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Babushka Pearls Preface




Babushka OneThe Pearls from the Bible Ocean contain short articles highlighting Herbert R. Stollorz’s continuing Bible research. His fourteen Babushka egg concept books explore and connect many mysteries of antiquity as well as Bible prophecy. History and prophecy form a continuum in the Daleth dimension of time and space that is accessible in its entirety by the Creator God of Israel.

The Pearls introduce and summarize new developments in research methodology as well as new applications of the analytical tools such as the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio and the Jewish fast and feast days explained in his books.

Jesus advised his disciples to watch and pray. God’s Plan for Humanity, now revealed using science, strips away the artificial distractions of this deceitful age. It exposes why our present civilization rebels spiritually against its Creator even as it applies its twisted scientific knowledge to materially destroy the very genetic structure of biological life and pollute the environment.

Yet, there is more hope than fear in our pages, when you choose humility before the Savior Messiah and decide to obediently place your life in his hands. Fortunately, a perfect understanding of doctrine or prophecy is not required for salvation. This grace applies to us as well as to any other person. Either one of us may be wrong on matters of Bible knowledge, of which includes ancient history and prophecy.

We encourage you to look around you at current events with spiritual eyes of comprehensive understanding. The angel said to Daniel:

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. (Daniel 12:10)

Become Wise – Read my Babushka Books

Babushka One Initially, 12 proofs for dating the seven years of the Apocalypse 2008-2015 were given in my first two books, Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. Now, the number of proofs has grown to at least 66 - one for each book of the Bible. This is a bold claim to make so close to when the prophecy is proclaimed to begin appearing, so let me tell you how I came to publish my Babushka Books on the Internet for anyone to read for free in several languages.

I thought that I was finished writing two years ago, but one new discovery has led this retired scientist to another. Check out our Readers’ Forum as well as these New Research Pearls from the Bible Ocean.

I do not belong to a particular church or denomination. My writings reflect on the Bible from my perspective as an inventor of (mostly) hi-tech devices or applied science. For example, I have just written a Pearl #120 on why the human population has increased exponentially from one billion to 6.6 billion in the last 150 years when there have been over 4,000 years since the Flood.

Since about AD 1850 and the end of the religious conflicts in Europe together with the rise of secular voices from Voltaire to Karl Marx and Engels, a steady flood of scientific discoveries have caused confusion in theological circles. It has contributed to an explosion of philosophies and religious denominations based on baffling, false dogmas frequently forced to align with modern evolutionary biases.

The world’s population now faces challenges such as: global warming, GMO extinctions of foodstuffs and many plant and animal species, a nuclear armament race and a population exploding to 6.6 billion. Doomsdays are literally announced everywhere I look. And that is before we add world politics, conflicts in the Middle East that could light the Jerusalem powder keg for the whole shamazzle to explode to the obliteration of our civilization and all life on this earth.

However, God controls the equation. He has laid out a history-prophecy railroad track since the beginning of time that is built on two rails designed for balance. This track takes us through the Apocalypse to an unheard of 1,000-year peace on earth. All of the families and nations will get along living side by side. It will be God’s Kingdom on earth. The Biblical schedule of these 14 railroad stations was kept hidden in Bible Prophecy’s symbolic sign language until its revelation now in our time.

God’s Plan for Humanity

Discovering that Daniel’s prophecy was written on two levels like a Rosetta Stone, opened up the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. HANS is like a matrix code that reveals a world calendar embedded in Genesis, which has also been applied to undeciphered, ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world.

That discovery makes dating future biblical events possible through the interpretation of strange calendar measurements [times, time, ½time] and understanding Julius Caesar’s 10 months for one orbit around the sun. I learned why the ancients tracked time with ancient clocks like Antikythera Mechanism - Calculator with three dials or even stone-dial Aztec clocks. What emerges is a totally new concept of the Saints being born at the end of the Apocalypse, which upsets pet theological (false) dogmas.

Many Christians may not have enough Holy Spirit oil, like the five virgins desiring to enter the bridegroom’s feast. (Matthew 25) The atheistic science camp gets unruffled because it is based on a belief system of shifting evolutionary sands that will not hold up to the DNA flood waters of new discoveries.

Since I face disturbed people from every corner, I use analogies from science and nature that cannot be easily twisted by dimwit opinions espoused by those unwilling to submit their ideas to having two [+one] witnesses to establish truth.

Babushka Book Concept

My Babushka Books are designed to make you think, something that seems to have been forgotten in our confused times. Jesus said: “Watch the signs!” They are now dated.

Through a series of seven interrelated books, I teach newly discovered scientific facts that should convince open minded theologians and atheistic scientists. I call them my Babushka Book concept because they present God’s Plan for Humanity with the scope of each book scaled smaller like the identical Russian dolls of graduated size from large to small, with the littler ones nested inside the bigger ones. The patterns of their design are identical but on a diminishing scale.

Bible prophecy is designed that way, too. The Bible’s prophetic visions and imagery are like lenses with multiple points of focus and fulfillment. Some fulfillments occur closer in time to when the vision was given. Others unfold in repeated cycles (gears of the prophecy clock) appearing at precisely appointed points along the 14 stations of the history-prophecy railroad track of God’s plan from Creation of this earth to the new heavens and new earth promised at the end of the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Now for the first time we have a system to understand the Bible that compensates for the limitations of traditional theological perspectives. Adding a scientific perspective through natural analogies provides balance to understanding about why God created human beings and what God is doing on earth.

My books will lead you with Christian faith but rearranged prophetic concepts using science principles applied to Bible. I use the same analytical and design methodology that I learned as an engineer. With this methodology I invented many hi-tech devices over the years and was part of the first wave founding of Silicon Valley in California.

The perspective of applied science solves many Bible mysteries and reveals much new information about God’s Plan for Humankind. Only then can we fully understand the Apocalypse and its dating. The first two books of my Babushka series present a reconstruction of human history and Bible prophecy to end theological confusion. The 7,000-year Hebrew calendar is reconstructed to show its various history and prophecy cycles and how those cycles predict the major events of the coming 7-year Apocalypse.

God appoints certain people to be the watchman announcing danger. That is usually a risky job because entrenched establishment authorities resist anything that could get people thinking for themselves. Leaders of religious institutions and universities restrict freedom of research with the golden handcuffs of high salaries and pension plans for those who conform. It is a bit more sophisticated than trying minority opinions before an inquisition like Galileo had to face, but the result has been the same – scientific and biblical truth is suppressed.

The Bible is not allowed in the halls of learning. It is censured by an atheistic academic priesthood that controls western universities. Any new discoveries or theories that conflict with their evolution religion are squashed. If you read my books, it may take some time to understand the HANS system, but I guarantee that you will never be the same. You will become much better educated from the 360° perspective of both the Bible and science.

This seems to be the last Babuschka book as new concepts and discoveries pearls kept appearing so I created a New Research Pearls page where I can answer questions that reflect on the previous concepts and discoveries discussed in the Babushka books. The new ideas include many reflections on the Jewish feast and fast day overlay therefore these articles are each themselves a true micro-egg.

Looking back I am now convinced that God forced me sit down to write, still complaining I cannot write in English because I am German. But God said quietly to me, “My grace is sufficient, and your professor friend, Christopher, will help you. You will learn and adapt as you have done so in technology inventing many gismos in electronics.”

After the Apocalypse, 95% of the Bible will be obsolete, and only what God spoke will be transferred to the third civilization. Mankind will need to reinvent paper and metal again as all three civilizations end with an asteroid strike. Perhaps four more books will be added to make the Bible complete (Ayin=70).

How is it Possible to Date Prophecy?

The attempt to identify an exact date of specific events that make up the coming Apocalypse was an extremely difficult chore because it required a myriad of historic intersects. In order to identify those dates (and possibly save the lives of many New York City citizens, for example), I required a minimum of two [+one] Bible prophecy witnesses. Otherwise the results are only an opinion and not a balanced perspective.

In the process, I discovered an embedded system that specifies God’s Plan for Humanity. Somewhat like a railroad station’s schedule, it operates as a system of time cycles. The system reveals itself like a 360° movie projection focusing on Jewish holy days.

I identified 14 stations for mankind with a total range of 7,000 years. When converted to our NASA calendar, it is verified by the Aztec calendar, which is correlated with many other ancient clocks. It also can be cross-referenced with the Chinese zodiac and the bronze Antikythera Mechanism dated to about 80 BC. Read about them in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

Frame this with the “Rosetta Stone” of Hebrew code systems to reveal Daniel’s prophecy with an embedded 7:5 ratio for the Heh and Daleth dimension. It is a match with historic events as they align with the near-far Bible lens perspective. Jewish feast and fast day cycles were instituted by God during Moses’ time. They chronologically align and come together as a deciphered system to overlay the creation Plan for Humanity behaving like a big Babushka doll that replicates the same scaled patterns enclosed in ever smaller eggs.

Jewish scribes have faithfully and accurately documented history since the most ancient of times. Is it not obvious then that God must have directed those historic events in a pattern like station cycles of a railroad?

As a trained instrument maker from Germany familiar with cuckoo clocks and gears, the arrangement of these holy days caught my attention. Therefore, I compared the sequential festival cycles to clock gears, which must mesh to correctly measure time.

To me, repeated prophecies resemble the gears in clocks. The gears must interlock to the day. To be off by even one day would be like a broken tooth in a gear that skips, grinds, sticks and is inaccurate. Uneven cycles would grind a prophecy clock to a halt. Over the course of thousands of years, the clock must run smoothly and accurately – the gears must match in order to tell time correctly to the day.

Earth’s Ancient Rotational Wobble

Most theologians have a problem interpreting prophecy because they are unaware that ancient cultures had different calendars due to a wobble in the Earth’s rotation. Scientists are also misled by their assumptions. They postulate incorrect dates when interpreting archeological materials.

The dates that they interpret do not take into account this wobble never been mentioned in schoolbooks. This unknown wobble of the Earth should inform us that ancient calendars measured time differently than that of a fixed axis position calendar.

As an example, the Egyptian Dynasty’s dating system has caused controversy. It varies by up to 350 years. Also, remember that Julius Caesar inserted and added two extra months on the previous 10 month calendar as the wobble decreased. Caesar named July after himself. Later August was named for his nephew and successor, Octavian – Caesar Augustus. Caesar’s calendar came fairly close to matching our present solstice sun cycles.

Daniel’s prophecy was written from a different clock calendar perspective featuring strange names of cycles that do not run on a 24-hour system. Ancient calendars that do not operate on our, now standard, 12/24 pattern pose a problem for theologians and scientists who do not recognize ALL historic events. By only considering the accepted and standard dogma based on only our current calendar system causes confusing and conflicting opinions that act to the detriment of understanding Torah or Bible dates.

However, the ancient calendar mystery became crystal clear to me recently when I deciphered the ancient bonze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world. This discovery gave me a unique ability to transpose new technology to theological questions interpreting the difficult symbolic analogies of Bible prophecy.

Railroad Analogy

God is the greatest railroad designer in history and as an engineer I became fascinated with the symmetry of God’s Plan for Humanity. It is laid out like a transcontinental railroad schedule with stations behaving like clock gears to measure time. For example, in Germany you do not need a watch when you are on an international train. When slowing down at a certain station, you only have to look at the schedule provided with the ticket to determine the local time to the minute.

Looking at the Jewish holidays with the clock gear idea in mind, we can ask some questions that the average person may never have considered, but Jewish scribes have recorded through the centuries. However, we must be dead serious and not speculate with millions of peoples’ lives at risk.

The people of New York City must be warned of the prophecy of a terrorist attack so that they leave the city in time. No mortal human being can know the exact time unless God reveals it to them in some manner. It seems that studying God’s railroad schedule for mankind may just be that revealing.

Prophecy Rooted in God’s Plan

As a scientist and inventor earlier in my life, I realize that my thought processes are a little different than most. But I believe that with that knowledge in my background it helped me not only to discover the Prophecy rooted in the Plan for Humanity but also visually imagine that Plan as a railroad track stretching from the East Coast all the way to the West. If you can imagine this, then also imagine the sequenced station stops along the way. If you have taken the trip before, you can estimate a schedule based on your earlier travels.

Using the railway analogy, we can visualize many landmark events documented by the historic writers of the Bible as railroad stations. All of these Bible authors recorded events that contribute a piece of God’s plan for mankind.

Because we now live at the far end of this railway route (end time of the plan), we can look back at the trip and reassemble the highlights. Notice that the events in which God was involved with people conform to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS].

It is noted in the Bible that the Hebrew language was given by God to Adam and was therefore a divine gift. This was analyzed in my first Babushka book. A divine language, next to life, was the most important gift to man by God. Knowing this we can be assured that Hebrew was mankind’s first language.

Ancient Hebrew was structured mathematically on five dimensional levels as words multiplied and mutated into ethnic dialects later. This conforms to the Second Law of Thermodynamics that states it is scientifically impossible to evolve anything more complex. All of this is contrary to the beliefs of atheistic scientists who believe in evolution fairy tales. Just as a clock cannot invent itself and decide to measure time, the laws of entropy make it clear that intelligence cannot possibly evolve over 100%. Science is just not getting it.

Scientifically investigating God’s gift to mankind, we discover a design on five technical demonstrative levels which give us the tools to decipher the mysteries or theological paradoxes of Holy Scripture. For more on this read my first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied.

For example, compare ancient poetry text spoken by Job and his friends or the Gospel accounts in the Bible and tell me how it was possible to record these texts or Job’s poetry word for word without a tape-recorder in the bronze time.

Most theologians are uneducated in true science and have no answers. They invent many of their personal Bible interpretations creating monologue dogmas that are not very balanced. That is why we have so much confusion in theology.

Therefore, let’s go back and use the forgotten HANS code embedded in the Hebrew language. It is a concept system with numerical math numbers used by early mankind. Apply it to some basic historic events matching Jewish holyday cycles, and for some reason, they follow God’s designed railroad schedule.

Let’s review TU-B’Shevat, a tree holiday that connects with the next holiday, Purim. It is so important to find a hidden date here because it may hopefully motivate some to leave New York City and survive the disaster announced in the Bible. God’s embedded and veiled information should alert you to pay attention when the messenger arrives. Get out of town! If you heed the warning you can believe that God has chosen for you to live a little longer.

I will state it here again; notice that the ancient Hebrew wobble axis calendar was previously corrected to a world NASA calendar. When overlaid with the ancient Aztec clock it is precise to the exact day. I explain this in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, Chapter 2, in the section, “Precession of the Equinoxes.”

There I explain that the converted Aztec clock based on a pre-world calendar cycles identically with Hebrew clock cycles. It is proved with a 23.5° angle of the earth’s axis rotation. The Mayan-Aztec calendar structure reveals a moving spin axis that is now in a relatively fixed position. Therefore, we can trust our Gregorian conversion NASA computer calendar to agree on a proper world clock Hebrew calendar. We should use that calendar to follow prophecy which is now dated more accurately.

Dating prophecy must match perfectly to a day, or we need to wait for another witness revelation to clarify it. If you do not have two [+one] witnesses, you only have opinions, which may disappear in time because we are mortal.

Theologians not educated in science have many opinions like the yellow pages in the telephone book list hundreds of different churches. Read my Babushka concept books and widen your horizons with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which is not my invention or opinion.

Herbert R. Stollorz, Spring Equinox 2008 at the foot of the Solstice Apocalypse 2008-2015.