Pearl #102 -

Two Cities and Purim

How is it possible to date Prophecy?


The attempt to identify an exact date of the coming Apocalypse with a myriad of historic interference is an extremely difficult chore. In order to identify those dates (and possibly save the lives of many New York City citizens) we need a minimum of two [+one] Bible prophecy witnesses. Otherwise the results are only an opinion and not a balanced perspective. I have discovered an embedded system that specifies God’s Plan for Humanity. Somewhat like a railroad station’s schedule, it operates on a system of time cycles. The system reveals itself like a 360° movie projection focusing on Jewish holidays.

We previously identified 14 stations in human history with a total range of 7,000 years. When converted to our NASA calendar, these stations are verified by the Aztec calendar and many other ancient clocks such as the traditional Chinese Zodiac calendar and the 100 BC bronze Antikythera calendar-clock mechanism, which has been newly deciphered in my third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

Align these correlations with the Bible’s Rosetta Stone of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System to reveal Daniel’s prophecy with an embedded 7:5 ratio for the Heh and Daleth dimensions. Historic events align with the near-far Bible lens perspective. Jewish holiday cycles were instituted by God during Moses’ time also align prophetically and come together as an integrated system laying out the creation plan or purpose for human beings. Nested Russian Babushka dolls provide the best commonly known analogy for this system that replicates the same patterns enclosed in ever smaller eggs or historical-prophetic time cycles.

As a trained instrument maker from Germany familiar with cuckoo clocks and gears, the arrangement of festivals caught my attention. Therefore I compared the sequential festival cycles to clock gears which must mesh to correctly measure time. Jewish scribes have faithfully and accurately documented their history since the most ancient of times. God directed those historic events in a linear pattern like the stations of a railroad line.

To me, repeated prophecy cycles resemble the gears in clocks. The gears must interlock to the day. To be off by even one day would be like a broken tooth in a gear that skips, grinds, sticks and is inaccurate. Uneven cycles would grind a prophecy clock to a halt. Over the course of thousands of years the clock must run smoothly and accurately – the gears must match telling time correctly to the day for me to accept a projected date.

Most theologians have a problem interpreting prophecy because they are unaware that ancient cultures had different calendars due to a wobble in the Earth’s rotation. Scientists are also misled by their data. They postulate incorrect dates when interpreting archeological records that are embedded in geology. The dates that they interpret do not take into account the previous earth wobble. This ancient unknown wobble has never been mentioned in schoolbooks, which distort the past with their atheistic theories of evolution.

That little-discussed wobble of the Earth should inform us that ancient calendars measured time differently than that of a fixed axis position calendar. It explains why the ancients spent so much time and energy building Stonehenge, the Aztec and Egyptian pyramids and numerous other stone circles and outdoor observatories.

For example, the Egyptian Dynasty’s dating system has caused controversy. It varies by up to 350 years. Also, Julius Caesar needed to add two extra months to Rome’s traditional 10 month calendar to keep it in sync as the wobble decreased and the earth’s solstice-equinox cycles stabilized. Those extra months, named after Julius Caesar (July) and his adopted son, Augustus Caesar (August) remind us of this calendar correction every year. Caesar’s calendar came fairly close to matching our present solstice sun cycles after the wobble stopped.

Daniel’s prophecies were written from a different calendar-clock perspective featuring strange names of cycles that do not run on a 24 hour system. Ancient calendars that do not operate on our, now standard, 12/24 pattern pose a problem for theologians and scientists who do not recognize ALL historic events. By only considering the accepted and standard dogma based on only our current calendar system causes confusing and conflicting opinions that act to the detriment of understanding Torah or Bible dates. However the ancient calendar mysteries became crystal clear to me recently when I deciphered ancient bonze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world. This research gave me a unique ability to transpose new technology to theological questions interpreting difficult analogies of Bible prophecy.

God is the greatest railroad designer in history, and as an engineer I became fascinated with the symmetry of Gods Plan for Humankind. It is laid out like a railroad schedule with stations behaving like clock gears to measure time. For example, in Germany you do not need a watch when you are on an international train. When slowing down at a certain station, you only have to look at the schedule provided with the ticket to know what time it is. Their train schedule is so precisely accurate.

Looking at the next Jewish holidays with the clock gear idea in mind, we can ask some questions that the average person may never have considered but Jewish scribes have recorded through the centuries. However, this time we must be dead serious and not speculate with millions of people’s life at risk. The people of New York City must be warned of the prophecy that alerts those citizens of a terrorist attack and directs them to leave the city in time. No mortal human being can know the exact time unless God reveals it to them in some manner. It seems that studying God’s railroad schedule for mankind may just be that revealing.

Prophecy is in the Plan for Humanity

As a scientist and inventor earlier in my life, I realized that my thought processes are a little different than most. But I believe that background helped me not only to discover the prophecy rooted in the Plan for Humanity but also visually imagine the Plan as a railroad stretching from the East Coast all the way to the West. If you can imagine this as a railroad, then also imagine the sequenced station stops along the way. And if by chance you have taken the trip before, you can estimate a schedule based on your earlier travels.

Using the railway analogy, we can visualize many landmark events documented by the historic writers of the Bible as railroad stations. Each Bible author recorded events that contribute a piece of God’s plan.

Because we now live at the far end of this railway route (end time of the plan), we can look back at the trip and reassemble the highlights. Notice that the events in which God was involved with people conform to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS] explained and illustrated in my first two Babushka books.

Bible implies that the Hebrew language was given by God to Adam and therefore a divine gift. This was analyzed in my first Babushka book. A divine language, next to life itself, was the most important gift to man from God. Knowing this, we can be assured that Hebrew was humanity’s first language.

Scientifically investigating God’s gift to mankind, we discover a design on five technical demonstrative levels, which give us the tools to decipher the mysteries or theological paradoxes of Holy Scripture. For more on this read my first Babushka book.

Earliest ancient Hebrew was structured mathematically on five dimension levels as words multiplied and mutated into ethnic dialects later. Linguistic development also conforms to the Second Thermodynamic law that states it is scientifically impossible to evolve anything more complex. Just as a clock cannot invent itself and decide to measure time, the laws of entropy make it clear that intelligence cannot possibly evolve at over 100%. All of this is contrary to the beliefs of atheistic scientists who only believe in evolution fairy tales. Science is just not getting it.

For example, compare ancient poetry text spoken by Job and his friends or the Gospel accounts in the Bible and tell me how it was possible to record these texts or Job’s poetry word for word without a tape-recorder in the bronze time. Most theologians are uneducated in true science and have no answers. They invent many of their personal Bible interpretations creating monologues of dogmas that are not very balanced. That is why we have so much confusion in theology.

Therefore, let’s go back and use a forgotten HANS code embedded in the Hebrew language. It is a concept system with numerical math numbers used by early mankind. Applying it to some very basic historic events matching Jewish holydays cycles, I discovered that they follow a railroad schedule system by God’s design.

Let’s review TU-B’Shevat, a tree holiday that connects with the next holiday, Purim. It is so important to find a hidden date here because it may hopefully motivate some to leave New York City and survive the disaster announced in the Bible. God’s embedded and veiled information should alert you to pay attention when the messenger arrives. Get out of town! If you heed the warning you can believe that God has chosen for you to live a little longer.

I will state it here again. Notice that the Hebrew calendar was previously corrected to a world NASA calendar. When overlaid with the ancient Aztec clock it is precise to the exact day. Again, I explain this in the 3rd clock Babushka book, Chapter 2, Precession of the Equinoxes. There I explain that the converted Aztec clock based on pre-Flood world calendar cycles match ancient Hebrew clock cycles. It is proved by the earth’s 23.5° axis resulting from a wobbling spin axis that is now almost in a fixed position.

Therefore, we can trust our Gregorian conversion NASA computer calendar to agree with a proper world clock Hebrew calendar. We should use that calendar to project future Bible prophecy events, which can now be dated accurately. Dating prophecy must match perfectly to a day or we need to wait for another witness revelation to clarify it for further study.

Two Town Overlay: Susan - New York

Read the book of Esther to better understand what I have written. It is a really good story that has actually inspired a few Hollywood movies.

The Apocalypse has been dated to begin on December 21, 2008. Following that is the first Jewish holy day linked with 70th Daniel’s week - TU-B’Shevat (15 Shevat = February 9, 2009). That date has been projected in Pearl #101 as the date for New York City’s destruction.

The following holiday is Purim, which is celebrated on March 9, 2009 according to the corrected Gregorian calendar. It commemorates, and is identical to, an ancient victory. All the Jews could have been killed in a worldwide bloodbath if the plans of Satan-Haman had not been foiled by the strategy of Esther and God. The enemy, a terrorist organization, then as well as now, was and is intent on the destruction of the people of Israel. At the end of the ancient story (and at the end of ours) Satan-Haman is defeated and is killed on the gallows.

The Flood

Genesis 7 describes the first Apocalypse as a flooding of the Atlantis civilization. It began on December 21, 2288 BC, a solstice day. It also lists the following destruction lasting until the second month 17th day, meaning 47 days later.

Compare that event with prophecies for our time, and you’ll find another Apocalypse. This time the Apocalypse prophesies involves fire on December 21, 2008 even the Aztecs mentioned it in their religion and could overlay to be the same day and month matching Bible prophecy. Jesus said that the second Apocalypse would be similar to the days of Noah and the Flood; therefore, we should be watching a date in the far vision perhaps the first option 47 days later, February 9, 2009. It matches exactly to the day and then again, 30 days later, on March 9 th is Purim – a great reason to celebrate.

For as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and they knew nothing until the flood came and swept them all away, so too will be the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:37-40).

If the millions of Jewish people living in New York City heed this warning, like those who anciently lived in the city of Susan listened to Mordecai’s warning, they will be able to celebrate the Purim of Purims as the brave survivors of potentially a great devastation.

New York has the best probability for a match to the prophecy of nuclear destruction according to Revelation 18. This is not an original idea. It was also published in two prominent popular science magazines in 2006 and 2007. In both magazines, the story was featured on the cover, but, of course, these stories are now mostly forgotten - just like the September 11 attacks and the first bomb in the basement of the Trade Center eight years earlier. One article projected a fallout radius caused by a dirty bomb. It describes an area of uninhabitable wasteland stretching 300 miles downwind.

The Bible agrees with the magazine’s projections but also ads a future date which could link it with Revelation’s chapters 16 and 17. Even if my projection is a little off, there is another date matching February 5, 2015 according to the witness requirement. If we look at the tree/Beast system that was cut down in Daniel’s dream interpretation in Biblical prophecy, we will find that two important dates are supplied as well. All trees are cut down in two stages. When the sawing begins on a 30 foot tall redwood tree, it takes some time for the tree to fall.

King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream began on December 21 and ended on December 21 containing 7 years of insanity. December 21 was a solstice date and an apocalyptic date for the ruling king. Toward the closing of the Apocalypse it aligns to an exact day with [TU B’Shevat] February 5, 2015 linked with a 21 December too, signifying a much deeper interpretation.

It is precisely the same day that overlays the event of the disappearance of Noah’s Atlantis civilization in the far-near vision analogy. Noah’s event begins on February 5, 2287 BC (dated from the planetary sky of the Aztec/Hebrew wobble calendar) measured from a solstice 21 December 2288BC date. 47 days later (one month 17 th day mentioned in Genesis 6) is the date when a huge asteroid collided with the Earth creating a massive flood by breaking up the oxygen enriched atmosphere and combining with residual hydrogen forming water left over from the earlier formation of the oceans.

In order to hedge your bets (and perhaps live a little longer), I strongly recommend leaving New York City as it is clearly matches projected prophecy dates. It is still possible that the dates may be delayed a little. If so, but they will harmonize to the next cycle pointing to the destruction of New York City. There are instances where my calculations can be called into question because I’m a human multiplying long fractions from strange wobble calendars. Because I am mortal, I need another witness [ +one]. So let’s find more witnesses to establish truth.

The moon’s orbit length is not evenly synchronized with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. That could mean a big difference of over 4,300 years. However, the dates must match to the day if we apply them to the projected Apocalypse cycle, or it could only be considered an opinion. The date must be calibrated to a solstice. It is extraordinary that it matches the same Jewish festival day pattern given by God in Moses’ time and is therefore an embedded divine system for us! These calculations should not be altered or disregarded by evolutionists whose beliefs are based on faulty calendars.

The City Susan Overlay

Dating future events by looking through a historic “near-vision” telescope from the perspective of Daniel’s prophecy from the book of Esther, we can find embedded parallels of the far vision. February 9, 2009 is consistent with the date when another town was a trouble spot for the ancient Jews. The ancient city of Susan has similar circumstances as the City of New York. They both support matching prophetic descriptions.

Just as New York City is a city of Gentiles, so was Susan. It incorporated all of the commercial interests of a large empire becoming the very nerve center of that civilization. It was the heart of science, banks, money changers, culture and commerce.

Susan also had a large Jewish population who were known to be foreigners but were tolerated because of their skills to make money and as craftsmen in clothing, silver, gold and diamonds. They created wealth for the city and its inhabitants. Their religion however, as it was in other countries was a problem for many, creating animosity among their non-Jewish neighbors. The reason for this is that the Jews had been honored and appointed by God with a contract of blessings as the oracles and time keepers. This obviously has always created a jealousy because of a belief that they were more blessed by God than any other.

However, the real reason for a bias against the Jewish people is because of the ancient hatred of Satan against Israel as the carrier of the seed of the future Messiah. In a far vision perspective, that future Messiah will utterly crush Satan as originally foretold as far back as in the Garden of Eden.

In a nutshell, Satan has coerced various groups throughout history to attempt to exterminate the genetic seed of Yeshua, “the anointed one” (Jesus), in order to prevent God’s prophecy. This also explains events such as the holocaust as well as current threats towards Israel from nations such as Iran. Another example can be found in the Biblical story about the hidden Jewish queen, Esther and of Haman who hated the Jewish people. You may now understand the true reason why Jews are hated throughout history and around the world even though the fault is not their own.

So again, Daniel’s near vision is played out in a far-vision identical city. I truly believe that it is New York City which is the center of the world empire of commerce and technology. It controls the World Bank and the largest group of money changers (the Stock Market) on Earth. In later Forum Pearls you will see it is identical to the described headquarters of the Beast system written in the book of Revelation.

On the front page of the October 2007 NEWS is the pronouncement of the President of Iran walking into the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York and delivering his message. His appearance there was identical to a passage from the book of Esther. In typical one dimensional American politics, it was conveniently forgotten as he stepped to the podium that he was the champion of many world terrorist organizations intent on exterminating all Jews around the world.

The world body ignored his financial, political, cultural and religious backing of terrorist training camps in his country as well as in others. His royal decree, based on his view of the Koran and the Islamic religion, is that the Jewish state of Israel should be wiped off the map. It is interesting that Islam, a religion of law, demands the death of all people who are not of their faith.

With the understanding of the Heh and Daleth dimensions firmly in hand we will finally and clearly see that all world political power and status is commanded from the Heh dimension control room by Satan. Therefore, all political strings connected with Allah, the Babylonian god of the Tammuz and center of the Islamic religion sits in that same control room.

If you read the daily newspapers or watch the television news you will see that Satan was, and is, a murderer from the beginnings of time. He rules his kingdom by using his Moslem terrorist hatchlings in the Daleth dimension to create global destruction and to murder daily innocent people especially Christians.

After his address at the United Nations, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran was invited and honored to speak before some of America’s universities. He stated once again to the world that the day is coming to kill all of the Jews on Earth. Instead of facing outrage over his views, Ahmadinejad received warm welcomes and was honored at expensive dinners with the rich and powerful.

This is ominous indeed as American President George W. Bush effectively sold out one of America’s most trusted friends, Israel, to a friend of the enemy. Just as Judas Iscariot sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, George Bush sold us out for oil barrel dollars. Political worries that American gas-guzzling car owners might vote his party out of power in the November 2008 election because of high American gas prices as well as a fear of a potential economic recession caused the President to sell America’s future short.

But even with dire economic and energy situations worldwide, the typical New Yorker as well as Americans in general would rather forget and ignore world politics. They would rather be entertained by local elections or popular sitcoms on TV, have fun barbequing with friends on the weekend, or speeding around in their boats while watching ball games and downing a keg of beer. Never mind high gas prices.

Just take a look at the budget to elect our new President in November 2008 (just before the predicted Apocalypse of December 21). As of this writing the candidates have spent over one billion dollars just on advertising. With all of this money available for mostly corrupt, arrogant and ineffective political leaders, it is no wonder that there is never money available for the drilling of drinking water needed by billions of people. No wonder there is no money for food or medical supplies for starving and impoverished children. That money can be raised very quickly however for corrupt politicians who are adept in raising taxes for more weapons of destruction in foreign wars or to eliminate effective and trustworthy political leaders at home.

Therefore, my Jewish friends and brethren of New York City, when the Apocalypse arrives use your own mind and leave your traditional orthodox, liberal or heathen differences behind and observe what the messenger Jonah said. Investigate and consider your completed Torah from a two rail perspective and read all the Jewish books you can get your hands on.

It is your own life, but if you live in New York City, you are especially in danger of being destroyed by the Iranian leader’s aid to terrorists like ancient Haman or modern bin-Laden. You need to listen to messenger Jonah’s Mordecai-like warning.

Ask yourself, why you are forbidden to read the book of Revelation? Is it because your rabbis are more interested in tradition than reality? Perhaps it is because the Bible, printed in the millions, was written by other Jews that are now considered outside rigid tradition.

I urge you to not be close-minded or ignore the many prophecies written especially for you. It is as if a mortal uneducated rabbi confronted God and demanded his silence; never giving God permission to speak again. It is even worse ignoring God’s commandment and disapproving when God said to John “come up here and write what you see.” What if John did not obey God’s demand to write the last Revelation of God to mankind?

I, therefore, question the Hebrew religious establishment, “Were any of your favored rabbis invited to heaven only to return to report what he saw as God ordered him to do?”

To deny the word of Almighty God and ignore what He says is the ultimate contempt against God. Should the Word be outlawed because it does not align with the teachings of a local tradition as interpreted by some dimwitted opinion presented as fact in a small town or big city synagogue? Don’t stand there in wonder scratching your head when God’s Wrath is finally poured out, yet He still shows mercy like a fireman at the door ringing a bell and shouting warnings.

God’s love for his chosen people has been demonstrated time and time again. For example, after 2,555 years of wandering without a home, Israel as a nation is now united and assembled around historic Jerusalem surrounded with blossoming green rich farms like an island in the dessert proclaiming God as the Creator in the midst of a sea of atheism and hostility.

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you do not take part in her sins, and so that you do not share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. (Revelation 18:4-5)

It is a puzzle to me, a Gentile from a German-American background, why the traditional Jewish culture would prohibit the reading of a Jewish book written in the first century AD by Jews only because it was adopted by Christian followers. How could it have become such a deadly sin for Jews to even touch the books?

That is just too large a price tag to pay when gambling one’s family, life and fortune in a game where the word “why” is not allowed. Jewish tradition prevents the understanding of God’s Plan for Israel and all Humanity and leaves many unanswered questions such as: why did God choose Abraham and promised him offspring “more than the stars in heaven”?

Even reading all of the Torah books collected in the Bible would cause dissent and anger from most local synagogues. In order to learn the ultimate truth, is it not worth being deemed an outcast? Wouldn’t it be more useful to your survival to understand the truth and to suffer the consequences of confused theologians who demand adherence to Middle age opinions and obsolete theories? Isn’t this also what our popular media states about Islam, that their culture is too rooted in their past traditions (9th century AD)?

Consider the consequences of not listening to the messenger when he gives a warning against that of any opinionated rabbi. It is not worth it when your life is at stake. Sometimes tradition that was meant for survival in past ages can cause death now because it prevents one from looking both ways before crossing the street.

The city of Susan had two types of Jewish settlers. They are memorialized since ancient times in Purim. One group did not believe Esther and held on to tradition. They died with their Gentile neighbors. The other group believed the messenger sent by Mordecai and all the Torah. They left the city, and by banding together, they survived. Ultimately they became the owners of much of the surrounding area. Eventually they returned to the Eternal City, Jerusalem, strong and wealthy to celebrate God’s victory because they believed God’s messenger.

Therefore, take a look at a “second rail” presented in my Babushka books. It may educate you in these important matters, give you a balanced perspective, and ultimately save your life (by leaving NYC). Or you can perish by not following my advice. It is your choice. I do care about those in New York City as a Gentile who respects the Jewish oracles. They allowed me to find Eternal Life in Jesus Christ the Messiah as recorded by faithful Jewish scribes who sacrificed much to pass on God’s Final Word.

In Deuteronomy, it is written that we need two [+one] witnesses in order to establish truth. Therefore we need to look further in the completed Torah for further information to collaborate my projected date for New York City. Only when we observe the totality of God’s plan that is centered on the Apocalypse can we be sure of its validity.

The next witness is found in the middle and end of the Apocalypse as it is overlaid with Jewish holidays. We see it from the perspective of two women. One is an unfaithful woman named Israel who is still loved by her husband. The other woman is a world city prostitute, New York, who rides on the two beast system. I’m sure that this example gives my Jewish readers a little more Biblical knowledge not taught in their synagogues and will widen a traditional horizon within them.

The schedule of Jewish holidays that match God’s creation plan for humankind has a tree holiday in the beginning of the Apocalypse [Forum Pearl #101]. It teaches us to make the correct choice of a tree, which according to Daniel’s interpretation, can be construed as a world system tree cut down in the beginning of a seven year period of insanity. This information was announced by the watchman/angel in Daniel’s prophecy. Understanding this overlay makes sense because following that seven year period a Jewish holiday that is connected 30 days later celebrates a joyful reunion having escaped the holocaust as Revelation 18:4 predicted:

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you do not take part in her sins.

Julian Calendar - a Second Witness

The abbreviation AD stands for Anno Domini (Latin) - "in the year of the Lord", meaning the year(s) since Christ's birth. It wasn't adopted until around 386 AD when a Catholic monk decided to find out how many years had past since Christ's birth. Our evolution-educated, atheist-based scientists sadly believe that he was 7 years off, so instead of Christ being born in 1 AD Jesus would have been born in 7 BC. This means that if the monk had not found the correct year, the year 2008 would actually be 2015.

But the Apocalypse was actually overlaid with another system that did not depend on questionable assumptions based on incorrect premises. If dated correctly all of mankind’s calendars would be unified. In the Julian calendar, the tropical year is approximated as 365 1/4 days = 365.25 days. The approximation 365 1/4 is achieved by having 1 leap year every 4 years and in every 400 years, one day is added. The rule is that every year divisible by 4 is a leap year.

However, many calendars, such as the Aztec, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Roman Julian and Gregorian, used to count back in time are in gross error. They extrapolate their calendar platform from a fixed 23.5° earth axis basis but should adjust to a declining wobble axis shift before 588 BC. It is still moving slightly creating global warming by using a 9th Av Temple destruction midpoint date matching the 120 skull heads of the Aztec calendar starting on February 5, 2287 BC.

Time is not constant but rather slowing down as proven by Dr. Albert Einstein. He demonstrated this in ancient calendar clocks exhibited in many museums. Those clocks only collected dust for hundreds of years as no one seemed able to interpret their strange design features of 32 embedded bronze gears. They remained a mystery like the Antikythera clock.

Therefore, a wobble in the Earth’s rotation in recent times would change any calendar calculations like a rubber band making predictions very difficult. Read my third Babushka book cited above.

The accuracy of the Hebrew calendar is fixed by the value of the mean lunation period coupled to the 19-year cycle of 235 lunar months matched to the Gregorian calendar. The actual repeatable cycle of the Gregorian calendar is 400 Gregorian years. Hence, the average Gregorian year is 365.2425 days long with more fractions. It doesn’t seem to matter how you look at it, figuring out the right date is no easy matter. Something to keep in mind is that the moon has been moving away from the earth at about 3.5 cm a year. So the lunar cycle has grown longer over the years. Not by much, but enough to create a problem if you wish to be accurate.

Even with atomic clocks, no one seems to know what time it is, and we never seem to have enough of it. Because we are attempting to find ancient prophecy dates corrected to our NASA calendars expect a few days variance. Watch out, however, because a larger margin would not work within the prophecy cuckoo clock which must still overlay the Hebrew Torah given by God to Israel in Moses’ time. Knowing about Earth’s wobble in Moses time as told in the book of Genesis; therefore, correct dates can be calculated in modern times if you have a computer.

My projection is limited by not having access to a university. I can only tell you the difference approximated by plus or minus a few days by using my five dollar calculator; however, it should match the clock system embedded in God’s Plan for Humanity to the day.

If you do the math to link the Purim of March 5, 2015 with TU B’Shevat in either 2008 or 2015 with 2287 BC. We must read Esther 3:7 in which is mentioned the beginning of the decree to kill all Jews around the ancient world empire and the counter decree by Mordecai to save them.

Counting from the following year, the 13th first month of Adar to the next year 13th, for after 12 months a decree was proclaimed by the king to plunder all Jews of their goods and execute them all. We must now deduct in our calculations from the 1 th 1st month of Nisan to the 3rd month or 2rd of Sivan which is 70 days. The number 70 is a number called “Ayin” in Hebrew which means “perfect government” or “perfect plan.”

Therefore, counting back from the end of the Apocalypse, December 21, 2015 with the remaining left over period of 9 months and 21 days will get us to March 1, 2015. That date is not a holiday. But when we correct it by 6 days for every 400 years and adding one day according to the Julian calendar rules (588 BC + 2015 = 2603/400 = 6 days) we do get the holiday of Purim on March 6, 2015 at midnight, Jerusalem time. Counting 12 hours to the start of a new day, 6:00 pm becomes Zero day’s difference - Bull’s eye! It links again with TU B’Shevat. That is a 30-day difference calculated previously from the Apocalypse on December 21. It connects on both ends with a solstice (2008-2015) proving prophetic dates for the required Second Witness.

Thirty days earlier match TU B’Shevat, the date the tree was cut down in Daniel’s prophecy which equates with the second date for God’s final judgment, Armageddon, where Israel is saved for the last time. This is explained in my second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17. It is free to download from the Internet. This is also the date for the greatest ethnic cleansing in history prophesied as “Jacobs Trouble” a very similar event as in Queen Esther’s days.

I can therefore deduce from the matching prophecy cycles that Islam will be utterly and totally destroyed forever in retaliation to the nuclear attack on New York City in an attempt to exterminate the world’s Jewish population. Just like with Haman’s sons and friends, it functions as a second witness bull’s eye with ZERO days’ difference across 4,300 years.

New York

TU B’Shevat = 9th February 2009
February 5, 2015 - TU B’Shevat 5775

You can check out further dating proof embedded in 17th Tammuz as well as the 9th Av holiday in Forum Pearls #103 and #104 to expand your knowledge of overlaying Jewish holidays and possible future dates.


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