrew prophetic timetable, and now I discovered another one –the Aztec spin-axis calendar. It is a coincidence I cannot discard as inconsequential. Any serious minded individual has an opportunity to evaluate its validity.

The Hebrew Rosetta Stone ratio 7 + 5 = 12; (5/12) = .41666% is the same as the Aztec calendar spin axis of the 2 nd pyramid in Mexico City outdoor museum built about 1409 BC.

When I discovered a spin-axis relationship, it immediately recalled HANS I learned about five years ago. This discovery trail reveals more and more interrelated events across cultural borders. It truly encompasses all of the families of mankind that was once united. This common origin comes together in one unifying concept, which also seems to align history more accurately than it is portrayed in our evolution theory biased society.

TV programs often expose mysteries from antiquity in many areas of the world. They seem to come together when common sense is applied. With a little math and an open mindset, we can learn new things. The five Aztec pyramids in the heart of Mexico City teach me that calendar changes were very expensive to those ancient people as they degenerated from a monotheism belief system to serve 20 gods that had to be appeased by human sacrifices.

If we connect it with the Hebrew-Chinese religion, then we get a good picture of what life was like 4,000 years ago. Going further back in time, the Bible alone ultimately ends with man’s beginning. This story is more sensible than the pipedreams of scientists or the questionable De Vinci Code books that lack any scientific or biblical foundation. They are only built on speculations that cannot be proven.

Fulfilled prophecy, on the other hand, is factual because we can evaluate it through history. So the Bible becomes a much more trusted piece of literature. Only spiritually dead people will never understand its basis. My models will either be received as possible or rejected without really reading it – simply because it concludes that there must be an intelligent being higher than themselves.

To accept that notion would require a total rewiring of one’s mindset. Jesus said he is the only door to receiving eternal life with knowledge and purpose. I made my choice and never regretted it.

Unexplainable 9th Cycle Hebrew Overlay Mystery

The first asteroid impact in 2287 BC destroyed the First Civilization. Counting from then through the end of the Apocalypse 2008-2015, we reach the end of the future Second Civilization as announced in Revelation. In the process, I discovered nine (9) Hebrew cycle overlays (Figure A). In my Hebrew 7,000-year Table of Human History, focus on the 9th cycle notice that Jesus Christ appeared on time when he was born in Bethlehem.

The Aztec axis starting with the Flood in 2288 BC also has (9) nine Hebrew cycles to the end of the Second Civilization at 2015. There I noticed the second prophesied appearance of Jesus Christ coinciding with the resurrection of the saints.

Why are those 9 cycles embedded to connect with a resurrection in two totally different counting systems? And why is the Aztec calendar X-axis wobble terminated in 518 BC, which became the center of the 7,000-year Hebrew prophetic calendar Plan of God for Humanity? Why does the Y-axis terminate in 2012 in the Aztec tradition? Why does the Aztec religion say that the world ends on 21 December 2012 with a Serpent (Satan) descending from heaven to earth? Read Revelation 12:3, 9 where the Bible reveals a future descent of Satan, the old Serpent during the height of the Apocalypse.

Revelation also mentions a future asteroid strike that I think coincides with Satan being thrown out of heaven to the earth. Reading Mystery of Tammuz 17 will explore these questions.

In my book I use an analogy of a railroad line with two rails and 14 stations similar to an Aztec calendar of 2x7 = 14 skull heads I had no idea it existed when I discovered the 14 stations in the historic-prophetic timeline of human history as God has planned it.

Why does it overlay in a dual X- Y-axis, like railroads? When I saw the 14 stone skull heads lined up in the outdoor museum in Mexico City, I was stunned. Then I noticed the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:17 is given in 3 groups of 14 generations. Why did it follow an Aztec system? Add from Abraham to 2288 BC, and we have 10 more generations, which makes a total of 52, a full Aztec year cycle equal to 9 Hebrew cycles!

Why do we find Aztec cycles in the Temple records Matthew copied? If we divide them into 7 we have a number 6x7 = 42. When we add one Aztec cycle 2x7 = 14 generations from Abraham we get to Enoch - the 7th generation from Adam and Eve. Enoch did not die but was taken directly into heaven. Add one more 7 generations to total 62 generations going back to 4004 BC when God lived on earth with Adam and Eve, the first generation.

God in Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, was the Second Adam way of God living with man, but with one generation missing? Since we have here the genealogy of Jesus Christ, we are missing one generation to make 62+1 = 63, which is divisible by 7 to come again to another 9 equal Hebrew and Aztec cycles of 7 that span from God-Jesus 4068 BC in Garden of Eden to God-Jesus BC/AD in Bethlehem.

The eternal invisible God - now visible in human form as expressed in Jesus Christ, visited the Garden of Eden in the material, Hebrew Daleth dimension of our natural world, and then introduces the redeemed saints as the last generation to make complete the cycle of 63.

The Saints are the resurrected sons of God as the next missing generation because they are not born yet. They will be born in partial First Resurrection after 5778 (2017) according to Daniel’s 1,335-day prophecy, which is the next day in the HANS system and three days later a major Jewish Fast holiday Day of Atonement-Yom Kippur an equinox day. The Saints represent the golden apex of a pyramid that gives purpose to the Plan for Humanity I describe in Apocalypse Prophesied. They are markers for our time dimension. Check it out on the Internet or in bookstores.

To understand the biblical concept of the Saints expressed in the shortest five word sentence, which will include everything what was written in the Bible, all we have to do just open any Bible and look up two verses. The very first three words in Genesis are, “In the beginning created God…” They start with the letter Beth. Than the very last two words in Revelation “the Saints” put together “In the beginning, God created the Saints.” This is what God’s purpose is all about. To uncover the identity of the Saints, was my greatest discovery, and it took 1,000 of Bible verses to explain it.

One more observation: in my published books, I created 7,000-year tables of human history with 12 Hebrew cycles imbedded in 14 stations like the Aztecs also have 14 in their calendar system. Jesus’ birth was God’s first coming in flesh to earth. It is located on the 9 th cycle (BC/AD) in the series of 12 cycles of 490 years.

The number 9 is Teth in Hebrew and equates to New Life. From Noah’s Flood in 2288 BC to perhaps the end of the Apocalypse in 577., I projected it to also end in the ninth (9th) cycle of 490-year Hebrew cycles. Revelation, the last book of the Bible, clearly says that Jesus is coming again in a resurrected spirit body (Jod dimension). Why 9 cycles again? It now comes from a very different perspective than the Aztec calendar. And why does the same Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5 apply both to the Hebrew and Aztec systems like parallel railroads?

Another point can be made when we observe the coming Apocalypse all have fixed dates to an exact day, which gets a lot of ignorant Christians upset. This last 9 th cycle coming from Noah-Aztec direction is not fixed exactly by a day and therefore open ended going beyond the 2018 date yet still the 9th period. Why?

This mystery is to emphasis that not one mortal living or dead on earth can and will foretell the future royal coming of the Lord of Lords to an exact day or hour. It is the sole prerogative of the King of Kings to announce his own time. Only the birth pangs schedule of the Apocalypse is precisely dated to be 2008-2015.

The coming of the Lord in cosmic splendor cannot be predicted! My dating for that reason is trustworthy and not in conflict with any Bible verses Christians are upset about. I quoted a thousand verses to teach the Plan of God for Humanity never preached in church.

The Aztecs prophesied through their calendar that the world would end on 21 December 2012. This is one more proof that God embedded knowledge in these Aztec calendars, which cannot be somebody’s imagination. To correlate with Hebrew Alphabet Number System ideas is absolutely astounding since the countries of origin are separated by a wide ocean and thousands of years ago - belonging to the bronze time. The Chinese connection is the only answer. You figure out this mysterious relationship.

Closing Thoughts on the Aztec-Gregorian Calendar

If my theory holds water, then many more biblical mysteries can be opened for the enjoyment of the treasure hunter diving for pearls submerged in the ocean of God’s Word, his revelation to mankind as recorded in the Bible. Its divine inspiration will forever arouse feelings of elation from discovering what and who God is and who fashioned each of us for a purpose.

I feel sorry for my fellow scientists who are blinded by Satan’s lies. These lies will be revealed at our deaths, as everyone then will face the other side of reality, passing through the cocoon cycle to emerge as a butterfly to take off and travel in a foreign dimension we call heaven. HANS calls it the other side - Heh meaning Window or a number 5.

Or, one might wake up in the outer darkness of boxed hell, where there is gnashing of teeth in anguish of failed opportunity to receive eternal life freely offered by Jesus Christ, whom the world rejected. Then science, as important as it is for our culture, will no longer matter as all will be reduced to a common denominator.

God will say, “I gave myself on the cross for you and made atonement for your sin. What did you give me in return? Did you agree with the terms of my new contract?”

The sin question of being guilty or not – the old contract with Adam will not even come up in this future interview because it already has been dealt with in 33 AD. Your contractual willingness of the new covenant is here questioned, which must be your choice and that choice will determine on how you experience eternity.

Why do I have Difficulty Believing in Evolution?

The greatest obstacle to find new discoveries is when we start with a wrong assumed premise. I invented a lot of products before my retirement and that taught me principles what would work and make sense. Regrettably, our American school system is governed by a priesthood who call themselves scientists and educators, a very controlling club you will learn about if you ever want to apply for a job. You must belong and believe in its doctrine if you want to graduate.

What is interesting to notice is that they function the same way the Catholic Church did 500 years ago when it suppressed scientific discoveries if they seemed to cast doubt on their belief system. Presently, various News media report that an up-and-coming big battle looms to allow Intelligent Design to be taught in a public school alongside the theory of evolution in some states of America. It never occurs to the many school boards that philosophical decision of what is good and bad for a free society cannot be made by scientists alone because morality and truth should not be confused with science, which by its nature does not often deal with ethical decisions since outside the domain of how science operates.

But why are scientists always in front of school boards to act like priests of a false god? The rest of us peons must first ask permission to even have an opinion! This is so very similar to the dark ages under the control of the Catholic priests, who dictated what to believe, what books you were allowed to read, or what was not permissible to believe about the Bible.

The unproven evolution theory denies a creator. It remains a very popular philosophical theory that is strongly defended even after so many years and billions of dollars being spent in vain attempts to prove its core tenants as facts.

I ask why a philosophical theory of evolution must be enforced in America by the courts. Why are different opinions persecuted by police aided by the full power of judicial government and an army of expensive lawyers? If its truth was so obvious, this excessive use of financial, social, professional and legal coercion of believing scientists, researchers, teachers and students, restriction of free speech and broad information control would be unnecessary.

To impose a theoretical belief system on everyone, while at the same time preventing open scientific discussion and denying educated PhDs access to debate the issue openly in journals or on a university campus should be allowed - especially when the university is supported by public tax money!

Why a school board should be pressured to exclusively teach a state-controlled religion in the class room? My logic tells me that to understand Intelligent Design, one must be intelligent and that settles this dispute for me.

I no longer worry about straightening out this controversy. New genetic discoveries already make the evolution theory obsolete. The real issue is not evolution but does God exist. This concept is too terrifying for most scientists to seriously research.

However, they must be made accountable for destroying our planet by their misuse of genetic information and technology. Science taught me that, without responsibility guided by rational moral laws, civilization is doomed.

I hope you enjoyed my travel through Aztec time from a different perspective. I hope it made you think, which is a commodity rarely found anymore in our public schools and seems lost by our modern civilization.

Fractions in calculations are like quicksand. Look at the broader viewpoint as we do not know on which side of the earth prophecy starts for counting purposes. All dates should automatically have a range of at least +/- one day for accuracy.

Technical Journal Volume 13 (no.1) 1999 e-mail: 1-800-350-3232. The Lamb of God Hidden in the Chinese Characters, by Kui Shin & Larry Hovee.

Enoch the 7th generation cycle from Adam symbolically expresses the resurrection for all mankind at the end of 7000-year age.

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